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Intellectual Restructuring

Why I Used to Suck, and (Hopefully) Now Suck Even Harder

Why Jail is Programmed for All Rightoids

Why the Right-Wing Ideology is Programmed to Keep Losing Until the End of Time

AI x Crypto Risks, or: Is it TIME for Jail Szn?

The cryptocurrency space can provision a putative malevolent AI with discrete decentralized compute, storage, and opportunities for secure accumulation of cryptographic assets and social capital. Consequently, there might be an AI Control Trilemma: Ban further AI software development; cap hardware; criminalize crypto – pick two.

Regathering of the Russian Lands

The logical case for why war a Russian invasion of Ukraine is imminent.

WAGMI: The %TOTAL Maximizer

Fictional short story in which an AI takes over the world by leveraging its financial dominance in the cryptocurrency space.

Russia’s Nationalist Turn

How Putin Created the Russian National State

In the capstone to my Russia watching career, I argue that late Putinism has adopted the Russian nationalist program near wholesale. Or so it seemed at the time…

Woke Sexism: Women 2-3x More Likely to be “Targeted” for Crimethink

Since the end of the Bush era, disinvitations and cancelation campaigns have become the near exclusive preserve of the Left, with the range of opinion warranting such attacks spreading beyond the traditionally taboo HBD/IQ nexus to encompass more and more areas, such as affirming the existence of physiological differences between the sexes. According to a recent report […]

The Geography Of Ukraine’s IQ

My attention was brought to the following map of Ukraine’s IQ. I don’t know the methodology behind it, but it seems to be based on what is not an uncommonly cited average (usually low to mid 90s) coupled with the results of the ZNO, which is the nationwide school-leaving exam in Ukraine. Russia’s equivalent is […]

Russian Manufacturing Productivity on Par with France’s. (In 1908).

Lychakov, N. I., Saprykin, D. L., & Vanteeva, N. (2020). Not Backward: Comparative Labour Productivity In British And Russian Manufacturing, Circa 1908 (WP BRP 199/HUM/2020). National Research University Higher School of Economics. (h/t @devarbol) Using data from official manufacturing censuses, we compare labour productivity in Great Britain and the Russian Empire around 1908. We find […]

Russabia – No. But There Will be a Little Dushanbe.

I have written that Moscow – not to mention the rest of Russia – remains an overwhelmingly (that is, 85%-90% Slavic) megapolis. The Myth of Moskvabad From Russia to Russabia? Not Anytime Soon I don’t see the need to reiterate something that only remains an obsession for a few liberal racists masquerading as Russian nationalists, […]

Русская Ноосфера 2.0: масштабный обзор уровня IQ по регионам России

Данная статья была впервые опубликована в журнале Спутник и Погром в январе 2019 года (и потом озвучена на YouTube-канале CzarSputnik). Не смотря на то, что к тому времени этот журнал был заблокирован на территории РФ и находился в своих предсмертных муках, статья широко разошлась по Интернету и была упомянута в ряде влиятельных российских СМИ. Это […]

Среднестатистическая Тупость

Введение Спасибо Михаилу Лебедеву за перевод одной из моих наиболее популярных статей про IQ для ВК-общества Great&Sovereign. Вот его краткий обзор: Статья Анатолия Карлина, в которой он при помощи результатов международного математического теста и пары экономических теорий, даёт понимание того, что абстрактные вещи, такие как «средний национальный IQ» означают на практике. И почему, казалось бы, […]