Russians Start Liking America Again

In my 2017 predictions, I wrote:

Russians have a more positive view of the US than of the EU as of the last Levada poll in that year: 60%.

Latest polls:


The gap is only 2 points now.

Republicans, at least are returning the favor.


The New Cold War might well be petering out in a premature end.

The Germans are far less happy with Trump, though.


Feel free to spy on their Chancellor to your heart’s content, but don’t you dare refuse to accept Infinity Moslems into your country.

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  1. German_reader says

    “Feel free to spy on their Chancellor to your heart’s content, but don’t you dare refuse to accept Infinity Moslems into your country.”

    There’s some truth to this, German media is totally despicable and hysterical about Trump to a ridiculous degree, and many Germans are horribly “cucked”. But I have to admit, I’m getting uneasy about Trump as well. Elements of his administration seem to be itching for a confrontation with Iran, and the nomination of someone like Elliott Abrams for deputy secretary of state seems to indicate that at least some neoconservatives might worm their way back into power. I have no sympathy for stupid multiculti Islamophiles who think Trump is the new Hitler and will put poor innocent Muslims into concentration camps…that’s idiocy. But Trump’s administration might well turn out to be a disaster, not least from a right-wing/nationalist perspective.
    In any case, I hope Merkel won’t benefit from now supposedly being the “leader” and conscience of the West against horrible Donald.

  2. Hopefully Abrams is just being teased to be dumped, like Romney. His nomination would be the worst thing Trump has done.

  3. “Feel free to spy on their Chancellor to your heart’s content, but don’t you dare refuse to accept Infinity Moslems into your country.” No truer statement can made re: the attitude of our Betters.

  4. The U.S. and EU have for decades been in a tacit race to pioneer new techniques of abridging democracy and making the world safer for billionaires and psychopath(esses).

    Trying to cook up wars with Russia or Iran is a tried and tested, bipartisan way to get defense dollars flowing while reducing the pressure of scrutiny suffered by the political class.

  5. ww3 postponed – cool

  6. If Trump triggers the Germans enough that they move out of the Atlanticist basement and let a flat of their own, then that will be one of the unintended goods to come from Trump. If Germany starts acting in its own economic self-interest and does business with China and Russia, then the US will simply become increasingly irrelevant.

  7. For what it’s worth, my opinion of the US government is плохо both before and after Trump, but I’m open to a Bayesian update. So far, I basically agree with Fred Reed on Trump, though I don’t feel so strongly on the issue of Mexico and instead feel rather strongly about the issue of Russia.

  8. Funny how these western liberals are so in love with Merkel…

    Perhaps because she supports gay marriage unlike her rivals, the Social Democrats.
    Wait, isn’t it the other way around? Then what?

    1. Her service to the cause of massive immigration
    2. Her russophobia due to having grown up in Eastern Germany as the daughter of a vicar.

    In any case, Germans clearly still hate the people they tried to exterminate at least twice.


  9. The neocons are too strong to close down. Like a child you just have to distract them. The West can win any war, but it can’t stand immigration at the current accelerating rate. Better a mad bomber neocon like Abrams running foreign policy with the military industrial complex benefiting than than open borders fanatic neocons in unholy alliance with mega business ruining everything. A lot of innocent people will get killed in the Middle East, but I don’t care.

  10. A lot of innocent people will get killed in the Middle East, but I don’t care.

    Do you believe in karma? Abrams got dumped.

  11. The failure of opinion polls during the last election didn’t teach anybody. The only thing such opinion polls could prove is the effectiveness of propaganda. That means the only way the absolute majority of Russians/Americans could get to know about each other’s country is through TV/MSN. The 80%-90% rate of Russian Americanophobia and American Russophobia is a “good” sign that propagandists on the both sides work well and deserve their money. However, Russian Americanophobia got a blow after the victory of agent Trumpov, especially thanks to the positive coverage by the Russian state MSM. American propagandists are very unhappy about that and Americans are expected to hate Russia even more in the future.

  12. I believe Donald Trump is crossed at one’s peril. Elliott Cohen had publicly said Trump was not fit to be president, which Tillerson knew, but Trump only found out about from newspaper reports on his appointment of Cohen. Cohen running interference for the perpetrators of the s was not a problem. Being complicit in mass murder brings less bad karma than saying that Trump is not very nice .

  13. Elliot Abrams and Elliot Cohen are two different people. Abrams was being considered by Tillerson to serve in the administration, not Cohen.

  14. Feel free to spy on their Chancellor to your heart’s content, but don’t you dare refuse to accept Infinity Moslems into your country.

    It’s not just Germany, contempt for Trump and the half of America that voted for him is turned up to permanent hysterical across Europe. The Telegraph website frequently looks like Sarah Silverman’s Twitter feed, the Guardian is, well, you can imagine. A smaller proportion of Portuguese favoured Trump over Hillary than American blacks. It’s quite possible that, globally, Whites are the most anti-Trump group there is.

  15. Thanks yes, they are completely different people: Abrams is the bald mad bomber neocon that has publicly said Trump is unfit.