The RationalWiki Hit Piece on Anatoly Karlin

Last substantively updated: September 19, 2019.

If you discovered me by Googling my name, you would have probably come across my profile on RationalWiki, which paints a rather unflattering portrait of me. In search results, it often appears above my blog on The Unz Review, or even my own website, which is literally titled “Anatoly Karlin.” Moreover, RationalWiki looks like Wikipedia, and as such, many less critically minded people assume it is Wikipedia – or, at least, has similar editorial standards (presumably, the Big Brain on its logo helps with the association). Consequently, much as I dislike drawing attention to a website that deals in ideologically-loaded kompromat, a response is necessary.

EDIT 2022/04: RationalWiki profile has since been extensively updated by Oliver D. Smith, who in his singular obsession has also created similar pages at Encyclopedia Dramatica (headed by a fake quote from what is likely his own sock) and Trollpedia.  I am not going to waste my time addressing them, this by itself is already sufficient to establish him as the unemployed projecting stalker he is.

EDIT 2024/04: Refer to Anatoly Karlin’s Response to RationalWiki Libel as my formal statement on the matter.


RationalWiki [RW] is the Far Left equivalent of Conservapedia, with the exception that it doesn’t even have the decency to acknowledge its bias. Though examples of that are legion, one of the more “powerful” entries even by its fetid standards concerns the American journalist and HBD blogger Steve Sailer, who is described as a “racist, misogynist, white supremacist, anti-Semite, Islamophobe, homophobe, classist, ableist, transphobe, transmisogynist, xenophobe, pseudo-scientist and all-round champion dickhead.” It’s like a parody of the most extreme conservative stereotypes about unhinged SJWs, but totally unironic.

The article on me was largely written by one Oliver D. Smith (@oliveratlantis) [ODS]. I should note from the outset that it first appeared hours after ODS sent me the following message, alleging that I had “libeled” him by describing him as a “demented and unusually dedicated stalker” in my blog post on the politically motivated harassment experienced by attendees at the 2017 London Conference on Intelligence (including spurious allegations of supporting pedophilia against one of them).

I will substantiate this with a list of relevant links in the Appendix, but suffice to say ODS is a rather “special” character: Mentally ill, Atlantis conspiracy theorist, self-admitted incel who literally dwells in his parents’ basement. The very image of what he projects on the victims of his obsessive stalking, it shouldn’t surprise you that in the past he identified as a white nationalist and did Internet jobs for the BNP (a British far right party). His victims are so prolific that one can find no end of other people’s investigations by Googling his name.

Context is important: My RW profile was written by one of the most notorious Wikipedia trolls in existence, and one with an acute penchant for projection. It was also written to “punish” me for supporting a scientist and friend against libelous accusations of endorsing pedophilia that ODS had made against him (see below for details).

Unfortunately, if there’s one thing that this dystrophic non-entity does well, it is leveraging his free time (chronic unemployment) and Google’s privileging of RW in its search results to defame people who cross him in some way. These range from apolitical scientists whose research triggers him to fellow SJW trolls whom he has fallen out with. There is no way to “appeal” or “contest” those articles. I was prevented from linking my Twitter rebuttal on my own profile, and was recently entirely banned from the website on bogus charges of sock puppeting (see right). Incidentally, the person posting as “EK” there is a very normal person called Arthur Kerensa (see Appendix).

While it would nice to imagine otherwise, risk-averse bureaucrats and HR departments do take notice of that. Thankfully, it has not affected me much – most non-Western affiliated structures in Russia don’t care about English-language search results on Google, and don’t know about RationalWiki. However, I am sad to say that ODS has done real damage to the careers of several scientists – especially those without a compensating entry on the real Wikipedia.

Nonetheless, my RW profile is quoted by unscrupulous critics and uncritical dotards often enough that a systemic response to the outright lies, misrepresentations, and mined, out of context quotes would not go amiss.

Response to RationalWiki Claims


Anatoly Karlin[1] is a Russian nationalist and anti-Semitic neoreactionary with alt-right and white nationalist views.

I am a Russian nationalist, not a white nationalist (insofar as it refers to Caucasoids, not the faction in our civil war). While I agree that there is a war on white identity in the US and much of Western Europe, I couldn’t care less about a white ethnostate. What I do support is strengthening freedom of speech, limiting immigration from Central Asia, (peacefully) regathering the Russian lands. Call me a Great Russian chauvinist if you wish, a term beloved of by the Bolsheviks, but at least get my extremisms right, dammit.

I am not hostile to Western white nationalists, since (1) WN’s tend not to hate Russia as much as Western neoliberals – if largely because they seem to incorrectly view Russia as some kind of PutlerReich; and (2) Western neoliberals are perfectly cool with Nazis in Russia/the Ukraine, jihadists in Syria, etc., so long as they remain useful geopolitical patsies. My position is that what is good for the Russian goose is good for the Western gander.

But white nationalism as an ideology that I believe in and propagate? That is refuted by not just the fact of my own mixed background (25% Dagestani, 3% Jewish), but also by essentially the entire body of my online commentary (e.g. my Sinophilia and advocacy of strong economic and diplomatic relations with China). It is telling that despite his exhaustive parsing of not just my blog postings, but my Twitter and Reddit accounts, ODS hasn’t found a single example of me advocating core white nationalist tenets.

I will furthermore note that over the years, deranged wingnuts have claimed I am all sorts of things: A Communist, a fascist, a Neo-Nazi, a Jew and “probably a muzzie actually”, and even a Western liberal. While sweeping conclusions may not be warranted based on demented Internet people – even those who have access to an SEO-optimized wiki – the diversity of rage I evoke is probably to my credit.

While I don’t concur with all standard NRx positions (e.g. I am not much of a social conservative), it is fair to identify me with them as a first approximation. The most exhaustive categorization of NRx thinkers that I am aware of classified me as a “techno-commercialist/futurist”, which sounds quite cool (see right). I am perfectly happy to be lumped in together with Robin Hanson, Randall Parker, Steve Hsu, and Nick Land.


At this point, I will also note that a previous version of my RW profile described me as a “conspiracy theorist blogger” and as a “… a crypto-Nazi” with “political views typical of neo-Nazis.”

“Crypto-Nazi” is what you call someone you dislike and want to bracket as a Nazi but have no actual evidence (e.g. search my Twitter for Nazi, Nazism, Neo-Nazi, etc). Well, there’s one exception:

Oops, I guess ODS got me after all.

Conspiracy theorist? Which ones, exactly? I never promoted AGW hoax, Holocaust denial, anti-vax, 9/11 Truth, Moon Landing hoax, or any other of the major conspiracy theories. Nor, for that matter, the “Russiagate” conspiracy theory that many Galaxy Brain SJWs of the sort who contribute to RW bought into hook, line, and sinker. The two big “conspiracies theories” that I consider to be likely true, and have written about, are that the Maidan massacres in 2014 were a false flag (ironically, they involved actual Ukrainian Neo-Nazis), and that Jeffrey Epstein was “suicided” (a “conspiracy theory” that 2/3 of Americans agree with). Incidentally, this seems like a good time to remind people that Oliver D. Smith is a literal Atlantis conspiracy theorist, denies the Out Of Africa model, and “researches” cryptids such as Bigfoot. Doctor, heal thyself!

He is a blogger for The Unz Review where he promotes eugenics and human-biodiversity pseudoscience to far-right nationalists and skinheads in Russia.

“HBD pseudoscience”… otherwise known as mainstream science on intelligence:

Incidentally, while I am active in the Russian nationalist community – some of whom are far right, but by no means all – I do not know of anybody who can be termed a “skinhead.”

His writings have been reprinted by Russia Insider with his permission and he is quoted in right-wing publications.

The Russia Insider issue will be addressed later. Naturally, I do not answer for publications that choose to quote me, regardless of their ideological slant (though I appreciate the attention). Furthermore, I am not exclusively quoted by right-wing publications. My Russia-related work is regularly featured in Johnson’s Russia List (a central resource for Russia watchers), and has been cited in books by noted Russia academics such as Mark Schrad, Dale Herspring, Karen Dawisha, and Richard Sakwa. Most of these people are not especially right-wing, and few of them are nationalists (not that there’s anything wrong with that).

The SPLC have described Karlin as an “anti-Semitic blogger”.[2]

I will note that the article quotes Michael Weiss citing the SPLC. Given our mutual history, he is perhaps not the best source with respect to myself – or, arguably, to anything, considering that he has also claimed that Putin gave ISIS an air force, pals around with jihadists, and has helped Iranian hardliners imprison an Iranian-American to sabotage a reset between the two countries. What a great person for the anarchists/leftists at RW to sidle up to!

But that’s not even the best part. The SPLC article in question was removed from their own website, presumably due to inaccuracies/libel. So what do we have here? Dreck that even America’s richest hate group had to retract was happily slurped down by ODS/RW by way of a Weiss Tweet.

Somewhat of a pseudo-intellectual, Karlin has a Google Scholar page, despite having zero peer-reviewed publications.[3]

This is incorrect; as of April (i.e. two months before this sentence was added), I co-authored an article on the relationship between national IQ and innovation at the Siberian Psychology Journal (popular English-language summary here). To be sure, one article is not impressive (though I do now have a couple more in review, including one at Psych, as well as several more in the pipeline). On the other hand, it has to be weighed against me going into academia (and part-time at that) less than a year ago as of the time of writing.

Up until late 2018, I was only ever involved in the “journalistic” side of HBD/IQ punditry. I don’t think I did too badly, considering that in a 2013 survey of professional psychometrists, my blog was acknowledged as one of the world’s three top sources for accurate IQ reporting (see right). I have also been quoted in Heiner Rindermann’s compendium Cognitive Capitalism.

Elsewhere he has described himself as a “journalist”.[4] Yet there’s no evidence for this and the only websites he writes for are alt-right and anti-Semitic, primarily The Unz Review where he has his own blog column.

The stated goal of The Unz Review is to collect “Interesting, Important, and Controversial Perspectives Largely Excluded from the American Mainstream Media.” As such, it has featured a wide variety of authors from the entire range of the ideological spectrum, including leftists such as the anti-hereditarian Chanda Chisala, Noam Chomsky, the Maoist Godfree Roberts, Norman Finkelstein, and Juan Cole. Seasoned Russia watcher and (Jewish) leftist Stephen Cohen entered into a syndication agreement with The Unz Review in August 2019. Regular contributors at The Unz Review are more diverse than the upper management of many American blue-chip corporations: Chisala and JayMan are black; Linh Dinh is Vietnamese; and too many to mention are Jews, including Ron Unz himself. While many of them can be classified as Alt Right, and some of them may be anti-Semitic (though there are plenty of philo-Semitic viewpoints as well, e.g. see Nathan Cofnas’ response to Kevin McDonald), the journal does not take an editorial position of its own.

Even leaving aside my occasional contributions to purely “journalistic” outlets (e.g. Al Jazeera), it is incorrect to say that I don’t do journalism just because I blog at The Unz Review. My core output consists of analysis, op-eds, reviews, travel posts, etc. – all of this is journalism. Occasionally, I also do original investigations and reporting from events that I personally visit/observe. This is journalism in the purest sense of the word.

He claims to have studied Political Economy at UC Berkeley…

I don’t particularly advertise this since I’m not a fan of credentials culture (cf. Bryan Caplan’s The Case Against Education). Moreover, I believe I learned much more from autodidactic study than from formal education, and that my work stands on its own merits. But yes, weasel wording implying otherwise, I did indeed study (and graduate from) U.C. Berkeley, with a degree in Political Economy (see my Cal profile, or certificate right).

ODS went to Roehampton University, a rather mediocre school. So the snide insinuations here are also likely projection.

Like Lynn, Edward Dutton and many other so-called proponents of HBD, Karlin has a fixation with penis-sizes, claiming “average penis size (large – Africa; Latin America; small – East Asia). The latter example isn’t nearly as… flippant as it seems, since testosterone levels have a large effect on behavior.”[9] Despite Lynn used dubious and falsified data, this doesn’t seem to bother Karlin.[10]

My mentions of “penis” on various platforms (excluding a couple of replies to RW/ODS claims):

  • My blog from 2008-2019 over ~1,700 posts: ONCE.
  • In my comments on The Unz Review: ONCE (making fun of Proud Boys leader Gavin McInnes at that).
  • On my Twitter since 2009: ONCE.

Someone may very well be obsessed with this particular topic, but it’s certainly not me.

Karlin is envious of more successful alt-right bloggers and vloggers; in an article he complains his content gets far less views than The Golden One, who he binge-watches.

What I actually said: “… whose videos I recently binge watched“, not that I binge watch him regularly – either now, before, or afterwards. I did that to get a sense of the content that Alt Right YouTubers are producing, with which I was otherwise not familiar. (So far as nationalist bodybuilders go, I prefer Bronze Age Pervert anyway). Nor was I complaining about my lack of views – I was making the general observation that bloggers seem to get less viewers than YouTubers given the same degree of stature/prominence.


The Burkean an online conservative publication controversially published an article defending race and intelligence pseudoscience in February, 2019 “thanking” Karlin as a source saying; The Burkean’s rebrand this year has been matched by an ominous shift away from conservatism and into populism… More troublingly still, the article credits Anatoly Karlin, a well known member of the Russian far right who has appeared at events alongside American white nationalist Richard Spencer, as the source of many of the ideas expressed in the piece.[12]

So basically The University Times [archive] (the Irish paper this is quoted from) copied this claim this from the original version on RW, without contacting me for confirmation – what a paragon of investigative journalism! – and then RW, in turn, quoted The University Times as an authoritative media source to confirm its own original lie. (Incidentally, this is their standard MO, and not just with respect to myself).

I did meet Richard Spencer, though only once (i.e. about the same number of times as the very handshakeworthy Julia Ioffe). Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

Because you see, that’s sort what I do, as a blogger, pundit, and journalist – I meet up with all sorts of interesting and influential people. Over the years, I also blogged about how I have met with transhumanists, economists, demographers, and fantasy writer Brandon Sanderson. Next up: Mistborn as the last stand of implicit white identity

He is a member and supporter of the Russian ultra-nationalist Liberal Democratic Party of Russia and claims to have voted for Vladimir Zhirinovsky in the 2018 Russian presidential election.[13][14]

Yes, I usually vote for LDPR candidates (my logic), and voted for Zhirik in 2018. But I am not a member of the LDPR, never have been, and never said I was.

Another example of ODS/RW fact-checking prowess – not to mention projection. Can I remind readers that ODS worked on a “factual, positive, entry” on Metapedia about the BNP in order to counter the “heavily biased” Wikipedia article on it.

Karlin has said he main political goals as a Russian nationalist are “An end to mass immigration from Central Asia” and “no more prosecutions for hate speech”.[15]

That, and a few other things. I am rather happy to say that the past year has seen substantial progress, with Article 282 hate speech laws becoming decriminalized. I also have reason to believe – though they must remain publicly undisclosed – that my post arguing that Russia should try to attract human capital from the Slavic Near Abroad contributed, however infinitesimally, to recent reforms easing Ukrainian immigration to Russia. See, I love some immigrants.

Fascism and totalitarianism

Karlin has said he considers “Franco a national hero who saved Spain from Communism.”[17]

Here is the Tweet that I was quoting (see right).

Yes, I stand by that. Franco killed ~1% of the Spanish population, but stopped Communism. The joint efforts of Ulyanov, Bronstein, Jugashvili, and Schicklgruber sent tens of millions of people in Northern Eurasia to an early grave during 1917-47, and reduced Russia’s population by half relative to what it “should have” been by 2000.

Clearly a Russian Franco would have been much better for Russia. Tragically, we didn’t get one.

Naturally, the denizens of RationalWiki, many of whom are Communists with democidal ambitions (e.g. see the Arthur Kerensa profile below), would beg to differ.

In a controversial article, Karlin praises the fascist dictator Benito Mussolini, arguing he “did nothing wrong”.[18]

MUSSOLINI DID NOTHING WRONG A German would have to be a psychopath to apologize for Hitler. A Russian would have to be not just a psychopath, but a cuck, to apologize for Lenin or Stalin. But Italians have no particular need to be ashamed of Mussolini.[19]

“X did nothing wrong” is a meme phrase. Obviously, it can’t be literally true – everyone does something wrong at some point, except perhaps Jesus Christ. And I clarify as much in the second paragraph in: “… at least not substantially more so than any other countries at the time.

Anyhow, do read the article. If you are the type of person to take RW seriously, you might even learn something from it.

Racism and Islamophobia

…the pedantic neo-Nazi pseudo-intellectual Anatoly Karlin.
—Russia Without BS[20]

Incidentally, the “Russia Without BS” blogger – Jim Kovpak – is an “interesting” fruit in his own right. Militant nationalist when in the Ukraine (tried to enlist with one of the Far Right battalions – unsuccessfully, LOL); Chapo Trap House drone when in the US.

After Karlin started blogging about HBD, his website attracted white nationalists and other racist basement dwellers in the comments section. Instead of deleting or censoring their racist comments like any normal person would do, he wrote a blog post “Policy On Racism” mostly defending them. According to Karlin the boundary between “race realism” and racism is blurry and because of that, “I will not as a general rule be censoring racist comments, unless they are couched in the most explicit and offensive language.”[21]

I suppose this is supposed to make me look bad.

In comments on his Reddit and Disqus accounts, Karlin is explicitly and openly racist; he has mentioned how much he dislikes black people who he describes as violent with low IQs and that he is happy so few live in Russia; elsewhere he has described his opposition to Islam and Muslim immigrants.[23] …

I am quite happy that few Blacks associate with Russia, considering the type of violence-ridden underclasses they tend to create in countries that open their doors to them. Not to mention the extreme chutzpah and aggressive sense of racial grievance they tend to act out towards their host countries. So yes, I’m racist and very happy with that. If /r/europe SJWs or Islamists such as yourself have a problem with that, oh well. Don’t care, really.[25]

Perhaps overly harshly worded, though I should note the quote was in response to a Russophobic comment: “If i was black i would never associate with a slavic country. Russians are racists.” (Original comment by ElectronicIntifada was deleted, but Ceddit restores). Do I have an obligation to be polite to such people?

Regarding “violent with low IQs”… The 1 S.D. gap in Black and White IQ test scores in the US is one of the best established results in intelligence research (the only branch of psychology not to suffer from a replication crisis). Regarding Black crime – the FBI data is a couple of mouse-clicks away (or a trip to inner city Detroit). Nor are these patterns specific to the US, as they repeat across all other countries with significant Black populations where statistics are available (cf. Richard Lynn’s The Global Bell Curve).

Is noticing reality racist? If it keeps Moscow from going the way of London, where bobbies are reduced to confiscating scissors in the name of tackling knife crime while local BLM affiliates accuse elite universities of racism for not accepted enough Blacks, then I am perfectly happy to be one. That said, I am not hostile to Africans per se, nor am I perhaps as glum about Africa’s prospects as the typical HBD blogger.

He is a proponent of the Eurabia conspiracy theory.[24]

The post in question just covers demographic projections by the PEW Research Center, one of the world’s largest polling organizations. These projections show the Muslim share of the European population going up from 4.9% today to as much as 14.0% by 2050. ODS should let them know they are Eurabia conspiracy theorists.

Karlin opposes interracial dating and describes white women who date black men as “cucks”.

Rather strange that I would describe women as cucks. Good thing that I never did.

Incidentally, one of the Tweets it links to (right) can be described as philo-Semitic, as it is a counter-example to Kevin McDonald’s theories about Jewish influence.


Karlin has described himself as a homophobe and has quoted a study that he interprets as saying “homophobia is a natural part of the human condition.”[30]

To the contrary, I have generally refrained from “editorizing” on homosexuals. For the people too lazy to follow the reference, here is the full context (see right).

The study in question is titled: “What Do Two Men Kissing and a Bucket of Maggots Have in Common? Heterosexual Men’s Indistinguishable Salivary α-Amylase Responses to Photos of Two Men Kissing and Disgusting Images.” From the abstract: “A series of paired-samples t-tests was performed and found that sAA responses to images of same-sex kissing (t(98) = 3.124, p = .002) and universally disgusting images (t(98) = 2.128, p = .036) were significantly greater than sAA responses to the slide show depicting everyday items. This result held across the full sample, regardless of individual levels of prejudice. The results of the current study suggest that all individuals, not just highly sexually prejudiced individuals, may experience a physiological response indicative of stress when witnessing a male same-sex couple kissing.

My “interpretation” of this – that homophobia is a natural part of the human condition – sounds reasonable, but I am always open to substantive counter-arguments.

He has criticised Tommy Robinson for going on stage at an anti-Islam rally with a transexual.[31]

I don’t give enough of a fuck about Tommy Robinson to “criticize” him. The post was primarily about the Orwellian British ban on reporting Tommy Robinson’s reporting bans. And how it’s funny that he is getting so thoroughly harassed by the British police state despite going out of his way to support Establishment positions on pretty much all the core issues apart from Islamophilia.


Karlin describes himself as a “liberal-conservative-neoreactionary” yet his race-based anti-immigration political views and racist beliefs are typical of white nationalist knuckle-draggers and boneheads from Stormfront. Despite this, he has tried to distance himself to the latter, at least cosmetically, for example describing Stormfront users as “low IQ racists”,[32] while himself as a “liberal race realist”.(Do You Believe That?)

More projection. Note that ODS was an actual poster to Stormfront, but apparently I am the one trying to “distance” myself from them.

Throughout 2016, Karlin was supportive of the alt-right, for example he shared a podium with neo-Nazi Richard Spencer and delivered a speech at a “Safe Space for Europeans” demonstration at U.C. Berkeley:

Near the end of the evening, I was called up to the podium by Richard Spencer to give an impromptu speech. I went up and started rambling about my journey of discovery, my disillusionment, my “awakening”… LOL no I didn’t, faggots. Your “Alt Right” is otherwise known as “common sense” in Eastern Europe – it’s really quite funny how actually existing Marxism cocooned them from cultural Marxism.[33]

Succinctly explains broadly “Alt Right” views being mainstream in Eastern Europe. I have since formalized this as “Sovet Freezer” theory. This was also once true in the West. The men who stormed the beaches of Normandy were more Alt Right than a good majority of today’s Alt Righters.

Karlin claims he agrees with the majority of alt-right ideology and views:

“Although I do not strictly consider myself Alt Right (or NRx), I do support about 70% of their positions, so I was happy to turn up with them to troll my alma mater.”

This is correct. That is also the closest thing there is to an endorsement of the Alt Right – nowhere do I actively identify with it (I identify as a Russian nationalist and a transhumanist).

He supports the white nationalist Paul Nehlen.[34]

What I actually Tweeted (according to his own link): A suggestion that Nehlen was the most intelligent Al Right politician, in the sense of someone who had good ideas (e.g. combating social media censorship) as opposed to blowhard Trump trying to get unflattering books about himself banned.

Obviously, this assessment wasn’t my best, considering that Nehlen OD’ed on redpills and started doxing a short while later. But that is not what ODS/RW claimed.

Karlin has tried to introduce the alt-right and HBD to far-right Russian nationalists, but by his own admission, failed.

*Citation needed*. Apart from participating in podcasts with leading Russian nationalists such as Egor Prosvirnin, as well as co-hosting my own podcast, since I arrived in Russia, I have also written what is perhaps the most comprehensive popular text on IQ in the Russian language at the journal Sputnik & Pogrom, which has since garnered dozens of media mentions. So it would be pretty strange had I said I failed. Good thing that I did nothing of the sort.

… and they reprint my articles semi-regularly (with my permission).” The main editor of the former, published a controversial article called “It’s Time to Drop the Jew Taboo”[36] and Karlin controversially published a defence of the article, arguing it is “objectively true”.[37] The article has been described as “a lengthy anti-Semitic manifesto”[38]…

This refers to Charles Bausman’s article “It’s Time to Drop the Jew Taboo” from January 2018. It is factually true that Jews – constituting just 2% of the US population, and even less in the UK – are massively overrepresented amongst Anglo-American journalists in Russia*. It is also my long-standing contention that Western journalism has an extreme anti-Russian slant. Moreover, it is well-known that many Jews have historical grievances with Russia/USSR, e.g. pogroms in late Imperial Russia, anti-Jewish affirmative action in the late USSR (and this goes both ways – Russians can, conversely, point to the ethnic makeup of the Bolshevik Party and the NKVD in the 1920s-30s). Consequently, it is not illegitimate to ask to what extent one might be influencing the other. As one Gentile journalist from a Western country in Moscow pointed out to me off the record, it would be as if the majority of Istanbul correspondents from America were to be Armenians**.

At this point, I would note that addressing the role of ethnic lobbies in shaping political discourse is hardly a fringe topic. For instance, foreign policy giants John Mearsheimer and Stephen Walt courageously addressed the question of Jewish influence on Middle East policy in The Israel Lobby and U.S. Foreign Policy. While their high status saved them from getting “lustrated” as anti-Semites, it certainly didn’t do their careers any good.

Furthermore, I would also note that Jewish hostility to Russia is something that some very prominent Jews themselves agree with (e.g. John Podhoretz, editor of Commentary mag).

That said, I did not agree with all of all of Bausman’s thesis, and I said as much: “Charles Bausman’s thesis is of course a controversial one, and I don’t agree with some things at both the macro level – high Jewish verbal IQ partially, though not fully, explains the overrepresentation of Jews amongst elite Russophobes – as well as some of the historical details at the micro level.” I also pointed out that Jews are not a hive mind, and that are also a number of Russophile Jews, such as Stephen Cohen and Yasha Levine.

Regardless, I consider it was courageous of Bausman to raise this thorny issue, considering the backlash it was sure to invite. I believe that supporting him was not unwarranted at that time.

Would I do so again given the benefit of hindsight? No, but that has nothing to do with the claims of anti-Semitism subsequently directed towards me. Unfortunately, it later emerged that Bausman’s article was a prelude to Russia Insider going into hardcore WW2 revisionism, such as the “Holohoax” and “Icebreaker” conspiracy theories. This was in addition to other perennial problems with the project, such as Peter Lavelle & Co.’s allegations of internal embezzlement (on which I remain agnostic), the fact that 90%+ of Russia Insider’s articles were syndicated from elsewhere (not always with their authors’ permission), and that Bausman was never any sort of “insider” and was no longer even based in Russia since 2018 (which made the name “Russia Insider” something of a joke by that point).

I withdrew permission for Russia Insider to reprint my articles when Bausman illustrated his new crowdfunding drive with an approving photo of German soldiers invading the USSR in July 2019.

… and Karlin is openly anti-Semitic, scoring himself 7/11 on a scale of anti-Semitism writing: “I suppose I deserve my “accolades” from the SPLC and RationalWiki after all.”[39]

The article in question consisted of my Agree/Disagree answers to a set of questions that the ADL uses to “determine” anti-Semitism.

  1. Jews are more loyal to Israel than to [this country/to the countries they live in]
  2. Jews have too much power in the business world
  3. Jews have too much power in international financial markets
  4. Jews still talk too much about what happened to them in the Holocaust
  5. Jews don’t care what happens to anyone but their own kind
  6. Jews have too much control over global affairs
  7. Jews have too much control over the United States government
  8. Jews think they are better than other people
  9. Jews have too much control over the global media
  10. Jews are responsible for most of the world’s wars
  11. People hate Jews because of the way Jews behave

Any score above 6/11 qualifies one as an anti-Semite, which also happens to this one rabbi writing at the Jewish journal The Forward.

With the important caveat that this is according to the ADL, an organization which also considers calls for Palestinian rights and criticism of the ADL to be anti-Semitism.

In 2019 Karlin oddly began denying his former support for the alt-right and has disassociated himself with individuals like Richard Spencer, despite his core white nationalist political beliefs and racist internet posts remain the same. His change in attitude to the alt-right seems to be for two reasons, firstly from people Googling his name and coming across this article that discredits him as an alt-right or white nationalist weirdo, secondly, that he realised that the alt-right political goal of forming an ethno-state in the West is not achievable:

How exactly do I “disassociate” from a person whom I met once and shared a dozen RT’s with on Twitter? (i.e. almost the sum total of our interactions). FTR, I do not have any “issues” with Spencer, and I would never “disavow” or “disassociate” due to pressure from basement-dwelling blackmailers. But I think few will dispute that he’s failed as a political organizer.

Likewise with the Alt Right. I have never distanced myself from the Alt Right because I never identified with the Alt Right (as ODS was kind, or stupid, enough to confirm with one of my own quotes above). Alternatively, you can search for mentions of “Alt Right” on my Twitter – from my earliest reference to them in 2014, I speak of that faction as an observer, not as a member.

However, as the only part of the American spectrum that shares many of my core positions, such as rejection of Blank Slate ideology and lack of antagonism towards Russia***, I do have a lot of sympathy for the Alt Right – and still do. And I wish them the best in their political struggles in the United States, and likewise for their identitarian and nationalist brothers in arms in Europe as well.


Incidentally, the separate RationalWiki article on “Alt-center” has the following about me:

Russian alt-right anti-Semitic blogger at The Unz Review who once shared a platform with white supremacist Richard Spencer and said he agrees with 70% of the alt-right, including HBD. He now completely avoids the alt-right label, and considers himself an alt-centrist.[9][10]

I learned of that article ODS popped into my blog (BTW, he’s almost a regular) to ask me: “At what point did you get embarrassed about your past with the alt-right and try to deny this using the term “alt-center”? Was it when you realised you looked like a complete moron and sheeple who just parroted mainstream alt-right/white nationalist claims? Now want to try to present yourself as more heterodox and individualist? lol.

My reply, then as now: “… Anyhow, you are a liar, as usual. I never identified myself with the Alt Right. I said that I agree with many of their positions. I do identify as a nationalist. That’s first. Second. I was using the term Alt Left (though not strictly identifying with it either) as early as 2015. My position on that has been consistent.

Transhumanism and eugenics

Transhumanism and eugenics

What is wrong about modifying your population to be healthier and more intelligent?[41]
—Anatoly Karlin

What is wrong with that?

Karlin supports eugenics and transhumanist technology which he promotes among white nationalists and the alt-right to increase the average life-expectancy of white people to “preserve white majorities in Europe”, as well as increase their IQs:

First, everyone does eugenics at some level. For instance, when you marry your college sweetheart instead of the crackwhore by the club dumpster, you are practicing eugenics. “Eugenics” is a buzzword that, like “Nazi” or “nuclear”, has long ceased to mean anything whatsoever. But I have always been clear that I only support positive (incentives-based), not coercive, eugenics.

As a transhumanist committed to radical life extension, IQ augmentation, and nuclear propulsion-powered colonization of space, I am happy to receive support from any ideological quarter. Higher intelligence is good at any level: Higher IQ individuals are happier and healthier; higher IQ nations are more productive and innovative; a higher IQ world will be a nicer and more peaceful place to live in. While it is true that I consider transhumanism to be congruent with many nationalist aims, white or otherwise, I also consider it to be congruent with most other ideologies, even socialism (e.g. see that “Fully Automated Luxury Gay Space Communism” meme).

Fertility rates

Like white nationalists in general, Karlin is obsessed with increasing fertility rates across Europe and wants white women to have more babies…

While I am generally a pro-natalist and support policies that promote family formation, it is stretching to call me “obsessed” with it.

This is despite the fact he has no children of his own and is probably an incel.

A photo of the author might be timely at this point.

EDIT 2024.04: I removed them, but it is easy enough to find online.


The Unz Review

In January 2018, Karlin wrote a blog post on The Unz Review defending paedophile apologist Emil Kirkegaard, who Karlin maintains was quoted out of context by so-called SJWs.[45]

You can read an archived copy of Kirkegaard’s innocent if ill-advised blog post here.

Summary (see “Historical note (April 2017)“):

  • One blog post from 2012, out of a total of just 2 blog posts about pedophilia, out of the 903 he had of as April 2017.
  • Abstract philosophical discussion about possible ways to mitigate harm caused by pedophiles.
  • I don’t advocate legalization of pedophilia (sex between ‘legal adults’ and prepubescents), changing the age of consent or any other typical policy proposals of pedophile organizations.
  • Proposed “best” solution decidedly not pro-pedophile: “castration, either medical or fysical.

This somehow became pedophile apologetics as narrated by ODS.

Worse, this willful and malicious interpretation was copied and repeated by media outlets during the witch hunt over the 2017 London Conference on Intelligence.

Finally, let me repeat again that it was me writing about this extraordinary libel that was the proximate reason for the appearance of my RW profile appeared in the first place.

PS. Speaking of actual predators in positions of power, it appears that RationalWiki still doesn’t have an entry on Jeffrey Epstein (apart from one section in an article attacking the “Clinton body count” conspiracy theory). And even that only appeared after his suicide. This tells you all you need to know about their actual degree of concern for victims of sexual violence.

Concerning race and intelligence, Karlin has posted “I went from considering it primarily but *not exclusively* cultural (already a very un-PC view, esp. in 2010) to around ~50%/50% racial/cultural.”[52]

Which happens to be consensus opinion (M=51% in the latest survey) amongst intelligence researchers from over the past 35 years.



* As of the time of writing, the last three Guardian correspondents in Moscow were Jews, as were the last two Independent correspondents, present-day Telegraph, Rosenberg and Vernon at the BBC, Seddon at FT, both the Washington Post correspondent, most of Bloomberg… plus influential former journalists and/or think-tankers who still exercise inordinate influence over the discussion: Ioffe, Ostrovsky, Elder, Weiss, Applebaum, Pomerantsev, Nemtsova.

** The journalist in question may have used a different set of nationalities to make the point, but I changed them to Turks/Armenian diaspora to safeguard his/her anonymity.

*** Somebody like Steven Pinker also rejects the Blank Slate – he even wrote an entire book about it – but he is also a fan of aggressive democracy promotion, confrontation with Russia, etc.

Appendix: Useful Links

Oliver D. Smith

Arthur Kerensa

Arthur Kerensa (@dysklyver), posting as “EK” on RW (example page: “Why there should be death camps for men’s rights activists“), is another prominent RationalWiki “authority”.

A person with very normal views.

Hilariously, there is major beef between him and ODS, and the latter actually sent me a bunch of kompromat on him (which I am not going to publish).

Other Victims of RationalWiki