Sweden and 1,890 Uzbeks

Latest from Aftonbladet:


There were a grand total of 1,890 men of Uzbek nationality in Sweden in 2016.

This past week hasn’t been a good one for the Central Asians don’t do terrorism stereotype, what with the Saint-Petersburg bomber being Uzbek, and the Kazakh Islamist cell in Astrakhan.

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  1. Wasn’t the SPB bomber an Uzbek too?
    Are Uzbeks like Batarians, sending their worst to us?

  2. Dreadnought says

    Killer trucks strike again.

    How many years left until Sweden stops functioning completely?

  3. Three possibilities: 1) a weird coincidence 2) these two guys belonged to the same jihadi cell 3) the recent change of power in Uzbekistan, the first since Soviet times, has done something screwy to their society.

  4. The one approach that has absolutely no “market” in the West is retarded conspiracy theorizing, which is of course why the Russian government went with that.

    How is what she said a conspiracy theory? I ran the page through Google Translate and it’s not clear what she’s saying but it seems to be just a critique of Sweden’s mass exotic immigration project.

  5. German_reader says

    I think AK was being ironic.

  6. She is attributing the growth of terrorism (and of refugees, suffering, and of other problems) to “geopolitical experiments,” which begs the question then of why Russia also has a terrorism problem, even though she (presumably) would deny that Russia is itself involved in such experiments.

  7. What is the motive for an Uzbek refugee to attack Swedes at random?

    Did I hear it correctly that Sweden has closed its border to Muslims for 10 days?

  8. Felix Keverich says

    This is easy: Russia is a victim of American experiments!

  9. News flash: muzzers in one country get riled up by muzzers in completely different countries bombing or getting bombed!
    This is a really bad post. Conspiracies have no market in the west? PDS says hi!

  10. unpc downunder says
  11. On second thought you’re right.

    I was writing it very late at night and misinterpreted her point.

  12. Sweden is pretty much out of the “invade the world” game for the time being, and has been ever since they got rid of Bildt, so yes, sympathy would’ve been better.