Frozen Embers

Last updated: 2021

Frozen Embers is a sci-fi series that I am in the process of world-building and writing short stories for with the eventual goal of publishing it as a trilogy – hopefully before AI makes it all redundant:

Centuries ago, the Earth was flung out of the Sun’s orbit by a rogue black hole that came to be known as Nemesis. As this cosmic bullet approached, the lucky few selected for survival retreated to the EarthRail, a globe-spanning system of tunnels, caves, and bunkers powered by geothermal energy.

Within a few years, all life on the surface withered and died, as the atmosphere itself liquified and fell as rain. A cold, deathly, and eternal stillness descended upon the outer world.

Our once verdant planet is now a barren, frozen wasteland hurtling through the black emptiness of space, the embers of industrial civilization flickering beneath the ice. The last remnants of humanity eke out a subsistence existence amidst the ruins. Though nominally controlled by independent station-states and subterranean imperiums, this world is ruled from the shadows by an esoteric cabal known only as the Cathedral.

Unlocking the ancient secrets behind Nemesis will either be the key to overthrowing their obscure tyranny – or will doom what’s left of the human species.