When Life Comes at You Fast: Russia was Right on BoJo’s Health

Yesterday, Western journalists were like:

This referred to the original state news agency RIA article, which stated that Boris Johnson was hospitalized and would be put under a ventilator.

And earlier today, the British government were like:

Originally, I supposed that the innocent explanation would be a minor error on the part of the Russians, with the Russians mistranslating BoJo being given oxygen (admitted to by the UK earlier today) as being put in the ventilator.

Though considering that the RIA article was printed for Russians, the claim that it was malicious disinformation meant to “undermine” the West (or whatever the latest trope is) was plainly ridiculous even then.

But now things are like this:

Looks like the RIA people really did have a high-placed sourced in the NHS (note that the claim BoJo would be put under a ventilator was stated in the future tense).

If so, it was in fact refraining from publishing this in English that was most notable – not that this will be recognized.

As I speculated yesterday, the UK may well have issued a secret D-notice to prevent the British media from covering the seriousness of BoJo’s situation. Incidentally, that’s a mechanism that “authoritarian” Russia lacks.

Would it also be too soon to speculate on how the Western hacks who have spent most of the past two months inventing fantasizing about a massive hidden epidemic in Russia would have reacted to the Kremlin similarly covering up Putin getting put into an ICU with the coronavirus?

Anyhow, I hope BoJo makes it. He’s certainly not having a “fantastic year” to date.

Real lesson to take away from this? When pummeled by claims and counter-claims of dubious worth and provenance, going with the gamblers isn’t the worst bet. He’s now up to 51% there.

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  2. Curmudgeon says

    Britain is out of the EU. BoJo, the loose cannon, has served his purpose, now it’s time to dispose of him for somebody more “dependable”.

  3. Ali Choudhury says

    This is all a bit surreal, rather like living through a disaster movie.


    Per Chinese data, virus patients who were obese were 2.4x more likely to develop severe pneumonia.

    Even if he pulls through he may have years taken off his life. Hope he makes it.

  4. The Alarmist says

    How long before we get videos showing two shadowy characters wiping their mucous onto door-handles in No. 10?

  5. The Alarmist says

    Au contraire mon frère … the UK isn’t out just yet. All the more reason for someone to slip BoJo a mickey.

  6. The Big Red Scary says

    Purely circumstantial. They came to London since they have a special interest in the English Baroque, particularly the work of Sir Christopher Wren. As Dmitry will inform us, such an interest is quite common in provincial Russian towns.

  7. Daniel Chieh says

    Odds have jumped higher at “leaving office” in 24 hours.


    His odds should in theory be pretty bad as he is a male with comorbidities, however, he is the Prime Minister and should be expected to get the best possible care.

  8. Anonymous lurker says

    Raab said he hadn’t heard from BoJo since Saturday, and that alone should tell you that yesterday (Sunday) when the RIA story came, the copy-paste British media were the suspicious ones (with the “good spirits” and “NHS rulez!” reports). D-notice sounds plausible.

    Love how that useless Beeb hack Sandford spent a good while commenting “rubbish!” on it too, in various random Twitter threads.

  9. Daniel Chieh says

    Speeches that did not age well.

  10. The Telegraph deleted this article:

    Downing Street hits out at Russia ‘disinformation’ over claims Prime Minister is hooked up to ventilator


    It’s still cached on Google if you search for the link.

    Kudos to Russia for having well placed sources. Bad optics for the British press, having to confirm the Russian story hours after calling it disinformation.

  11. songbird says

    I’m disappointed Merkel never got it – yet. Though I imagine that they have her contacts restricted, so it is probably now unlikely she will get it.

    I wonder if BoJo has appointed that Hindu fellow as his deputy. Rishi Sunak. His father-in-law is an Indian billionaire, co-founder of Infosys, a firm that facilitated outsourcing to India.

  12. Please, don’t allow Vucic on your TV anymore. You see that he’s bad luck and caused the biggest spike in Russia.

    He also caused the Albania earthquakes, Croatia earthquake, Merkel trembling, and probably this whole outbreak by wishing the Chinese good luck and then speaking something in such awful chinese he probably released some eldritch curse

    I ain’t even joking, we made memes about it, it happens without fail

  13. The Alarmist says

    He may as well have said those famous words, “Hold my beer.”


  14. sudden death says

    BoJo just a proud member of the herd and doing his best while contributing to its immunity!

  15. Felix Keverich says

    Stupid fuck didn’t help himself by dismissing coronavirus, shaking hands with hospital patients…

    Anyway, the new leader of Labour supports Zionism “without qualifications”


  16. I’m not any expert of this stuff, but the fact the information of Boris Johnson has been in hospital for ICU (although why otherwise would he go to hospital?), was published yesterday in Russian media, before British media – is surely a standard and predictable situation.

    If I remember yesterday, this information was reported because an NHS manager has said it to them, and they don’t have the same barrier to publication that British media has.

    British media will not be able to publish such information, until there is some meetings by the government about what is their backup plan, now their leader is ill.

    From a security point of view, the UK government need some time to prepare or re-organize for the fact the leader is not able to control the country, and that is why they will delay publication of information about it.

    If he goes to hospital though, it can only be because he was too ill to survive outside hospital. There are limited spaces in a hospital during an epidemic, and it would be quite antidemocratic if used one of these places in hospital for minor tests, which is what they were saying.

    Russia would have reacted to the Kremlin similarly covering up Putin getting put into an ICU with the coronavirus

    If Putin would go to ICU, it will be likely the same situation, with a delay of a day or more. Unless it might be more organized and there is an immediate backup plan arranged.

  17. LondonBob says

    Blame Corbyn for being a weak and stupid fool, the Israel lobby ruthlessly went after him and he was pathetic enough he just went along with it, he had plenty of chances to purge his party rivals, did nothing, and now they purge him. Corbyn is an old lefty fool who has done more harm than his enemies ever could. There used to a pacifist left I could somewhat respect, Corbyn has terminated them as a viable political force.

  18. LondonBob says

    Given his physique he was daft not to to fully rest, I don’t rate his chances.

    I am not much of a fan, although his foreign policy stances on Iran, Huawei, taxing US tech were quite encouraging, but the crew surrounding him taking over alarms me deeply.

  19. Boris Johnson has also lived for years in London, where he was even cycling in the roads to the office, and therefore his respiratory system has likely accumulated significant damage.

    London has very dangerous air pollution, especially from a high proportion of diesel powered vehicles. Boris Johnson was a Mayor of London, before he has been Prime Minister. In the former job, he has also contributed to increasing of air pollution of London. According to Wikipedia: “Abolishing the western wing of the congestion charging zone,[234] he cancelled plans to increase the congestion charge for four-wheel-drive vehicles.[235]”.

    Perhaps, Johnston had some nostalghia of destroying your lungs with London smog, as part of traditional English culture.

    At least the new mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, seems to be interested in reducing this frightening air pollution of the city – although his policies in this area, still seem to be far too limited.

  20. sudden death says

    Stolen from ZH commentariat section:

    They placed Boris under observation….as a precaution.

    They sent Boris to hospital……as a precaution.

    They transferred Boris to ICU……as a precaution.

    Next they’ll bury Boris……as a precaution.

  21. Felix Keverich says

    So now UK will have “anti-racist”, pro-Islam, pro-financial industry, militantly Zionist left. Who will vote for this thing, apart from London residents?

  22. Last month, Johnson was saying that to wash the hands and sing happy birthday, would somehow prevent infection by this virus (when everyone knew, it was likely transmitted in the air – whether droplet or aerosol, is apparently a more vague distinction).

    I wouldn’t condemn Johnson for this though, if that is what the English senior doctors said to him. In many countries, a problem seems to be a lack of logic and reasoning, among medical professionals.

  23. Philip Owen says

    When Putin had flu, nothing was said for two weeks.

  24. Mitleser says

    pro-Islam,… militantly Zionist left

    How does that work?

  25. Does anybody know why they use the word “disinformation” and not “lie”? Is it supposed sound more fancy and thus seem more serious, for example “Downing Street hits out at Russia lie”. Or do they use this word because it’s not really telling a lie, but the job of the media is to tell the public only things that fit their narrative.

  26. Not Raul says

    “Pro-Muslim” in blue-collar areas, Ziosuprematist elsewhere and abroad.

    Basically, invade the world, invite the world.

  27. Corbyn’s first speech when elected as Labour keader was an admonishment to Brits to open their minds, open their hearts and open everything (implying borders) to as many refugees as possible.

    It was his number one political cause and priority – to radically change the make up of the country as fast as possible.

    But he didn’t like Jews because he didn’t like Israelis because they, in his mind, are paler than Palestinians and don’t import enough Muslim immigrants. Therefore some idiots on Unz think Corbyn was a great man. They’ll say they don’t like Israeli oppression of Palestinians but they couldn’t care less about a hundred other worse global situations where the oppressor are people of colour of whatever.

    Anyway, talk about cutting off your nose (ha) to spite your face.

    On a different note:

    Iranian Healthy Ministry spokesman calls China figures “a joke,” and implies blame lies with China for deceiving Iran about what Chinavirus was. It seems that America might abandon its allies when it is politically expedient but China will spread disease in theirs instead.

    A lesson for Unz readers: America may be far from ideal but the rest of the world is full of extremely unpleasant leaders and governments. Better not to fall into the old trap that the left used to with the USSR, while rightly opposing pointless wars and other nonsense. The counter-intuitive trap of “better the devil I don’t know than the devil I do know”, that is.


    It seems that people find it very hard to maintain any sort of long-term balance on any emotional subject. Sailer and Seen ars almost uniquely good at it. There’s something almost Tiresian about them. Others try, but youth or old man craziness often gets in the way.

  28. Brits are doubleplusgood masters at doublethink and doublespeak. 2+2 can make 5!

  29. pro-Islam, pro-financial industry, militantly Zionist left.

    I don’t believe this. Total inversion.

    English media and television (BBC, Channel 4) is extremely anti-Israel. On this topic, it is the opposite of watching Russian television (where a pro-Israel bias is not even hidden).

    Educated English are anti-Israel as a political topic or discussion area.

    In real life, Israel is the opposite of how it is described by English culture. Anglosaxons view Israel as some illiberal country, when in reality it is one of the most liberal countries. Anglosaxons view Israel as an evil white country, oppresses gentle brown people, from the postcolonial view which is fashionable. When in reality, Israel is a brown country, of mainly brown immigrants from third world countries, very far different from any European or “white colonial” culture.

  30. Israelis because they, in his mind, are paler than Palestinians and don’t import enough Muslim immigrants

    I also guess it is just something as funny as that.

    Western European media’s view, might be just because they believe Israel is a white country, that oppresses brown people.

    In reality, Israelis are majority brown people, with white minorities, – but with a similar majority race as Arabs – but Israel-Palestinian conflicts would lose its clickbait value from the North-Western European media view.

    Israel-Arab conflict, is a conflict between majority brown, Middle Eastern, – one side more advanced than the other, but more on a cultural/technological level, not as majority representatives of different peoples. Real situation of conflict, is a bit too unemotional for North-Western European media to fund journalists salaries for the region.

  31. jbwilson24 says

    ” Anglosaxons view Israel as some illiberal country, when in reality it is one of the most liberal countries.”

    What a load of crap. Israel restricts land purchases by ethnicity, bans proselytization, and has military rabbis who go around encouraging the IDF to rape gentile women. Let’s not mention Ovadia Yosef and his ilk, who openly spout racist tripe. They sterilize black jews without their consent and try to offload their migrants (infiltrators, as the Jews put it) on Europe and the west.

    I guess if you define ‘liberal’ as allowing men to put their penises up each other’s anuses, you might have a point.

  32. jbwilson24 says

    Hopefully Boris Johnson will be chalked up as a win for the virus. If only the Board of British Jewish Infiltrators (or whatever it is called) would be taken out with him, all would be well. BoJo is an ethnic mongrel who supports mass immigration.

  33. Media like BBC seem often quite consistent with an anti-colonial theme, that perhaps reflects a noble English attitude, to feel a sympathy to “inferior races”, but not to what they view as “intermediate races”. Although it results in quite a lot of arbitrary choice, in who they identify as “oppressed losers” that need to be rescued by them.

    BBC created part of the fake news about Russia oppressing gays. Sexual minorities are living safely and with happiness in Russia, so it would be quite low priority to criticize a relatively liberal society, if you were interested in protecting gays. On the other hand, sexual minorities are persecuted all over Africa and the Middle East – but there has been a relative silence.

  34. This fine Englishman is touted as BoJo’s likely replacement:


    Is it incorrect to think that the UK has more political prisoners than Russia? Jailed LGBT and demographic dispossession critics are all political prisoners in my view.

  35. Jailed LGBT and demographic dispossession critics are all political prisoners in my view.

    Who’s in Russia “Jailed LGBT”?

    Well, the Russian authorities do not put “critics” in prison for “demographic disposition criticism”. When any nationalists are sent to prison, there are other reasons for this

  36. sterilize black jews without their consent

    I doubt such interpretation, when they imported the Ethiopian Jews, they had a fertility rate of 6-7, and this was believed to result in their poverty. Ethiopian Jews are given free apartments by the Israeli government, while white immigrants to Israel often cannot afford apartments in third world buildings.

    try to offload their migrants (infiltrators, as the Jews put it) on Europe and the west.

    Israel does not deport African immigrants, because they are protected by Supreme Court.

    African immigrants have free medical insurance, work permits, and increase their population rapidly – I have sadly not yet walked in Africa, but I have walked in South Tel Aviv, so I’ve basically walked in Africa.

    ‘liberal’ as allowing men to put their penises up each other’s anuses, you might have a point.

    Affirmative action for Arab students in access to university, medical schools. Censorship in media which legally cannot report the nationality (whether criminal is Arab or Jewish) of people reported for crimes. All except one television channel – strongly liberal, in a Swedish sense of “liberal”.

    Feminism – some degree of discrimination in civil law against men.

    Antiracism – dominant in media and general cultural e.g. currently most popular celebrity in Israel is a Christian African dancer. https://www.youtube.com/user/TheFreshAZzbladesx.

    For any rightwing people, Israel would be experienced as having many elements of liberal distopia. (Redneck and rightwing rhetoric is common in Israel, but more often symptom of frustration of the redneck mass of the population at lack of ability to create policy, relative to the liberal elite).

    bans proselytization, and has military

    When the Jewish woman converted to Islam to marry the Muslim husband (which angered the rednecks of the country, although thousands of Jewish women convert to Islam in Israel) – Israel’s president has a congratulatory reception for them and celebrated it saying they represent the best values of Israel.

    If you compare to America, I don’t think Trump would do that, and he is quite a liberal man by American standards. Israel has far more redneck peasants per capita than America, but the courts, media and institutions like President have a liberal attitude, not representing the simple brown redneck peasants that vote for Netanyahu. Israel also has judicial review by the Supreme Court, so liberal judges have a final control of policies – i.e. Esther Hayut has final review of legislation, not populist Netanyahu.

  37. Harry Huntington says

    Purely accidental that the Queen gave a war time speech on Sunday. No coincidence of timing at all. Fairer to suspect that the Queen was informed better than even chance she would have a new Prime Minister soon.

  38. Pericles says

    Furthermore, Deputy PM Dominic Raab appears to have ‘Czech-Jewish ancestry’. Life comes at you fast.

  39. I meant to say that I consider LGBT critics and democide opponents (which can take many forms, including verbal expression to the face of encroaching aliens), are all political prisoners, because it’s the political class that made their expression verboten.

    When Russia jails this or that oppositionist, it’s often because he or she also took part in forbidden ‘expressions’.

    When non-violent expressions are outlawed, especially in topics such as LGBT imposition and demographics (a nation par excellence should have the absolute right to oppose its own demographic demise, this isn’t even negotiable), and indeed every ‘hate crime’, I consider the prisoners to be political prisoners.

    Countries like the UK, Canada, France, the Netherlands, etc. have likely more political prisoners who were charged and sentenced due to what they said or wrote than has Russia.

  40. It was a rather poorly written comment, but I believe the individual was referring to critics of LGBT and demographic dispossession in the UK, not Russia.

  41. brabantian says

    More re Starmer from the Times of Israel –

    Labour leader Keir Starmer’s wife comes from a Jewish family, she has relatives in Tel Aviv

    Will this be all right with the many Muslims amongst Labour’s dwindling flock of voters, who are already miffed about the LGBT propaganda their Muslim children are getting in UK schools?

    ‘After Corbyn, UK Labour elects Keir Starmer, Zionist with Jewish wife, as leader’


  42. brabantian says

    “Very likely’ PM Boris Johnson will go on ventilator, says Derek Hill, professor of medical imaging at UCL”

    Which means a perhaps 50% to 66% chance that age 55 Boris Johnson will die:

    “From the Intensive Care National Audit and Research Center (ICNARC) in the UK. Of 165 patients admitted to ICUs, 79 (48%) died. Of the 98 patients who received advanced respiratory support—defined as invasive ventilation, BPAP or CPAP via endotracheal tube, or tracheostomy, or extracorporeal respiratory support—66% died.”


    Pneumonia – the primary reason for a Covid patient to be on a ventilator – kills from over 2.5 to over 3 million people per year
    With graph showing deaths by age group:

  43. As I speculated yesterday, the UK may well have issued a secret D-notice to prevent the British media from covering the seriousness of BoJo’s situation.

    The vast majority of the British press are completely subservient to the Tories, I doubt anything more than a polite email would be necessary to keep them in line.

  44. I thank Boris for contributing to the UK’s herd immunity.

  45. LondonBob says

    A lot of people voted for Blair. Actually I suspect participation in elections will go back down to their usual level now, no real choice.

    On Corbyn worth remembering he also failed to stand up for his supporters and allies too, many have had their career destroyed because they stood up for that weak fool.

  46. https://sputniknews.com/uk/202004071078862983-uk-pm-johnson-is-not-on-ventilator—cabinet-minister-gove/

    He is likely to get better medical care than most, so I rate his survival chances as better than even if he does not need a ventilator. But he will certainly be out of action for weeks, perhaps months.

  47. yet some idiots are claiming the virus was a hoax.

  48. have some shame.

  49. sudden death says

    Don’t know if this is the right place for the comparison, but which of two countries here actually is looking better prepared and taking the security of their medical staff way more seriously?:

    1. NHS staff treating patients inside intensive care at University College Hospital in London:


    1. Team of doctors of Oleksandrivska clinical hospital in Kiev:


  50. Ms Karlin-Gerard says

    Scale? Also BS propaganda – the bitch almost certainly would write it in Russian, if writing genuinely-

    With it being Kiev – I wouldn’t even trust it being a person underneath the covers on the bed

  51. sudden death says

    In your place rather would be having more issues with trusting yourself now instead of that photo as you was being so pompously sure week ago there never would not be more than 400 infections in RF a day, lol 🙂

  52. Ms Karlin-Gerard says

    You got me there, checkmate. It was a shocking error and you are correct to humiliate me over it.

    Fortunately I was putting those figures as a match for the expected number of deaths–and the deaths in Russia are still low enough now to match those bad predictions I made of case numbers.

    Although, some points are still valid. In one minute, an idiot in Ryazan oblast, over an argument about noise outside his apartment, shot dead 5 people – thus killing more people than the Coronavirus has in 100 million+ regions of people in Russia, in one month.

    Ukraine has NO functioning health system,abysmal testing, abysmal facilities. UK of course, does have a fully functioning health system.

    The Chief infections Doctor of Ukraine is, yet again, another person who speaks only in Russian (even after she was asked in Ukrainian). Does ANYONE over there actually speak Ukrainian? Lol.

    Ukropia implemented one of the most harshest, anti freedom/democracy regimes for dealing with it (whilst giving out and continuing to give absurdly low and fake numbers for numbers infected and died- in a country where alot of people die all the time compared to births) THREE health ministers in the last month! Lol, placebo effect? Criminal regime using it to pass land reform law.

    So yes-you should be disappointed in yourself for posting that obscene, propaganda PR photo in a country that can’t deal with the crisis and is lying about their numbers – accompanied by the virtue-signalling BS of this idiot “doctor” writing it in Ukrainian.

  53. Europe Europa says

    I wouldn’t say most English people have strong opinions on Israel either way, it isn’t a big deal here like it is in the US or Russia, probably because historically both countries had much larger Jewish communities than Britain does.

    Most English people were just bemused by the so called “anti-Semitism” scandal in the Labour Party because that is basically the first time that it has ever been an issue in Britain. I would doubt the majority of English people even know what the term “Zionist” means, whereas I suspect the majority of Americans and Russians do.

  54. songbird says

    Sorry, I have no sympathy for that evil bitch, but that just prevents me from being maudlin about her.

    I don’t know, maybe you are some kind of weird fan of her, but if not, you’ve got to put things into an historical perspective. The prospect of Merkel getting coronavirus isn’t schadenfreue. I wouldn’t rejoice at her getting brain cancer. Getting some plague because she was ideologically invested in open borders, without giving a fig about the German people, would be an anecdote for the history books – it would help discredit her ideology. It could potentially save countless lives.

    Boris, who not three months back, basically sent an open invitation to Africa, after he won, as I am sure he understands, on an proxy vote for immigration restrictionism is also scum. He refuses to even confirm how many children he has (with multiple women). I will not shed glycerin tears for him, though I doubt his infection is quite as impactful as Merkel getting it would be.

  55. Scale? Also BS propaganda – the bitch almost certainly would write it in Russian, if writing genuinely-

    You know neither Russian nor Ukrainian*, and apparently you don’t even know that 90% of people who speak Russian to each other in Kiev are also capable of speaking and writing Ukrainian and often do so when making posts. According to the facebook page of the doctor who posted it she is a fan of Ukrainian-language music and “Euromaidan”, and is exactly the type of Russian-speaking Ukrainian in Kiev who on public posts would out of principle write in Ukrainian.

    You whine about Ukraine “one of the most harshest, anti freedom/democracy regimes for dealing with.” With an influx of people coming in form infected western Europe, shortage of masks for the population and having only as many ventilators per capita as Italy, it makes sense for Ukraine to implement very strict policies regarding social isolation of the population. I suppose you are bitter that more Ukrainian won’t die. Or that, as usual, they are smarter than you who insisted this was all a hoax.

    *Have you figured out yet what the word mir means in Ukrainian? Or are you still working on learning the word for “watch” in Russian? LOL.

  56. Europe Europa says

    How similar are Russian and Ukrainian? I’ve heard people make comparisons with English and “Scots” (the Germanic/Anglic language, not Gaelic).

    Is that an accurate comparison or is Ukrainian more distinct from Russian than that?

  57. I would say they were more different than that. One major difference is that there is a lot of Polish vocabulary in Ukrainian, which is lacking in Russian.
    A lot of people mix the two languages – a phenomenon called surzhyk.

  58. I think many English people were pretty pleased to have an additional term with which to disparage Corbyn’s Labour party. It didn’t matter if they weren’t sure exactly what it means.

    For some it was also fun to insult those as horrible racists who have spent their careers calling English people horrible racists.

    Corbyn’s designated successor only got 28% of the vote from a Labour party membership that was self-selected to support Corbyn tiny fraction of the population. His project is a miserable failure, which is weird because some of his economic policies could easily have been popular.

    In the end, it and he primarily failed because he betrayed us on the EU. He even betrayed his much vaunted integrity on the EU.

    He also plainly doesn’t value us over others in his political calculations, which is odd for someone who wanted to be our Prime-Minister.

    And his supporters are resentment fuelled SJW fanatics who ramble on endlessly about toxic concepts like intersectionality.

    I wonder how many visits from Momentum it took to turn a good English Labour voter into a Conservative?

    The anti-Semitism accusations were as all accusations of racism are: another way of saying you don’t like the politician/person.

    Of course there has to be a nugget of truth to such insults, but the truth was not actually the defining factor.

    The truth is that Corbyn believes that the world should conform to his pattern of justice; which is that everyone in the world should have the same quality of life otherwise it is unfair. He really is that simple.

    Furthermore, this means that those who had more in the past (paler people, in his mind) should have less in the future.

    It also means that if immigration will benefit the immigrants, then there should be no limits even if it is to Britons’ detriment. After all, Britons have it better and had it better in the past. They can suck it up for “justice”.

    Not only is his conceptual framework that of a completely stuck fanatical teenager but it also serves the purpose of potentially providing him a way to power and, crucially, of feeling god-like. After all, what could be more god-like than knowing what the world would exactly look like were it “just”?

    He is a simplistic and mean-spirited charlatan who brings out the worst in his follows.

    Good riddance.

  59. This subject has been absolutely beaten to death already here in the comments section. Plus, you’re asking the wrong person, AP has no opinion on it.

  60. Boris did not send an open invitation to Africa. He made some flouncey rhetoric to be pally with the London media class and then set about making immigration much harder. Or rather, he put Priti Patel in the position to do so.

    The points system would bar the vast majority of current long-term immigrants.

  61. They are more different. Russian and Ukrainian probably started to split at about the same time as did Scots from English (around the 12th century) but Ukraine was part of Poland and experienced a massive influx of Polish words into its vocabulary. It would be like if Scotland had spent a few centuries as part of Denmark and gotten a lot of non-English Danish words, in addition to the other differences from English.

  62. Ambulance staff in Ekaterinburg. Their job is moving people to the infectious dieseases department of the hospital.



    On the other extreme, of understanding of protection in Russia, there is a singer/deputy Nadezhda Babkina a few weeks ago – she now is now in hospital with pneumonia.


  63. Israel is not an important or interesting topic for the vast majority of people in Russia – it’s mainly popular for a few special demographics: 1. religious pilgrims (usually old people, that visit with their churches); 2. people who can at least in theory attain Israeli citizenship (this is people with a Jewish ancestor – this is myself, or alternatively married to such people); 3. travel affionados like wealthy young hipsters that discovered the liberal cultural atmosphere in Israel and visit Israel to sit in beachside restraunts.

    However, television in Russia has a positive view of Israel, and it has disproportionate positive television programmes – i.e. it is a popular country with media producers and cultural television presenters.

    On the hand, television in the UK, has a very negative view of Israel, and strong anti-Israel emotional descriptions in any television I can find about it, similar to a Soviet anti-imperialist interpretation. There must be some psychological explanation, at least within the television workers, if they are not representative of general views.

  64. On an unrelated Israel news.

    In terms of coronavirus supplies, Israel strangely has been rescued by wealthy Chinese people, rather than America.

    “In the first cargo plane: “He said donations made up a large part of the cargo that arrived Monday and that 10 other flights coming to Israel with medical goods from China would also be carrying donations, alongside goods that Israel is buying.

    According to the Defense Ministry, which organized the shipment, there were more than 900,000 surgical masks, half a million protective suits for medical teams and other “critical equipment” on the flight that landed Monday morning.”

    He added: “We got donations from several entities. There are very rich people in China who were willing to donate


    Besides wealthy donors, some Chinese cities also gave medical equipment, Ben Shitrit said.

    At Bar Ilan University’s Azrieli Faculty of Medicine in the northern city of Safed, there was excitement that packages of protective suits, face shields, eye goggles, N95 masks and surgical masks will soon arrive on the flight — sent by Chinese alumni of the university.”


  65. sudden death says

    Nice to see adequately protected ambulance staff, but at the same time nurse(?) in first photo seems quite underdressed for these days…

  66. Part of Poland as in Western Ukraine?

  67. I’m going to guess that those are anti-nuclear suits – very cool. I like how they are green, sort of like camouflage. Makes me think of science-fiction.

  68. Purely accidental that the Queen gave a war time speech on Sunday.

    Yes, it’s an interesting angle. No doubt, since Churchill’s been out of commission since ’65, they had to ‘make do’ with Queen Elizabeth. 😉

    This past Sunday, one US radio network actually played original 1940 audio from Elizabeth’s first radio broadcast as a fourteen year old, the subject of her talk naturally being WWII. This was juxtaposed with the Queen’s Sunday speech regarding the ‘war’ on the Coronavirus. The same day the radio was comparing the battle with the virus to Pearl Harbor and 911.

    Dominic Raab as Johnson’s deputy is certainly what the doctor ordered for multi-cult ‘continuity’ in the UK should Johnson not pull through. Raab’s mother is English, father was Jewish, is married to a Brazilian, and has two children by her. The Indian ancestried Rishi Sunak is in line after Raab.

    As an aside, Trump and Johnson not only bear a passing resemblance but came close to having the same June birth date, being four days apart. Trump’s birth year was ’46 while Johnson’s was ’64. Both Trump and Johnson have had affairs. If Johnson is something of a Trump ‘mini-me’, and though I certainly wouldn’t hope it, it might be that Trump too might experience something threatening his serving out a full term. We’ll see.

    Yahoo made sure to have a not too healthy looking Johnson pictured with one of their articles.



  69. On the hand, television in the UK, has a very negative view of Israel, and strong anti-Israel emotional descriptions in any television I can find about it, similar to a Soviet anti-imperialist interpretation.

    That is a bit odd, considering the historic belief amongst some powerful elements of England’s elites and hangers on in British Israelism. [Queen Elizabeth is said to believe in it even now.]

    There must be some psychological explanation, at least within the television workers, if they are not representative of general views.

    My first guess would be as convinced leftist they are holding true to the belief in no ethnic and, or, racially based peoplehood (with their own designated country) for any people, be they European, Asian, or Jewish. In name only do they (ultimately) allow for that.

    As a second guess, not neccesarily precluding the first, a certain amount of that may simply be a sham, allowed for by tptb to create an illusion to people within and without the Anglosphere that there is ‘real and legitimate’, if ineffective, ‘opposition’ to US/UK generally pro-Israeli policy. Possibly, in other words, a bit of the US and UK playing good cop/bad cop between each other in regards to the subject of Israel.

  70. All of western and central Ukraine was part of Poland.

  71. Max Payne says

    Fucking fat people. Always ruining everything. If you’ve ever been cutoff on the road take a look at your perpetrator… 7/10 it’s a fat piece of shit.

    I kept saying covid-19 is a good thing. Too many unhealthy people on the planet. You know you’ve made a poor life choice when you decide being a disgusting fat-body is “okay”. Aversion to PT should be a crime.

  72. anonymous coward says

    Is that an accurate comparison

    Very much yes. One caveat: the official Ukrainian “language” (like the horrible duckspeak from the lady quoted above) is artificially designed to be as dissimilar to Russian as possible. (While still remaining intelligible to the primarily Russian-speaking populace of the so-called “Ukraine”.)

    I don’t think Scotland has an official de-Anglification speech policy.

  73. PSA: Keep in mind anonymous coward has the record of highest % wrong statements of anyone posting here.

  74. Kent Nationalist says

    I don’t think Scotland has an official de-Anglification speech policy.

    The Scottish government supports the use of Scots officially.

  75. Europe Europa says

    I’ve never seen even a Scottish nationalist in all seriousness attempt to write in Scots. I don’t think Scots is respected enough as a “proper language” even by Scottish nationalists to be considered a credible language to write in.

  76. I looked at some Scots poems, compared to English. Ukrainian is far more different from Russian.

    Here is Auld Lange Syne (ironically the title is the part that an English-speaker wouldn’t understand):


    Easily understandable by an English-speaker, other than the song’s title.

    I couldn’t in a quick search find a poem in both languages. But these comments by honest Russians of their experiences are realistic:

    “I used to visit Ukraine often for business, and have never had to speak Ukrainian for the simple reason that most natives (at least in the major cities) speak Russian fluently. I’ve had exposure to Ukrainian in only two ways: legal documents (which I always end up asking my friends to translate for me) and talking to some non-Russophone locals en route from Kiev to Kharkov. In both cases, I noticed that a lot of the more “educated” or technical vocabulary was borrowed directly from Russian, but that much of the basic everyday vocabulary seemed very alien. Moreover, spoken Ukrainian sounded very strange to my ears, although I could understand clusters of words here and there. I felt much like an English speaker trying to understand German.“

    “ I traveled to Kyiv and Berdichev many years ago, and couldn’t understand anything when listening to Ukrainians talking to each other. I couldn’t even pick the subjects of their conversations. Though when they spoke to me, I could understand quite a bit.

    I had somewhat similar experience when listening to Scottish people, but could understand much more, and at least would get what they’re talking about.

    So I think that Ukrainian is more different than Russian, compared to Scottish vs English.”

  77. Not too divert too much. But Ukrainian can be approximated as midway between Russian and Polish, with grammar and syntax hewing very close to Russian while having a huge amount of Polish loanwords.

    Incidentally, Polish and Russian were mutually comprehensible up to the 11th century.

  78. Dreadilk says

    So not Ukraine. Or?

  79. Philip Owen says

    As the Brexit campaigners showed, it is possible to chop the truth into such small slices that it can be used to claim the opposite of the big picture. Refuting cherry picked half truths, disinformation, is much more difficult than refuting a plain lie; itself more difficult than telling one.

  80. Most of Ukraine, and the country’s ethnic and longest-settled core, was part of Poland:


    The other areas were later settled mostly by people from Ukraine, which had been part of Poland.

  81. Kratoklastes says

    In London, Boris goes to ICU.

    In Russia, ICU comes to Vladimir if required.

    I find it extremely surprising that there’s not a fully-equipped ICU somewhere in the bowels of #10.

    If I were Boris the JewTurk and there wasn’t one there in February, there would have been one in March. Getting the required kit through the tunnels without being seen would be a piece of piss – maybe you have to have someone kill the delivery guys as a precaution, but meh.

    If the myth is to be believed Osama bin Laden could get regular dialysis in Tora Bora, for fuck’s sake.

  82. Kratoklastes says

    The author of my copy of the Sundry Rules Furra Memberchiels would disagree.


    A page that is permitted to show to a Sassenach:



    If you think that looks like gibberish, I also have a bunch of Mark and HRA documentation from around the same time, where the Scots is rendered in modified ‘pigpen’.

    Happy days – when blokes could dress up and play silly-buggers and get drunk.

  83. The idea that Ukrainian incorporated a mass of Polish loanwords is a thesis that’s been overblown. Actually, it appears that many more words of Ukrainian origin were incorporated into the Polish language (52), than vice versa (33) that I’ve been able to locate. Check for yourself:



  84. anonymous coward says

    Actually, it appears that many more words of Ukrainian origin were incorporated into the Polish language

    Wow, you really are nuts.

    (Using the Pedowikia as an authoritative source confirms it.)

  85. anonymous coward says

    I don’t think Scots is respected enough as a “proper language” even by Scottish nationalists to be considered a credible language to write in.

    Well, Scotland didn’t have 100 years of ‘independence’ and rule by the associated nutjobs.

  86. Mr. Hack says

    I’m open to correction – what do you got?

  87. Trump could have a major medical problem purely based on his advanced age, corpulence and possible hypertension.

  88. The Slavic languages seem to have diverged relatively recently in historical terms. I know Russian and Polish, yet without studying the other Slavic languages they offer many points of familiarity when I encounter them.

  89. 10 Downing Street is a small building. I took a photo of it from outside in 1983, when it was possible to walk on the street. Later it was decided it was a security risk and you have to pass through a gate with permission to enter the street unless you are actually supposed to work there.
    I do not think a lot of facilities could be installed in that building.

  90. Europe Europa says

    These days even upper class, elitist Tory politicians pretend to be “men of the people”, there are many who see Boris as just a hard working middle class chap. In fact even the Royals do to a large extent. I doubt even the Queen would admit to having her own private medical facilities.

    I get the impression that Russians like the idea of their leaders being powerful Tsars who have lavish lifestyles, but in Britain people like to pretend that their leaders, even the Royals in fact, are down to earth and not much different to the common people.

  91. Neither list is comprehensive and the loanwords in Ukrainian are for more basic words (khlopets – “boy”; budynok – building). The fact that one list is longer than the other doesn’t necessarily correspond to number of loanwords in the actual language. I notice that the Ukrainian list of words taken from Polish doesn’t even include “pan.”

    However the list seems to be accurate and is referenced. For example the Polish word taken from Ukrainian, hulaka:


    Click on “Pochodzenie” and it says it is of Ukrainian origin.

    In terms of other words, it makes sense that words of Turkic origin (i.e., borsuk) would come into Polish by way of Ukrainian.

  92. Mr. Hack says

    I’m neither a linguist nor a Polonophobe, however, have an interest in the genesis of the Ukrainian language and wanted to test the validity of the often held premise that modern Ukrainian includes an inordinate amount of loanwords from the Polish language. The two citations that I’ve already included above are all that I could locate within the English language on this topic and they don’t, as you can see, really support such a thesis. So, I’ve also started to research the topic in Ukrainian and have thus far come up with two interesting additions:


    blockquote> Чимало слів прийшло до нас від племен, що сусідували з нашими предками, вели з ними торгівлю, воювали тощо, – готів, греків, тюрків, угрів, римлян та ін. (корабель, миска, мак, козак, хата та ін.). В українській є також запозичення зі “староболгарської” (наприклад, область, благо, предок), польської (шпаргалка, забавний, шабля) та інших слов’янських. Проте жодна з цих мов не вплинула ні на граматику, ні на фонетику (звуковий стрій) мови. Міфи про польський вплив поширюють, як правило нефахівці, котрі мають дуже далеке уявлення як про польську, так і про українську мови, про спільне походження всіх слов’янських mов./blockquote> http://www.aratta-ukraine.com/text_ua.php?id=2218

    On the other hand, I’ve been able to locate another entry that includes a lot more Polish loan words into Ukrainian, and think that the Polish list of Ukrainian loanwords must be larger too, but thus far have not been able to locate more information to support such a conclusion.


  93. On a website on languages years ago, I alluded to the large number of Polish loanwords in Ukrainian, and a Ukrainian nationalist practically screamed with rage. No, Polish took words from Ukrainian!
    I suspect his was an unscientific approach.

  94. Mr. Hack says

    If you add up the Polish loanwords into Ukrainian that I’ve been able to locate thus far from the two sources above, it doesn’t add up to more than 150 words. At last count, the Ukrainian language has some 256,000 words. Is this a large proportion?

  95. Another factor to take into account is word frequency.
    For me, contrasting, say, a random text in Russian with a text in Ukrainian is how much more Polish the latter is in vocabulary. There are very few Polish loanwords in Russian.
    I have a vivid recollection of travelling on a trolleybus in Kiev in 1984 and the automatic voice message coming up – “shanovni passazhiri” (“esteemed passengers” – not sure of the Ukrainian spelling). Polish for “esteemed” is szanowny. In Moscow it would have been “uvazhayemyye passazhiry”.
    Szanować, the root verb from which szanowny is derived, is actually of German origin according to Wiktionary, so it is certainly not a Ukrainian word by origin.

  96. in Britain people like to pretend that their leaders, even the Royals in fact, are down to earth and not much different to the common people.

    People may claim they want Royals to be like ordinary people but the evidence suggests that the public ends up respecting them less when they start acting that way. They just become ‘celebs’.

  97. If you looked at the second link that I posted that showed a lot more Polish loanwords into Ukrainian, then you’d also see a list of Germanic loanwords too, of which “shanuvaty” is included:

    Шанувати < szanować < сер.-в.-нім. schônen («берегти»)

  98. I suspect those reached Ukrainian via Polish, Polish-language areas tending to be sandwiched between German-speaking and Ukrainian-speaking territory.

  99. Also, Latin words in Ukrainian, such as “raptom” (suddenly) came into Ukrainian not directly from Polish but due to Polish rule in Ukraine that involved Latin-language education.

    Ukrainian and Polish have a lot of very basic words in common, such as the words for “yes” (tak in both languages, vs. da in Russian), boy, dad, eye, city, etc.

  100. I’d suspect you’re right.

    I think the royals like to keep a certain level of mystique surrounding them keeping in line with the idea that familiarity breeds contempt. All those instances where someone writes an unapproved ‘tell all’ book about the royals, even if more or less friendly, and still find themselves denounced by Buckingham Palace for doing so, would seem to support that.

    Having said that, I’m reminded of an instance in Samuel Pepys’ diary where he wrote about one of King Charles’ dogs unabashedly relieving itself on the royal barge. Everyone, including the King, thought it was very funny.

    The bemused Pepys’ big takeaway from the entire event was that the King, despite all the pretension, was ultimately a human being whom experienced good and bad just like everyone else.

  101. Meh, more like the elderly actress was given a speech to read, put in costume and ordered to read the speech on TV by the PM’s office.

  102. I’m amazed at all of the Germanic words that have made it into the Ukrainian lexicon, words that I grew up using on a day-to-day basis, growing up. All in all, the entry on “Polinisms” includes a lot of good information about many different sourced words that made it into the Ukrainian language.


    My 88 year old roommate, who spent a good chunk of his life working at the Library of Congress, has told me several times that he had easy access to a very large “Etymological Dictionary of the Russian Language” printed in 1910, that included some interesting information too. According to him, upwards of 40% (!) of Russian words had their origins in the MaloRussian language (they would designate such words as “МЛР.” Even if he was off substantially in his estimate, and say only 25% were of such origin, this would be a very large percentage indeed. And it wouldn’t be very hard to believe, a it’s my understanding that some of the top brass that were involved in codifying the Russian language in the 18th century were originally born in Ukraine and had a great influence over many matters in St. Petersburg cultural activities.

  103. sudden death says

    If I’m not mistaken, so far we have not heard not a single peep from BoJo himself since that “still have one minor symptom -temperature” video and that is major indication he nowhere near being out of the woods yet as he is most likely so weak and even incapable yet to do some blurry selfie or just speak several short sentences normally.

  104. Mr. Hack says


    There are very few Polish loanwords in Russian

    You might be surprised to know that there are nearly as many Polish loanwords in Russian as there are in Ukrainian. According to the very same entry, if you go to the bottom of the page you’ll see almost 120 such words.

  105. Philip Owen says

    Not only that. The Kievian Patrichate was the centre of literacy in the East Slavic world during the high middle ages.