Anatoly Karlin’s Response to RationalWiki Libel

I am the victim of a persistent campaign of smears, libel, and harassment from an individual called Oliver D. Smith (ODS) at RationalWiki, as well as at lesser known wikis, blogs, and forum posts. Several years ago, I wrote a long article addressing them. Sadly, he is able to leverage his chronic unemployment to invent new libels and slanders at a rate far faster than I can refute them, since I would rather engage in more productive pursuits, such as blogging and huffing glue.

Consequently, my policy now is to just refer to the CancelWatch article about this individual, which explains that:

  • ODS used to be a Stormfront commenter and Holocaust denier before pivoting into stalking and harassing intelligence bloggers/researchers as a hobby. (In separate communications with me, he also admitted to having been a Nazi techno pioneer).
  • He has a documented record of using sock puppets and target impersonation to wage personal vendettas from his Neo-Nazi days through to today.
  • His vendetta against me appeared when I defended the intelligence researcher Emil Kirkegaard from his spurious accusations of endorsing pedophilia (the RationalWiki article about me appeared on the same day as this exchange).
  • Although it is heavily promoted in Google search, RationalWiki has minimal editorial standards and no working mechanism to remove the libelous and defamatory material which they de facto both enable and incentivize.
    • My attempts to rebut the claims against me on the Talk page and my own account page led to my one account getting banned on false charges of sock puppetry in 2019.
    • In April 2024, I attempted to dispute the ban. Soon after, ODS (Johns) put on a dog and pony show of sock puppets impersonating me to make troll edits, which the mods used as a pretext to deny my appeal.
  • ODS/RationalWiki have played a central role in the ruination of at least two scientific careers, those of Noah Carl and Bo Winegard, and severe damage and distress to many other scientists who lack a balancing entry in the real Wikipedia.

Briefly regarding the claims that ODS/RationalWiki make about me:

  • They are almost all cherry-picked, lifted out of context, are lies by omission, and in some cases, outright hallucinated.
  • I do not espouse White Nationalism and have never done so, unlike my stalker.
  • I do not answer for the words or actions of people who are not me and with whom I had the most fleeting of associations. For example, I met Richard Spencer once and have never worked with him on any projects, but in the ODS retelling, I somehow became a “poster boy” for him.
  • Over the millions of words I have written I have occasionally engaged in flame wars with ill-intentioned trolls that it would have been wiser not to engage in. On a couple of occasions, I used terms that were inappropriate. This was unrepresentative of my beliefs and affiliations, as proven by the fact that I haven’t shied away from using /pol/-style slurs against groups such as White Americans and Russians as well.
  • Although I had and retain some “Far Right”-coded views (mostly just HBD realism), I also have a vast amount of liberal and Leftist ones, as well as views that defy categorization. ODS exclusively highlights the former.
  • ODS also highlights my rare bad predictions, without mentioning the many correct ones.
  • I have verifiably championed transhumanism, equity feminism, voluntary/positive eugenics, and bioliberal politics since I began blogging in 2008.

If you are interested in a summary of my current views you can see the About Me page.

If you are interested in a much longer account of my intellectual history, including a discussion of some views which I once held but have since either rejected or substantially modulated, see Intellectual Restructuring.