Strategic Direction Of Da Russophile

I feel that my blogging in terms of influencing the discourse on Russia has leveled off into something resembling a plateau. I now write the occasional op-ed; appear every so often in magazines, research articles, and even books; and the blog itself attracts about 500 daily visitors. But truth is I am barely making a dint relative to the likes of Harding or Lucas.

To this end I am embarking on two big projects that will consume the bulk of my creative efforts for at least the next year.

(1) I am writing a book with the preliminary title PUTIN DERANGEMENT SYNDROME: How Western Journalists Are Fueling A New Cold War Against Russia. (I’m not 100% happy with it and will welcome alternate suggestions).

As I have argued for close to 5 years now, Western media coverage of Russia tends to be woefully biased, frequently malicious, and – most unforgivably – factually wrong. This does not mean there is nothing to criticize about Russia and Russians and I will not refrain from doing so in the book. However, said criticisms must be grounded in statistical data, an appreciation of the viewpoints of ordinary Russians, and a judicious comparative perspective (which is NOT equivalent to “moral relativism” or “whataboutism” as many hardcore Russophobes claim).

In 1926, Will Rogers said, “Russia is a country that no matter what you say about it, it’s true.” It is high time to make this way of thinking obsolete.

The book will be divided into about a dozen chapters, covering all aspects of Russia which are either heavily misrepresented, or around which there exist powerful misconceptions. Here is a short sample list of such “Russia tropes”:

  • “Dying Russia”
  • The Manichean view of Russian politics
  • “If This Happened in Russia”
  • Putin the fascist, Stalinist, neo-Tsarist, kleptocratic mafia thug
  • Stagnation
  • Pariah state
  • The strange obsession with “Kremlin TV”, i.e. Russia Today
  • How big bad Russia raped plucky democratic Georgia

In addition to my own original work, the book will also feature guest articles from various political and legal experts, as well as original translations from the “unfree” Russian media. By revealing the lies and misrepresentations on which so much Western commentary on Russia is rooted, the book will hopefully serve as a catalyst for rethinking and concrete change. Ведь так больше жить нельзя.

(2) As blog readers will recall, back in May I attended a Washington conference, chaired by  Edward Lozansky, devoted to brainstorming ways to improve Russia’s dismal image abroad. Several fruitful suggestions came out of the meeting, one of which has already been brought into being: The site

My own modest contribution was a site devoted to translating the Russian media into English, a reverse-Inosmi if you will. Its preliminary name is RUSSIA VOICES.

There are several core structural features that make Western coverage of Russia as bad as it is. One of these is that there are more questions than can be answered; as argued by Patrick Armstrong, it takes 10x longer to write a rebuttal to a lying article, than the lying article itself (and claims of Kremlin-paid bloggers to the contrary, – I wish! – we don’t have a hundredth of either the resources or the media exposure of the Lucas and Harding types). Other such features include the “propaganda model” and exiled oligarch funding of anti-Putin kompromat. These are systemic forces that need a systemic response.

Should it become a significant feature of the media landscape, RUSSIA VOICES will accomplish three major things:

  1. Improve perceptions of Russian media in general (i.e., not Zimbabwe).
  2. Improve perceptions of Russia in general (i.e., complex array of liberal, Kremlin, statist, patriot, nationalist, & leftist forces; NOT a Manichean struggle between Padawan Navalny and Darth Putler).
  3. Publicize Russian voices on global affairs (e.g. Syria).

After all, what would YOU, as a media consumer, rather read about: Top Russian sci-fi novelist Sergey Lukyanenko’s thoughts on the Russian elections, or Miriam Elder on how Putin stole her dry-cleaning ticket?

Exactly. And I am sure the same goes for many academics, students, expats, businesspeople, and intelligent open-minded laymen. RUSSIA VOICES will translate from all sides of the ideological spectrum, be they pro-Kremlin or anti-Kremlin; Western media consumers will then have the freedom to independently judge exactly how “unfree” is the Russian media (and Russia in general) for themselves.

The only problem is that unlike the book, RUSSIA VOICES will require not insubstantial funding to get off the ground. Translators gotta be paid. I will be working on this issue in the next several months.

Blogging here will not come to a stop, nor at the other site. But intensity probably will fall off a bit.

Anatoly Karlin is a transhumanist interested in psychometrics, life extension, UBI, crypto/network states, X risks, and ushering in the Biosingularity.


Inventor of Idiot’s Limbo, the Katechon Hypothesis, and Elite Human Capital.


Apart from writing booksreviewstravel writing, and sundry blogging, I Tweet at @powerfultakes and run a Substack newsletter.


  1. Mr. Karlin,
    As a devout Russophile, I would like to volunteer suggestions on SOME juicy topics that I (as a prolific reader) would like to see in a (balanced) book about Russia-
    a) Your thoughts on whether Russia will eventually assimilate all or chunks of Ukraine, Belarus, and possibly Kazakhstan (and why/why not it shouldn’t). In other words, a layout of Russia’s geostragic/geopolitical goals in its near abroad would be a fascinating read.
    b) An in-depth report on the direction of the Russian economy and Russia’s human capital over the next…say 50 years
    c) A report on the future of Russia’s energy reserves and its effect on the Russian economy
    d) An in-depth analysis on Russia’s positive demographic trends, and WHY Russia will not become an Islamic country in 50 years (including an in-depth report on the nature, effect, and size of immigration into Russia-since there really is scant information on this topic)

    There’s more…I just can’t think of ’em right now

    The reason why I’m requesting these things, in summary, is that these issues are a black hole in Western analysis. The issues I’ve listed above are rarely ever talked about in the vast literature on Russia in the West, and the few times that they are, the information is almost so biased, inaccurate, and politically motivated, that it borders on North Korean propaganda. In short, as a Western reader, I feel that no other source I know of can answer these questions accurately.

    It’s all well and good to bash Putinophobia, but would a book that lays out, in an in-depth, statistical analysis, ‘WHY RUSSIA WILL SUCCEED’, be better than just a response to anti-Russian liberals?

    • Thanks Ryan G.,

      While those are all very interesting topics, I am not going to be covering any of them in any detail except (d), which falls under demographic myths.

      Why? Because I want it to be a heavily fact-based book with tons of citations to back up mu point. It’s point isn’t to predict the future, but to challenge misconceptions and change the terms of the Russia discourse.

      Those issues would be more appropriate for a book on the global future in general. I *will* write that book eventually but not in 2012 or 2013. Sorry about this.

  2. Moscow Exile says

    Good luck! I look forward to reading your book.

    (Still waiting for my paycheck from the Kremlin.)

  3. I would propose: “The worse, the better”. As it is obvious that when Russia was in real economic decline and suffered population decline of 500k-1 million annually (Yeltsin and first Putin years), it was rarely mentioned, it started to appear only after it was obvious that Putin would not be Western puppet and that situation is improving steadily in sharp contrast with progressive countries like Latvia, Georgia …

    • “The worse, the better”… don’t really like that either, sorry. Can be interpreted in too many ways.

      It has to be short and snappy. “The New Cold War” is an excellent title. Same goes for “Mafia State”. “The Return” is a crap title, even though the actual book is worth a 100 of the former two.

      Putin Derangement Syndrome is short n’ snappy too. I’d give it a 7/10. Adequate, maybe even good, but can be better…

      • AK if Romney gets elected president, I had in mind a viral YouTube video shot with modern cheaper digital cameras with multiple people — young, old, professional — all in sequence saying something like, “This is modern Russia”, including Russians who work at Kaspersky, Boeing, Skolkovo, a Russian businessman who travels back and forth to Israel to work in a line about visa free travel between those two countries just to poke the neocons some, and “Governor (President???) Romney come see for yourself in Europe’s largest and fastest growing city, Moscow.”

        Don’t know how much that would cost though it’s getting more possible to create very high production values on a shoe string (for an example, see the $6,000 budget trailer for ‘Grey State’ a police state thriller that at this stage isn’t more than a trailer filmed in the Twin Cities, Minnesota).

        It’s more the costs of lining up the logistics and the speakers since a video with just yourself, Ed and maybe a few other folks from World Russia Forum wouldn’t get as much legs as one with lotsa beautiful Muscovites sprinkled in (no fense, and I’m sure Ed wouldn’t take it).

        • I mean hell if respectable D.C. TV and cable outlets can run ads showing women in veils driving power boats in ‘the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, America’s ally against terrorism’ back in 2002 why the hell not a more grass rootsey video showing modern Russia?

        • That’s good but at the moment I’m far more interested in getting the right title.

  4. Looking forward to the book

  5. I like your idea of the book. Indeed, it would be cool if you write a book which would show specific western journalists to be unreliable sources.

    Simply writing that things are much better in Russia compared to the false image forced by Western MSM media, is not enough. Exposing concrete lies and their authors would be useful.

    • By the way, have you heard how Masha Gessen was fired from Snob, and then fired from Vokrug Sveta journal only after half a year of work as chief editor? She managed to drop the paper print of the journal by 20% and the auditory of the journal site by 50% in a short time! Apparently feeling she would not last in the job for long, she refused to cover Putin’s flight with endangered cranes (an excellent topic for a geographic journal) and thus made the owners of the journal to fire her. So she tried to save her professional reputation through more anti-Putin PR.

  6. On Russia’s demography: CIA World Factbook finally has changed the figure of Russia’s population from 138 mln (based on the old projections which never came true, lol) to 142,5 mln.

    Apparently they in CIA do not want to look stupid when the natural growth is reported in Russia this or next year. Yet they have not changed their figures for Russia’s birth and death rates.

  7. Great to hear about the book, & look forward to grabbing a copy when it comes out.
    As a title suggestion, how about
    “Putin & the Western Shill’s
    – how media corruption is fueling tensions with one of the world’s greatest powers”

    RE. the CIA factbook, also notice that they were claiming that “roughly 3,300 national, regional, and local TV stations with over two-thirds completely or partially controlled by the federal or local governments; ”
    kind of giving the impression that the Kremlin controls pretty much everything in the media;
    – which is not the impression I get from surfing through internet channels or going through google translate in russian sites…
    More the opposite if anything, seeming to be a very chaotic media landscape with a lot of criticism directed at various authorities, a lot of serious issues raised, & lot of different viewpoints (along with immense amounts of sport, entertainment, etc.).
    Seems very freestyle compared to the west, & I know a lot of big companies have their own media divisions, & there seems to be a ton of small media outlets.

  8. American Imperial Nationalist or AIN says

    Dear Anatoly
    I had an argument with a Russian hater
    He told me look at this and look at that when you compare the West with Russia
    then I told him
    try to put on one side 50 the most developed countries in the world or so called the “West” against let’s say for this purpose against Israel then you will see that Israel is a big zero
    [ of course it could have been Italy or any single country ]
    I told him
    We can compare in something Russia against only one developed country
    but not Russia against the West and that is America + 50 countries.
    For example New Zealand is e western country
    let’s compare the auto industry of that country against Russia and so on
    Also I told him if Russia is the second to America it is a great achievement….
    In short do we need to put the West versus Russia.
    This reasoning suits to the Cold War Warriors because in this case Russia must lose
    Nobody can fight against America plus 50 countries.
    Dear Anatoly, besides who and what is the West and since when?

    Dear Anatoly, besides who and what is the West and since when?
    and something more
    I am sure 100% that you will not find two person in the world who will put exactly the same countries in this group the “west”
    For America and Britain the west it is
    America and Britain
    and the other vassal states might believe that they are the west too…as long as it suits UKUSA they will pretend that they are the west…if it does not suit them any more, they will stop being called or accepted as the west.
    For example in Syria war suddenly Saudi Arabia becomes a western country.

    Dear Anatoly
    I have read biography on Bernard Shaw
    At that time somewhere 1930′s many British intellectuals went to Soviet Union
    so went Shaw and came back to Britain and journalists asked him many questions about Soviet Union
    Shaw answered all them in positive way.
    Churchill read about it in papers and remarked
    Of 10 questions he answered all 10 positive about Russia, how is it possible?
    The story was told to Bernard Shaw
    and he replied
    If I answered 9 questions about Russia in positive way and only one in the negative way
    the journalists would cable to the USA the one that was negative.

  9. Maybe since the book is about Russia at large, judging by thr themes you listed, “Putin derangement syndrome” will seem too focused on the president himself.
    I can already imagine people disregarding the book as that of a “Putin apologist”.

    I think the best choice would be a catchy phrase similar to what is used in successful ads under the brand’s name, ie something that catches attention and is easily memorized.
    These are usual marketing tricks, and sometimes companies pay fortunes just for this few words.
    Your title isn’t so bad at that but the caveat above remains annoying imo.

    Since my command of the English language isn’t so excellent it’s a bit hard for me to imagine one such slogan…Otherwise, I’m thinking you can make use of the infamous Kennan’s quote “unwashed, backward, appealing” which is strong and offensive, especially if associated with a nice photo of smiling Russian kids (dedicated to demographic doomsayers!).
    A good introduction to start your case against russophobia. Sorry if it’s a bit lame…

  10. Jennifer Hor says


    “Putin Derangement Syndrome” might suggest it’s Putin who’s deranged, not the media.

    Usually you need a short, snappy and combative main title and then a sub-title that explains the purpose of the book to get people’s attention, depending on whether you want to write the book for the general public or for a specialist audience. The book publishing industry isn’t any higher in ethics or intelligence than the media (both are usually owned and controlled by the same people – News Corporation owns HarperCollins for a start) so you must adjust your sights and expectations accordingly, that is, lower.

    My suggestion would be “Mafia State or Mafia Media? – how the Western press drums up war against Putin and Russia”. Notice how the main title suggests two extremes in a question form that invites people to pick up the book.

    If you haven’t organised the book’s chapters yet, you could pick 10 or 12 most common misconceptions or myths the Western media promotes about Russia and Putin and each myth becomes the focus of a chapter which either demolishes it or uses the myth as a foundation to investigate the complexity of the subject matter. So one chapter is “Myth No 5: Putin is a tyrant” and everything in that chapter can be all about how the press here portrays him, then you debunk the propaganda and write what he actually does or does not do, and why there is such a gulf between the fiction and fact. Once you do that, the book’s final title might suggest itself: “Russia versus Western Media: 10 (or 12) Things about Russia the Press wants You to Believe” or something along those lines.

  11. Dear Anatoly and all friends of Russia
    I still believe the best way to fight anti-Russian propaganda and to influence people is a forum.
    In Croatia we have the most popular daily called Vecernji List or Evening post.
    This newspaper allows its readers to comment on every topic under supervision of moderator.
    Every post is rated with plus and minus
    Also one can see how many people read the article so when you write a post or an article and you see that 200 people visited a site in 15 minutes you know that you did something useful.
    I have been commented or fighting for the Russian cause for five years.
    For long time there were many Russian haters and gradually they have declined.
    Here is the latest article on Pussy Riot from Vecernji list
    and you can see the forum and posts written
    Pay attention on nicks as [ friends of Russia, but not enemies of any other country ]
    Rostov U
    Here is some more from Vecernji list, the article was Putin and group sex
    all comments with pro Russian view have received the highest score
    wahr, Enemy at the Gates,Rostov U
    irani is writing against Russia and he has received the most minuses.
    On this site called you can comment on anything, here was a strong anti Russian lobby
    Somebody under name Ringo so lucid and in intelligent way was extremely successful on defending the truth about Russia.
    He wrote hundreds of good articles about Russia. There is also a way to see the numbers of visitors.
    The most of this good people are Croats who live abroad and are fighting against lies about Russia.

    • Vladimir Blagoyevich says

      Same thing here in B-H, and in Serbia.. You’ve got media bitching about how Russia sucks, copy-pasting news from AP and Reuters, and you’ve got majority of readers rating these news as zero and writing comments to ridicule it..
      Needless to say, most of leading news-outlets throughout the region are owned by german, english, etc companies..

  12. The title I would have suggested – “Getting Russia Wrong” – was already used by Patrick Cockburn for a book in the 1980s, so I suppose it’s off-limits. But I think it’s the sort of title you need. “Putin Derangement Syndrome” is too focused on Putin.

    • Your Putin Derangement Syndrome criticism is correct. Putin will of course feature prominently, as Pankin said at the WRF, to defend Russia today you pretty much have to defend Putin too even if you don’t like him much. But as defending Putin will constitute no more than 20% of the book I agree it’s not the best title.

      What do you think of “If It’s About Russia, It’s True” (ripping off Will Rogers)… a bit of a mouthful, but unfortunately, “True Lies” is already taken by Schwarzenegger. “False Truths” maybe? “Black-Washing Russia”? How about going fantastical/satirical with “The Dark Lord of the Kremlin” or “Putin’s Mordor”? An idea for another subtitle is “How the Media Manufactures Lies About Russia.”

      Another idea is “Kremlin Maligned”, it’s short and to the point, but I can come off as a bit of a, erm, Kremlin shill with that title.

      • How about turning the title around – call yours “Getting Russia Right.” Since you’re not just critiquing media but trying to set the record straight.

      • David Habakkuk says

        I think there is something in what Croat says below — that a title may emerge as you write the book.

        However, I like the idea of a fantastical/satirical title.

        They aren’t right — but in the hope of provoking thoughts in others, let me offer a few sighting shots:

        A very modern Mordor?

        Karla at the Kremlin?

        The Second Coming of SMERSH?

  13. Moscow Exile says

    How about “Russia NOT for Dummies”?

  14. Anatoly
    Just write a book if you feel so, the title will come by itself.
    Myself I am very sceptical about the books
    because the modus operandi of propaganda of UKUSA and its vassals is
    to flood readers with negativeness about Russia on daily bases.
    They assume that people don,t remember what the readers read the last week.
    i would suggest a blog or a site where will be only good articles about Russia.
    These articles would be collected all over net and gathered on the same place
    this is one from The Economist
    Business recorder

  15. I wrote a post
    and you blocked me, why?

    AK: I didn’t block you, it went into the spam folder for whatever reason.

  16. Wanted to propose something like
    “A normal country” or “The unloved country”
    Google says both titles taken tho…

  17. Vladimir Blagoyevich says

    Title PUTIN DERANGEMENT SYNDROME is fine.. The word “Putin” always attracts attention.

  18. Vladimir Blagoyevich says

    As to part #2.. Just like in the case of military answer of Russia against western build-up of army potential, russian answer to media aggression should be *asymetrical* in order to be succesful.. RT is a good example, and a success story by all means..

    IMHO, if there was a website developed by the same principles as RT program, it should be effective..

    First of all, technical part should be flawless. When users notice cheap interface or programming, they tend to not take it seriously.

    Whenever possible, it should use western / english-language sources, because western audience is trained to ignore non-western ones. Translating information from one language to another is an important source of information, but don’t overestimate it.

    There is lots of individual effort to defend Russia. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have significant effect because it is dispersed, it is like bunch of arrows hiting an armour. If only these individual efforts could be assembled into one fist, that would surely bring some weight to it. For example, there is a handful of sharp inteligent people writing their blogs about Russia. If there was a website which enables them to still have individual blogs with all technical posibilities as they already do, but gives them one common point of entrance and support, then the impact would multiply..


  19. Vladimir Blagoyevich
    on September 10, 2012 at 1:56 pm said:
    I have found out that one article written by Vecernji list can bring 5 000 readers.
    The most of these people do not rate the comments, but they do read.
    Every newspaper reader will read first a couple of comments and that is it.
    Yes on other hand there are people who are trying to subvert it.
    Nevertheless I strongly believe when you write “American regime” in forum instead of only America, people will notice it and that word “regime” is losing its affect.
    Watching and participating in forums I have come to conclusion that it works.
    Many forum writers would write bad things about Russia but don’t write because they know that somebody will hit them or some of them respect a good and respected forum writer.
    As once Chechov remarkd to Tolstoy
    “There are many people who would do bad things but they don’t do it only because you are alive”.
    For example, there was a guy by name Stockholm who liked to write always shit about Russia, somehow Russsophiles have found out that he is a Jew boy
    then they would attack Israel…..there was other guy from Israel who told this guy Stockholm that his writing is counterproductive… Stockholm writes shit only against the Arabs.
    Comments in newspapers reflect the mood of population.
    BBC lies on many instances and if there were allowed comments …the story would be different.
    Anyway, today we live in age of internet, it is not possible to lie.
    It was easy to lie to us in Eastern Europe when the Voice of America was authority.
    The VoA ended up on the heap of history.

  20. Dear Anatoly
    i don’t know where to vote
    but my choice is this
    Black-Washing Russia
    Once i went to a good book shop and I looked at a guy taking a book from the shelf on Croatia.
    I could see that he was not a Croat and I figured out that he wants to buy a book as a present for somebody.
    The book was written by a Croatian Jew Ivo Goldstein in the book he was very critical of Croatian government at that time [ ~ 1997 ] and the Croatian state.
    That guy made some damage to Croatian people and is not liked in Croatia.
    anyway today he is the Croatian ambassador in France [ Paris ].
    I felt sorry for the the chap who was buying the book.
    His intention was good but he did not the situation in Croatia, like who is who etc.
    So Anatoly for what segment of the market do you want the book?
    Some people you cannot change but you can encourage many like minded people.

  21. Correction
    His intention was good but he did not know the situation in Croatia

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