The State of the Altsphere (October 2017)


We seem to be doing pretty well, if SimilarWeb stats are anything to go by.

The Unz Review is clearly the dominant website amongst the “Intellectual Dissident Right” (we are far ahead of VDARE, Takimag, and are even catching up on the normies at The American Cuckservative).

It is also strongly competitive amongst the “Intellectual Anti-Imperialist Left,” being far ahead of the (I recall it being the alt news site during the Iraq War era), overtaking the libertarian LewRockwell, and even edging closer to Counterpunch, another stalwart of the old altsphere.

This is all the more remarkable considering that The Unz Review is run on a shoestring budget, its lack of attention to SEO or social media frills, and the bold notion of publishing both Far Right and Far Left content (I am still not sure if that repels or attracts people, on average). Meanwhile, we still manage to retain a high degree of intellectual respectability by hosting some of the most “serious” people like James Thompson.

I also included the more intellectual Alt Right publications (Kevin MacDonald’s Occidental Observer and Greg Johnson’s Counter-Currents). They are both pretty much an order of magnitude less influential than the Unz Review.

I have also included Social Matter, a central aggregator for the NRxsphere (thanks in large part to Nick B. Steve’s prodigious weekly roundups) and, at around 100,000 monthly visits, probably the most popular NRx blog overall – Nick Land’s Xenosystems is the 2 millionth most visited blog in the world, The Future Primaeval is likewise in the doldrums, only Dalrock that I’m aware of continues to eke out a presence around the 100,000 monthly visits mark. Otherwise, the public face of NRx is pretty much dead, confined to mailing lists, secret forums, and (perhaps) infiltration of the institutions.

It is also important to keep a wider perspective that in the large picture alt media remains a fairly marginal phenomenon. Any of the major flagships of the American MSM – NYT, WaPO, The Guardian, Buzzfeed, etc. – have two orders of magnitude more visits (hundreds of millions) than even the most prominent alt outlets like Counterpunch and this very publication. Even the very K-selected MSM outlets like and FiveThirty Eight have an order of magnitude more visits. It’s an uphill struggle.

The HBDsphere

I haven’t bothered compiling detailed stats like Pumpkin Person did in 2015 since apart from The Unz Review, which hosts a huge percentage of active HBD/IQ writers, there is otherwise no real competition. Within the Unz ecosystem, Steve Sailer is of course by far the most dominant figure, accounting for perhaps half of our total traffic.

The single most influential independent HBD blogger as of today would be Robert Lindsay, the originator of the “Alt Left” (i.e. leftist HBD realists, as opposed to the object of Trump’s ramblings, for whom there is a much better name anyway: The Ctrl Left). In fairness, however, Lindsay’s was never a primarily HBD blog, and he has pretty much dropped writing about it all since Trump’s election. (Also, for whatever reason, Lindsay appears to have the strange distinction of being the only person on here to have his website blocked in Russia).

Otherwise, the most popular HBD/IQ blogger, with around 100,000 monthly visits, is… Emil Kirkegaard. This is especially remarkable since his writing tends to the highly technical and he doesn’t have even open comments.

Razib Khan and Greg Cochran both have around 50,000.

The others are barely competitive. Steve Hsu had a massive surge this past month, but is otherwise at around 20,000. hbd*chick has stopped blogging. Audacious Epigone isn’t prominent enough to get stats from SimilarWeb, through he surely deserves to with his Stakhanovite efforts in GSS mining. Ergo for Pumpkin Person, Lion of the Blogosphere, and several others.

I suppose it might also behove to mention, a brilliant polymath who writes highly K-selected essays about the genomics of IQ and many other LessWrongy subjects like nootropics, cryptocurrencies, and the control problem. He also gets around 100,000 per month. However, classifying him as an IQ, let alone an HBD, blogger would be a massive stretch. He is much sooner part of the Less Wrong/SSC/”rationalist” cluster.

The Alt Right


The defining feature of the Alt Right-sphere in the past year has, of course, been the meteoric rise of Andrew Anglin’s The Daily Stormer – and its near complete oblitration in the wake of Charlottesville.

When you need to change domains every other week in between confinements to the deep web, you can’t have much of a popular readership. I suspect visitorship has plummeted by an order of magnitude.

This hasn’t helped the old-school Neo-Nazis of Stormfront, long in terminal decline, to recover. They have been overtaken by The Right Stuff podcast – apparently, the recent scandal about one of their members Mike Enoch having a Jewish wife did nothing but attract them publicity and more visitors – and now joins a bevy of other sites such as Amren and Heartiste at around the one million mark. has disappointed to date. Apart from some of Vincent Law’s longer pieces, their content is much less intellectual than that of Radix Journal – some of the latter’s best writers such as Guillaume Durocher and Gregory Hood failed to make the move to the new venue – so visitorship numbers should be much higher. But they’re failing to accelerate.

As with the “Dissident Right”, the influence of the Alt Right should not be overestimated, even within the general Tea Party Plus/Alt Lite/pro-Trump movement. Visitorship is capped at around 5 million. The eponymous website of the movement has no more than a million. In contrast, just Breitbart/The Daily Caller/Infowars have around 150 million monthly visits between them. There is a similar gap on Twitter, with Richard Spencer having only 80,000 followers – that’s less than Alt Lite parvenus like Laura Loomer, to say nothing of the many hundreds of thousands following Mike Cernovich, Baked Alaska, and Jack Posobiec.

The Alt Russophiles


Russia is distinctive in that the volume of Western MSM lies and misrepresentations about it has traditionally been so bad that it is pretty much the only country to have carved out a sort of “niche” for itself within the Western Altsphere.

Ten to five years ago, this area of the Internet was essentially a constellation of pro-Russia blogs that ranged from the highly considered and data-heavy, to the unhinged and “Russia stronk” hurrah-patriotic (I myself got my start in blogging as “Da Russophile“). Since then, they have been gradually displaced by large websites – primarily Russia Insider (Charles Bausman) and The Duran (Peter Lavelle, Alexander Mercouris, and some others) – and the universal scourge of social media. There are still a few bloggers that fall into the old categories – Paul Robinson, Patrick Armstrong, and Mark Chapman come to mind – but their visitorship numbers are basically irrelevant (they are all at around the 4 millionth mark globally).

Russia Insider and The Duran remain the two behemoths of this world, with seemingly stable visitorship numbers. However, Russia Insider reprints many of its articles, while The Duran writes about many issues other than Russia. The Duran team launched Russia Feed half a year ago to provide an outlet more specifically dedicated to Russia matters, which seems to be growing steadily, but from a low base.

There were a number of pro-Russia outlets that proliferated at the outbreak of the Donbass world, with Fort Russ (Kristina Kharlova) being probably the most prominent of these – at least of those which survived in the long-term.

Unsurprisingly, many of these outlets have connections to the wider Altsphere. For instance, Russia Insider has good relations with, and they reprint my articles semi-regularly (with my permission). The Saker, as most probably know, also blogs at The Unz Review, as well as (occasionally) at The Duran. So does Israel Shamir, who also writes Russian language columns for RT Russian, Komsomolskaya Pravda, and Zavtra.

On this note, I am also going to have a post on the relative performance of Russian alt news outlets in the near future.

  • CORRECTION: All the graphs should state “monthly visits,” not “monthly visitors.”

Anatoly Karlin is a transhumanist interested in psychometrics, life extension, UBI, crypto/network states, X risks, and ushering in the Biosingularity.


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  1. Lemurmaniac says

    Fort Russ banned one of my Lemur accounts for using the word ‘faggot’ i think.

  2. Lemurmaniac says

    Where does My Posting Career rank?

    And what about Vox Day, Supreme Dark Lord of the Shire, Dread Ilk of the Fifth Dimension, etc and etc…include him or get sued, karlin.

  3. Lemurmaniac says

    oh i see u have MPC ignore

  4. TheUmpteenthGermanOnHere says

    Is there still no RSS feed available for James Thompson’s blog on Unz?

  5. I got the impression Fort Russ are Stalinist SJW’s, not a big fan of them.

  6. There is: (or just enter “” into Feedly search and “The Unz Review: James Thompson’s Columns” will be one of the options).

    This information is on the sidebar of each columnists here.

  7. Cagey Beast says

    It’s remarkable how much of an impact these sites make, considering these numbers. Both Mr. Prison Planet and Mike Cernovich were complaining about the amount of coverage Richard Spencer and the Alt-Right get, considering these web stats. What they refuse to get is that the media have had a look at the Alt-Lite and decided they’re not a worthy opponent and not worth the (metaphorical) ammunition.

    On this note, I am also going to have a post on the relative performance of Russian alt news outlets in the near future.

    Don’t be too hard on these guys. I think I can remember both you and the Saker being harshly critical of pretty much all Russophillic outlets online: from the tardiness of the Kremlin’s English translations, to RT’s coverage, to pretty much everything. From my Anglospherical perspective they do a pretty good job.

  8. It’s remarkable how much of an impact these sites make, considering these numbers.

    The dominant culture is 99% lies – this hugely magnifies the impact of the truth.

  9. The Daily Stormer has the most readers because The Daily Stormer has more Yang essence than any of these other sites. It is more masculine, more positive, more active, it generates more light and heat.

    As much as I appreciate the contributions of Sailer, Derbyshire, Taylor, et al… I can’t say I would count on them to have my back in a fist fight with antifa or BLM. Their genteelness, admirable as it is, is only useful when deployed at a safe distance from our opponents.

    Yet it is not enough to denounce the enemy in haughty tones. The enemy must be fought if we are to regain our families, our countries and our cultures.

    Elder Milennials such as Andrew and myself shall be leading the fight. Mock us with your favored swear of “Nazis” from the safety of the sidelines if you like, but it would be wiser to join us instead. You’ll get more girls that way.

  10. Above, Anatoly Karlin mentions Infowars, one of several ‘huuge’ websites which are allegedly ‘alt-media’, but are big commercial successes and earn huge income for their site owners … and what is common about these websites, is that all of them mix quite radical ‘truth’ articles, with stories of space aliens intervening in life on planet earth (often shape-shifting etc)

    In addition to Alex Jones’ Infowars / Prison Planet, there is also Jeff Rense; Veterans Today; and the site by UK ex-footballer David Icke. These sites are all viewed as ‘limited hang-out’ working for the intel agencies, but they are all useful, as significant major truth pieces appear on these sites … side-by-side with the ‘space aliens on earth’ stories, in a practice which intel agencies call ‘poisoning the well’, i.e., seeing the crazy rubbish next to it leads most people to discredit the ‘truth’ part. A blogger with a radical ‘truth’ piece often finds his ‘truth’ read the most often in ‘space alien’ territory, so most readers will say, Oh yeah, you’re right up there with the space aliens.

    Co-principal (‘self-hating Jew’ he says of himself) Gordon Duff of Veterans Today, gave an audio interview admitting out loud that 30%-plus of what he publishes on VT is intentionally false material, ‘so he won’t get murdered’ by the US gov goons, but the false material lets him publish the true stuff. He said his site viewers need to ‘read between the lines’ and sort for themselves what is true and what is not. With its quite radical ‘truth’ portion at times, VT is a serviceable ‘heat sink’ for US military and intel veterans who rather know what is going on, and like Alex Jones or Rense, people can come to VT for their ‘truth fix’ on certain topics and events, whilst the CIA etc knows the effect of the ‘truth’ is limited by the overall site content and format.

    Tho Alex Jones (who had a Jewish wife earlier), mostly deflects from and barely mentions Israel – Jones is literally down the street from the CIA’s Stratfor there in Texas – the other sites have over-the-top ‘anti-Semitic’ pieces, ‘Khazarian Mafia working with space aliens’ … yet curiously, aside from pro-forma jibes, the kosher internet police do not try to ‘de-platform’ or shut down Jeff Rense or Veterans Today or deprive them of advertising revenue etc … as their brands of ‘anti-Semitism’ tend to discredit all criticism of the oligarch-favoured Jewish mafias or ‘kosher nostra’

    A decade and more ago, Infowars had truly path-breaking detailed material from ‘ex-CIA’ Robert Steele, on how Google was CIA at its inception, Infowars was the first major voice saying this & of course this is now thoroughly proven, Nafeez Ahmed ‘How the CIA Made Google’ etc. Now, however, the once-sober Mr Steele, as if ‘under orders’, nervously tells Alex Jones about how children are being kidnapped and kept as paedophilic sexual slaves … in prisons on the planet Mars. Mr Steele’s new agenda – perhaps induced by a ‘plata o plomo’, ‘silver or lead’, ‘bribe or bullet’ threat – seems like part of an elite plan to deflect from the real elite paedo crimes, as well to help discredit the whole ‘alt media’ frame.

    On Veterans Today and also the Russia-tied ‘New Eastern Outlook’ Phil Butler warns us (from the horse’s mouth?) that we are about to experience a much more comprehensive cyber-purge than we saw recently, with more sweeping Anglo-Western censorship of the web shortly to be implemented.

    One little bit I find a chilling sign in that regard, is the recent US-Russian announcement that they plan to build a ‘space station orbiting the moon’ in the middle of the next decade. Sadly, Russia goes along with the biggest fairy tales put out by the US regime, such as the NYC Twin Towers collapse of 11 Sep 2001, and the hilariously fake ‘9 trips to the moon with 6 moon landings’ claimed for 1968-72, with no one ever going back to even orbit the place since then.

    So for me, that piece of ‘news’ about the shortly upcoming ‘manned moon orbit station’ means that all the major world governments will be in cahoots to keep that huge ‘moon hoax’ going … and since, to do that, a sort of fascist control of world media will need to be in place … I see the mid-2020s ‘moon base alpha’ timetable, to be our notice that the New World Order is expected to be consolidated by then … it has been nice to know y’all, see you in the NWO gulag, we can all reminisce about the ol’ internet days.

  11. My stats are inflated by the hosted PDFs. Since I don’t keep detailed stats logs, I can’t give those just for the blog (English) without PDFs.

    Stats dump

  12. Diversity Heretic says

    Is Greg Hood writing anywhere? I miss him.

  13. A little depressing that (with the exception of the Unz Review) the most popular sites are also the most vapid.

    Very funny to see how TRS has transformed from a site that was opposed to the DS to one that’s its effective equivalent.

    I’m surprised that the Charlottesville debacle and massive media attention did so little to attract new readers. Some evidence against the claim that its good for spreading the message.

  14. Thanks for yourself providing the template to correctly interpret your own nonsense about a “moon hoax”.

  15. Cagey Beast says

    Andrew Anglin and another guy from Daily Stormer, Eric Striker were on the TRS podcast on the 18th. Their talk about the new Blade Runner film was worth the listen.

    I wonder if Weev’s connection to the Daily Stormer caused any trepidation over the last year or so? He’s an erratic nutcase who pulls hacking pranks from breakaway ex-Soviet republics but apart from that, he’s a solid guy.

  16. Cagey Beast says

    Julian Assange needs to move to that international space station they plan to have orbiting the Moon as soon as it’s built, so he can continue his good works.

    Assange just tweeted this less than half an hour ago. It’s a small social revolution just having two political outcasts debating and broadcasting to the world without gatekeepers:

  17. That makes sense. Keep up the good work though.

  18. I know a few people who got permabanned from their site and related social media communities as “undercover NATO trolls” for questioning the brilliance of Minsk II when it first happened or still liking Strelkov.

  19. “As much as I appreciate the contributions of Sailer, Derbyshire, Taylor, et al… I can’t say I would count on them to have my back in a fist fight with antifa or BLM. Their genteelness, admirable as it is, is only useful when deployed at a safe distance from our opponents.”

    If willingness to get in a fistfight were what it took to win, the Irish and the Blacks would rule the world. Intelligence, organizational ability, and a thing called “character” matter much more than ones ability or willingness to get into fistfights. And anyway, what have Anglin and co actually done? Amren holds an annual conference, Jared Taylor knows there is a distinct possibility of antifa violence, it doesn’t deter him, even though he’s probably not be very good at street fighting as old as he is. Anglin and co sit in their armchairs and LARP as race warriors. The street fighters are low on the food chain, and the keyboard warriors who talk about it but never do it are even lower.

    “Mock us with your favored swear of “Nazis””

    Considering Anglin’s site is a self-describes Nazi site, I don’t see how you can have a problem with it.

    “but it would be wiser to join us instead. You’ll get more girls that way.”


  20. Also, did you read the post about the Stormer’s visit numbers? Can’t brag about that anymore. A bad thing for free speech and a good thing for the movement.

    Edit: My initial comment appeared to have disappeared, probably in some filter.

  21. Sir, do You not have any other things to do in life than spouting deformed and comical ideas on internet? Why do You loose your life reading digital rubbish? If You want to fight the so-called World government, You should marry and have kids, that would help us all more than your space fantasies. And if You happen to be married already (I pity the wife), then please do spend more time with your family, they need You, as well as You need them.
    Take care, be careful and, if everything else fails, ask for medical help.

  22. The Big Red Scary says

    Fucking moon hoax. It must have been those pesky space lizards that installed the retroflectors:

  23. I humbly recommend adding “Moon of Alabama” ( somewhere in there, perhaps to both “Alt Media” and “Russia Alt” (things relating to Russia are certainly not his only topic, but it has been one of the major ones). I’ve been highly impressed by the author’s analytical work, and the readership now approaches 1,000,000… even though it’s almost a one-man operation with no ads (like Saker’s blog used to be). Politically, the author seems to be on the economic-left side of things.

    Also, as for “Russia Alt”, any reason not to include the more “official” outlets? E.g. (bearing in mind that what is “semi-official” in Russia is “alt” in the West… this one is published by the Institute of Oriental Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences, but features many of the same writers who write for the “alt” news sites you did mention. The viewership hovers around 400,000)

  24. Of course space flight is hoax, just like nuclear weapons and everything else.

    Whatewe faults hardcore conspiracy theorists have, you cannot say they are boring.

  25. I’m a different Anon here…
    I would LITERALLY, as in a real life physical brawl tomorrow, choose Sailer, Derbyshire and Taylor over Andrew Anglin to back me up. I’d choose any ONE of them over him. They are all more intelligent and more moral men.

  26. Greasy William says

    A bad thing for free speech and a good thing for the movement.

    No, it’s not good for the movement. Don’t punch right.

    Last month I wrote the following brilliant essay about Anglin:

    I really think that Anglin is more important than Sailer.

    On the surface, that might seem like a ridiculous thing to say: Steve has been published by numerous reputable national magazines and is widely read by the journalistic and political elite. Steve’s writing has clearly influenced US politics and in particular the Trump administration. And even Steve’s most vociferous critics will acknowledge that he is brilliant.

    Anglin, in contrast, is ultimately a loathsome troll. Even most of his fans would probably admit that he is disgusting. Whereas Steve can plausibly claim to wish everyone well, Anglin seems to actively want to worst for all races to the point that he often comes off as a parody of what left wingers think white nationalists believe. Anglin has never been published in a major publication and most elites probably don’t even know who he is.

    And yet, in the long run I suspect Anglin will make the bigger impact. There are literally 10s of million of young white men all across America who will never read Sailer simply because he is too high brow for them, but will eagerly devour Anglin’s writings because not only is he such an unapologetic, anti PC, iconoclast, but he is a hilarious and brilliant satirist.

    I say, without any hyperbole, that Anglin’s “White Supremacy is a Religion of Peace” article is the most exceptionally effective piece of satire ever written. The article faked out numerous media outlets and when I showed it to my very intelligent, libtard, brother, he thought that the article was completely serious. That article should literally be in text books as the standard that all satirical writing should be measured against.

    More recently, Anglin and DailyStormer’s troubles are the result of an article Anglin wrote attacking the victim who was murdered at the Charlottesville rally. While the article was not nearly as clever as the “Moderate White Supremacist” one, it was much more tasteless and even more hilarious. Anglin’s claim in the article that the criticism of the driver who ran the woman over was merely an example of “player hatred” was a perfect example of the subtle nature of Anglin’s comedic genius.

    And unlike with the “Moderate White Supremacist” article, this time the left knew that Anglin was trolling them. But pushed their buttons so effectively that they couldn’t resist publicly melting down over it, even thought they knew they were giving him exactly what he wanted.

    Now don’t get me wrong, you can’t build a movement around Anglin’s ideology. He is too hateful and too nihilistic. But his writing is already getting to millions of young white men (and probably some Asian and Latino men as well) where it can serve as a gateway drug into the alt-right/alt-lite in a way that Sailer, Vdare, AmRen, VNN and Stormfront never could on their own.

    Anglin is so funny that even many non racists were reading him just for the comedy. DS was a great gateway drug into the Red Pill philosophy and it is a big loss for us to not have it anymore. Putin really let us down by not allowing Russian servers to host it.

  27. Any discussion of the “Alt-Right” and its reach on the internet, that does not include 4chan /pol/ and 8chan /pol/, isn’t complete in my eyes.

    4chan /pol/ posts per day and per hour:
    8chan /pol/ posts per day:
    (It’s still unfortunate that 8chan has had a lot of board drama, it really did kill opportunities for the site to grow after the initial exodus)

    There’s also a fairly popular site (relative to the sites in your post) that tends to be fairly effective at framing Trump in terms of economic and geopolitical issues, that I’d at least lump in for reference.

    Note to self: find an effective way to convince friends to read James Thompson, as a hook

  28. Excellent analysis! It’d be great to see a summary analysis like this every half a year or so to see how things are trending.

    Had no clue that had the top spot – very good news for Mr. Unz and the regular writers.


  29. The number of people “interested” has to be much smaller than the number of visits by quite a bit. For example, I check Razib, Unz and West Hunter every day. If I have the time, and if I am enjoying a wrestle in the mud of the comment section, I might visit Unz ten times in a day. The number of people interested in Alt is very small and the number that gets close to passing for quasi-sane and politically useful is much smaller still.

    I was reading around on the reaction to Giraldi’s article and saw the UR referred to as an “avowed” anti-Semitic site.

  30. German_reader says

    Putin really let us down by not allowing Russian servers to host it.

    Putin doesn’t have any obligations towards marginal alt-righters from the US. It would have been idiotic to let Russia be associated with something like the Daily Stormer – it would have been a perfect gift for Western propaganda -, and I very much doubt that Putin could have any sympathy for people self-identifying as Nazis anyway given his own WW2 family history and Russia’s wartime experience in general.

  31. reiner Tor says

    Are the numbers not about unique visitors? So at least from different IP addresses. It’s still overcounting people who access the site from the office, various public wifi providers, etc., but not as much as you imply.

    Also it doesn’t matter when comparing to mainstream sites, which are counted the same way.

  32. Also there’s three of them and Anglin is a midget.

  33. In all fairness Putin had nothing to do with it, he’s only concerned about Russian nationalists getting too uppity.

    They have an open (!) discussion group at Vkontakte:

    This is in the context of Russian anti-extremist police actively scouring that site for the littlelest things to fulfill their monthly quotas (latest absurdity has been a user getting in legal trouble for spreading hate against the social group “atheists”… fundamentalist Christian Putlerreich my ass, LOL).

    What happened with was that Western activists put pressure on the private Russian domain registrar serving them. Of course it booted them off prompto, even ahead of an official response from web censorship authority Roskomnadzor.

  34. Considering Anglin’s site is a self-describes Nazi site

    they don’t and it’s not – DS is more like 21st century Lenny Bruce except they’re attacking the taboos of the PC religion rather than Christianity.

  35. I very much doubt that Putin could have any sympathy for people self-identifying as Nazis anyway given his own WW2 family history

    And yet Putin’s best friend in Ukraine, Viktor Medvedchuk, is literally the son of a Nazi collaborator (the real kind, not the Banderist kind). Putin is the godfather of Medvedchuk’s daughter.

    Medvedchuk’s father, Volodymyr Medvedchuk, avoided being drafted into the Red Army during the Great Patriotic War due to his suffering from Pott disease. During Nazi Germany’s occupation of Ukraine, he worked for the German administration in a labor camp from April 1942 to November 1943. The section provided enforced deportation of the local able-bodied Ukrainian youth to work in Nazi Germany. After the retreat of German forces Volodymyr Medvedchuk was arrested by SMERSH on 7 August 1954 and sentenced to eight years of imprisonment and four of exile in Siberia “for participation in Ukrainian nationalistic activities.” Viktor was born in Pochyot, Krasnoyarsk Krai, Russian SFSR.

  36. Exactly. Brabantian’s post is brilliant irony.

  37. German_reader says

    Yes, but I don’t suppose this Medvedchuk person flirts with Nazism like Andrew Anglin does. And my point wasn’t to defend Putin for anything regarding Ukraine, but merely to point out that it’s rather misguided by Western alt-righters to place any hopes in support from Putin or Russia…it’s not going to happen, and if it would, one probably shouldn’t accept it.

  38. which are counted the same way.

    I don’t know how these things are tabulated. I noticed AK left off with a correction that said visits and not visitors. But if I am wrong and the Alt is on the verge of majority status that would be great.

  39. Some of these colors are just too similar to tell apart at a glance.

  40. Pseudonymic Handle says

    No mention of Breibart?
    The rise of populism and of the alt-right killed the NRX. When any dissent was swiftly stifled it made sense to talk about neocameralism or other fancy aristocratic phantasies to distract the censors. Now, when the game is being played for real political power and the Overton window has shifted there isn’t much need for that, so we see Yarvin connecting with more active players like Milo and Thiel.
    Yup, gwern doesn’t belong on these lists as I never seen him show any inkling of political commentary. The only thing he does is to link studies about genetics.
    Razib is pretty much in the same boat and it seems to me that he wants to distance himself from his past unsavory associations that cost him the gig at the NYT.

  41. Greasy William says

    If Putin wants to fight Globalism, which is the number 1 threat to Russian interests and security, then he should support it’s opponents in the West.

  42. I spend too much time on the Unz Review … perhaps five hours a day. (Yes, it interferes with the rest of my life.) I read and learn from many of the bloggers and many of the commenters who are without question in the company of genius. As someone who has a bachelor’s, two master’s, and coursework completed for a doctorate, I would rate a year of perusing the Unz Review as worth perhaps one or two additional master’s degrees a year … and Ron doesn’t even charge tuition.

    What is education other than learning to notice, assemble facts, and restructure one’s worldview in light of new paradigms for isolating and discriminating the world that does exist from the infinite number of worlds that could exist … based on the Law of Noncontradiction?

    Def: Law of Noncontradiction — It states that contradictory statements cannot both be true in the same sense at the same time, e.g. the two propositions “A is B ” and “A is not B” are mutually exclusive.

    Oh, a world that would appreciate that principle! A heartfelt “thank you” to Ron, the bloggers, and commenters on the Unz Review.

  43. I spend too much time on the Unz Review


  44. If Putin wants to fight Globalism

    Why would Putin wish to fight [G]globalism?

    What are the odds that Putin understands what we mean by globalism?

  45. German_reader says

    If Putin wants to fight Globalism

    What does “globalism” actually even mean in this context? Putin cares about the interests and sovereignty of the Russian state (maybe less so about Russia as a nation, at least that’s what AK seems to dislike about him) and its status as a great power, so he’s opposed to US hegemony and unilateralism. But it’s not clear to me he would reject “globalism” in the way many US right-wingers would understand the term (e.g. the US right seems to dislike the UN in general, whereas Russian interests would presumably necessitate a certain respect for the UN and the security council).
    And from the alt-right’s perspective dependence on support from a foreign power could be a poisoned gift imo, would lead to claims of being unpatriotic agents of a foreign power, like happened with lefties and the peace movement during the Cold war.

  46. Greasy William says

    Globalism means the post Cold War global system run by the US and it’s allies. Such a system is bad for Russia which is why Russia has worked to drive up tensions inside Western countries. DailyStormer was a great weapon against Globalism and Putin just gave it up.

  47. Globalism, which is the number 1 threat to Russian interests and security

    That’s questionable. It looks like the Supreme Overlords of the World decided to spare E. Europe & Russia. And maybe Germany, too. Not without reason E. Germany was given to the Soviets…

  48. the most popular sites are also the most vapid

    This seems to be case for almost all things, not just alt-right sites, check out the top 100 Youtube videos for example, they are all pop songs.

  49. The problem is that a large portion of the ‘alt-right’ is really just the Paleo-left, since race nationalists always have left-wing economic views.

    The anti-feminist Androsphere, which is highly libertarian, is the real alt-right.

  50. the Alt is on the verge of majority status that would be great

    But that’s not even implied. They have two orders of magnitude higher visitor (or visit, or whatever) numbers.

    By the way mainstream sites have a lot of frequent visitors, too. I sometimes at work visited some news sites every half hour to see if anything happened (or rather, to just have a break), and yes, it could go up if there were comments.

  51. And my point wasn’t to defend Putin for anything regarding Ukraine, but merely to point out that it’s rather misguided by Western alt-righters to place any hopes in support from Putin or Russia

    I agree, Putin has more important things to do than support marginal unpleasant Western neo-Nazis. Your remark suggested that Putin would be squeamish when it came to dealing with Nazis due to his background, and I disagreed with that. I think that if it served his interests he would have no problem with them..

  52. Greasy William says

    Oh, a world that would appreciate that principle! A heartfelt “thank you” to Ron, the bloggers, and commenters on the Unz Review.

    I can tolerate The Saker and Giraldi because The Saker (inexplicably) has a pretty big fan base and Giraldi does talk about an important issue (and literally nothing else, but still) that is blacked out from the media but there is no justification for printing Fred Reed. Nobody likes Fred and nobody is interested in what he has to say. Only a truly depraved individual would give Fred a platform.

  53. Dick Spencer gets promoted by the MSM because he’s an easy and gay opponent, Charlottesville marchers are the exact image they want their enemies to be. Whereas effective resistance they try to ignore or even shut down (Daily Stormer).

  54. reiner Tor says

    Or he’s just willing to do interviews in person, is relatively photogenic (though I think he worsened a lot over the past year or so), is from a well-off family, and so is relatively more interesting than others.

    Don’t forget that he was punched in the face with the encouragement of the media, his family members (especially her mother) were harassed, essentially he’s a hunted animal.

    So I’m a bit skeptical about the conspiracy theories why the media “promoted” him. During the months leading up to the election, the media also “promoted” Trump, that is, they gave publicity to Trump, not because they wanted him to win, or because they had this diabolically clever plan to have him installed and then control him, but because they tend to give publicity to guys who look good and say outrageous things and are at least moderately well-known and are willing to put their faces in front of cameras.

    It’s possible that Spencer is doing a disservice to the cause he’s supposed to serve (but then again, it’s possible he isn’t), but he’s definitely not some media puppet, and not even the enemy the media wants. If the media wanted some enemy, they’d want someone who was an Adolf Hitler enthusiast, and not someone who had a Russian wife proudly tweeting pictures of her Red Army soldier grandpa etc. Spencer is not quite a Nazi. He could be spinned as a Nazi, but Trump could also be spinned as one.

  55. reiner Tor says

    Actually, the media’s favorite enemy would be a mainstream Republican who turned out to have been a secret Adolf Hitler enthusiast all along, and who would “prove” how even the slightest deviations from leftist dogma were proof of outright Nazism.

  56. since race nationalists always have left-wing economic views.

    what if I told you it never was about the economic system. between Capitalism and SocDem people chose…. both. Sh*t’s been settled for 3 decades.

    The anti-feminist Androsphere, which is highly libertarian, is the real alt-right.

    also one least opposed on principled grounds to a Brazil-like dystopia, in which the underclass is cut-off from everything not just by class but also by race. it’s only meritocratic!

    oh man. Kevin MacDonald could have so much fun with Hindoos.

  57. oops, sorry, I misclicked. That was in response to Th-“you’re all just angry betas”-omm.

  58. Dick Spencer gets promoted by the MSM because he’s an easy and gay opponent

    I dislike Spencer for various reasons (e.g. his imperialism and vapidity) but he’s hardly the worst person to be a spokesman. He’s at least articulate and presentable and doesn’t have the manner of a loon. If I wanted to undermine the movement, I would give as much time as possible to random minor neo-Nazi/KKK people or possibly Anglin.

  59. But that’s not even implied.

    Irony, rt.

    I just wanted to make it clear that, IMO, the Alt is miniscule, much of it is worthless, and that I would be pleased as punch to be proven wrong.

  60. Cagey Beast says

    This morning RT has a relatively friendly and fair piece on my two favourite Identitarian cuties:
    Far-right ‘Identitarian’ movement aiming to launch UK branch, but who are they?

  61. reiner Tor says

    e.g. his imperialism and vapidity

    He’s also a Stalin apologist.

    But I think his imperialism is misunderstood. Basically, if an alt-right government came to power in the whole Eurosphere, and accepted all white countries into NATO (but maybe kicked out Turkey), would this count as Spencer’s “White Empire”? Maybe it’s not politically viable to have Ukraine and Russia (or Poland and Russia, or Croatia and Serbia) in the same alliance (however, how viable is it to have Romania and Hungary or France and Germany in the same alliance? yet there we are), but I also very much doubt how a total separatism for all European countries would work. Basically smallstate nationalisms are used against each other by the globalists, and they will probably always primarily be directed against each other. Even if not, last time it was proposed by a runner-up presidential candidate, how popular was exactly leaving the Eurozone in France? People don’t want to rock the boat and discard integration. People enjoy the ability to travel within Europe. Therefore – so goes the reasoning – the EU will probably stay. It is actually popular, unlike mass immigration.

    So I’m not sure Spencer’s ideas are so misguided. I’m also not sure if it’s politically advisable to advertise those ideas in the way he does, but if the White Racialist Party received a majority in both houses of US Congress and won the presidency, the White Empire would already be a reality. He’s not an imperialist in the sense that he wants to conquer new lands. He just wants to keep what he already has (and integrate Russia, too).

    It’s only irrealistic because Spencer or any kind of White Racialist Party will never have a chance of even becoming a major party in the US, much less getting a majority. But you could tell that about any other kind of idea – it’s very likely that you (or people you like more than Spencer) will also never come to power.

    The most likely future is one which involves a multiculturalist totalitarianism until it all collapses under its own weight. It will also probably come much later than we imagine. It might never come: maybe the distopia will always be that of the boots of a high-IQ ruling class stamping forever on racist white faces. Maybe the ruling class will always keep things together, using ever more coercion and ever advanced technologies. I’m sure the dumb immigrant masses (whose groups hate each other, like Berbers and other Maghrebis, or Turks and Arabs, or Turks and Kurds, etc. etc.) won’t cause that many problems, at least as long as there’s a will.

  62. TelfoedJohn says

    I used to read the Robert Lindsay blog as often as I read Steve Sailer, but when he started writing about Bigfoot and PUA stuff I got a bit bored.

    He allied himself with what he called the AltLeft – leftist but race realist – before Trump redefined the term.

    The opposition to the AltRight are going a little nuts. Read the psychodrama here:

  63. I’m a left-wing white guy. And a Jew.

    No comment required

  64. That’s the problem/concern I have, that each ruling group across the world realizes that it’s much easier to have a democracy with an easily manipulated mass than any real alternative.

    Nuclear war basically means invasion is moot, and with democracy there’s no obligation to take care of the common man, you simply pit him against the underclass, unlike a monarchy.

    Society is run from the top-down ala NRx & the only reason there’s tension/conflict now is because a section of the elite is trying to rise up & pseudo alt right ideology is useful.

    Even then as Brett Stevens always hammers home, without an acknowledgment of differing capability ala caste & differing genetic profile aka ethnicity, any White Euro Empire/Union is doomed to fail like any other broad intra-national grouping based on egalitarianism (brotherhood, liberty, etc).

    Islam alone is not enough to change this tide as a lot of muslims are hedonist, ISIS & the like are reactionary just like the alt-right & their main gulf sponsers are flat out of cash so there they go too.

    We wrongly assume these ‘eastern’ states have our interests at heart rather than just being American Liberalism 101 with a time lag.

    Our perception of them is based largely on their rural pop. the same way America’s international reputation as a gun loving redneck state is. THeir urban elites are just as much cosmopolitan faggots as Hillary Clinton or Donald Duck Trump if not more

    & I say all this preferring Trump despite what Trump’s victory has cost me & my kind socially in the West (Sikh)

  65. those traffic numbers are about right. #impressed.

  66. It looks like the Supreme Overlords of the World decided to spare E. Europe & Russia.

    nope – Russia got one half of the full globalist treatment (open oligarch rule) after the wall came down but it didn’t take possibly partly because they’d been spared the other half of the treatment (cultural poz) by Stalin. The West already has the poz but not yet the (open) oligarch rule. The constant war drums directed at Putin and Russia and globalist funded orgs like Pussy Riot proves it.

    So it makes sense from Putin’s point of view to try and weaken those destructive forces but up till now the obvious Russian attempts at subversion have been following the 1960s playbook – which is completely pointless as the mainstream media has been subverting the West using that playbook for 50 years so all they’ve been doing is reinforcing the dominant narrative.

    (so far anyway – they may figure it out eventually)

  67. since race nationalists always have left-wing economic views

    yes, nationalists correctly see “muh GDP” as stealth poz.

  68. Putin has more important things to do than support marginal unpleasant Western neo-Nazis

    The dominant narrative in the West (pushed by the mainstream media) is anti-Russia so it makes sense for Pooty to want to subvert that narrative. However anything that undermines the western media helps with that so he doesn’t have to directly support any particular side – just poke holes in the narrative whenever the western media is lying. It doesn’t matter what the issue is – it could be left, right or neither – as the less people trust the media the less effective the media’s war drums will be.

  69. Nobody likes Fred and nobody is interested in what he has to say. Only a truly depraved individual would give Fred a platform.

    Hi Fred.

  70. Spencer gets promoted by the MSM because…

    the bad guys have a lust/hate for Anglos.

    Charlottesville marchers are the exact image they want their enemies to be.

    nope – or they would have used photos from the rally and not photos of a completely different KKK rally.

    Whereas effective resistance they try to ignore or even shut down (Daily Stormer).

    They shut down Stormer cos they got triggered by the Fed plant with a swastika.

  71. the media’s favorite enemy would be a

    they want them to be dumb caricatures like the fake skinhead at the Florida speech

  72. I would give as much time as possible to random minor neo-Nazi/KKK people or possibly Anglin

    Anglin’s too dangerous at what he is good at – extreme satire – to do that. Showing people partial quotes with all the humor removed could work but pointing people at him directly would backfire massively.

    Hence the Daily Stormer’s (currently) unique status.

    Otherwise yes the media like to pay meth heads to dress up as caricature skinheads to make them feel better.

  73. But I think his imperialism is misunderstood.

    To me it’s a rematch of the Anarchist vs Marxist battle in the late 1800s. How do you be a nationalist in a world made global by technology? It’s either some kind of anarcho-syndicalist federated nationalism or a single union.

    I believe high levels of average relatedness (somewhere in between too much and too little) leads to good outcomes so as an ex left-liberal i prefer the first option but i can see where he’s coming from.

    His problem with the union idea is although “White” identity (in a political not a genetic sense) is being rapidly created by the dominant culture it currently only exists in small pockets so he’s running a bit too far ahead of the curve imo.

  74. Thanks for doing this. Does necpluribusimpar rank? I suppose Spotted Toad doesn’t qualify? He’s pretty alt, but not so much right.

  75. The “diversity” – a word that’s been so badly bastardized – of articles published on UNZ makes this my other go to site besides Drudge Report and Social Matter. I was blown away by the American Pravda series in particular from UNZ.

    A lot of good authors and reposts from viewpoints that you don’t know exist till you click on it and down the rabbit hole you go. I recall one link from here on “geopolitics” which I never gave any real look at lead me to a post on looking at China’s geopolitical perspective via their island disputes with the Philippines.

    I can only hope this site grows and grows.

  76. awstats are useless because everything is counted as a visit, including remote calls to scripts and bots. Use statcounter