Racist Russian Gamers: America’s Most Persecuted Minority

Racists, Russians, gamers, and now Karens are America’s most persecuted minority. So if you tick four of those boxes, you can be sure that the Man will really be out for you.

So far as I know, this is the first time in history that Valve – the parent company of Steam, the world’s most popular video games store – has banned a user for “extreme racist spam.”

You can peruse lcompote’s powerful comments at this Imgur album.

To date, the only major restriction I was aware of concerned enforcement of American sanctions (e.g. Iran, Crimea). But I assume the clampdown is now going to turn domestic. GabeN, a boomer with classical liberal views on freedom of speech, isn’t getting any younger, and the SJW march through the institutions will continue regardless, so I expect the golden age of multiplayer gaming replete with racist shit-talking to soon be definitively over. And can’t be long before they start banning people for things they do outside video gaming (as Uber and Airbnb already do).

Unfortunately, piracy is much harder to do well with games. Yes, there’s the (Polish) GOG store, which comes without DRM. But at least far as many MP games are concerned, many of them are directly integrated with the Steam platform. I suppose avoiding having all of one’s eggs in one basket by making lots of different accounts could be one solution.

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  2. Kent Nationalist says

    Unfortunately, piracy is much harder to do well with games. Yes, there’s the (Polish) GOG store, which comes without DRM. But at least far as many MP games are concerned, many of them are directly integrated with the Steam platform

    I do not agree with this. New singleplayer games are usually cracked within at most a couple of weeks of release, rarely more than a month. Under the MORE is the outstanding list of all the uncracked games from r/CrackWatch. It’s so easy, I know that people sometimes even suspect the developers of doing it (like for the most recent DOOM, which was cracked on the first day). Most contemporary multiplayer games do not interest me, however in the past I remember it was possible to set up one’s own servers or virtual LANs to play with small groups of friends. There were even knock-off servers for the most popular MMORPGs like WoW.

    Name Released Store link
    Handball 17 2016-11-15 Steam
    Fe 2018-02-16 Steam
    Burnout Paradise Remastered 2018-08-21 Steam
    Tourist Bus Simulator 2018-12-06 Steam
    Trials Rising 2019-02-26 Steam
    Left Alive 2019-03-05 Steam
    Anno 1800 2019-04-16 Epic
    Mortal Kombat 11 2019-04-23 Steam
    Starlink: Battle for Atlas 2019-04-30 Steam
    Police Simulator: Patrol Duty 2019-06-18 Steam
    F1 2019 2019-06-27 Steam
    FIFA 20 2019-09-27 Origin
    Planet Zoo 2019-11-05 Steam
    Football Manager 2020 2019-11-19 Steam
    Detroit: Become Human 2019-12-12 Epic
    Zombie Army: Dead War 4 2020-02-04 Epic
    Resident Evil 3 2020-04-03 Steam
    Maneater 2020-05-22 Epic

  3. Europe Europa says

    I find it odd how people tolerate/agree with Russians, etc saying politically incorrect/racist things that they wouldn’t tolerate or agree with if it came from white Americans or native British people.

    I assume it’s some sort of cognitive dissonance, as in subconsciously they want to have those views but can only bring themselves to openly support them if they’re propagated by some distant foreigner from a land where “things are different”.

  4. In Epic we trust. If there’s someone immune to wokeism, it’s the Chinese

  5. LoutishAngloQuebecker says

    Well, don’t criticize the CCP and you’re fine.

    In the USA, don’t criticize “minorities” and you’re fine.

  6. Anonymous (n) says

    Unless you fuck with the CCP the CCP don’t fuck with you. In USA minorities often fuck with you, and when they do, you’re in the position of being a subhuman peasant trying to square off against a mighty lord as far as the overall power structure is concerned.

  7. Fuerchtegott says

    Yes, there’s the (Polish) GOG store, which comes without DRM.

    Since GOG stands with looters, I assume looting their games is now the best thing you can do.


  8. Not Only Wrathful says

    Unless you fuck with the CCP the CCP don’t fuck with you.

    You believe that?

  9. Daniel Chieh says

    CCP is at least a rational actor.

  10. Pop Warner says

    Stop wasting your money on videogames, most of them are made by unscrupulous and prejudiced companies that despise their own customers. The only solution to these parasites and demons is to bleed them dry until the consequences of their actions are fully felt.

  11. Not Only Wrathful says

    While their dominant approach to foreign policy does seem to be realism, if often tone deaf, I wouldn’t want to be living in China and in a dispute between neighbours with even their lowest ranked honcho. Nor would I expect said honcho to be rational at all.

  12. Autists Anonymous Rehab Camp Fugitive says

    Just a case of being white niggers.
    Russians historically have been at the exact middle of “can make fun of” and “aboriginal sacred cow”. Unlike whiteness, the border here is a social construct, with groups like Italians falling in the “can attack” category and Jews being the “holy race”, despite both being similar ethnically, socially, economically as fellow med people.
    This special case is due to a different development from the west, that was still much more western compared to all of Russia’s neighbours.

    Considering the special situation, Russians are trans-western, being allowed to be considered civilized and uncivilized at the same time depending on individual and said individual’s self identification. The Russian in the screencap is identifying as “based non-westerner”, karlin’s article is written from a western pov but that might be subject to change etc.

  13. The more revolting the choices by gaming companies the less consoomerism (hopefully) in the general population. That said zoomers have their brains wired into the GaaS system so shooting politics down that pipeline is probably just an attempt to brainwash them before they start thinking.

  14. Daniel Chieh says

    As in pissing off a low level cadre member?

    I don’t think they really have that kind of power anymore, though some of them wish they had. They’re pretty heavily contested by each other, and accusations of corruption/abuse are a good way to get into trouble. I mean, you get shot in China for that kind of stuff, its not good to risk that for stupid disputes.

  15. Anonymous (n) says

    Not only do I believe it, I’ve experienced it. Lived in China for several years and can’t wait to go back. There are levels to everything to be sure, but at my level at least, which was that of a regular Joe trying to make a humble buck and get laid, life in China was pretty great. I’m sure if my level ever rose from nobody to somebody I’d sooner or later get bitchslapped by the CCP, but dealing with corrupt and unjust power-structures is the price to pay for playing with the big boys the world over and not by any means particular to China.

    What is particular to the cucked West is being a subhuman second class citizen to violent semiliterate thugs while in your own country. There is something particularly intolerable about the fact you ARE in your own country, since being second class would be easier to swallow when you’re a guest in a strange land as it just objectively makes sense.

  16. People have a perception lag when it comes to the reality on the ground in China. This was certainly the case in the 90s, but you have to remember that at that point Party discipline had reached a nadir under the famously venal Jiang administration, and that the country was technologically and economically incomparable with China today. GDP per capita was literally in the range of hundreds of USD, there was virtually no internet penetration and transport was equally undeveloped – a train from Shanghai to Beijing took 24 hours or more. I recall that my uncle, who was a local Party chief at the time (now retired) had probably the only automobile in the entire district (along with a chauffeur), though there really weren’t all too many places you could drive it to. I also recall that up until the late 1990s, the local district office of the government communicated with the head municipal office (which was about a 6 hour walk away) through telegraph. In such a context it’s unsurprising that cadres could abuse their powers with very little oversight or opposition.

  17. Pumblechook says

    My father gets away with this in polite UK society because he has a thick accent and thicker wrists. At only 2 dinner parties do I remember someone registering a complaint with one of his wine-fuelled monologues about Pakistanis – women on both counts, naturally.

  18. Pumblechook says

    Good to hear that kind of perspective now and then. I’m pretty neutral on China; but to see what was achieved in 20 years is remarkable; rising from South-Asia tier to North Africa tier to Eastern Bloc tier in barely more than a generation is testament of a people to be taken seriously, if nothing else.

    I was in Shanghai for a week in 2018 and outside the centre, was not blown away, but this was partially due to me being an architecture snob. Another 20 years and I can see the country slightly above the peripheral Western areas like southern Italy in terms of development. Good luck!

  19. Max Payne says

    No…. the solution IS NOT to make more accounts so you can give Gabe more donations for a license to download more unfinished games. That’s asinine. In what world do you live in where the solution is to give the problem MORE money?

    Why do people keep giving Valve a pass for the gay shit it pulls?

    I’m sure, as a Russian, you are aware of bulk key distributors (interestingly enough a lot of them are based in Eastern Europe, Brazil, Mexico). Yes the same one we all bought our 100+ working Diablo 2 CD keys and run our bots; the same place that sells Steam developer keys, promotional keys and press trial keys (protip: register those numbers to a new account; don’t be that dumbass who puts one of those keys on their main steam account and goes “durr how did Valve catch me?”).

    Pay pennies to use full facilities while making sure money does not reach developers or distributors. VAC ban? What’s that? No one ever wonders how aimbots, wall hacks, map hacks and other hooks are still able to get by VAC/PunkBuster? It’s been over 25 years you’d think cheating would have been solved by now. I assure you no one is buying 10,000 full-priced keys to test out revisions of a hook….

    And if anyone responds “but I want those achievements and collectible cards on my main account” please stop breathing right now and save the oxygen for something more useful in life like for the rodents and queers.

    The hard truth: I AM TO BLAME. It’s really simple… I encouraged this path. I allowed Valve to change from a game developer to an online distributor. I allowed the myth that physically distribution was too costly and unfeasible (funny how back then games were $40-60 and was justified because of shipping, boxing, manuals, collectibles, etc. and now they are still $60+ with no box, no CD, no manual, and zero logistics (unfinished product with an unfinished game too!); still have to pay for an ISP and at the developers whim multiplayer can be shutdown (with a FORCED update) with no option for (legitimate) LAN, direct connect, or player hosted servers (like Quake).

    I let it get to the state where developers are encouraged to release games unfinished and update over the years. To allow free-to-play games with pay-to-win models. To let triple A titles release in early access. It’s my fault for the lack of expansions and the proliferation of DLCs. I knew! I knew there were dark days ahead when Half Life 2 didn’t let me spray my animated porn .gif like I did in HL1. I knew something was off when shovelware was bred with microtransactions in a horrific abomination… it’s my fault developers now spend COUNTLESS FUCKING MANHOURS ON CONTROLLER SUPPORT INSTEAD OF WORKING OUT SERIOUS TECHNICAL AND GAMEPLAY ISSUES BECAUSE FUCKING THUMB-TWIDDLING CONSOLE PEASANTS DON”T WANT TO BE REMINDED THAT THEY ARE NOT ONLY SHIT IN LIFE BUT AT GAMES AS WELL AND SHOULD HANG THEMSELVES AFTER EXECUTING THEIR ENTIRE FAMILY.

    And like a bad cocaine binge you realize that you may not have been snorting pure blow but a terrible cut cocktail that has lulled you into accepting too many things you wouldn’t have accepted under normal circumstances. Your nose is bleeding, your wallet is empty and your ass hurts.

    And for what? Multiplayer? Jesus H Christ gamers today are such bottom barrel calibre that MP isn’t even a selling point anymore. Plenty of CODEX and FITGIRL releases come with their own internal multiplayer. Unless you REALLY want to play in pubs with sub IQ degenerates.

    PC gaming is dead only because Valve stomped it to death and now we are seeing that result. It has transformed into an industry which caters to the causal SJW homosexual who has probably sucked 3-8 dicks in his lifetime and just wants to “smash some zombies” and then go to sleep (at the foot of his wife’s bed with her BBC lover no less).

    Any day now Valve will squeeze harder on the mod scene and kill PC gaming forever keeping it in a quasi-console state. There are many games sold exclusively on Steam yet their most popular mods are not from WorkShop (which only wants gay ass skins and cheat menus) but from ModDB, github and nexus. While this freedom is the essence of PC gaming Valve understands gamers technical enough to mod their games to that degree are bad for business.

    (a good example is BattleTech, in which a mod off nexus called RogueTech not only provided campaign MULTIPLAYER but 1000+ mechs, larger mechs, more in-game systems, more terrain, and BETTER CODE OPTIMIZATION effectively destroying all DLC projects the developer had planned (“mech packs”) and allowing for pirated copies to essentially function fully online).

    SJW cock vampires who causally play an hour or two of superficial gameplay on the other hand would be more than happy to pay for what is essentially a mod for 50% of the original game value. And thus we come down to it can’t offend the money. And the money on Steam is not coming from trolls or Russians, not from assholes (ahem) with 1000s of VAC bans on 1000s of banned accounts, it’s coming from SJW dick smokes. Purple haired men who believe the laws of physics don’t apply and call themselves fabulous names like Crystal and Brandy.


    сука блять

  20. another anon says

    Good start.
    Soon, Russia will have true patriotic government that will forever ban all such degenerate jewish capitalist waste of time as computer gaming, and replace it with real training from the earliest age.


  21. anonymous coward says

    Gaming was never “alive”. Vidya is a vice, like smoking or drinking moonshine. There isn’t any healthy and wholesome way to engage in videogaming, and the distributors know it. They understand that they’re peddling a harmful, addicting substance and act accordingly.

    The only way to win is to quit cold turkey and never come back.

    P.S. TV is to boomers is as vidya is to millennials. “Kids these days” are not under the delusion that gaming is anything but an addictive way to waste your brain cells. (Not that it stops them from engaging in addictive behavior, but still, at least they’re honest with themselves.)

  22. C’77 will be their most pozzed effort yet.

  23. Daniel Chieh says

    Is chess gaming?

  24. anonymous coward says

    No, chess (and all boardgames) are a sport, not a video game.

    People play vidya for the same reason they drink themselves senseless – to switch off their brain activity for a while and enjoy the pleasant, timeless sensation of being a subhuman animal.

    Chess requires mental acuity and effort, it’s an exhausting activity and nobody does to ‘chill and relax’.

  25. Daniel Chieh says
  26. anonymous coward says

    Gaming takes rather extensive thinking, depending on the game.

    There are downer drugs that put you to sleep, and upper drugs that agitate you to action.

    Similarly, there are downer video games that focus on repetitive grinding, and upper video games that force your mind to spin in ever-more-complex epicycles, but the end result is the same – to tune in and drop out.

  27. I’ll probably just pirate it or get a key off G2A, if even that.