Russians Lost Ability to Hack US Elections

Now that the right person has won.

But perhaps China gained it.

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  2. Justvisiting says
  3. The Spirit of Enoch Powell says
  4. The Spirit of Enoch Powell says

    America and NATO shills have declared elections in countries like Venezuela or Belarus to be invalid and rigged based on far less.

  5. E. Harding says

    Wrong again, Anatoly, you’re forgetting the fact Trump won the highest share of the Hispanic vote of any Republican in history. There is no explanation for this other than Russian hacking.

  6. sudden death says

    really confused whether it is ironic post or no, but if it is not, do not understand at the moment why it should be concentrated just on Hispanic votes, if such hacking did occur? If anything, that could be indication that other groups votes for Trump were overinflated too?

  7. another anon says

    Now we are suppposed to listen to the three letter agencies?
    The real experts know what is going on.

    It was Russians who stole Hunter’s laptop and faked his shlong.
    Never trust any Russian, ever.

  8. I was wondering when they would bring this up. There were some salty tweet from the left when Trump was ahead but I guess they’ll all be deleted now. Well, unless Trump manages to win.

  9. Hispanics in America have a good memory of both Venezuela and Cuba.

  10. No worries, they will claim “Russia hacked US economy” before long. As I mentioned before, “get Joe Biden to nuke something” YouTube Challenge is coming next.

    If we are looking at divided Congress, it means there will be little to no stimulus forthcoming. This will be very bad for the US economy, and US usually solves such problem by bombing democracy into some hapless peasants – war has bipartisan approval and it stimulates the economy by providing paychecks to war corporations.

    Doesn’t mean Russia of course, but Russian interests outside of Russia (as well as other countries on US radar) may want to invest in bomb proof umbrellas. Probably don’t want to end up like Libya.

    And with Bidens’ advanced age, even a three year old child can trick the President into signing a military authorization. Lockheed lobbyists are going to have a lot of fun.

  11. Considering how many times Trump has stabbed Russia in the back, why would they risk backlash to get him reelected?

    Nixon could go to China. Perhaps Biden could go to Russia.

    At the very least, Biden won’t have to attack Russia (like Trump did) in order to prove that he isn’t Putin’s pawn.

  12. Chrisnonymous says

    What about the Congressional races? Obviously, Putin has an interest in preventing courts from moving left. Otherwise, why would Trump have nominated Kavanaugh and Barrett?

  13. Kent Nationalist says

    You know it’s true because he said ‘active measures’ and only an expert would be familiar with a term like that.

  14. Would be quite funny if Russia refused to recognise Biden due to voting irregularities if he somehow gets to be President.

  15. the surge in the cuban vote didn’t ring true to me – maybe it was genuine, but more likely their vote was bought or rigged

  16. Russians are definitely butt-hurt over Trump’s failure to get re-elected. Just look at their reactions right here.

    Every single russian poster in this forum is a rabid Trump supporter. Hmmm?

  17. Not really. We just like seeing the Emperor riding naked again. Each time this happens, the Empire is weakened. One day the Empire will become weakened enough to leave Russia alone.

  18. Not at all. An increasingly deadlocked political system, polarized electorate, and a president hamstrung by questionable legitimacy works fine as well. Even strictly on the basis of entertainment value, Biden’s senior moments will be fun to watch. And what Ano4 said.

  19. sudden death says

    Russians are definitely butt-hurt over Trump’s failure to get re-elected. Just look at their reactions right here. Every single russian poster in this forum is a rabid Trump supporter. Hmmm?

    I’d say it is still too early to say that it was a failure at the moment, but Trump has been just as rabid verbal Putin bootlicker ever since his first election campaign, so how come it can be any surprise that Russians prefer him to Clinton or Biden who where exact opposites of that?

  20. Joe Biden is America’s answer to Konstantine Chernenko

  21. Autists Anonymous Rehab Camp Fugitive says

    There aren’t many unironic Biden supporters on either side of the spectrum. From what I’ve seen Eastern European reactions vary, but can be generally described as “lukewarm sympathy”. Even Russian radicals see Trump more as a “It’s cool he hasn’t nuked us yet” case.
    The 2016 mythology of a Russian Trump and Ukrainian Clinton collapsed with the Ukrainegate scandals.

  22. And who would Kamala Harris be according to this line of thought?

  23. I’m still holding out that Mossad will pull something for Trump. He gave them so much. And Trump seems obnoxious enough to make a stink (in closed circles) if he doesn’t get the better end of a scam.

  24. Joe Biden is America’s answer to Konstantine Chernenko

    Only this time, Gorby is a mulatta-India whore, who hates ethnic Russians.

  25. Biden will certainly strive to outdo Trump to please his Middle Eastern mast … err partners. In US of A the priorities are well established: it’s Israeli interests first and foremost, then the interests of the AIPAC and American Jewry and then everything else, if circumstances allow.

    Americans are mostly true believers in Judeo-Christian values. Therefore, they expect receiving much blessings for their help in building and abetting G-d’s Chosen People .

    If Trump causes any problems whatsoever, he will suddenly die of COVID-19. It would be declared that a second infection is way more devastating than the first one. Which might actually well be the case…

  26. Even strictly on the basis of entertainment value, Biden’s senior moments will be fun to watch.

    Will increase awareness about senility. Result in more research to cure it, and, in the meantime, encourage younger people to have an attitude of carpe diem.

  27. Thank you for answering the question I have asked in comment # 22.

    We do agree. It’s music time:

    Given Madam Harris ethnic background, one should make a reggae remake of this classic tune.

  28. Wasn’t it Obama-Biden administration that sent Victoria Nuland to Ukraine with cookies and dealt a significant blow to Russian interests there?

    Wasn’t is Obama-Biden administration that turned Libya into a big slave trading hub?

    Wasn’t it Obama-Biden administration that was clamoring for no fly zone against Russia in Syria (yes, it was mostly Clinton but Clinton will simply reincarnate into the Harris empty vessel).

    Wasn’t it Biden who was one of the key architects of the Iraq War (back when he was less senile) by getting a good portion of Democrats to vote for its authorization?

    Sorry, the only way I see Biden going to Russia is riding on top of a Trident SLBM.

  29. So much so that one Alt Right podcaster has Blocked me on Twitter for not coping with Trump’s likely loss hard enough.

  30. Who cares about bootlicking? He “bootlicks” most of the cool people, such as the Rocket Man, certainly a refreshing change from the usual neolib rhetoric.

    What does however matter is that in actual policy the Trump administration has done far more for Israel, the Gulf Arabs, and Turkey than he has for Russia. Russia Firsters have no particular reason to shill for him.

  31. Europe Europa says

    Trump and his supporters seem in denial about the demographic reality of the US. “Non-Hispanic whites” are probably already under 50% of the population, yet Trump supporters still can’t seem to understand why they’ve lost.

    In the last few months I’ve noticed that many Trump supporters seem to have deluded themselves into believing that most blacks and Hispanics would vote for Trump.

    The US has severe race relations issues and Trump had no answers to it, other than delusional nonsense about blacks and other non-whites being Trump supporters and the idea that Trump is the blacks’ best friend and the best thing to ever happen to the “black community”.

    I think Trump should have tried to be more decisively a pro-white president and rally what remains of the white vote, rather than this wishy-washy “all things to all people” stance he tried to take.

  32. Kent Nationalist says

    rabid verbal Putin bootlicker

    If that upsets you, wait till you find out how American presidents deal with Israelis

  33. Europe Europa says

    Trump has probably helped to further line the pockets of the Sheikhs who run the Gulf states in return for their compliance with the Zionist agenda, but long term he has hugely damaged Arab interests as a whole, especially those of the Palestinians and Arab states in the immediate vicinity of Israel, which was undoubtedly his goal.

    Trump might have indirectly benefited corrupt Arab royalty/elites prepared to bow down to Zion, but he’s without a doubt a sworn enemy of the Arab people as a whole.

  34. sudden death says

    Can’t argue with that, so far it really could have been way worse in practice (or better, judging from RF position), it comes to theoretical discussion whether words mean much in politics, but guess that RF voters would not be very amused if their leader started to bootlick Poland or Baltics verbally, even if in practice it would not yield any revolutionary results, lol 🙂

  35. Joe Biden is America’s answer to Konstantine Chernenko

    Even if we ignore genuinely stupid (not necessarily senile) Chernenko, the US would be the second country in the world, after Zimbabwe, to make senile walking dead president. “Elect” would be a wrong term, as the “elections” in both US and Zimbabwe are fraudulent. American “democracy” perfectly illustrates the phrase often ascribed to Stalin: “it does not matter how they vote, what matters is who counts the votes”.

  36. Kent Nationalist says

    The CIA are overconfident. In fact, Russia hacked the election results to produce a 269-269 outcome for maximum disruption. They even brazenly announced that this was their plan through their ‘active measures’ operative, working under the pseudonym ‘Anatoly Karlin’.

  37. Blinky Bill says
  38. Honestly, I think of Biden like a late stage Brezhnev. Brezhnev had trouble speaking. He had several minor strokes (Biden had two aneurysms), and he touched people in a disgusting way. Although, the analogy of gerontocracy can only be carried so far, on a US presidential level, IMO, as Hillary never got in.

  39. Mike_from_Russia says
  40. The Spirit of Enoch Powell says
  41. Well US just created ~$4.5 trillion digitally and instantly to save its economy. If Bank of Zimbabwe copyrights/trademarks $100 trillion currency denomination, and prohibits US from using it, it will destroy US economy. So be careful who you make fun of. 🙂

  42. Biden is less hawkish than Hillary, and most of Obama’s FP advisers.

  43. Yea but he is also senile and Harris will likely be the hawkish FP incarnate. I guess we will see who will end up on Team Biden, but I’m willing to bet my wisdom teeth it will be a bunch of rebranded neocons.

    I will be happy to be wrong though. But the way American War corporations are relaxed about the outcome of this election doesn’t inspire optimism.

    “I think both candidates, at least in my view, appear globally oriented and interested in the defense of our country and I believe they’ll support the industries,” Calhoun said on a media call. “They’ll do it in different ways and they’ll have different teams for sure, but I don’t think we’re going to take a position on one being better than the other.”

  44. Philip Owen says

    States that do not indulage i voter suppression that allow registration as an independent on the day.

  45. Philip Owen says

    Black Lives Matter helped to edge many Latin Americans over to Trump. Hispanics have more trouble with police than Blacks.

  46. Philip Owen says

    Biden’s age would surely improve his judgement and make him more cautious?

  47. AnonFromTN says

    If it weren’t for widespread arson and looting, egged on by Dem support for BLM and Antifa bandits, even senile Biden could have actually won, considering how many stupid things Trump did and how few promises he even tried to fulfil. Now that Trump won among real legitimate voters, the Dems just have to engage in widespread fraud to get their puppet to the top. The upside: this exposed the true colors of American “democracy” for all to see. The downside: the country will go down the drain faster and in more violent manner than under Trump 2.0.

  48. AnonFromTN says

    Biden’s age would surely improve his judgement and make him more cautious?

    Don’t you think that severe dementia negates this argument? Alzheimer’s sufferers often become aggressive. Neocons would like that.

  49. May be Russia just gained the ability to ignite a civil war in the USA. I’m waiting the CNN to claim this.

  50. Commentator Mike says

    I should think Biden is more invested in Zio-Nazi Ukraine. Has their regime been the first to congratulate him?

  51. AnonFromTN says

    There won’t be any civil war. There will be riots, with arson, looting, rapes, murders, and other acts of banditry (standard BLM/Antifa behavior) in some blue cities. There will be episodes of resistance of attacked normal people, so a few bandits will be shot. But that’s all.

    The Empire will simply continue going down the drain, faster with Biden, slower with Trump. Both sides will blame Russia/China/Iran/NK/Venezuela/Cuba (choose whatever you prefer), as hopeless losers always blame others for their faults.

  52. Commentator Mike says

    Nah, blame it all on tricky Dickie Spencer – he led all those white men to Biden.

  53. I’m joking about CNN’s conspiranoia.

  54. Sollipsist says

    “We are not about to send Russian boys 9 or 10 thousand miles away from home to do what American boys ought to be doing for themselves.” — Lyndon B. Putin, 2020

  55. Justvisiting says

    Of course I understand there is same day registration, but I am sure that you understand that any precinct with 90+% turnout has voting that is as fake as a three dollar bill.

    The entire state of Wisconsin had close to 90% turnout–even if a few percent was same day registration that is an insanely impossible number–proof beyond any doubt of massive voter fraud in the state.

    Zero doubt.

  56. Justvisiting says

    Does anyone seriously believe Biden would make any decisions beyond what to have for dinner–jello or chicken noodle soup?

    C’mon Man!

  57. rabid verbal Putin bootlicker

    So this where we are even on the Unz Review, failure to bomb = bootlicking? Suggest you Google “Russia Sanctions” and “NATO exercises in Latvia” for a little info on how Trump has totally handed Putin the keys to the whitehouse.

    I’m 99% sure you’re trolling because the other option suggests sever neurological difficulties.

  58. Look her up in any Finnish dictionary.

  59. the other option suggests sever neurological difficulties.

    He’s a Balt, the symptoms are similar.

  60. sudden death says

    So this where we are even on the Unz Review, failure to bomb = bootlicking?

    You just totaly invented something that was never said by me, but using this strange criteria of yours even all the Cold War US presidents can be called as failures to bomb Soviets, but still none of them were verbal bootlickers of the foreign competitors or constantly parroting their propaganda points as an argumentation.