The Apple Doesn’t Fall Far From the Tree


Stalin’s granddaughter, Chrese Evans, is a tatted up freak girl living in Portlandia, as “American as apple pie” in the words of her mother.


Trotsky’s great-grandson, David Axelrod, is a Jewish ultranationalist who emigrated to Israel and has served three jail terms for terrorizing Palestinians.


Khrushchev’s granddaughter, Nina L. Khrushcheva, lives in the US and churns out anti-Russian propaganda for a bunch of Atlanticist institutions, including Soros’ mag.

Noticing a pattern here?

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  1. Daniel Chieh says

    Mao Zedong’s grandson, a truly worth successor to the Great Helmsman.

    Chinese Netizens Marvel At The Handwriting Of Mao’s Grandson

    As his commentators wrote about him:

    Well written!!! But still not as well written as my mentally retarded cousin!!!

    I am very pleased/satisfied by the 1 year old child’s calligraphy/handwriting.

  2. Mao’s grandson must retain some status, given that his wife looks more attractive than his appearance deserves.

    I’d be curious to see more of these. By all accounts Stalin had dozens of illegitimate children far and wide.

  3. You also have Qusay and Uday Hussein. But usually it is the other way round – descendants of evil people will not be evil people themselves (at least on average – it is possible that as a total population they might have a higher frequency of evil people than a control population of people descended from non-evil people, this has not been studied).

    It is clear that there will be a regression to the mean with evilness, to the extent that grandchildren and great-grandchildren of evil people will as a group be of little interest.

    I’d be curious to see more of these. By all accounts Stalin had dozens of illegitimate children far and wide.

    Given that the number of descendants of evil people will be exponentially larger, than those evil people themselves – it is just trivial that some of their descendants will also be evil. It’s only of interest if rate of evil is found in higher frequency than among descendants who have no such people in their family tree.

    In the post above only Trotsky’s great-grandson exhibits verified evil traits.

  4. Assuming that both Hitler and Stalin were really looking down from the heavens on this current world, I am not sure if Hitler would really have schadenfreude. He did write in Mein Kampf about the growing degeneracy happening in Germany and the threat that was posed by the jews having unchallenged power, so he would probably look down in despair as much as Stalin. Even Roosevelt and Churchill would have the same response to the nightmare that they created.

  5. Selvar:

    Tears in my eyes from laughing at your absolutely wonderful meme.

    The picture of the Bishop of Rome tenderly accepting the hammer & sickle crucifix with the rainbow coalition background perfectly sets its tone.

  6. reiner Tor says

    The ancestors of all three had a fallout with the regime. Stalin’s son was quickly arrested and imprisoned, Svetlana had to embrace the new leaders and renounce her father (and brother) and even changed her name. Trotsky was in exile. I think even Khrushchev’s children had it bad under Brezhnev.

    Children of kings losing their privileges and forced into exile often ended up on the payroll of their countries’ enemies.

  7. Duke of Qin says

    I wouldn’t blame him too much. The problem with Mao Zedong’s grandson is that he actually mentally retarded, a biological defect inherited from his father. He is the son of Maos’ only surviving son who was institutionalized for most of his life, but being the son of the God emperor of China they found some girl to be his wife. The grandson clearly inherited a milder form of retardation if you’ve ever seen him speak. It’s not publicly acknowledged in China but this is commonly known.

  8. What about the descendents of Brezhnev, Gorbachev, and Yeltsin?

  9. Andropov’s granddaughter Tatiana teaches choreography in Miami:

  10. And now take look at the Romanov descendant and heir.

    Grand Duke George Mikhailovich of Russia (Russian: Георгий Михайлович Романов; born 13 March 1981) is the heir apparent to Maria Vladimirovna, Grand Duchess of Russia, a claimant to the disputed Headship of the Imperial Family of Russia.

    George was educated at Runnymede College in Madrid, D’Overbroeck’s College, Oxford and at St Benet’s Hall, Oxford[citation needed].

    In Brussels, he worked at the European Parliament where he was an assistant to Loyola de Palacio, former European Commissioner for Transport and Energy. Later he moved to Luxembourg where he was employed at the European Commission’s Directorate-General for Atomic Energy and Security[citation needed].

    On 12 December 2008, he was appointed an aide to the Director General of MMC Norilsk Nickel, a major Russian nickel-mining company.[10]

    In 2012 he was nominated chief executive of Metal Trade Overseas, the main sales hub for Norilsk Nickel in Switzerland.[11]

    In 2014 he started his own company, Romanoff & Partners, in Brussels.[12]

    If you were a heir of Imperial throne, would you want to spend your life in office, as boring cog of globalist bureaucratic machine?

  11. She died eight years ago and was not as bad as the others.

  12. reiner Tor says
  13. reiner Tor says

    Members of the Hitler family decided to “end the horrible bloodline” and not have children. The descendants of most Nazi top dogs spend their lives spreading the message of anti-racism, supporting Israel, and often having themselves sterilized to end their own respective horrible bloodlines, too. While the Speer descendants look more pragmatic, the general tenor of their opinions is roughly the same.

    How would they behave if there was a resurgent nationalist government in Germany? I think so, too.

  14. Interesting that the grandsons are clerics. Does that mean that they’re seriously religious? Or is being a cleric in Iran just like a comfortable sinecure for them?

  15. Gorby’s daughter is in Germany I believe

  16. Jaakko Raipala says

    Well, not all. Himmler’s daughter still sparks hysteria in the Allied press…

    It seems saner to me. She probably only has fond memories of her father from a time when she was a child and all the bad stuff was hidden from her. Those children who have been ritualistically denouncing parents that they probably loved don’t sound genuine or healthy.

  17. The Big Red Scary says

    Seems like reasonable on-the-job training for a would-be emperor, which when done right must be a terribly bureaucratic job. Much more useful than being a posh socialite (though he probably plays that role too).

  18. reiner Tor says

    I think it’s genuine, if seriously unhealthy.

    Why can’t they just accept that grandpa did something bad and then move on? Part of the problem is that the society of which they are part of is also unhealthy and has seriously unhealthy reactions to the deeds of their ancestors. Essentially, it declares its own death wish and is committing suicide as atonement for those sins. The children or grandchildren cannot but think that that’s what their society expects of them, and they just try to conform.

    And the society reinforces it. Do they send psychiatrists in their way to try to talk them out of their decisions to have themselves sterilized? No, they accept it as normal, all the more so since in Germany it’s considered normal for otherwise untainted individuals to voluntarily forego reproduction either, it’s as much of a human right as being transgender or something. (By the way it strangely conforms with Nazi dogma where sins were always considered genetic and kin was often punished along with the culprit, at least in the case of some political crimes. “Ending the horrible bloodline” seems to concede that sins are, indeed, genetic in origin…)

  19. reiner Tor says

    I think it could be like politicians’ children being all lawyers in the US. Especially with sharia law and the concept of clerics ruling the country, it’s almost the same thing. It’s just a kind of legal training, where constitutional law is based on the Quran instead of the constitution.

  20. Alessandra Mussolini: Flamboyant but basically a cuckservative

  21. reiner Tor says

    Anatoly, what is actually the pattern here?

    The first woman is a mentally unstable freak, but no political opinions that I read (though I didn’t read it thoroughly, so maybe it’s in there somewhere). Her mom already had mental issues.

    The second is a Jewish ultranationalist, with no known opinion about Russia.

    The third one is a normal, well educated person, but politically anti-Russian and fake liberal.

    What is the pattern, other than not one of them being a Russian nationalist or even pro-Putin.

  22. being a Russian nationalist or even pro-Putin.

    These are two pretty separate ideologies.

  23. reiner Tor says

    Which is why I mentioned them as such.

  24. Qusay and Uday Hussein were the products of cousin marriage. The evil was inbred.

  25. I know that Abdel Fattah el-Sisi is married to his cousin. Meanwhile Bashar al-Assad famously married outside of his own sect.

    I wonder if a list of the family relations (or lack thereof) of Arab leaders and their wives would give a decent indicator for shorting a country.

  26. Ha! Reverse searching that image led me to this article:

    Looks like the only Soviet leader who didn’t have close relatives gallivanting off to the West was Lenin (who didn’t have children) and Chernenko (maybe because nobody took enough of an interest to investigate).

  27. The pattern is that Soviet leaders did not build a country that their own children wanted to live in.

    (And yet I am somehow the Russophobe for pointing that out according to Martyanov, Sergey Krieger, etc. and other Soviet fans here)

  28. reiner Tor says

    This is his son.

    He seems to have stayed in Russia throughout. But there were other children, too, and he might have children who went abroad, too.

    Chernenko’s wife seems to have been a decent woman.

  29. The pattern is that Soviet leaders did not build a country that their own children wanted to live in.

    That country ceased to exist in 1991.
    Even they remained for pro-Soviet, the successor states of the USSR did not. They were anti-Soviet.
    Why stay?

  30. reiner Tor says

    They could have left for a communist country, like Cuba, which their ancestors also helped to build. They invariably left for the West, mostly specifically for the US.

    And some of them left already before 1991.

  31. How sharper than a serpent’s tooth it is
    To have a thankless child! Away, away!

  32. Jeremy Cooper says

    The pattern is that Soviet leaders did not build a country that their own children wanted to live in.

    I thought the pattern was that the descendants of (((some))) leaders are in favor of their own people while those of others are self-haters and freaks.

  33. What say ye, Greasy?

  34. That’s also a pattern, though that could be a secondary effect of assimilation to what they found in the West, which was nationalism for the Jews, but self-hatred for others.

  35. what they found in the West, which was nationalism for the Jews, but self-hatred for others

    I don’t believe self-hatred is a good description. It is more like a rejection and loss of confidence.

    I will leave Europe to you, but in the U. S., ethnic, nationalist or religious identity is allowed for all groups except white nationalists and white Evangelicals. Jews are just one group out of many that are given a free pass.

  36. One of my friends had a new patient a few years ago, descendant of a famous revolutionary leader (won’t identify which one). Nice lady, obviously communism wasn’t her fault, but his thoughts were – your ancestor screwed up our country, and his descendants don’t have to live with the mess he made.

  37. The genetic contributions of the not-famous antecedents should be also taken into consideration.

  38. How many grandchildren does each have?

    I wouldn’t think this a productive line of inquiry for reasons of personal experience. I’ve got in my pedigree three men who were locally prominent. Their great-grandchildren (and great-great grandchildren) are all over the map.

  39. Harley Quinn. When Stalin was a student he would react to a joke not with laughter, but violence.

    Mao Zedong gave hundreds of young girls VD. He probably has quite a few living sons.

  40. There was a study of US officers and their number of children and the higher the rank the more children they had except when they reached General. The very top brass had significantly fewer children than average.

  41. I don’t believe self-hatred is a good description.

    Sure and all those endless anti white ads, anti white movies and tv shows, tearing down white statues, “white privilege narratives”, groveling to non whites – none of that has anything to do with hatred?

    And jews are not given a free pass, they are the ones that hand out the passes.

  42. The pattern is that Soviet leaders did not build a country that their own children wanted to live in.

    (And yet I am somehow the Russophobe for pointing that out according to Martyanov, Sergey Krieger, etc. and other Soviet fans here)

    I agree with your overall point of view – but this is also not a water-tight reasoning, because it is the same for Putin (despite that he is quite a liberal guy who has legitimately improved the country). The current leadership’s children have an extremely high rate of not living in the country. You can have good leaders and bad leaders – but children of the elite having predisposition for not living in the country seems to be a constant feature.

  43. Which is why I mentioned them as such.

    But the two things can be contrary (i.e. the real hardcore nationalists are effectively opposition, and a lot of them even e.g. Ukrop sympathizers).

  44. German_reader says

    There are even weirder cases of relatives of leading Nazis trying to convert to Judaism, or actually doing so; iirc there’s a relative of Göring now living in Israel.

  45. I should have included whatever populist/nationalist group is represented by Trump.

  46. German_reader says
  47. In Israeli media, it’s often covered that descendants of Nazis are immigrating – although not for figures this high-ranking.

    But stories of descendants of Nazis now serving in the IDF, is something in the media every year.

    This female soldier’s grandfather was a Nazi official – her father immigrated to Israel in the 1970s.

  48. German_reader says

    I have to admit I find those cases profoundly bizarre, this is actually something where the concept of cultural appropriation might have some validity for once.

  49. Of the story in the video I posted, the German father of the soldier (she is a commander in a unisex combat unit) is quite an old father, who came as a youth and volunteered as a combat soldier and fought in the 1973 war. He is now a rich Israeli celebrity chef, with a large chain of shops in Israel – despite that his father was a Nazi official.

    Apparently he did not like his father’s Nazi ideology, and rebelled. My stereotype of German personality is that it can be very extreme and that this kind of ‘taking things to extreme’ behaviour seems very German to me (but again I am not particularly knowledgeable of German culture – so this could be a crude stereotype from me).

    Israel is a very liberal place in some senses, in that it accepted any kinds of eccentric people into its society. Their attitude to this is like ‘beggars can’t be choosers’ when it comes to their friends.

  50. If one looks at this in the context of a conquered people wanting to emulate those that conquered them, then it is not that bizarre. Germany was ultimately conquered by the jews, and many act in natural way with this being the case.

  51. I appreciate the comment, but you are not adding anything to my understanding.

    BTW, you are not neutral.

  52. This clip features Brezhnev’s daughter, after the 7 minute mark.

  53. reiner Tor says

    But despite what they claim in the title, later they make it clear that he’s not a descendant of Göring. His grandfather was Göring’s father’s cousin, not even a close relation. He’s not much more closely related to Göring than anybody else from the general German population. He just shares his last name.

  54. German_reader says

    My stereotype of German personality is that it can be very extreme

    You’re right about this, as Churchill said, either at your feet or at your throat, nothing between those extremes. Can’t stand it myself.

  55. reiner Tor says

    So she’s an alcoholic with a husband in prison…

  56. German_reader says

    Hmm, okay, seems I didn’t read closely enough, sorry.

  57. reiner Tor says

    Oh no, she died twenty years ago, I now vaguely remember having heard about her. Galina Brezhneva and her brother Yuri both have Wikipedia pages.

  58. If you cannot see how whites are taught to hate themselves, then you are either too stupid or simply believe it is correct to make whites hate themselves.

  59. If you cannot see how whites are taught to hate themselves, then you are either too stupid or simply believe it is correct to make whites hate themselves.

    whites are taught to hate themselves

    I am white and I do not hate myself, nor was I taught to do so.

    either too stupid

    Whether I am stupid can be left to the side.

    it is correct to make whites hate themselves

    I do not believe that it is “correct” to “make” whites to hate themselves.

  60. anonymous1 says

    One of Albert Einstein’s sons Eduard Einstein (1910-65) had schizophrenia and spent some of his later life living in a psychiatric clinic. Although he continued to correspond with his famous father he did not see him again after 1933 and later died at age 55.

  61. Yes, émigrés all. But don’t tell me you haven’t noticed the pattern of ugliness.

  62. Nina Khrushcheva is not Khrushchev’s granddaughter. She is his great-granddaughter. She looks very Jewish. Probably at least 50%.

    Khrushchev’s son Sergei was a professor in Brown. He was intimately involved in Soviet space program. Khrushchev’s grandson Ivan Adzhubei (son of Nikita’s daughter Rada) is a bioinformatics scientist at Harvard. Both are reasonably pro-Putin.

  63. Not Jews. Americans who are influenced by Jews.

  64. Not Jews. Americans who are influenced by Jews.

    Saying it is only “influence” is not sufficient to describe it, after a certain point having lots of influence becomes having power. The power the jews wield now is much more than what the Pope had during the middle ages, then you would have the occasional monarch opposing him, nobody dares oppose the jews now, now it is taken for granted that as head of state you need to go to Israel and don that scull cap and submit yourself to the wailing wall.

    Warmongers like Roosevelt and Churchill could only have gotten to their positions with jewish consent, the conquest of Germany was jewish because they were ultimately the ones that wanted it, Americans (and Russians) were their means to do it.

  65. With Trotsky’s grandkid, I see a genetic link.

    But in the case of Stalin’s and Khrushy’s grandkids, it’s just US influence.

    In the US, you can go the Pop Culture way and become a degenerate.
    Or you can go the PC way and become a commissar.


    Khrushcheva is the granddaughter of Leonid Khrushchev, eldest son of former Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev. When Leonid died in World War II, Nikita adopted Leonid’s two-year-old daughter Julia, Nina’s mother. Nikita Khrushchev is thus Nina Khrushcheva’s biological great-grandfather, but adoptive grandfather.

  67. The point is not how she is called but that she is four generations removed from Nikita. Biology matters.

  68. Biology matters.

    Indeed. Agreed.

  69. Many descendants of high ranking Nazis tried to become Jewish, married Jews and so on. I am pretty sure it would be trivial to explain this behavior psychologically. Anyway, this is very useful to Jewish causes. Still it is rather very pathetic.

  70. That the Russian nation is a healthy organism capable of expelling parasites and other bad/subversibe elements? Best I could come up with.

  71. In the US, you can go the Pop Culture way and become a degenerate. Or you can go the PC way and become a commissar.

    Come again? Who are the ‘degenerates’ / commisars among Franklin Roosevelt’s descendants?

  72. SimpleHandle says

    At least Stalin’s granddaughter is unlikely to produce offspring as I find it inconceivable that any man would want to impregnate such a thing.