Russian Women Enjoy Being Women

Commentator AP writes:

Very true. Russian and Ukrainian women enjoy being women. This was once the case in the United States too, a couple of generations ago. But in the American case there was the baggage of the second-rate status of women. It seems that in legitimately struggling against inequality, Western feminists have confused eqality with sameness and damaged femininity by making women more like men (my wife and our female Russian friends always see deep underlying [misogyny] in the feminists they have encountered). It’s like if blacks had battled racism by not only fighting against discrimination but also by creating the image of a “liberated” black having pale skin, straight hair, and no hint of ebonics.

He is correct in every respect.

Russian women achieved the vote in 1917. Criticize them as you will – and I do – the Bolsheviks early on inserted equity feminism into the foundations of Russian society. This was a generation or two ahead of similar developments in the West. And it was a good thing. Today Russian women get paid more relative to men than in America or Britain, probably because spending a fortune on a Womyn’s Studies degree and then ranting about the “global patriarchy” at Jezebel or The Guardian when they find out no-one wants to hire (or marry) them isn’t a commonly accepted lifestyle choice.

When American women started demanding more rights many of them embraced gender feminism as the solution. Unlike equity feminism, which corresponds to classical liberal notions of legal equality, gender feminists want to feminize men and institute matriarchy. Matriarchy is of course an oxymoron and in practice means rule by alpha males, coupled with wanton repression of beta males (achieved in the West via alimony law, “rape culture”, harassment lawsuits, etc). Alpha males don’t take shit from feminists and as women they admire them; respectable betas follow the rules, as is their wont, and get shafted for their troubles, because no woman can truly respect a man who submits to her whims.

What you have then is complete social dysfunction, as a result of what is a deeply reactionary and anti-human ideology. It is ironic that (real) Marxism shielded Russia and the rest of Eastern Europe from the much more ruinous scourge that is cultural Marxism.

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  1. I had a mixed Russian/Ukrain girl friend before. She claimed that Russian women / men are beautiful because they married for beauty not for money during soviet time. Not sure I can take that explanation seriously.

    Here is a dating show in Chinese since you understand Chinese.

    The Russian girl is really beautiful with highest score. But other factors caused her failure.

  2. Mark Sleboda says

    Tolya, WTF is this ‘cultural Marxism’ thing? Isn’t that a collocation as absurd or even more so than Islamo-fascism, considering that Marx thought culture and superstructure unimportant?

  3. Thanks for the praise! One minor correction: you changed my statement “mysogyny” (I think I mispelled it) into “misandry” when I wrote “my wife and our female Russian friends always see deep underlying misogyny in the feminists they have encountered.” They actually note a deep vibe of dislike for women. I remember my wife’s negative reaction to a feminist classmate who was pregnant with a girl and who declared that there would be no pink, or dolls, or princesses, etc. in her house.

    • OK thanks for that correction. 🙂 I assumed it was misandry given the context, and that misogyny was spelled incorrectly.

  4. namae nanka says

    Equity feminism is a joke coined by Christina Hoff Sommers.