Open Thread 88

View from Ostankino Tower. I am back. Happy 88th OT! This break from blogging, which was not 100% voluntary, gave me the chance to reflect on my content and how I can improve it going forwards. Though it may not seem like it at this moment, my output has been steadily increasing the past few […]

Hong Kong Is a Surprisingly “Poor” City

The mean wage in Hong Kong not much more than $2,000 per month (a Croatian acquaintance who works there cited the same numbers half a year ago). Its surprising come to think of it, but that means that Muscovites – where salaries are $1,500 per month but multiplied by almost twice – are substantially more […]

Open Thread 87

I suppose I should get another Open Thread going before people begin to think I got Mossaded (bearing in mind the topic of the previous post). Speaking of that, a recent poll found that 42% think he was murdered, vs. 29% who buy into the suicide theory. Is this the US general public’s most significant […]

Elite Discipline

All elites need some kind of internal disciplinary mechanism for their polity to function. In traditional societies, it is mainly the aristocracy’s sense of solidarity, noblesse oblige, feudal bonds, the Mannerbund institute. Though I don’t mean to idealize it. It proved completely maladaptive come the industrial age. In totalitarian regimes, chiliastic ideology and repression/terror plays […]

Open Thread 86

This week’s open thread. I am going to Volokolamsk again today – so there’ll probably be an update. 🙂 I will be staying for a day at the Joseph-Volokolamsk Monastery, will also try to swing by the New Jerusalem Monastery in Istra on my way back. @ak More notable posts since the last Open Thread in […]

Where Are Russia’s Breeders?

As commenter Reykur recently pointed out – citing the work of the blogger denalt, there is a rather curious phenomenon occurring in a few ethnic Russian regions, where rural fertility has exploded in the past decade. There are precisely four of these regions – Arkhangelsk, Komi, Kirov, and Karelia – and they are all located […]

How Many People Live in the Ukraine?

This is yet another question that excites much heated commentary in the “Ukraine debates.” There is a “school” of thought amongst the more ideological Russophiles that the Ukraine has completely emptied out. Here is an article by Andrey Fomin in which he argues that it only has 22-24 million people versus the official figure of […]

Is Ukrainian More Similar to Polish or to Russian?

This is one of the main topics of discussion in the endless “Ukraine debates” on this blog, though not one that I usually participate in due to lack of qualification in this subject. That said, I recently saw a very interesting article that I believe definitively answers the question. While supporters of the Ukraine’s Polish […]

Sergiev Posad 2019

Sergiev Posad is a city of slightly more than 100,000 people that is 75 km to the north-east of Moscow. Unlike the other cities on my list, I am not going to say much about Sergiev Posad’s socioeconomic status. I was there for a day, and it was filled up with purely “touristic” things. As […]

Veliky Novgorod 2018

The city of Novgorod has played a central role in the emergence of the Russian state since its founding in 862, as per the Primary Chronicle. That was the approximate date of the appearance of the first settlement at Rurikovo Gorodishche, around 2 km south of the present day city: “And so Rurik acquired sole […]

Thulean Friend on Israel’s Prospects

In my tradition of rescuing sufficiently fine comments from the relative oblivion that are long comments sections, I am reprinting Thulean Friend‘s detailed comment on Israel’s prospects in the last Open Thread. I got into a discussion with Dmitry some time ago about emigration patterns from Israel. His postion was that it was an increasing problem. I was […]

Open Thread 85

This week, I will post my impressions of Veliky Novgorod and Sergiev Posad – both are already written, and ready to go. I will also have something about my visit to the KrioRus cryonics facility this week or the next. Now that I have brought my travel reviews up to date, I will start doing […]