My (Second) Article On The Russian Elections At Al Jazeera

Here it is: Reading the Russian election.

Please comment at their site, rather than here, if possible.

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  1. Alexander Mercouris says

    The best article on the elections written by anyone!

  2. Alexander Mercouris says

    Just to confirm that Putin looks to be winning 59-60% according to preliminary results and exit polls. Turnout was apparently higher than last time. Better results for Putin than I expected so no T shirt for me!

  3. Congratulations Anatoly — the best, most informed, all-inclusive and best written piece on the situation I have ever seen. Absolute must read for those who want to be informed.

    (Sent same to AJ, so they will up your fee by 50 cents!)

  4. Alexander Mercouris says

    The most interesting thing in this editorial by the Guardian is the comment by La Russophobe (alias Kim)

    On the elections and the protest movement she has been consistently right even if on nothing else.