#RussianLivesMatter: Portland Recognizes Russians as POC

Map of POC homelands within Europe.

Portland has recognized Slavs, and by extension Russians, as a Community of Color – a long overdue step in the fight for racial justice in America and affirmation that “race” and “color” can only be defined in terms of a system of power relationships.

Recognition of Russians as a community of color needs to be adopted throughout the US and Europe as reparations for the crimes and abuses heaped on Slavic and Russian bodies over the past century by Western Supremacist hate ideologies.

However, these arguments are still dismissed by many “progressives” who have internalized Western Supremacism, ignoring Russian lived experience and marginalizing its voices.

We need to do better.




Anatoly Karlin is a transhumanist interested in psychometrics, life extension, UBI, crypto/network states, X risks, and ushering in the Biosingularity.


Inventor of Idiot’s Limbo, the Katechon Hypothesis, and Elite Human Capital.


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  2. We have reached trolling levels previously considered unfathomable

  3. Vishnugupta says

    What a way to end a year that one thought couldn’t get any crazier.

  4. Very funny twitter exchange, Anatoly.

  5. Cool Daddy Jimbo says

    “Westplaining.” Lol.

  6. The Spirit of Enoch Powell says

    So the new definition of ‘POC’ is just a group that performs poorly?

  7. So I have been reduced to an emotionally fragile state seeing what kind of privilege preserving epistemic pushback poor AK is subjected to for calling out and unmasking US-privilege and Western Supremacy. The lack of racial stamina of these types is saddening. 🙁

  8. We have reached trolling levels previously considered unfathomable

    And this is not even the final form.

  9. 4Dchessmaster says

    LOL, now that Georgians and Armenians are white, while the Russians are black, we can now call the Russians “blackie” instead of the other way around? LMAO.

  10. What kind of race is “Anglo” (on map)? I’m probably not familiar with modern progressive ideas – is this also an oppressed colored minority?

  11. Lol but in 20 years Russians will be POC whether they like it or not. Just look at Putin’s immigration policy and the birthrates of muslims in Russia.

  12. Daniel Chieh says

    The race that needs to pay gibs to others.

  13. The Spirit of Enoch Powell says

    What kind of race is “Anglo” (on map)? I’m probably not familiar with modern progressive ideas – is this also an oppressed colored minority?

    Anglos are the oppressor race par excellence




  14. The “don’t use our hashtag” thing is fascinating.

    When I was a little kid, each of us children had our own favorite dessert. I liked cake, my brother liked pie, my sister… You get the idea. Anyway, one day we were out for dinner and I had pie for dessert. My brother got all upset. I was supposed to like cake, not pie. Pie was his thing, and I had ruined pie for him by having it myself. He was six years old.

  15. Where does this leave Belarussians? We’re the “White Russians.” I’ll be in the U.S. Northwest soon and would like to know my social clout status.

    Nowhere near Portland though. Let it burn.

  16. Moar deconstruction for the deconstruction God!

    All humans and non-human animals are just complex cooperating communities of specialized cells.

    All cells are just interacting ensembles of complementary molecules.

    All molecules are made of appropriate atoms.

    All atoms are made of subatomic particles.

    All subatomic particles are made of quarks.

    All quarks are made of the superstrings or whatever…

    All whatever is made of whatever!

    Hashtag: #Whatever really matters !

    Hashtag: #Check your quantum privilege !

    Hashtag: #Equalize quantum field !

  17. the fat controller says

    wow, i didn’t know the mason-dixon line ran right through the middle of italy!

  18. 4Dchessmaster says

    The Eternal Anglo has a criminal record and bloodlust unmatched in human history.

  19. Whiteness is defined by having citizenship of a NATO country a POC is someone who is oppressed by whites.

  20. Bardon Kaldian says

    So- Magyars are Asians, Serbs are black & Albanians are white, Turks are mixed, Russians & Portuguese are black, half of Italians are black, Israel is- white …



  21. Europe Europa says

    The native English are people of colour too. English Lives Matter.

  22. Bardon Kaldian says

    Some superstings are more equal than others …. (an aside- there is no proof that superstings, unlike quarks, exist. They are now, as 30-50 years ago, just a speculative construct, as is Darke Energy etc.)




  23. Bardon Kaldian says

    I smell a Muslim here …

  24. Supply and Demand says

    Congratulations, Anatoly. My hope is Hungarians will receive the same recognition soon, given our levels of Cuman admixture and Siberian origin.

  25. Europe Europa says

    Russians have conducted plenty of genocides and engineered famines, I’m not typically one to start criticising people for the crimes of their ancestors but when I see them doing it a lot to the British without a hint of irony I think it’s only fair.

  26. The Spirit of Enoch Powell says

    The native English are people of colour too. English Lives Matter.

    You may be onto something there…


  27. Europe Europa says

    A lot of English people are very naive to just how much they are hated internationally. A lot of this idea that they’re loved everywhere.

    Britain/England gets figuratively sucker punched in international diplomacy a lot of the time because English people, especially the elites, are naive and not on guard generally speaking. They do not realise the ill will many if not most foreigners bear towards us.

    Americans are hated too, although I think most Americans are less naive to this and under no illusion of being liked abroad, they tend to approach international diplomacy far more defensively and also offensively. Also, as the US is a much larger and more influential country they’re less vulnerable to this sort of diplomatic “sucker punching”.

  28. The Spirit of Enoch Powell says

    Russia Will Be One-Third Muslim in 15 Years, Chief Mufti Predicts

    Around 30 percent of the Russian population will practice Islam within the next 15 years, Russia’s grand mufti has predicted, citing demographic trends.

    Russia’s Muslim-majority regions, including republics in the North Caucasus and the republic of Tatarstan, are known to have the highest birth rates in the country, reflecting similar trends worldwide. Various estimates place the current Muslim population in Russia at between 14 million and 20 million people, or between 10 to 14 percent of Russia’s total population of 146.8 million in 2018.

    “According to experts, Russia’s [Muslim] population will increase to 30 percent in a decade and a half,” said Ravil Gainutdin, the chairman of the Council of Muftis, a religious group representing Russia’s Muslim community.

    The changing demographics mean that “dozens” of new mosques will need to be built in Russia’s largest cities, Gainutdin said at a forum hosted by the State Duma on Monday.

    Archpriest Dmitry Smirnov, an official in Russia’s Orthodox Church, agreed with Gainutdin’s forecast and predicted that “there won’t be any Russians left in 2050.”

    “It’s too late,” he told the Govorit Moskva radio station when asked if the demographic trend could be reversed.


  29. Some superstings are more equal than others

    That’s why I demand a Universal Quantum Field Equalization.

    Also, End Quantum Entanglement!

    As long as there are differences, there is no true universal equality. To usher universal freedom, end all structures!

    #freedom2quarks !

  30. https://www.unz.com/akarlin/ec-confirms-biden-win/#comment-4345657

    It is a little unusual to consider the Slavic community as a community of color, for conventionally the community is considered White, and in all databases reviewed for this research, the community is included within the White community. So why this variation? The Slavic community has arrived in this part of the USA facing similar forms of discrimination and exclusion as did the Polish, Irish and Italians many generations ago. These communities struggled with language, employment, education and social exclusion. In much the same way, the Slavic community faces these barriers to parity and to equity. As a result, the Coalition of Communities of Color has formally recognized the Slavic community as a community of color.

    It seems that the Russians in Multnomah County are not the kind of Russians one finds in Brighton Beach, LA or Miami. Many are religious.

  31. This goes some way in explaining why Russia is so pro-Turk in relation to Christian nations. Strategically, it is a wise move.

  32. Anglo is a derivative of ancient hebrews. You can see their proud lineage of genocide, paranoid desire for control over others and a penchant for backstabbing to this day, but sadly, they’re not very good at it anymore.

  33. Europe Europa says

    This confirms what I have believed to be the case for a while now. “White” in the modern political sense means Anglo and maybe Germanic. No other group is included in it.

    Right wing Anglos and Germanics who look to Eastern Europe for moral support and solidarity, or believe that they are threatened by the same anti-white agenda, are deluding themselves.

  34. Bardon Kaldian says

    There are always solutions to such questions ….


  35. And still the Tinkers will always be denied POC status.

  36. They are largely Protestant sectarians and a mix of Russians and Ukrainians. They have many children and despite not being particularly well educated, they skillfully take advantage of welfare and government assistance. The truck driver who ran over and killed a bunch of bikers in New England while intoxicated was from this community (he was a Ukrainian guy).

  37. “63 million aboriginal Australians”, only off by about a factor of x120, nice meme. Seems most of the old regular commenters don’t show up much anymore, there’s too much shitposting now.

  38. Bardon Kaldian says

    OK, they hate us, we know that …..


    Although, things are not simple. Visually, I prefer a Latina to the white chick here (both are dumb, but it’s about looks):


  39. Kent Nationalist says

    You may remember when Parliament rejected a petition that British people were indigenous to Britain

  40. I wonder if anyone has done new calculations for the pre-contact population of North America, now that there is that ancient genome data for Hispaniola.

  41. Bardon Kaldian says

    It, basically, doesn’t matter.

    Race is looks plus culture. Looks are European & culture is Western (Antiquity, Christian heritage, scientific-rational spirit from the 18th C on). One can look whiter than snow, but if s/he is of another cultural heritage (Buddhist, Islamic, Hindu,…)- not our tribe. Not “we”.

    Jews are white if they are assimilated, look more or less like we do & don’t bullshit.

    Or one can have a different heritage, but if s/he is visually more or less European & also culturally Western- s/he is white. No matter what My Heritage or 23andMe say.

    I’ve given the example of this Aussie-Peruvian chick who is 67% AmerIndian, genetically. In my book, she is white.


  42. It seems that you have some problems that originate in Asia, like coronavirus or heroin, fentanyl, and meth, that probably due to different behavioral characteristics, leaves Whites worse off than Asians, where these problems originated from.

  43. The Spirit of Enoch Powell says

    You may remember when Parliament rejected a petition that British people were indigenous to Britain

    I do not think it was a petition, but rather the debate concerning whether or not the UK should sign the International Labour Organisation’s Convention Indigenous and Tribal Peoples Convention

    From a 2006 House of Lords debate:

    Lord Triesman: My Lords, on the last point, I have no difficulty in putting forward the argument that often more than one channel is open at any one time. The United Kingdom’s position on the ILO Indigenous and Tribal Peoples Convention was set out in 1989 in a government White Paper. It noted that the convention was essentially an update of the 1957 Convention 107 and explained that that convention could not be applied in the United Kingdom as there were no indigenous tribal or semi-tribal people there who would be covered by such provisions. Therefore, the government of the day rightly concluded that they should not ratify that as applying to the United Kingdom.

    Later we have this in 2009: Early Day Motion 1299

    That this House welcomes the 20th anniversary of International Labour Organisation Convention 169 on Tribal and Indigenous Peoples, which recognises and respects the land rights of indigenous peoples … notes the Government’s continued refusal to put these rights on a firm legal footing and ratify Convention 169, on the grounds that there are no indigenous peoples in the United Kingdom

    If we actually dig into what exactly ‘indigenous’ means, we get the following definition from the UN:

    Indigenous communities, peoples, and nations are those that, having a historical continuity with pre-invasion and pre-colonial societies that developed on their territories, consider themselves distinct from other sectors of the societies now prevailing in those territories, or parts of them. They form at present non-dominant sectors of society and are determined to preserve, develop, and transmit to future generations their ancestral territories, and their ethnic identity, as the basis of their continued existence as peoples, in accordance with their own cultural patterns, social institutions and legal systems.

    So it seems that according to the UN, the British will only really become indigenous when we are vastly outnumbered by Asians and Africans and when they hold the proverbial whip hand over us, can’t wait for the goodies we will get from the UN (eye roll).

    Anyway, Wikipedia has this to say:

    In Europe, the majority of ethnic groups are indigenous to the region in the sense of having occupied it for numerous centuries or millennia. Present-day indigenous populations as recognised by the UN definition, however, are relatively few, and mainly confined to its north and far east.

  44. SaneClownPosse says

    Old POC referred to superficial cosmetic characteristics.

    New POC is an inverse functional performance based metric.

    Albinos are the one, true White race, everyone else is non-white.

  45. We might be seeing a reversion to an earlier form

    Broke: Russia is communist

    Woke: Russia is the 4th Reich

    Bespoke: Russia is a victim of Anglo neoliberalism

    Karaoke: Russia is communist again

  46. Is it not a mark of the superiority of our culture, that we earnestly try and make amends for past misdeeds?

    The problem is that many of our peoples don’t recognize that others are vengeful and out to get us.

    I underwent radicalization in 2012 when I recognized that no matter how hard the GOP panders, it will always be held in contempt.

    Key to that realization was the belief that the GOP had honestly tried over and over to win over minority votes.

    Many white liberals don’t see that yet. But if they do, they could show a sea change.

  47. I hadn’t realized there were so many of them in Oregon:


    More than one hundred thousand people from the former Soviet Union now call the Willamette Valley home. These new Russian-speaking residents have quickly become a part of a place experiencing its own sets of new challenges and opportunities…

    Oregon and Washington added more new migrants born in Russia and Ukraine than any other part of the country between 1990 and 2005. Attracted by sponsors affiliated with Christian fundamentalist church congregations, a network of well-organized social service and refugee resettlement agencies, and a physical environment that resembles their homeland, Russian and Ukrainian Baptists, Pentecostals, and Seventh Day Adventists combined are now by far the largest refugee group in Oregon…

    Slavic refugee leaders are beginning to play a role in reshaping the politics of our region. The Slavic Coalition, for example, provides a voice for the Russian-speaking community to ensure maximum opportunities for gaining county and city funding and political power in the urban region. The coalition was founded three years ago to advocate for youth success, family stabilization, and elderly support for the area’s Russian-speaking residents. Membership grew and galvanized around the issue of local American teachers sending notes home to Russian-speaking fundamentalist parents warning them not to use spanking to discipline their children, advice those parents strongly disagreed with.

    More recently, thanks to its political efforts, the Slavic Coalition was added as a voting member of the Community of Color Coalition in Multnomah County, an organization established for Africans, African Americans, Asian and Pacific Islanders, and Latin Americans. Despite the whiteness of all of the members of the Slavic Coalition, Slavic members now serve on advisory committees and participate in funding decision-making bodies for this mixed-race, multicultural group. Two leaders of the Slavic Coalition were also recently appointed to serve on the Portland mayor’s new advisory board in support of immigrant and refugee issues in the metropolitan area. Another Ukrainian-born leader in the Salem community, Anya Sekino, currently serves as the cultural competency coordinator of one of Oregon’s major state agencies headquartered here in Salem.


    LOL, these guys know how to milk it for everything it’s worth.

    AFAIK the “normal” Ukrainian diaspora (Greek Catholic and Orthodox) doesn’t mix with these guys at all.

    More here:

    About 40 percent of the more than one hundred thousand Slavic people who live in the region are from Ukraine. Others were born in Russia, Belarus, or other republics that formerly made up the Soviet Union. While the vast majority of these immigrants live in the Portland-metro area, about three thousand currently reside in Salem, with significant numbers also living in Woodburn and smaller towns such as Lebanon and Albany.

    The exodus from the former USSR to the United States began with changes in both Soviet emigration policies and American refugee policies, and the religious groups that were able to prove to the United States government that they were refugees under this legislation included Jews and evangelical Christian migrants who were persecuted for their religious beliefs under the Soviet system. The American evangelical lobby and the religious right in the United States have been influential factors in securing and holding on to selective refugee status for these Protestant groups, even though their persecution virtually disappeared with the collapse of the Communist regime in the early 1990s. In addition to large numbers of well-established congregations arranging for sponsors for newcomers, those who were already resettled in other states heard about the West Coast mecca and migrated to Portland, Seattle, and Sacramento, and the smaller towns and cities located in between along the I-5 and Highway 99 corridors.

    Woodburn’s Slavic Pentecostal community played a major role in attracting the most recent wave of migrants from the former USSR. In a story that has become legendary among local Russian-speaking residents, the minister of the tiny Russian Pentecostal church in Woodburn (the only one of its kind in Oregon at the time) asked his congregation to sponsor refugees from the Soviet Union when he heard about Gorbachev’s new and more open emigration policies in 1988. Several years later, Pastor Ben Shevchenko’s church finally received word that one of the families it hoped to sponsor had been approved, and the family was now on its way to Woodburn. This started a chain migration that exploded after the Soviet Union dissolved and that continues to this day. Overwhelmed by the numbers of new arrivals in the early 1990s, the church in Woodburn asked the largest refugee resettlement agency in Portland for help. That agency has since morphed into the Immigrant and Refugee Community Organization, or IRCO; Pastor Shevchenko sits on the board.

    Family reunification is a top priority of U.S. immigration policy, so the numbers of new arrivals have continued to grow with the arrival of the parents, children, and other family members of these post-Soviet-era refugees. According to Victoria Libov, a Russian social worker who lives in Beaverton and is a program administrator at IRCO, “In a short time, you’ve moved almost an entire village here.” An estimated 90 percent of these Slavic refugees remain in the area after their initial settlement in the region because of the support provided by refugee resettlement agencies, church networks, and family and friends from home.

  48. Another article about Slavic people of color in Oregon:

    In essence, this recognition of Oregon Slavs as People of Color and movement is just a way of saying that POC = uneducated troubled people who need or want your money.


    Fierce Little Scratches

    How Mexican heroin dealers and Russian addicts collided in Portland: An excerpt from Sam Quinones’ new heroin saga, Dreamland.

    By the time the Soviet experiment ended, seven hundred thousand people, most of them in the Ukraine and Belarus, were fervent Pentecostals. Then, a dream come true. The United States opened to them. Tens of thousands emigrated, settling mostly in Sacramento, Seattle and Portland.
    Among them was a young couple, Anatoly and Nina Sinyayev, who arrived from the city of Baksan around 1992. Anatoly was a welder. Nina’s father was an evangelist, touring Germany and Israel to preach the gospel. When the Soviet walls tumbled, the Sinyayevs took their two toddler daughters and fled to Portland.

    Nina’s first baby in America was also their first son, Toviy, born in 1994. From then on, she was always pregnant. The couple had ten more children.

    Anatoly was always working. They moved eight times, mostly in the Portland suburbs of Gresham and Milwaukie where Russian Pentecostals concentrated. They attended a conservative Russian Pentecostal church, and raised their children in their faith.

    But their American dreamland contained hazards they hadn’t imagined. Remaining Christian in America, where everything was permitted, was harder than maintaining the faith in the Soviet Union where nothing was allowed. Churches were everywhere. But so were distractions and sin: television, sexualized and permissive pop culture, and wealth.

    Leaders turned to the prohibitions that had sustained the faith during the dark decades back home. Girls couldn’t dye their hair, pierce their ears, or wear makeup. Young men and women could not talk, or date. If a man wanted to marry, he went to his pastor, who asked the young woman if the suitor interested her.

    Russian Pentecostals didn’t associate much with American society, which they viewed as a threat. Families with televisions were deemed less holy, and they hid the machines from visitors. Pastors called TV the devil with one eye.

    The Sinyayevs’ daughters were not allowed to wear nail polish or mingle with Americans. But Anatoly kept a television in the basement and turned it on when he thought his children weren’t listening. They watched it when he wasn’t home. The Sinyayevs’ second child, Elina, was their most stubborn. A pretty girl with an aquiline nose, Elina raised her siblings while her mother was pregnant and railed at the church teachings that ruled her home.

    “All they preached was that women should wear long skirts, head coverings, no makeup,” she said. “They never teach you about love. They didn’t want us to know God forgives.”

    As they moved into adolescence, the Sinyayevs’ oldest children hid their lives from their parents. Elina applied makeup on the school bus each morning, and exchanged her long skirts for pants. After school, she donned Pentecostal clothes, removed her makeup, and arrived home looking as plain as she had when she left.

    Meanwhile, the U.S. economy frothed. Russian Pentecostals opened auto shops and trucking and welding businesses. After years of Soviet penury, they were suddenly doing quite well, and some grew rich. Pentecostal kids were steeped in consumerist America at school and old-world Russia at home. They endured church but valued wealth. They eschewed college, worked to buy what they wanted, and quietly rebelled against their parents’ old ways.

    Then OxyContin appeared.


    Mostly, opiates consumed young people in Portland who had never used them, virtually all of them white. As a group, it appears none fell to it harder than the children of Russian Pentecostals who came fleeing persecution and found U.S. pop culture a greater challenge than anything a Soviet apparatchik could invent.

    Elina Sinyayev tried heroin the first time with a friend from work, who told her it would relax her. Her sister started with OxyContin. So did Toviy, her brother. Elina lost her job and, desperate for her dope, began dating a Russian Pentecostal heroin dealer, who also got his tar from the Mexicans delivering it like pizza.
    Elina believed she was the only one in her family using heroin. But one night at home she looked at her sister and brother and watched them nod off and knew the truth. Two decades after Anatoly and Nina left the Soviet Union for the freedoms of America, each of their three oldest children was quietly addicted to black tar heroin from Xalisco, Nayarit.

    Police arrested Elina’s sister for petty theft and Toviy for shoplifting. Anatoly and Nina frantically began checking their children’s arms. Elina, meanwhile, shot up in other parts of her body.

    One afternoon in March 2011, Toviy told his mother he had the flu. He went out with Elina and they returned hours later. He seemed different but Nina had too many kids to pay close attention. The next morning, she found her eldest boy in bed, unconscious and gasping for breath. Paramedics couldn’t revive him. He lasted for three days on life support.

    The Portland suburb of Milwaukie is so small and quiet that its police department has only two detectives. That morning, one of the two, Tom Garrett, was on call. He found balloons of heroin and a syringe in Toviy’s bedroom.

    Over the next eighteen months, the death of Toviy Sinyayev became a test case for Clackamas County.

    Meanwhile, at home, Nina checked the arms of her daughter, Elina, which were always under the long-sleeved blouses of Pentecostal piety. There she found bruises and fierce little scratches.

    Dealers from Xalisco, Mexico, started selling drugs in Portland around 1991. But few police realized the dealers came from the same part of Mexico or understood how they operated. Toviy Sinyayev’s overdose in 2011 helped Oregon cops discover how Xalisco heroin cells worked, and taught them a new strategy to fight back.

    A dozen harried days had passed since Toviy’s mother found him comatose in his bedroom. Under pressure, his sister Elina told police that their dealer was a Russian Pentecostal heroin addict named Aleksey Dzyuba.

    They put a wire on Elina. She called Dzyuba. Going through withdrawals and with her brother on life support, Elina met the dealer in a Safeway parking lot, surveilled by a dozen undercover officers. She bought heroin from him, and passed him some marked cash. As he drove from the parking lot, officers descended and arrested him.

    etc. etc.

  49. Thanks. This is exactly what I have suspected that they were mostly evangelicals. Though I doubt that they can beat Jewish immigrants from Russia in their dependence on welfare and social services. In NY and NJ special apartment complexes were build for Jackson-Vanik Jews who were too old to work.

  50. Europe Europa says

    Imagine being white yet so underachieving and dysfunctional that even anti-white black racists take pity on you, not sure that’s anything to be proud of.

  51. My impression is that their representatives hustled their way to the trough.

    One of my wife’s friends from Russia moved to a city in the west coast (not Portland) that has quite a few of them. There are two Russian communities there, “us” and “them.” “They” have ten kids each, don’t care about them much, barely remembering their names. “They” are rather resourceful though. They do a lot of work under the table (auto body shops, daycare, construction) while collecting welfare. Some of them were successful during the housing bubble, managing to buy real estate while on public assistance and watching it balloon in value.

    The people of color money is finite, so these Russian and Ukrainian Baptists managed to take money from actual people of color.

  52. Comments like this are literally oppression. But that’s to be expected. The Anglo man will take any given moment to demoralize, subjugate and persecute. He simply can’t help himself!

  53. Anatoly, I always held you in high esteem because after finishing up you schooling in the States, you went back to Mother Russia, proudly keeping your feet planted on native soil.

    Am I now to understand that you are championing those who left home, the newest branch of the “whiners and disenfranchised” by classifying them as co-inheritors of POC? No amount of sunlight will darken a Russian’s skin tone to make that one fly, perhaps a little too much sun on the brain?…

  54. Is there any way that we could tan Russians and perm their hair and have them take the place of blacks in the hearts of liberals in the same way that mulattoes like Obama and Harris do now?

    That might be the ticket…

  55. That map shows Scotland and Ireland as white. That’s just so wrong. If Slavs are PoC then surely Celts are PoC as well. Centuries of colonialist oppression by the Anglos.

  56. How much would the US improve, if we imported 100,000 Russians trained to cultivate a superficial appearance which would qualify them to be called blacks?

  57. How much would the US improve, if we imported 100,000 Russians

    US should import from Russia all the DICh people.


    Some of them are real champions!


    They are liked and respected the world over!


    Just ask the French…

  58. Just ask the French…

    When the Boston Marathon bombing happened, there were <100 Chechens in the US.

    Rather, I was thinking of importing people who come from the same area as Maria Sharapova. And making sure that they are trained to be "based", while they pretend to be black.

    At the end of the day, I feel like it is a numbers game – numbers and quality – maybe 100,000 based "black" Russians (I do not mean Caucasians), trained to perfection is all it would take to end the Great Awokening.

    It seems like it would cost a lot, but not at prevailing Russian wages. Not when you consider the money that is blown on our woke military, or spent on blacks. And it would probably take substantially fewer, maybe 20,000 – to destroy wokeness in France or Germany.

  59. 4Dchessmaster says

    Funny thing is that in the Anglosphere, there are people who will perceive Kadyrov and Khabib as “white”. This is usually from the colour struck SJWs and far right nationalists. However, in Russia, people would laugh their heads off at the idea of Chechens and Dagestanis as being considered European just because they have fair skin and eyes.

  60. trained to perfection is all it would take to end the Great Awokening.

    To that you need:

    -A GOP breakthrough with minority voters; meaning that Dems have to start playing for white males again.

    -The GOP state legislatures start defunding wokeness in K12 and universities, and start regulating Big Tech as common carriers.

    -conservative base voters start unplugging from mainstream culture.

  61. -conservative base voters […] unplugging from mainstream culture


  62. Who the fuck created that POC Homelands map? Czechs and Slovaks are not POC–and neither are Western Ukrainians? Why not? Their Catholicism makes them privileged? If so, then why exactly are the Catholic Poles POC?

  63. The people of color money is finite, so these Russian and Ukrainian Baptists managed to take money from actual people of color.

    But AP, don’t you know that white is also a color? Seriously; we all have shades other than albinos.

  64. Supply and Demand says

    Poles are certainly not white, and never were.

  65. Some Chechen are rather fair skinned, but the majority of them are mentally closer to MENA than Europe.

  66. I can’t see it being solved by democracy.

    Differential fertility – whites becoming more ethnocentric, maybe. That could have all sorts of effects that we would struggle to even guess at now, when everyone is so woke.

    conservative base voters start unplugging from mainstream culture.

    I think the average person is just a passive consumer, who wants to detach, when they get home from work. I find it amazing what mainstream decadent films that even very cerebral, religious neo-reactionaries will mention. And if they watch stuff like that – imagine what normies are willing to consume.

  67. I can’t see it being solved by democracy


  68. Slavs belonged to in-between races. They were not considered white in America. The quote “A Slav Can Live in Dirt That Would Kill a White Man” comes from E. A. Ross, Ron Unz’s favorite sociologist.

    Interesting book: “Race and America’s immigrant press how the Slovaks were taught to think like white people”. PDF of the Chapter 4 of the book can be found on the web.

    And the article “Inbetween Peoples: Race, Nationality and the New Immigrant Working Class”

    The identity of WHITE as it was constructed in America had more to do with ethnicity than race and even more to do with class. Basically it meant not being a Negro but not everybody was not a Negro in the same way. That’s why there was gradation for the in-between races. Slavs and Italians were on the lowest rungs.

    Upper class weren’t that much concerned with the whiteness or whatever the whiteness meant for the lower classes and they would have no problems socializing with upper classes from countries of the in-between races; however the upper classes were not immigrating to America. There were no Italian Princesses, Polish Countesses or Russian Dukes but plenty of poor and uneducated peasants among whom some remembered times of when they or their parents were serfs, not much different from American Negros.

    It was the lowest classes of America that had to deal with foreigners from the lowest classes of the immigrant countries. Thus it should not be surprising that the concept of race as a social concept in America is so crude because as a social construct its constructors were not the sharpest tools in the shed. The true inheritors of that construct are Blacks and SJW’s who haven’t come up with any new original statements that could not be found in the body of statements concocted by Americans in late 19th century and early 20th century that would be preceded with a negation sign to change the vector from white is good to white is bad. The difference is that among the SJWs of the present day the race is understood to be a social construct while for the original constructors, the folk anthropologists of America including the favorite sociologist of Ron Unz, the race was literally biological.

  69. Hmm. You forgot the ‘Humor’ tag…

  70. Lmao. Missing the ‘Humor’ tag though…

  71. Thank you, AK. You deserve a medal.

  72. It’s not just a joke, though. Slavs really do get otherized, subjected to the Western gaze, and otherwise persecuted.

  73. Sounds much like the primarily Ukrainian fundies in Sacramento whom I was slightly acquainted with.

  74. AltanBakshi says

    These nut case protestants, evangelicals or what ever they are called, are to me subhuman like wahhabis. They are a mockery of holy Christian tradition.

    One of the best things in the ChiComs is that they actively persecute them, I hope that in future they will get the same treatment as Falun Gong….

  75. One of the greatest exponents of otherising the Russian was one of the greatest and most celebrated Anglo novelists and prose stylists, Józef Korzeniowski.

  76. The Spirit of Enoch Powell says

    Polish Haitians

    Haiti’s first head of state Jean-Jacques Dessalines called Polish people “the White Negroes of Europe“, which was then regarded a great honour, as it meant brotherhood between Poles and Haitians. Many years later François Duvalier, the president of Haiti who was known for his black nationalist and Pan-African views, used the same concept of “European white negroes” while referring to Polish people and glorifying their patriotism.

  77. The Alarmist says

    I’ll believe Russian lives matter when they enact Prohibition 😉

  78. They are indeed analogous to Wahhabis but of course not nearly as deadly; they aren’t blowing themselves and others up all the time. Without question 100,000 Baptist refugees would be preferable to a similar (even much lower number) of Wahhabist ones.

    These Protestant sects seem to flourish in places where Communism destroyed or undermined native traditions; Wahhabism, too, takes root where traditional Islamic culture has been undermined. Both are products of enforced modernism.

  79. Comments like this are literally oppression.

    I can tell you are under 25 because you literally use the word incorrectly.

  80. LivesInPortland says

    This is my first time commenting on this blog. I live in Portland and am part of this community, though I’m fairly irreligious. I actually read this article a couple of days ago and had a good laugh. The thing that struck out to me is that their definition of “Slavic Community” is anyone from the FSU. It does not include Poles, or the Balkan Slavs, but does include Uzbeks, Tajiks, etc.

    I was also laughing about this with my brother and telling him that wait until they see that 90%+ of the “Slavic Community” voted for Trump in the 2020 election, then the “Slavic Community” will no longer be POC.

  81. These Protestant sects seem to flourish in places where Communism destroyed or undermined native traditions

    Yes, yes Communism was bad and all, but its not like USA and Latin America had commie regimes outside of Cuba, and Americas are the most flourishing area of Evangelical movements.

    Although Wahhabism is a heresy from the view of traditional Islam, its a logical outcome that religion like Islam will one day give birth to such movements, all that preoccupation with divine law and so on. In the end Judaist and Islamist God is a non-human abstraction, for El-Allah most important thing is not love but law…

    I am overly generalising, there are Sufis who would claim otherwise, but if one reads Quran, there are countless legalistic demands, same with the Torah.

  82. Europe Europa says

    Russia has slaughtered, through famine, mass murder, forced labour, etc, over a million ethnic German protestants, which is just a small part of their death toll and bloody history and yet they have the audacity to call the British oppressors and evil.

  83. Very sad story, heartbreaking and happening all over the country. This is why drugs need to be illegal and dealers need to either do hard time, or face the death penalty. Instead, the country goes the other way. Very sad.

  84. Excuse me? Yes its quite clear that Im not a great friend of British civilization, still I have never claimed that British have been somehow specially or exceptionally evil force in the history. My main problem with Anglos has always been that they have forced their value systems and morals upon others, often with force and violence and then smugly claimed that they have been some kind of force of good, but if one looks closely former English colonies, most are failures, except those that are populated by Europeans. Or to be more precise, I hate universalism, when some people claim that their way of living and ethics is best for all, in that regards Anglos have been insufferable. Universalism should exclusively be left to religions, not to nation states…

  85. I wasn’t trying to “troll” Karlin in comment #55 above, as some here seem to think. I was genuinely amazed and bewildered how anybody could believe that Russians are considered to be POC (Persons of Color)? Although, perhaps this might be an amusing topic, it appears that Karlin actually has embraced this idea? Perhaps, he’s just being sarcastic and I’m missing the point? If somebody could better explain to me what Karlin’s really up to here, I’d be grateful.

  86. He’s engaging in brilliant trolling.

  87. America was sort of uprooted from the get-go
    so it makes sense. These sects arise in Latin America during periods of modernisation.

  88. 4Dchessmaster says

    The Germans were involved, directly and indirectly, in 3 genocides in just 45 years, so they are not one to complain about being mistreated. Second of all, the British for a fact are responsible for more deaths and involved in more looting than any other superpower in history.

  89. So, I was apparently trying to troll the Trollmaster. 🙂

    It didn’t work. 🙁

  90. 4Dchessmaster says

    I think Karlin is both trolling and revealing something real about racial classifications and the Slavic position. I don’t see why anyone should care for the Anglo Saxon classifications of race. I’m an Armenian and I don’t care to be classified as either POC or White, depending on people’s perceptions. Identifying with your ethnic group or culture is much better. POC is a broad and utterly useless classification that has put dozens of ethnicities and cultures into one basket.

    Remember that Anglo Saxons care more about “POC” Turks and Saudis than they do about “White” Russians or Greeks. Anglos also care more for “POC” Qataris than “POC” Yemenis. “White” Ukrainians than “White” Russians.

    In the global and even Anglosphere sense, being considered white does not mean that the Neo-liberal establishment won’t persecute or vilify you in some way. This is an SJW creation that is based on an America centric position.

  91. Daniel Chieh says
  92. Daniel Chieh says

    You need to become a Patron of the Truth to understand this in detail.


  93. Yeah, people lump all the former Soviet citizens together. One of the commenters above wrote about “Russians from Brighton Beach and Miami”. I would be curious to know how many of these supposedly Russian former Sovoks are 100% Russian or even Slav? I would guess less than 40%.

    And you are right, we are in general quite conservative because we know first hand that progressivism leads sooner or later to collectivism, which leads rather sooner than later to social collapse. A large portion of Western middle class still has to learn it first hand from their own experience.

    Should not be too long before they have the chance to taste the “collectivist soup”. The pot is already simmering. The Westerners should get their hearty portion of centralized collectivism in this coming decade….

  94. With all due respect, you Sir are a simpleton!

    You probably are not even aware that the WWI and the Russian revolution were largely the making of the British aristocracy
    and financial elites (both being intertwined, we may call it British oligarchy). It would be too long to explain to you how your Kingdom’s oligarchy (I must insist upon it: Kingdom, not nation and not even country) have orchestrated the mayhem in the continental Europe.

    Your oligarchic elites have never seen your fellow countrymen as equal human beings. And they have always seen all the other people of this tiny planet as either “human resources” – a source of potential profit, or a “human problem” – a competitor to be weakened by any means necessary. Since at least the times of the French Revolution, the British elites are the scourge of the humankind. They are the corruptors of the nations and the Devil’s special minions. The native British population are the hostages taken by these elites, used to extend the nefarious influence of the British oligarchy on the surface of the Earth.

    Because your short-witty population still supports, and actually even admires the evil and perverted oligarchy of your Kingdom, the blood of tens of millions of your fellow human beings is squarly on your Englishmen hands. Being the ignorant product of the British brainwashing propaganda, you would be unable to understand what I am writing here, but I keep the faith in you being able to research the subject for yourself and in a few years possibly understand the moral and historical reasons of the predicament that today befell your fellow countrymen.

    Quit being whiny and start studying the history of England from the Norman conquest and the Doomsday Book, then work it forward all the way to the appearance of the modern day “Anglosphere “. You have a lot on your plate before we can discuss anything seriously.

    P.S. I am writing this as the sincere Anglophile that I am (I like fish and chips with a pint of ale which makes me an admirer of the British culture!)


  95. Russia isn’t “pro-Turk”. They just know that the Turks and Azerbaijanis can cause them a lot more trouble than the Armenians can. This has very little to do with religion. It’s about (whether Azerbaijan helps or hurts in) Dagestan, pipelines, access to the Mediterranean Sea, (NATO) access to airfields in Turkey, etc.

  96. One of the greatest exponents of otherising the Russian was one of the greatest and most celebrated Anglo novelists and prose stylists, Józef Korzeniowski.

    Joseph Conrad is transracial. Don’t deadname him.

  97. Sounds much like the primarily Ukrainian fundies in Sacramento whom I was slightly acquainted with.

    What was your impression of them? Is it worth a column?

  98. Daniel Chieh says

    Reparations now for Slavs!

  99. Top tier trolls AK, keep up your good and Godly work.

  100. LivesInPortland says

    Generally all religious people are conservative. Why in the world would Christians vote for a presidential candidate who despises everything they stand for? Also, the “Slavic Community” here in the US don’t suffer from white guilt like most of the white Americans.

    There are also differences between the Ukrainians and Russians, and whether they were born in the US or Russia/Ukraine.

  101. I agree, but I would add that all the erhnic Russian immigrants I know, even – the non-religious ones – are in general more conservative than the majority of the local people. This is simply due to the Soviet experience, the way it unfolded and ended. We learned it the hard way.

  102. The people of color money is finite, so these Russian and Ukrainian Baptists managed to take money from actual people of color.

    Slavic Baptists doing the job white Americans just won’t do. Based.

  103. I’m an Armenian and I don’t care to be classified as either POC or White, depending on people’s perceptions. Identifying with your ethnic group or culture is much better.

    I agree. The whole White thing is one of those peculiar obsessions that Americans have. Non-Americans should not buy into it.

  104. Hyperborean says

    Karlin, so disappointing. As an American immigrant BIPOC you should at least have gotten your map right:

    Which leads me to add one Remark: That the Number of purely white People in the World is proportionably very small. All Africa is black or tawny. Asia chiefly tawny. America (exclusive of the new Comers) wholly so. And in Europe, the Spaniards, Italians, French, Russians and Swedes, are generally of what we call a swarthy Complexion; as are the Germans also, the Saxons only excepted, who with the English, make the principal Body of White People on the Face of the Earth. I could wish their Numbers were increased. And while we are, as I may call it, Scouring our Planet, by clearing America of Woods, and so making this Side of our Globe reflect a brighter Light to the Eyes of Inhabitants in Mars or Venus, why should we in the Sight of Superior Beings, darken its People? why increase the Sons of Africa, by Planting them in America, where we have so fair an Opportunity, by excluding all Blacks and Tawneys, of increasing the lovely White and Red? But perhaps I am partial to the Complexion of my Country, for such Kind of Partiality is natural to Mankind.


  105. Franklin was remarkably based for someone who was a Quaker and who seemed very r-selected.

    Though, it might be supposed that at one time, it was easier to virtue signal about Indians than blacks.

  106. The Chad Trump!

  107. So, why did the US Census Bureau disagree with Ben Franklin’s racial classifications as early as 1790?

  108. Actually, I think that Karlin views the conception of Person of Color as being more than just about superficial skin color or eye shape and instead views it as a representation of peoples who were victims of Western colonialism and/or imperialism–and Russians would certainly qualify due to the suffering that they endured as a result of Marxism (a Western idea) and also as a result of German Nazism in World War II. Karlin also views Serbs as People of Color for similar reasons, along with the fact that the West bombed them in the 1990s in the Bosnia and Kosovo conflicts.

  109. Hyperborean says

    So, why did the US Census Bureau disagree with Ben Franklin’s racial classifications as early as 1790?

    I am just joking, don’t take it very seriously. I think using “BIPOC” should have made that clear.

  110. …it as a representation of peoples who were victims of Western colonialism and/or imperialism–and Russians would certainly qualify due to the suffering that they endured as a result of Marxism (a Western idea)…

    I imagine AK is aware that understanding colonialism and imperialism as inherently bad or negative things derives heavily from Marxist thinking. Is Marxism being criticised for not being Marxist enough here?

  111. Franklin was remarkably based for someone who was a Quaker and who seemed very r-selected.

    Though, it might be supposed that at one time, it was easier to virtue signal about Indians than blacks.

    Stoddard was reportedly a Unitarian, the past is quite a strange country.

  112. The Soviet Union claimed to be anti-colonialist and anti-imperialist but in reality was the opposite of both of these things.

  113. Interesting fact: President Taft was also a Unitarian, believing in God but not in Jesus Christ’s Divinity. Seriously.

    For that matter, I believe that, in a letter a couple of weeks before his death, Ben Franklin also expressed some doubts about Jesus Christ’s Divinity while applauding him as a good moral teacher.

  114. I was thinking more about the concepts of colonialism, imperialism and anti-imperialism etc. themselves; they have been heavily influenced by Marxist political theory and Marxist activism (is ‘Imperialism’ in the inherently negative sense even a creation of Marxists?).

    And, if Marxism and its categories and concepts represented some kind of ideological and conceptual colonisation of Russia, presumably the same is true of the other main source of anti-colonial, anti-imperial ideology in the post 1945 world, the liberal US version.

  115. Not enough for a post, my experiences with them were quite fleeting, though I did comment on it a few times, e.g. https://www.unz.com/akarlin/the-5-types-of-russian-american/#comment-835296


    My impression is that though they were ultra-religious, they were not especially nationalist; they mingled freely with fundamentalist Russian emigres (though there were at least 10x fewer of them than Ukrainians, of whom most of whom came from the far west). I suppose this is unsurprising since Christianity is universalistic, so after a certain point of religiosity – and they pretty much max out that stats tree – nationalism has nowhere to go but down. I think they voted more or less uniformly for Trump.