The Russia Debate is Back From the Dead

Due to the popular outcry, my prior decision to close down the Russian politics and history forum is now formally reversed.


Come on people – let’s make it work. Stop spamming each other in email newsletters. Refrain from creating thousands of off-topic comments on blog posts that will get lost in the Internet’s recesses as soon as the next blog post comes along. Have your arguments and debates in a place and format – that is, the forum – that is specifically designed to host arguments and debates.

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  1. john smith says

    I tried to post this comment in the Snowden thread but the website is down.

    “Frankly Russia made a mistake in giving sanctuary to Snowden and should have pushed for him to seek political asylum in Europe with the usual countries priding themselves on their asylum policy putting the pressure on them.

    Russia should never have allowed Snowden to enter Russia from Hong Kong and has absolutely nothing to gain from it that was organised and came to prominence from the hostile anti-Putin/Russian Guardian newspaper and will serve as an excuse to block US entry into the families of those involved in the Boston bombing and that of Ibragim Todashev that will force documents and hard question surrounding CIA involvement in supporting Chechen terrorist groups especially like 9/11 it lead to the Boston bombing itself that will blow open the whole facade regarding the war on terror.

    So far it has already been revealed that Uncle Ruslan worked for USAID on behalf of British/ US interests in Kazakhstan and operated a front Chechen organisation securing anti-mining boots to Bin Ladins arm trafficker through terrorist front organisation run from CIA agent Graham Fullers house who the US had been working with at least since the Balkans war when Croatian police arrested him in 93 I think and was released on appeal from a letter from a black female senator in the US.”

    Bin Ladins arms trafficker was Enaam Arnaout and the black female senators name is Carol Moseley Braun who Arnaout wrote to her not the other way around who escape rather then being released on request from the senator.

  2. alcestiseshtemoa says

    It’s back from the dead? Interesting.