Stark Truth: On the French Elections

vapor-macron-le-penMy latest podcast with Robert Stark, co-host and proponent of Asian-Aryanism pilleater, and Alt Right legend Guillaume Durocher, who has written for Counter-CurrentsRadix, and Occidental Observer.

We mostly talked about the French elections and French demographics. Here’s a link:


The final election round between Marine Le Pen and Emmanuel Macron
The French Elections 2017 (Round One)
The original candidates; Left Wing Populist Jean-Luc Mélenchon, Globalist Centrist Emmanuel Macron, Mainstream Conservative François Fillon, and Nationalist Populist Marine Le Pen
The demographic and regional support for the candidates
Whether Le Pen will appeal to the Conservative Fillon and Socialist Mélenchon supporters
How Macron epitomizes the worst of the establishment while Fillon and Mélenchon hold some anti-establishment positions
Macron’s work for a Rothschild Bank, Bilderberg attendance, and Neoliberal agenda
Mélenchon, his refusal to back Macron, how he is better on immigration then Macron, and his support for a basic income
Fillon, his endorsement of Macron while adopting some of Le Pen’s immigration stances
In contrast with Macron, Mélenchon and Fillon like Le Pen were more pro-Russia and non-interventionist
The ideology and agenda of Le Pen’s Front National
Comparisons to Donald Trump and how unlike Trump Le Pen has a consistent ideology
The misnomer that Le Pen is far right and her adoption of left leaning stances on issues such economics, gay rights, and the environment
Mainstream conservative Nicolas Dupont-Aignan backing Le Pen
Alain Soral and his advocacy of a left-right alliance
Éric Zemmour
The French Blackpill, Quantified
Michel Houellebecq’s Submission
Demographic Trends and future scenarios for France and Europe

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  1. Mainstream conservative Nicolas Dupont-Aignan backing Le Pen

    This alone makes your recent disheartened response to the French election results too gloomy by half. By most accounts, Le Pen is thrashing Macron in the campaigning, as you’d expect given she’s a competent and experienced politician politically in tune with the wave of the future and he’s just a well connected opportunist doing the dirty work of the transnational elites.

    You are still almost certainly correct that it won’t be enough for her to win in the face of the elite propaganda machine ranged against her, but the chances are she will get enough of a vote to emerge with great credibility for 2022, when Macron will likely have become the most hated and despised French President since – well, since Hollande I suppose. As usual, what the elite media tools will have done is provide her with a ready explanation for not winning.

    Most likely the choice then will be what it should have been this time – Le Pen or Melenchon, or an equivalent. If it isn’t, then it will only be because other candidates have adopted more reasonable and more nationalist policies than the current establishment globalists. Granted it means the world will have to endure more of the fake triumphalism of the globalists, as we did over Wilders’ result, and 5 years of the French Blair in office, but the reality is that it is another step forwards.

  2. Mainstream conservative Nicolas Dupont-Aignan…

    Okay, I just copied Stark’s list of topics. I don’t agree with that assessment at all. Dupont-Aignan has been a consistent Gaullist, which makes him very “alt”-y by mainstream Western standards.

    E.g., here is his position on Russia from 2012:

    Putin’s Russia is a complex country that has come a long way since not only Communism, but also since the decade of transition that profoundly destabilized it. Putin ended a period of decline and ended the looting of the country by the oligarchs and we can understand that the Russians are grateful to him. Russia is not yet a Western democracy but it is democratizing. We hope that the coming years will bring new progress in this domain and in the struggle against corruption. Either way, I do not think that provoking Vladimir Putin through external interventions, as some will have it, will bring any progress in this field. We must give it time.

    This is now what any mainstream conservative would say.

    Otherwise, I agree. MLP has been great these past few days.

  3. I don’t agree with that assessment at all. Dupont-Aignan has been a consistent Gaullist, which makes him very “alt”-y by mainstream Western standards.

    E.g., here is his position on Russia from 2012:

    Yes, it’s true that he’s not entirely mainstream, but I think he’s big enough politically for his endorsement to have a powerfully damaging effect on the FN taboo. A crack in the dam.

    By the way, I think it’s more his hardline position on the EU that makes him peripheral in the “mainstream”. I get the impression backsliding on the Russophobia is getting almost mainstream in French politics these days. Consider Fillon’s position, for instance:

    Tirelessly, on radio shows and TV panels, Fillon comes to Russia’s defense. When Russian-backed troops were sneaking into eastern Ukraine, he argued that it was mostly Russian-speaking and more or less belonged to Moscow. When the West imposed sanctions on Moscow over the annexation of Crimea, he called them “negative” and demanded they be lifted. When Russia went into Syria to assist President Bashar Assad, he brushed off human rights violations and pressed for Europeans to join an alliance with Iran, Syria and Russia against ISIL.

    During the U.S. election campaign, some Western officials expressed concern about Donald Trump’s warm words for Putin. Not so Fillon, who said: “I do not fear [a Putin-Trump alliance]. I wish for it.”

    Meanwhile, he has harsh words for NATO, accusing Western powers of provoking Russia by expanding too close to its borders.

  4. John Gruskos says

    If Fillon is sincere, why did he endorse Macron?

    It should be as unthinkable as Ted Cruz and Rand Paul endorsing Hillary Clinton.

  5. Fredrik says

    Maybe he thinks Le Pen is worse than Macron?

    Lots of readers on this site care deeply about migration but very little of other topics. Le Pen’s financial ideas are not that bright. Then there’s the question on how radical Le Pen really is. She’s distanced herself from her father…

    I would have preferred Jean-Marie Le Pen or even Francois Fillon before Marine Le Pen.

  6. The debate between Le Pen and Macron is on right now. It’s a real clash. Macron comes across as very snotty and bitchy but they’re getting down to practical economic differences between them.

    Media darling:

  7. Diversity Heretic says

    Don’t let the best become the enemy of the good.

  8. Diversity Heretic says

    The Valeurs Actuelle magazine at least notes that Macron will be five more years of François Hollande.

  9. German_reader says

    lol, that Garcon magazine on the top of that photo is a gay mag…the guy without a shirt, is that supposed to be Macron? Apparently the issue is about Coming out…do they hope Macron will after the elction?

  10. I think as Fredrik says it’s a matter of priorities. Foreign policy is (sadly imo) not that big a deal for most people, and the FN taboo in France seems to be every bit as strong as the anti-racism social engineering taboo in the US/UK. And on political economics, Le Pan is seemingly well to the left of Macron, so more distant from Fillon’s positions.

  11. jimmyriddle says

    The debate tonight was fairly amusing. Macron is hopeless at thinking on his feet. He doesn’t understand that when you are explaining, you are losing.

    MLP mostly just goaded him. At one point Macron was expounding on the subject of some shipyard in Saint-Nazaire and she said “Don’t give lessons. Playing pupil and teacher isn’t my thing”. Very droll.

    He’s lucky to have a 20 point margin.

  12. Also said that either way a woman would rule France: Her, or Merkel.

    She has more shivs up her sleeves than Heartiste.

  13. for-the-record says

    The debate tonight was fairly amusing. Macron is hopeless at thinking on his feet. He doesn’t understand that when you are explaining, you are losing.

    I beg to differ. I am definitely against Macron, and was hoping that Le Pen would present herself as a serious alternative. But the way I see it, Macron dominated and, towards the end, Le Pen self-destructed. Like Macron or not, he is very effective and I think a lot of people underestimate him.

  14. Yes he came across as priggish but calm while she kept her good humour but also let him get to her. We will have to see whether French voters liked her getting combative on their behalf. That could easily be the case.

  15. Macron won, according to the polls. I read it in multiple sources, not just The Grauniad.

  16. LondonBob says

    Le Pen has taken my advice, improving her competency and economic chops with Dupont-Aignan and backing away from leaving the Euro (that really scares the pensioners). Longer term someone like Dupont-Aignan, I don’t doubt his sincerity, is more likely to be the breakthrough in France, interesting to see what happens in the next Presidential. The FN I fear is too demonised.