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  1. fun times – wish i was a teeny bit younger

  2. Does Louise Mensch know about Richard Spencer’s Russian wife yet?

    On a side note, isn’t it interesting to see the teams forming up? It’s traditionalists, patriots and Old Left (Marxist-Leninist) versus libertarian-libertine, postmodern, crypto-Trotskyite globalism. It’s order versus chaos, patriarchy versus SJWs, MAGA versus permanent revolution, the West versus the post-West.

    When I say “the West”, I mean that part of Christendom and its Enlightenment. Russia seems to have premodernism, modernism taken to its extreme but nowhere nearly enough postmodernism to be caught in our civilizational death spiral.

    Note: In the time I took to write this comment, I see that, in another tab in my browser, Louise Mensch has made 25 new tweets. White women be crazy!!!

  3. The website of Alain Soral, the Putin friendly, ex-communist, ex-FN political activist in France has a good collection of video clips and photos from the Berkeley riot.

  4. German_reader says

    Are those tweets satire or do liberals like that C Hayden guy really believe the alt-right is controlled by Russia???
    But have to say, looks bad in a way…seems like the US might really be in for a period of serious civil strife (though I guess things will be worse in Europe in some ways).

  5. This article is a spoof, isn’t it.

  6. German_reader says

    I’m afraid not. I just had a look at the Twitter account of that Andrew Laufer guy (civil rights attorney, against police brutality, pro-Israel…lol, you can’t make this stuff up)…he really seems to be that deluded.
    Disturbing how hysterically anti-Russia US mainstream liberals have become just because they lost an election.

  7. Wouldn’t it be cool if Russified versions of Latinate words permanently entered Western languages, imparting common terms a “based” flavor? Like, if an inauguration featured a military parade, or was simply held for a populist leader, it would be called inauguratsiya. Hate facts could be called informatsiya, street protests against stupid wars could be called demonstratsiyas, etc.

  8. BenKenobi says

    I just made this one, seems relevant:

  9. I tend to think that major civil strife in the US, and to a lesser extent in Europe, is the best chance we have at avoiding major global military conflicts. In that sense, we should welcome it, perhaps encourage it even.

  10. Well, that didn’t go so bad.

    Some ineffectual scuffling. For a short version see the water hole scene in Kubrick’s 2001 (the first one, where no-one gets killed)

    If this “remove antifa kid from premises” is “Russian Active Measures”, well, I don’t know.

    Also spotted the T-Shirt “Keep Calm and Blame Russia”

  11. Please tell me this is a parody. . .

  12. Daniel Chieh says

    Louise Mensch is truly an amazing witch. Few people, besides Gordon Chang have been able to monetize their mental illnesses so well.