Skier Patrol

Steve Sailer has been banging the drums on how skiers seem to be extremely overrepresented amongst the ranks of early COVID-19 victims:

Commenting on the rise in Moscow’s Corona cases – as of today standing at 410, with 41 more in the surrounding oblast, out of 658 total in Russia – I found it curious that even Mayor Sobyanin took exception to returning skiers in particular.

Many of them were in Courchevel, and brought back a suitcase of viruses.

This tallies with Moscow’s Corona cases being concentrated in its more affluent areas. People in my prole region are going to Sochi, not Courchevel, if they’re going anywhere.

My own guess as to why this might be the case is that many skiers – especially college students with much means – tend to stay in densely packed chalets to save on costs (and to party). Overpacking a chalet by a factor of 3-4x, which is not unusual, can reduce costs to as low as $20 a day. Apart from the partying, the restaurants and cafes on the mountains, as well as gondola lifts, are often jam-packed and full of coughing and heavily sweating people.

Ski season in the northern hemisphere is approaching its tail end, even without Corona (now they’re all closing prematurely), so the issue is moot regardless.

However, what can we do come the next season should Corona-chan be going strong?

I think the problem is quite solvable. At ski resorts, hitching a ride on the lifts is dependent on having an electronically scannable pass. All one has to do, in principle, is attach a requirement to have passed a Corona test in the past month for said pass to be activated. We are now seeing multiple companies developing COVID-19 test kits that can spit out results within half an hour or less, so the testing can even be carried out right in the resort village.

Test-test-test should be our mantra! Given enough tests, and an intelligently constructed contact tracing and notification regimen, even currently very risky activities can be rendered perfectly safe. Society will return to 95% normality within months without the millions of deaths that the “but muh GDP” ghouls yearn for.

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  2. BlackFlag says

    It now seems the mortality rates in Asian countries are far lower than in Western countries. Even in countries that are doing basically nothing (e.g. Thailand).
    So after all, is it Asians who are mostly immune rather than vice versa? Lol.
    Maybe a bio-weapon after all.
    Course it could just be accounting differences.

  3. Mongoloids are the real whites.

  4. LondonBob says

    Skiers, hasidic jews, old people with underlying health issues…

    Still waiting on that surge of deaths here.

  5. AltSerrice says

    The picture you paint of ski resorts sounds pretty vile and decidedly degrading. I don’t see the appeal personally. Perhaps another example proving that money and taste do not go hand in hand.

  6. Wow Jews really are disproportional in all things.

  7. Interestingly, some ski resorts seem exempt. Mono County, California is home to a major ski resort at Mammoth Lakes. During ski season, a sizable fraction of its population is skiers – most from Greater Los Angeles & the San Francisco Bay Area. So far, there are only 4 cases of COVID19 in the county, with 39 tests coming back negative (as of the time of this post):

    The first case was a patient who turned himself into the hospital on 12 March. The second case was from a test on 16 March, Presumably these patients contracted their infections in early March, over a month after COVID19 was first found in USA.

    Pattern in Moscow seems to resemble that of California, with domestic skiers being relatively harmless compared to the international skiers.

  8. Marshal Marlow says

    My first assumption is the prevalence of extended families (cross-reference Italy). Though I’m not sure if that’s a thing in jewish culture.

  9. As a layperson, I think there is a ready explanation behind the higher numbers of younger Westerners dying relative to Asians; and it rhymes with “dogesity”.

  10. Because it spread around the resorts in the the alps specifically. Pattern is similar in the uk; my scruffy prole city has about 10 cases, but the wealthy shires surrounding it have about 150.

  11. Certainly good news if this is true.

  12. People in my prole region are going to Sochi, not Courchevel

    Unfortunately, there are a lot of people who do both, like Shalva Chigirinksky’s daughter, who caught CV in Courchevel and then flew directly to Sochi. (I’m hazy on the details of this story, but our resident social network rich Russian thot monitor, Dmitry, could shine some more light on the matter.) I spent the winter skiing in Sochi almost every day, and interacted with people who had skied in Italy and France earlier in the season.