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Book Reviews

Bloom, HowardThe Lucifer Principle519952010Anthropology
Chang, Ha-JoonKicking Away the Ladder420022009Economics
Diamond, JaredGuns, Germs, and Steel519972009Anthropology
Durant, JohnThe Paleo Manifesto520132013SelfHelp, Nutrition
CT1Friedman, C.S.Black Sun Rising319912013Fantasy
Friedman, GeorgeThe Next 100 Years220092009Geopolitics
Korotayev, Andrey; Malkov; KhaltourinaIntroduction to Social Macrodynamics520062009History, Cliodynamics
Kunstler, Howard JamesWorld Made By Hand220082009SciFi, PostApoc
Liu, XinThe Otherness of Self120012013Sociology, China
Marx, KarlCapital118672018Political Economy
Meadows, Donella;
Randers; Meadows
Limits to Growth: The 30 Year Update420042010Futurism, Environment
Parshev, AndreyWhy Russia isn't America [RU]419992009Economics, Russia
Pinker, StevenEnlightenment Now120182018History
Pomeranz, KennethThe Great Divergence520002011Economic History
Schwartz, BenjaminIn Search of Wealth and Power419632013History, China
Scott, JohnBehind the Urals319412009History, Memoir, Russia
Smil, VaclavGlobal Catastrophes and Trends420082009Futurism, Energy
Smith, Arthur H.Chinese Characteristics518942013Sociology, China
Steyn, MarkAmerica Alone320062009Geopolitics
Trubetzkoy, NikolayEurope and Mankind [RU]519202009Politics, Russia
Turchin, PeterWar and Peace and War420062010History, Cliodynamics
Voinovich, VladimirMoscow 2042219862018SciFi, Dystopia
Wade, PaulConvict Conditioning420102013SelfHelp, Fitness
Werth, AlexanderMoscow War Diary319422009History, Memoir, Russia, WW2

Film Reviews

The Fall of an Empire: Lessons from Byzantium320092009Documentary, History, Byzantine
GoT6Game of Thrones Season 6420162017TV, Fantasy, Drama
Legend of Kolovrat520172017Film, Fantasy, History, Medieval Russia
The Martian520152015Film, SciFi, HardSciFi, SpaceExploration

Game Reviews

D4DOOM420162017FPS, Action, Horror