Translation: Saakashvili says Putin the Wolf wants to Eat Him

In a Bloomberg interview, Georgian President Saakashvili says he is like a lamb before the “wolf” Putin and his stooge in Georgia, Ivanishvili – head of the “Georgian Dream” party that recently won the elections.

Saakashvili is afraid of Putin

For the time being, the Georgian president is confident that he is to be killed or imprisoned on Putin’s order.

Georgian President Mikhail Saakashvili’s plans to go into wine making after his resignation are under threat: the Georgian leader has said that Vladimir Putin wants him dead or in prison. The Georgian leader has also said in an interview with Bloomberg that the Georgian Prime Minister, Bidzina Ivanishvili, is acting in concert with Putin.

“The Russian conditions are quite clear: I must either be killed or put into prison. This is what Putin wants”, Saakashvili told reporters. According to him, the Georgian prime minister, who has predicted that Saakashvili will be gaoled following his term in office, is the Russian president’s accomplice.

At the same time, Saakashvili said that he and Ivanishvili can only be judged by the Georgian people. “We shall see who will be arrested. I am not a zebra or one of Ivanishvili’s pets that can be caught and thrown into a cage. His wish is one thing, but reality is another. The Georgian people will put everything to rights. As for me, history will judge me and not just any old zoo director”, the “Georgia News” quotes the president as saying.

As regards the statement about Vladimir Putin, has noted in a translation of the Bloomberg article that the Russian president’s press secretary, Dmitry Peskov, has declined to comment.

It should be remembered that earlier, in an interview marking the anniversary of the Russian-Georgian war, Saakashvili spoke about Putin being “wolf”, whilst calling himself “a lamb.” “I always said nice things to Russian President Vladimir Putin, and I behaved like a lamb before a wolf; however, a wolf will never be nice to a lamb”, complained the President of Georgia.

Saakashvili is sure that Ivanishvili has fabricated allegations of corruption. The Georgian President called them “ridiculous” and “politically motivated”, saying that the Prime Minister is subject to instructions from Russia.

Saakashvili has accused Ivanishvili of having a pro-Russia policy, using the fact that the Prime Minister has not taken part in international meetings as proof of his argument. “During all the months that he has been leader of the Cabinet, he has never been invited either to Washington DC or any European capital”, Saakashvili said.

It should be noted that Bidzina Ivanishvili is a billionaire. His fortune was estimated in 2011 at $5.5 billion. Now, according to the politician himself, this sum has decreased somewhat to $5.4 billion.

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