Sealed Airplane from Germany

Navalny didn’t pass through Berlin Airport on his way to Moscow.

Sealed train in 1917, sealed airplane in 2021.

Plus ça change.

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  2. So more jewish puppets going to Russia to try and establish an oligarchy of the circumcised?

    I dunno, I think Putin knows his history.

  3. Lenin and his strata should have been permanently exiled into the darkest heart of sub-Saharan Africa. Would have prevented the disastrous rise of the Bolsheviks. Or, perhaps, to provide extra security and amuse themselves, they should have said they were exiling him there, and then secretly dropped him into the highlands of Papa New Guinea.

    Meanwhile, I wonder how dangerous Marx would have been, if he only had had access to the libraries of Timbuktu.

  4. Navalny isn’t actually Jewish.

  5. Verymuchalive says

    The comparison with the Bolsheviks is absurd. They had heavy financial backing from the Kaiser and the Jews, as well as an extensive covert network of followers. Unlike Navalny.

    What’s Navalny’s end game here? He has minimal support in Russia. The most he can hope is to be a minor nuisance. No doubt this will be grossly misrepresented by the Western MSM, but the overwhelming majority of Russians are very aware of this now.
    Is Navalny so deluded that he doesn’t know this, or did the Germans chuck him out as having outlived his usefulness ? Is this a sign that Merkel is trying a rapprochement with Russia – after all, Nordstream 2 is in the bag. Time will tell, no doubt.

  6. Caspar von Everec says

    Contrary to popular imagination, Nicholas was too limp wristed rather than tyrannical. He should’ve executed every marxist in sight and exiled their families to the wastelands of northern Siberia.

  7. Bashibuzuk says

    Merkel is trying a rapprochement with Russia

    In 2014 Laschet publicly accused the American government of supporting the Islamists in Syria. With the USA becoming more of a circus with each passing day, perhaps Germany will have the will and the clout needed for a renewed EU- Russia dialogue. That is, if Nuland and her team do not restart the war in Ukraine. Which is quite possible.

  8. Shortsword says

    Speaking to journalists about Navalny’s arrest, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov indicated that he wasn’t aware of the incident, saying, “Please explain. He was arrested in Germany? I’m not following.”


  9. AnonFromTN says

    Sealed train in 1917, sealed airplane in 2021.

    There is a huge difference. Sealed train in 1917 carried capable tacticians. Their ruthlessness helped them to take control of the country, they managed to fool the peasants with the promise of land (borrowed from the program of a different party), and win the “civil” war (which was maybe 30% civil, with the rest being European, Japanese, and even brief American intervention).

    Sealed plain in 2021 carries a dumb and hapless nonentity, who concocts silly stories with scant evidence, and mostly appeals to teenagers with sex deprivation syndrome.

    Plus ça change.

    The intentions might have been the same, but the reality is best described by Russian saying “where the horse goes with its hoofs, crayfish tries to go with its claws”.

  10. Why go back to 1917?

    Let’s see: a journalist/blogger detained for violating his probation terms for a crime that some claim never happened…Julian Assange? Is Julian also listed by Amnesty as a “prisoner of conscience“? If not, why the f…k would anyone take any of this seriously?

  11. Russia had just suffered a crushing defeat in WW1 so Lenin had fertile ground to spread his poison. I watched BBC coverage of Navalny’s return and it was next after small groups of not very formidable armed leftists showing up in various US state capitols their major story.

    Navalny was politely arrested after he conversed with police allowed to kiss his girlfriend goodbye and led away. Had it been US federal law enforcement he would have been manhandled, handcuffed and frog marched out to a black SUV and that would be it.

  12. Yelstin in his youth was better looking than Navalny.

  13. Sure, but if you put them side by side, young Navalny would have all his fingers.

  14. The Spirit of Enoch Powell says

    Navalny has charisma.

  15. RadicalCenter says

    English, please?

  16. Ah yes. The guy who drank too much huperazine A and the Western media in its infinite illiteracy dubbed it a fake bio weapon.

    Pro tip: next time a shady looking central-mongloid offers you a sip from a magic potion it might be wise to hard pass.

  17. Felix Keverich says

    Watch this guy “evolve” and “move to the center” by general election. Western politicians always act like this, with mainstream media acting like enforcers of discipline.

  18. shady looking central-mongloid

    Maria Pevchikh has extensive business and political ties, including with Chichvarkin and Khodorkovsky. These both persons are widely known for their active anti-Russian position, involvement and funding of various anti-government campaigns in Russia and apparent ties with Western, mostly British, special services.

    She was also by his side with Christo Grozev when he called the supposedly FSB chemist dude. She and this Bulgarian Bellingcat guy controlled the whole thing.

  19. The whole American – EU situation is a little bit complicated these days.

  20. Felix Keverich says


    They keep voting for the Ukraine-related sanctions every year, and went along with latest Novichok hoax.

  21. This title wins Gold for Allusions in East-West Relations.

    In a Facebook post on Sunday evening, Russia’s Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova responded to US President-elect Joe Biden’s National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan, who demanded that Moscow “immediately releases” Navalny after he was detained at Moscow’s Sheremetyevo Airport upon his return from Germany earlier that day.

    Meanwhile, M. Assange is still in prison after a vindictive clownshow that started with a CIA “hot loins” honeypot-cum-feminist, continued with “The Free Press” rallying behind the stalinist campaign and ended with a show trial complete with to all appearances faux judge and the decision “he is free but must stay in supermax until the US is done with him”.

    Apart from calling for Navalny to be set free, Sullivan also accused the Russian government of violating the opposition figure’s human rights, describing his detention as “an affront to the Russian people who want their voices heard.”

    I’m sure GPT-3 is now writing official emissions.

  22. Ceterum censeo the Soviets made a mistake in not DDR-izing everything to the BENELUX/FRANCE border.

  23. Barack Obama's secret Unz account says

    Can someone explain to me (a) what I’m supposed to think about this, and (b) what might actually be happening? “Putler is trying to kill me, so I have decided to go to Russia to make it easier for him” isn’t cutting it

  24. He’s not a cynical snarky coward. Sometimes you have to suffer to expose evil.

  25. The timing of Navalny’s return and the coordinate tweets from the incoming Biden Admin along with their newly invigorated EU vassals would not appear to be a coincidence.

    With the same Neolib-Neocon alliance at the State Department responsible for engineering the coup in Kiev in 2014 coming into place, it’d seem obvious that Navalny is being sent back to put Russia in a zugzwang position.

    Expect the media onslaught to dial up to 11 as Biden officially takes charge and lets loose the dogs of war.

    Incidentally to understand the US state department mentality towards Russia, one only needs to look at the heading of one of the many US state dept cables released by Wikileaks, referencing a Dec 2009 meeting that the then US ambassador had with the would-be Navalny, Kasparov discussing his plans to make political inroads. It’s titled “ OPPOSITION LEADER KASPAROV OPTIMISTICALLY PREDICTS INEVITABLE CHAOS IN RUSSIA”


  26. This is a good observation, but it’s unlikely to work out well for the State Department. For one thing, Russia has its act together more now than it did ten years ago and will enact whatever repression is necessary as a defense. And this comes at a time when there is instability in the US, which itself is enacting repressive measures to counteract political opposition. The energy and focus to do both may not be there.

  27. Wow, the resemblance is uncanny. Also amazing what alcohol abuse can do to someone’s appearance.

  28. Felix Keverich says

    United Civil Front Chairman and Solidarity Co-Chairman Garry Kasparov argued to the Ambassador December 11 that Solidarity was the first and only unified liberal organization in Russia, connecting the business right to the social democrats on the left. When the Ambassador inquired whether this process amounted to the creation of a democratic reserve for a time when political space exists for a real opposition, Kasparov went a step further. In his view, Solidarity is emulating a Bolshevik model — organizing to fill a power vacuum.

    On a broader scale, China has replaced the United States as prime threat to Russia, while the concept European integration is becoming a popular counterbalance to China’s perceived interest in acquiring territory in the Far East. Kasparov went on to lament that a list of all USAID programming in Russia was not posted on the Embassy website.

  29. What the State Dept/Western “Deep state” expect in Russia is not necessarily Navalny to become President (indeed the Wikileaked cable I mentioned has commentary that realistically puts Kasparov’s chances of actually making inroads as quite low despite his enthusiasm at the meeting). But they make it clear that instability in Russia is an “optimistic” scenario (no thought to how it will set back ordinary Russians.)

    What they do expect is that Navalny will be able to create instability – fingers crossed! – and Russian establishment overreaction/repression that will set civil society against itself, ie the very same thing that they accuse Putler of wanting in Western society. (A good rule of thumb in divining the Western establishment’s game plan is to realize that they do exactly what they accuse their “enemies” of doing in a massive exercise in gaslighting).

    So for the State Department to declare success, all that matters is that the Navalny case remain an irritant that rallies the US/EU against a common enemy – especially when they are facing internal rebellions and the US/EU relationship was fractured by Trump – and a case for more sanctions to put a dent on the Russian economy and create more discord internally. The incoming Biden administration will no doubt make Navalny the cause celebre of their time with the Germans and the rest of the EU establishment, excitedly barking and wiggling on their backs in virtue-signaling assent

  30. I think that Navalny has shot himself in the foot big time with this. Whilst there will be sympathy among the Liberal clowns in Moscow and St. Petersburg, the average Joe will see this as an attempt to undermine Russian stability, which I think no one wants to jeopardise for the sake of Navalny.

    There will be changes in Russia, particularly when it comes to quality of life issues. But those changes will come from within, not with this attempt Western backed attempt.

    Good Lord, if Navalny ever took power, he would literally destroy the country and any progress that has been made in an attempt to shore up support with his Euro-Atlantic friends.

  31. 4Dchessmaster says

    Another media circus by Navalny. I am getting so tired of Westerners and their outrage pornography against Russia, China , and Iran.

    I hope that Putin has some chess plan to deal with a mosquito of a man like Navalny, otherwise the media circus will never end.

  32. The Alarmist says

    Meh ! Only losers go through the terminal with the hoi polloi …

    Mutti probably picked up the tab.

  33. Maybee all this are just unusal 4D chess moves by Putin, with goal to handpick successor with western support for at least first term in office. 😀

  34. At least 50% probability that Putin cucks out and sets him free (though it would have been at least 90% a few years ago).

  35. Agree. It is about creating instability in the enemy camp – both ways, not a new strategy. There are basically only two ways to undermine an enemy: war and treason. Nobody wants a war, so creative treason will be endlessly employed.

    On a tactical level the situation by November was that Navalny was useless in Germany – another noisy discarded exile. He had to go back to Russia. Then Russia upped the ante by warning of arrest, West decided that was worth taking and they shipped Navalny off to prison. Navalny being a good sport even smiled while doing it.

    Next: the media publicity payoff and West will try to escalate more. Russia could stay still and let it roll over. The loser is Navalny, a play-thing, disposable symbol, sooner or later he will desperately try to get back to the West. They might exchange him for Assange. (Or for Trump.) This is fun.

  36. Oikeamielinen says

    . . . Germans and the rest of the EU establishment, excitedly barking and wiggling on their backs in virtue-signaling assent

    Agree. Even the lesser vassals like Finland are becoming excited.

  37. They might exchange him for Assange. (Or for Trump.)

    Not sure why Russia would want Trump, except maybe to try him for his war crimes in Syria.

  38. atlantis_dweller says

    with the Germans and the rest of the EU establishment, excitedly barking and wiggling on their backs in virtue-signaling assent

    I don’t know if you are a citizen of the EU, but, at any rate, you seem to have a clearer picture of the EU, and its only use, than most in the USA (and in the EU).

  39. SaneClownPosse says

    G**gle Translate says,
    “No regrets, we just work. We adequately “met” aircraft from Germany in 1941, and we will meet all aircraft in 2021. We turn 80 this year and we have already seen and experienced a lot.”

  40. Shortsword says

    It’s incredible how people in the West can look at a “dissident” of a foreign country that works together with Western organisations to actively damage that country and think that’s nothing weird and totally okay. Navalny advocates for EU+USA to sanction Russia so he certainly qualifies.

    It’s hard to tell who actually believes in all this. I would say the majority of regular people in the West do, that is, they do actually believe that Western countries promote “democracy” and oppose corruption throughout the world in some kind of altruistic fashion. I would also say the majority believe that most human rights organisations are independent organisations (even when they are government funded) that works towards good humanitarian goals.

    But the people actually working at those human rights organisation funded by Western governments that constantly condemns Russia (or China) but never oppose USA in any real way, how many of them are just naive and believe that they are “human rights activists”?

  41. potemkin villiage bank says

    The Navalny affair has become

    the equivalent of the Milikan oil drop experiment

  42. Tim Gionet is a prisoner of conscience

  43. It’s incredible how people in the West can look at a “dissident” of a foreign country that works together with Western organisations to actively damage that country and think that’s nothing weird and totally okay. Navalny advocates for EU+USA to sanction Russia so he certainly qualifies.

    It is much less incredible than what has been unfolding in the US and is now front and center: the US elite have declared a huge chunk of their own population racist and fascist, are are – without a trace of irony or self-awareness – using race based criteria and authoritarian control of information space to suppress them and their views. And this in turn is applauded by a huge section of the US populace.

    Americans have lost all touch with rational discourse and critical thinking and have been reduced to drooling idiots being subject to intense 24×7 dosages of propaganda by the elites, being asked and willingly acquiescing to ignoring even video evidence let alone rudimentary logic to promote their hatred of the Other.

    And Russia is firmly a part of the Other. The elites need Russia for all sorts of reasons: to inflate defense budgets; to experiment with effective surveillance and propaganda techniques (the ones successfully used to demonize Russia have been turned to do the same to Trump and those who voted for him); test sanction effectiveness and how to improve it. And of course distract the masses from their own corruption.

    But there’s also the sheer psychopathy. There has always been a strong puritanical streak that runs through the US elite which needs the “enemy” to suffer even more than them being defeated. Defeat after all reduces the chance to impose more suffering. There is a glee involved in destroying countries on the pretext of “saving” them harking back to the same religious zealotry that pushed the Salem Witch burning or an a larger scale the Spanish Inquisition. (Witness the rabid glee in destroying Assange).

    The US and much of the West is an post-logic, post-rational world closer to pre-enlightenment Europe in a history-has-come-full-circle moment. It would otherwise be a scientific and historical curiosity to observe if not for the immense power and influence wielded by this country now firmly ruled by an elite hell bent on retribution. As few times before, the political leadership of the executive and legislative, the judiciary, the intelligence agencies, corporate America, intellectuals and Big Tech/media who have a stranglehold on global information space, are all aligned in all the parties the hatred is to be directed against.

    And Russia is squarely a target.

  44. Is it so hard to believe that people want to escape from a place you think is tyranny, Putler and third world, and then work to change it?

    That’s the narrative being sold. People expect you to dislike and try to escape from that which is “bad”. Actual conditions don’t come into it. Only that you have been taught West good, Russia bad.

    If you tell them somebody wants to escape the West and move to Russia on the other hand, like Gerard Depardieu, then people laugh and call him a selfish tax dodger. Or Steven Seagal, you expect that. But not “real people”.

  45. What’s goin on?


    Been awhile since either of the two Alexanders have been on RT. Ditto Mark Sleboda, who is quite awesome at times:


    Like George Szamuely’s input. In the two above samples at the very top, Mercouris is the more detailed.

  46. Upon further watching, the France 24 link is a must watch.

  47. Felix Keverich says
  48. Mike in Boston says

    Yes! I think Solzhenitsyn wrote something along those lines, translated as “If the tsar had not been such a ninny…” but I have been unable to find the exact quote. If anyone reads that and can point me to it, I would be very grateful.

  49. Salem witch burning was not remotely on the scale of the Spanish Inquisition, not really comparable anyway. Actually more ‘witches’ were burnt elsewhere, Salem was a minor anomaly.

    Salem was only elevated because of kvetching Commie apologists like (((Arthur Miller))) worried about Joe McCarthy rooting out their fellow travellers. You seem to have bought in to this pathologisation completely.

  50. reiner Tor says

    Wow, what a chad alpha Yeltsin was in his prime. Also looks like a fun drinking buddy.

  51. I mentioned that they were clearly not of the same scale – and the Salem Witch trial certainly is more symbolic of the larger issue of “witch hunts” than the actual literal history of the burning of people as witches at Salem – but perhaps in your ideological zeal on a minor point in my comment, you missed a larger one I wanted to make on that issue: when religious zeal replaces rational thought egged on by unscrupulous elites, violence backed by a moral justification is next.

  52. silviosilver says

    Salem was only elevated because of kvetching Commie apologists like (((Arthur Miller))) worried about Joe McCarthy rooting out their fellow travellers.

    Did it really have that effect on people though? Salem was religious irrationality from top to bottom, whereas communism (unlike “witches”) actually existed and links to communists could actually be demonstrated.

    I remember my high school English teacher prattling on about “McCarthyism” but even back then I couldn’t really see think link between what she wanted me to think and what I read in The Crucible. She was an old hag even then so she’s probably dead now, but I’d love to track her down and slap her silly for the leftie garbage she tried to foist on me.

    After sociologists, “English teachers” (aka leftie propagandists) are certainly the next demographic that deserves to be eradicated.

  53. Supply and Demand says

    If there was still a Russian monarchy, it would be as cucked and gay as the British one

  54. …Not sure why Russia would want Trump

    Nothing creates more instability then a high-level roshade (king for a rook). Plus the mad liberals would be even more likely to absurdly overreach and dramatically weaken the West. Russia needs weak West, same as West wants a weak Russia.

    But I wasn’t serious :)…

  55. Bardon Kaldian says
  56. AltanBakshi says

    It’s hard to tell who actually believes in all this. I would say the majority of regular people in the West do

    Most are just politically apathetic. Remember only 1/4 of Americans vote democrat, and I dont believe that many Latin or Black democratic voters care much about Russiagate or about some other political shenanigans.

  57. AltanBakshi says

    Salem witch burning was not remotely on the scale of the Spanish Inquisition, not really comparable anyway.

    How large was the population of Massachusetts in the late 17th century? Spanish empire had tens of millions of people, and they had real internal secret enemies, like the vast crypto-Muslim population that was always ready to help Ottoman corsairs. Im not defending the actions of Spanish inquisition and they probably did their share of violence and repression, but at least they had a good reason for it, unlike superstitious colonials of the Massachusetts.

  58. Been awhile since either of the two Alexanders have been on RT.

    The two Alexanders used to do weekly livestreams with RT’s Peter Lavelle, and I suspect the reason those appearances ceased is that Lavelle would occasionally criticize Trump from a nationalist-populist perspective. Both Alexanders are hardcore Trump apologists (Mercouris to a slightly lesser extent) who apparently decided their target audience is full MAGAtards, and went all in on Trump’s Stop the Steal lunacy, which possibly RT management is not on board with.

  59. Networks go thru different sources for varying reasons, thereby making RT on par. Recall when Russia Insider was in its good graces, along with Mark Sleboda. I sense Sleboda hasn’t been completely zilched. George Galloway has utilized him.

  60. Witch burnings were a Protestant pathology:

    The Spanish Inquisition’s reputation was largely Anglo manufactured:

  61. Sure, my point was more that witches were burnt more elsewhere than in either New or old England, Germany being the example I thought of. The Spanish Inquisition was more aimed at crypto Jews and is a separate phenomenon, actually more related to McCarthy than Salem ever was.

    Of course under Bloody Mary enormous numbers of Protestants were burned alive, perfectly healthy to highlight this.

  62. I agree that the Spanish Inquisition is perfectly legitimate from the Spanish viewpoint, many of their concerns were very legitimate. Just as many Americans were legitimately concerned about leftist subversion and were right to point the finger at jews, this was not the product of some bizarre paranoia that somehow links back to Salem.

  63. According to wiki, about 300 Protestants were burned alive during Bloody Mary’s 5 year reign:

  64. Pretty unprecedented.

    Every society has their myths and contradictions, witches, inquisition who cares, people really should have cared more about the Red Scare though.