SPLC Hagiography


RationalWiki a few weeks ago, now the SPLC: “The Internet Research Agency: behind the shadowy network that meddled in the 2016 Elections.”

Looks like I’m doing good progress up the ranks of the Legions of Hate (and Unemployability).

Reprinting my comment:

Hi, I’m the ultrafascist esoteric Hitlerist anti-Semitic Unz blogger mentioned here.

This article massively overestimates the resources at these people’s disposal. I doubt that all of the assets employed by these groups to spread their message equals a tenth of the $302,800,000 at the disposal of the SPLC, America’s richest hate group.

More importantly, it cardinally misrepresents the degree of goal alignment between all these disparate groups and people – and consequently, their capacity for coordinated action. For instance, the feud between The Duran (and Fort Russ) vs. Russia Insider is open and long-running; the former actually condemned the latter for anti-Semitism/questioning Jewish influence (cross out as per your ideological preferences) just a few weeks ago. It is strange that someone who presents himself as an expert on these matters is apparently ignorant of it. Then again, he also considers the Gerasimov Doctrine to be a real thing, so competence is hardly expected.

My own involvement with Lozansky’s World Russia Forum does not extend past attending a couple of conferences they organized several years ago (which I openly blogged about). I have zero links to Dugin and, as an actual Russian nationalist, have no use for Eurasianism, with its blank slatism and support for open borders with Central Asia.


Anatoly Karlin is a transhumanist interested in psychometrics, life extension, UBI, crypto/network states, X risks, and ushering in the Biosingularity.


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  1. Lemurmaniac says

    Fort Russ banned me for approvingly citing Mike Pence’s anti-faggot stance (or perhaps for using that word).

    I also got banned from Col Lang’s Sic Semper Tyrannis for revealing too much power level.

    Does anybody really care in Russia you have these establishment NGO hitpieces out on you, should you seek regular wage-cucking?

  2. Spisarevski says

    Reprinting my comment:

    And your comment is already deleted of course.

    I was surprised that the SPLC site even has comments but looks like they are on top of deleting any wrongthink quickly.

  3. And your comment is already deleted of course.

    LOL! So much for natural justice and the idea of a right of reply to accusations (denunciation would perhaps be a better term here).

    Still as always it’s an implicit compliment. Political censorship is always an implicit admission of fear and of an inability to win in reasoned debate.

  4. ”SPLC”? google indicates: Southern Poverty Law Center?

  5. Daniel Chieh says

    What is the next level up, you think?

  6. What is the next level up, you think?

    I would think few organizations would be more dedicated to the truth and respected than the SPLC.

    But if I had to pick one, it would have to be the Department of Justice.

  7. Daniel Chieh says

    Mr. Karlin’s comment was just too alpha for the site: by increasing testosterone to unacceptable levels, it could contaminate the pool and give rise to a new generation of Mecha-Hitler spawn.

    Also, someone should make playing cards for this rogue’s gallery.

  8. win in reasoned debate

    This and $10 will get you a nice beverage at Starbucks.

  9. Daniel Chieh says

    I look forward for Muller to promote Mr. Karlin to the KGB in good company with other esoteric Russian Nazis.


  10. Or the Chinese Communist Party. Or, in a different sort of way, the European Commission.

  11. So much for natural justice and the idea of a right of reply to accusations (denunciation would perhaps be a better term here).

    Still as always it’s an implicit compliment. Political censorship is always an implicit admission of fear and of an inability to win in reasoned debate.

    Well to be honest the SPLC’s entire reason for existing is suppressing free speech and their whole “argument” is that there should be no arguments with crazy extremists like Mr. Karlin in the first place. And can you blame them? I mean, he pretends to be a harmless blogger but he is pretty well known in some circles, here are just some of his nicknames:

    Anatoly “The Walking Holodomor” Karlin
    Anatoly “Chuchmek Choking Champion” Karlin
    Anatoly “Throw hatchets at hachis” Karlin
    Anatoly “Stabbing ice picks at bolsheviks” Karlin
    Anatoly “Dig a hole for every hohol” Karlin
    Anatoly “Churka Chopper” Karlin
    Anatoly “Running down coons with Kamaz Typhoon” Karlin

  12. Being on the SPLC is actually a great honour, being considered an enemy by the likes of the (((SPLC))) or (((ADL))) means that you must be saying the right things.

  13. Well to be honest the SPLC’s entire reason for existing is suppressing free speech

    No it is not. It is a money making organization and a very good one. Some people find the theme and methods objectionable.

  14. Kevin O'Keeffe says

    You haven’t really made the big time, until you get denounced as “transphobic” and, ideally, ” a rape advocate”.

  15. Sorry, but now whenever I see anyone boasting of making the latest SJW hatelist, I always think of this:


  16. They’re pretty touchy over there. Fort Russ is connected to the Duginist Center For Syncretic Studies, but I believe they have American communists handling the basic moderating. After Minsk II they purged a lot of the more enthusiastic DPR/LPR supporters for being “sixth columnists.”

  17. its basically one bunch of jews jewing jewish donors out of shekels by ginning up the spectre of proliferating networks of hate (aka whites who don’t hate themselves)

  18. Anatoly Karlin, formerly of Da Russophile and currently an antisemitic blogger for the alt-right-associated Unz Review.

    Lol and did you actually say anything which is directly antisemitic to deserve this? Your blog is probably one of the less Nazi places on the internet, even with the readership community here, judging by the comments and argument people have here – we can safely say we no more fans (or even less fans) of Hitler than of Stalin.

  19. I wrote a reply on their page – but I’ll have to post it here to save it for posterity, just in case the moderators on that page delete forever this composition that I spent ten minutes laboring over.

    I read quite often the Anatoly Karlin blog on Unz website, which has linked to this page. The Unz website is of highly uneven, often low quality. But the Karlin blog in my experience is a more independently positioned blog, usually just posting things that interest the blogger and asking the readership to discuss it. The blog’s positions and interests are not mainstream, but I do not perceive any antisemitism attitude, or any particular agenda against various nationalities and religions, although the blog sometimes covers these topics for its readership to discuss (which readership has diverse views, encompassing moderate centrists like myself, as well as the most eccentric and divergent people on all sides). As for ‘pro-Kremlin’ – I don’t get that impression. The blogger strikes me as politically unaffiliated and generally avoids posting openly propaganda content. It’s far from the behaviour of a Kremlinbot. I would not lump this kind of free-debate platform with ‘Fake News’ phenomenon which relies on trying to persuade people to a particular view. The free-speech platforms and more reflective bloggers can be refreshing and generate interesting discussions (even if their own views might be ‘off the wall’), while the ‘Fake News’ websites are rather the opposite.

  20. … I do not perceive any antisemitism attitude …

    I have made this comment as well. AK more or less nailed it here: “anti-Semitism/questioning Jewish influence (cross out as per your ideological preferences).” I would have used discussing rather than questioning. Questioning implies something that discussion does not.

    … or any particular agenda against various nationalities

    I suppose, if you don’t count so-called Ukrainians and what about all the non-Russian ethnics within Russia? If one is any kind of “nationalist” you must have some sort of agenda vis-à-vis “other” nationalities.

  21. Daniel Chieh says

    I’m pretty sure I’d had more luck communicating with gorillas than with the people at the SPLC.

  22. George and Amal Clooney have donated $1 million to “combat hate groups,” while Apple CEO Tim Cook announced gifts of $1 million to the SPLC and $1 million to the Anti-Defamation League in response to the deadly Aug. 12 Charlottesville clash.


  23. Daniel Chieh says

    Powerful take on SPLC forum:

    The thing that’s the most upsetting about this, is that its possible that if it weren’t for these guys interfering with our election, Hillary Clinton and not that bigoted idiot Donald Trump might be our president instead. It wasn’t too long ago that I was innocent enough to think that nothing like that could ever happen in my lifetime.

    According to congressional testimony by the heads of all our security services (all appointed by Putin’s puta, I need not add), Russia is already meddling in the 2018 elections. They basically never stopped. Meanwhile, Putin’s puta has barely (and grudgingly) acknowledged that Russia meddled in the last election and refuses to implement sanctions overwhelmingly passed by his Republican-dominated Congress, a sure sign of guilt in my book. More evidence has come to light that Russia meddled not just with propaganda and trolling but with interference with voting in numerous states.

    What do you have against Hillary Clinton?!!!

  24. I know a lot of Ukrainian-Americans who insisted that Hillary was the one really in Russia’s pocket.

    A typical example of what they were passing around:


    Let’s cut through the hysteria and examine the facts.

    Long before Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump exchanged compliments, Bill Clinton received a phone call from Mr. Putin in 2010 thanking him personally for delivering a speech for $500,000, paid by a Russian investment bank that was promoting shares in a company that controlled 20 percent of America’s supply of uranium, a critical component in nuclear weapons.

    The State Department, led by Hillary Clinton, signed off on the deal just two months after her husband’s speech, enabling the Russian state nuclear agency to not only acquire 20 percent of America’s uranium but also own the land in which the deposits are located.

    She was also secretary of state when $145 million in donations reached the Clinton Foundation from the shareholders of the company that sold America’s uranium.

    Yet that wasn’t the only money the Clintons raised from the Russians that resulted in the exchange for sensitive materials.

    Out of 28 American, European and Russian companies that participated in the transfer of classified technology to the Skolkovo technology park outside of Moscow, 17 were Clinton Foundation donors or paid for speeches by Mr. Clinton.

    By 2014, when Russia was invading Ukraine, the FBI issued “an extraordinary warning” to several technology companies involved with Skolkovo. The true motives of the Russians is to gain access to classified, sensitive and emerging technology from the companies, an FBI agent warned.

    John Podesta, the chairman of the Hillary Clinton presidential campaign, sat on the executive board, alongside key Russian officials, of an energy company that received the FBI’s warning. That didn’t stop him from accepting $35 million from a Putin-connected government fund.

    E-mails released by Wikileaks showed that Mr. Podesta continued to be involved in the company in 2015, even after the Russian invasion and after claiming to be divested. Furthermore, Mr. Podesta is reported to have received $5.25 million for his think tank, Center for American Progress, through a secretive chain of entities that could lead to Russian oligarchs, among them Ruben Vardanyan, who sat on the energy company board, according to the Government Accountability Institute.

    Hillary Clinton supporters erupted in outrage when Mr. Trump hired Paul Manafort to help run his campaign. (Is it not a positive signal that Mr. Trump dumped him after such criticism?) But their silence was deafening when it was revealed in late August that Mr. Manafort hired the Podesta Group to lobby on behalf of Viktor Yanukovych’s allies in the Party of Regions.

    The Podesta Group lobbied until 2014 to downplay the need for a congressional resolution to pressure Mr. Yanukovych to release Yulia Tymoshenko from prison, the Associated Press reported. Moreover, it failed to file the proper paperwork, making the lobbying illegal.

    Clinton supporters also drummed up hysteria about Mr. Trump being too busy to meet with Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko.

    Yet that pales in comparison to the very same Mr. Podesta – having already taken millions as part of sensitive technology transfers – reacting with disinterest (as revealed by Wikileaks) to Victor Pinchuk’s pleas to get Mr. Clinton and a group of Western leaders to voice support for Ukraine as the Russian military aggression peaked in the winter of 2015.

    Now the FBI has confirmed this week that its investigations of Mr. Trump, launched in the summer, have uncovered no ties to the Kremlin. Nothing. Nichoho. Zero.

    Voters should consider that the Clintons and Mr. Podesta have far more questionable ties to the Kremlin, possibly criminal, than Mr. Trump and his entourage.

    They feel vindicated by Trump’s later actions.

  25. 28 American, European and Russian companies that participated in the transfer of classified technology to the Skolkovo technology park outside of Moscow

    At least Anatoly can be a bit happier now since apparently there were some other innovations at Skolkovo besides innovation about stealing government money: some technologies got transferred from the West.

  26. Such a victory.

    I look forward to Viktor Muzhenko posing with the newly-arrived javelins. The only question then will be what other piece of American gear they’ll claim they need to be invincible.

  27. Seamus Padraig says

    Anatoly, what you don’t yet realize is that, being a goy, your feeble powers are insufficient to determine whether or not you’re an ‘anti-semite’. The (((experts))) will handle that for you.

    It’s like Israel Shamir’s old joke: ‘anti-semite’ used to mean somebody who hated the Jews; now it means anyone the Jews hate.

  28. Javelins were just a pat on the back, without much military significance, but a signal of support. Trump’s energy policies have been far more damaging to Russia.

  29. If that is the straw you wish to grasp at.