Is this the Most Powerful Take yet on Russiagate?


Anyhow, it’s fascinating to see the Russia Truther/neoliberalism.txt convergence with J.R. Nyquist’s “Final Phase” theories, in which the USSR faked its own collapse as part of a deception operation to destroy the West. Proponents of this theory usually subscribe to the eschatological interpretation that Russia is Gog/Magog, and is destined to face an appointment with destruction on the mountains of Israel at the end of the world. (Or something like that – ask Unz.com commenter Quartermaster, as someone who subscribes to this theory I am sure he knows more).

Chris Nethery (Bio: WINNING the war against Russia’s influence operations and attacks on Western democracy, though Twitter and shitty website featuring Putin’s 39th brain DUGIN) doesn’t seem to be on the absolute fringes of Russia Trutherism. He has almost twice as many Twitter followers as I do. So when I speculated that in time the Holocaust could be ascribed to the USSR (= Russia = Nazis), it wasn’t entirely tongue in cheek.



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  1. Jaakko Raipala says

    TLDR but I have to agree that the monument gifted by Russia is almost as much of a crime against American soil than the actual 9/11 attacks.

  2. Fran Macadam says

    So we have always been at war with Eurasia.

    Or some folks have caught the clapper, and are now genetically predetermined to be eternal enemies of Russia.

  3. interfucius he say tl;dr

  4. subpar hasbara

  5. Similar to qanon, this is likely an intelligence agency poisioning the well.

  6. I understand how the Murricans could find the Hijacker’s passport in the debris, but not the blackboxes: Russians. They deposited the first while snarfing the latter.

    And they did Anthrax from USAMRIID.

    And they organized the overlapping war games bonanza taking place on 9/11.

    And the raid on United Airlines shares.

    And all those memos that the FBI was missing-

    And TWA 800.

    As well as the bomb in WTC parking garage in ’96.


  7. There is nothing wrong with telling Americans that they are wet cunts.

  8. Another sad result of Obamacare’s de facto repeal.

  9. The intention is not without justification, but the execution was rather crude and left something to be desired.

  10. Of course to (((Anatoly))) anyone could have done 9/11 except for the Jews.

  11. This will be fully mainstream within ten years at most, and perhaps as little as three or even two – so much of it is already accepted.

    Pray for Yellowstone.

  12. Chet Bradley says

    You’ve given way too much space to this moron Nethery.

  13. the eschatological interpretation that Russia is Gog/Magog

    It’s really a ridiculous theory – likening Russia to such weak creatures.


  14. Supporting Ron Unz’s view, this screenshot from Israeli major media news site Haaretz, Netanyahu saying it out loud: 9-11 attacks ‘good for Israel’

  15. Been a common theme of neocon disinformation that Al Qaeda is actually a creation of Russian intelligence. I notice the old canard about the (((Russian))) mafiya of the nineties. There seems be a lot of projection going on whenever I see accusations made against ‘Russia’ or ‘Putin’.

  16. Why not though, already Trump collusion has been repackaged as Clinton collusion with Russia to smear Trump.

  17. You’ve given way too much space to this moron Nethery.

    Agree. Likewise with the crock that he’s “popular” and should therefore get a decent amount of play. Violating “Godwin’s Law”, a number of “popular” things fizzle out miserably and with a universally negative overview. Whatever happened to LR/Zigfeld?

    Imagine that guy in a reasonably moderated one on one with some less “popular” folks, who in such an exchange with him would prove to be far more knowledgeable and intelligent, as well as entertaining.

    Punks like LR/Zigfeld shy away from such a setting:



    Contrary to the last link, LR/Zigfeld would’ve been able to maintain its anonymity as the show in question was on radio, with the guests appearing via different locales, including their residence.

  18. AFAIK Zurab Tserateli created this thing before the 911 attacks and was, unsuccessfully, trying to sell it to various cities around the world with no takers, before giving it to the US as a gift.

    He’s an odd fellow, very prolific and very talented.

  19. The ultimate redpill is the knowledge that Putin appointed Steven Seagal (alleged rapist) Russia’s cultural envoy to the US.

  20. Chris Nethery writes in Table Mag Does Amazon ban the both ?
    It should . It is incitement to violence It . It is drivel . It lowers IQ. It prevents logical thinking. It allows to spin more lies on the basis of the newly created lies