Stunning and Brave: Cambridge University Defends Freedom of Speech From /pol/ Shitposters

Dr. Priyamvada Gopal is (was) a Reader in “postcolonial literature” and “critical race studies” at Churchill College in the University of Cambridge.

But then, a couple of days ago, she made a politically controversial and highly racially charged statement:

She is no longer a Reader.

Because the day afterwards, she was made a full Professor:

It is truly wonderful to see the University of Cambridge take such a bold and courageous stand for the principles of free speech against the hordes of marauding /pol/ shitposters, Russian Nazis, and white supremacists.


Incidentally, a quick perusal of Gopal’s Twitter TL suggests that she was very much on board with another college within the institution she works for rescinding Jordan B. Peterson’s fellowship, and appears to have actually contributed to getting Noah Carl fired.

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  2. The people described by “The University” in the tweet above are just squirming double-jiving maggots taking arbitrary decisions depending on how the prevailing political wind blows. “Oceania! Yes. We are at war with them! (Aren’t we? Oh God I hope we are!)”

    Either they are unable or unwilling to handle what “The University” stands for and must be removed to save it.

    Or “The University” is meaningless marketing stamp affixed to a set of buildings housing a deeply diseased bureaucratic structure. Then it should be sold to some Chinese bidder who can do something useful with the assets. Maybe some entertainment park, God knows Blighty needs some money,

    Founded in 1209 and granted a royal charter by King Henry III in 1231, Cambridge is the second-oldest university in the English-speaking world and the world’s fourth-oldest surviving university

    “Everything dies, Mr. Mulder.”

  3. another anon says

    Incidentally, a quick perusal of Gopal’s Twitter TL suggests that she was very much on board with another college within the institution she works for rescinding Jordan B. Peterson’s fellowship

    Jordan Peterson are not like any of these cancelled people. His fellowship migh be rescinded, but, somehow, he was not cancelled. He got glowing reception in mainstream media, his works were published globally and translated into 45 languages, he was promoted all over the world as “greatest living thinker”.
    Absolute energy produced by all meat diet.

    And then, he just went AWOL.
    He is supposed to lie in coma at Russian clinic, where he is treated for drug addiction ( because Russian medicine is world renowned for its awqesomeness).

    And no one cares.
    No one cares at all.
    Greatest living thinker just vanished without trace, and no one seems to GAF. The media are silent.(with few exceptions)

    All his fans all over the world are fine that their idol is gone. The world just moved on.

    Conspiracy theorist will say that the whole thing smells suspiciously and glows in the dark. Of course, we are not conspiracy theorists.

    Anyway, it is nice that there is still any one who remembers Jordan Peterson. 😉

  4. Here is under-medicated Jordan Peterson

    before he went to Russia for being over-self-medicated. Benzos were his thing. This may explain why he could keep his cool and keep down his high strung personality during adversarial interviews

  5. another anon says

    To be fair, Jordan Peterson probably made the world a better place when he got the nerds clean their rooms.

    No! Cleaning my room is not a chore I have to do because mom screams at me all the time and threatens to cut my internet connection!

  6. So…

    When do you believe the Iron Curtain shall be rebuilt?

  7. EldnahYm says

    Diaspora South Asians are one of the most hostile anti-White groups out there. Like the Jews, they also tend to specialize in parasitic behavior that gnaws away at the foundation of their host societies.

  8. Alastair Ross says

    All true , of course.

    Churchill College , which is highly autonomous while being part of Cambridge University, did not promote her .

    In the Byzantine world of Oxbridge , we can be sure that this is a Faculty appointment for the sake of Diversity.

    Dr Gopal’s name in Sanskrit means cow – herder and I believe she overreached in departing from that time – honoured caste placement.

    Given the smell of Calcutta , perhaps she should have remained in India and tended to the prolifically defecating bovine charges in emulation of her ancestors.
  9. Max Payne says

    Don’t know why but fuck face reminds me of the alien hybrid from resurrection:

  10. Kind of hard to write an op-ed in Canada’s major conservative newspaper if you’re in a coma. This was hilariously wrong however, meaning that he never saw a paper in the hard sciences:

    “Hudlicky’s paper in Angewandte Chemie was peer-reviewed positively, judged as desirable by the relevant editorial staff, and published. This meant that it managed the difficult job of passing through the eye of a needle, and entering the kingdom of heaven, at least as far as research chemists might be concerned.”

  11. Pharmakon says

    Mr. Karlin, you just can’t let go, can you?
    By informing us of these developments, you’re pouring oil into the fire and that is a good thing; however, I can’t help but notice a vailed hope in you that there could be a midway detour and return to normality in the West. Such hopes are immoral as they represent cheering for thy enemy. No, the show must go on until it reaches its logical conclusion and we must celebrate developments such as the above – the Western self-destruction is the way to our re-emancipation. Let’s just do our best to keep the POZ out of Eastern Europe/Russia and the few other remaining vestiges of normality.

  12. This is part of an essay from E.M. Forster, one of the greatest alumni of Cambridge, a historic institution whose name people like Professor Gopal are now dragging through the mud:

    The world is full of people—appallingly full; it has never been so full before, and they are all tumbling over each other. Most of these people one doesn’t know and some of them one doesn’t like; doesn’t like the color of their skins, say, or the shape of their noses, or the way they blow them or don’t blow them, or the way they talk, or their fondness of jazz or their dislike of jazz, and so on. Well, what is one to do?

    If you don’t like people, put up with them as well as you can. Don’t try to love them. You can’t, and you’ll only strain yourself. But try to tolerate them. On the basis of that tolerance a civilized future may be built. Certainly I see no other foundation for the postwar world.

    Phrases like “I will purge this nation,” “I will clean up this city,” terrify and disgust me. They might not have mattered when the world was emptier; they are horrifying now, when one nation is mixed up with another, when one city cannot be organically separated from its neighbors.

    How times change (or don’t). “Abolish whiteness” is the trendy new “I will purge this nation”. So nice to see intolerance spread through an 800-year-old institution dedicated to enlightenment.

  13. Alastair Ross says

    EMF was a homosexual ,that is to say sufficiently singular to be designated alumnus.

    He was an Empire – hating homosexual whose advice on any subject we must regard with a measure of dubuity.

  14. Naturally the foundation will bear your expenses

    Hurrying to catch my Comet
    One dark November day,
    Which soon would snatch me from it
    To the sunshine of Bombay,
    I pondered pages Berkeley
    Not three weeks since had heard,
    Perceiving Chatto darkly
    Through the mirror of the Third.

    Crowds, colourless and careworn,
    Had made my taxi late,
    Yet not till I was airborne
    Did I recall the date –
    That day when Queen and Minister
    And Band of Guards and all
    Still act their solemn-sinister
    Wreath-rubbish in Whitehall.

    It used to make me throw up,
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    – But I outsoar the Thames,
    And dwindle off down Auster
    To greet Professor Lal
    (He once met Morgan Forster),
    My contact and my pal.

    Philip Larkin

    The Comet was Britain (and the world’s) first commercial jet airliner which suffered fatal crashes in the nineteen fifties but was still flying during the early sixties when this poem was written.
    The Third Programme was the BBC’s heavy arts and big thinkers radio channel.
    Chatto is a publisher.
    November 11th is Armistice Day when Britain officially commemorates its war dead based on the date in nineteen eighteen when hostilities on the Western Front came to an end. It involves a member of the Royal Family laying a wreath at the Cenotaph in Whitehall while a military band plays.
    Morgan Forster is E. M. Forster.

  15. Athletic and Whitesplosive says

    Not that I care that much about this gatekeeper, but has anyway seen him walking around, doing things, alive? Or is all anyone’s seen of him an article with his name on it?

    It could be that he’s in a coma/rehab but his ghost writer isn’t. Would be pretty standard practice for glowies to have their handlers keep up the appearance that they’re out and about, if Trump wins in November RBG will be writing Op-eds from deep in her grave for years if need be.

  16. Good grief isn’t that woman plain. No wonder she is bitter and twisted.

    Anyway, Jared Taylor said that white people only get upset when they perceive that something is unfair. Surely it is unfair that some revolting Asian Indian woman with the luxury of “working” at a university – but creating nothing of any real value – can say negative things about white people and subsequently is even promoted, whilst a young working class white man loses his job at an engineering firm for making an innocuous but positive statement about white people. This is what is known as “punching down” isn’t it? No wonder more and more normal white people are getting really angry.

  17. She also called someone n….r and sandn….r on Twitter. (and surprisingly, has not deleted those Tweets yet)
    Seems like a charming lady.

  18. jbwilson24 says

    She’s an interesting case. The grifting is not exactly foreign to south asians. They are in general a race prone to fraud and deceit, reveling in those successful moments where they manage to screw someone over. A Chinese friend warned me a long time ago that Indians and Pakis would screw you over, and I realize now that he was right.

    Cambridge promoting her for her mediocre research is not a surprise at all. Honestly, the intellectual standards in that ‘field’ of grievance studies are so low that one can basically get a PhD for writing a blog post.

    What was interesting is that she followed this up by insulting Hindus. She called for the elimination of Brahmins, implying that Hinduism is a crackpot religion. India is mad at her as well. She might get offed not by some angry white guy, but by a group of outraged Hindu nationalists.

  19. Amerimutt Golems says

    It is truly wonderful to see the University of Cambridge take such a bold and courageous stand for the principles of free speech against the hordes of marauding /pol/ shitposters, Russian Nazis, and white supremacists.

    Probably Gopal and her people or SJW, Hope not Hate and Unite Against Fascism zealots taking a break from attacking local victims of rape gangs. Such is Blighty.

    I was raped by Rotherham grooming gang – now I still face racist abuse online

  20. Amerimutt Golems says

    Diaspora South Asians are one of the most hostile anti-White groups out there. Like the Jews, they also tend to specialize in parasitic behavior that gnaws away at the foundation of their host societies.

    The Gupta brothers from India come to mind. They went to South Africa and aligned with corrupt local black politicians.

    They hired British PR firm Bell Pottinger to smear critics and business competitors as greedy white racists. Bell Pottinger came up with the slogan ‘white monopoly capital’ which is no different from ‘white privilege’.

  21. another anon says

    Good that Jordan Peterson is alive, well and in Serbia, I wish him well.

    I was not worried about Jordan Peterson, I was curious about the lack of reaction of his supposed worldwide devoted fandom.

    Nothing at all official JP reddit about his absence.

    Few fans asked “Is Jordan Peterson alive” and got answers “shut up troll” “trust Michaela” “trust the plan”. Otherwise, crickets.