Navalny Died a Barin

The Kremlins Didn’t Do It But Even If They Did Navalny Deserved It Anyway

The Soypill Manifesto

My Proud March from Russian Ultra-Nationalism to The Big Gay

IR Comments Thread

Comments thread to “Intellectual Restructuring”.

China’s Military Power

Less Butter and Fewer Friends, But More Guns

As China’s economy slows down ahead of expectations and it loses its luster abroad, it’s hard power seems set to acquire a bigger profile.

Gaza War 2023: Enjoy Your Two Minute Hate

Taking sides in vicious tribal conflicts is dumb as fuck and is going to boomerang back on you.

Genies, Golems, Demiurge

Some modest suggestions for AI terminology of a fantastical nature

UBI Is Programmed. (Like It or Not)

The coming of AI has made Universal Basic Income a political and technological inevitability in the long-term, regardless of whether there are extensive attempts at AI control.

Как тебе такое, Илон Маск?

> Как Россия может еще выиграть…

Military-Technical Decommunization

The Ukraine War will begin imminently, and Russian TOTAL VICTORY is programmed.


Moscow’s Pacification

Moscow’s homicide rate now lower than London’s.

Open Takes 1

Open Discussion thread.

Open Thread 167

In his latest newsletter, Adam Tooze points out that the Chinese government is asserting greater state control over the economy, including the power of Chinese business magnates to “cash out” of their holdings. In retrospect, this is perhaps the most logical explanation for the crypto crackdown. Diana Fleischman has a good article in Quillette on how […]