Россия – Криптоколония Беларуси

Приехали. Шеф-редактор Аналитической редакции информационного агентства REGNUM, гражданин Белоруссии Юрий Баранчик задержан и помещен в камеру в Дорогомиловском РУВД Москвы. Как полагают его коллеги, задержание было проведено по запросу белорусских властей, которые ранее задержали нескольких журналистов, сотрудничавших с редакцией. «Ридус» ранее рассказывал о том, что их борьбу за интеграцию российской и белорусской экономики превратили в […]

Белорусская Многоходовка

В декабре прошлого года, в Беларуси арестовали трех пророссийских колумнистов (Юрий Павловец, Дмитрий Алимкин, Сергей Шиптенко). Реакция нашего славного МИДа: Сами виноваты, как вы смеете оскорблять чувства верующих в БССР, и короче, идите нахуй: 20 декабря арест корреспондентов Regnum прокомментировал российский посол Александр Суриков. “Очень сильно сомневаемся, что эти люди – истинные патриоты страны, в которой […]

Russia’s Demographics Continue to Steadily Improve

Here it is, for those who read Russian. The May data also has emigration data, which is not included in the prelimary estimates – that is here. The main points to take away: Births fell 0.3% and deaths fell 0.5%; as a result, the overall natural decrease has fallen from -57,000 in 2012 to -53,000 in […]

Translation: Cheap Food and Gambling in Belarus, but no Psychics

Two Russian travel writers, Natalia Ko and Nikolay Varsegov, share their experiences in Belarus – very positive ones, for the most part – with readers of Komsomolskaya Pravda. You can Gamble in Belarus, but Seances are Forbidden The first surprise on detraining in Minsk: The taxi drivers here don’t pester you, shouting, “Where are you going?” […]

Maksim Schweiz – It’s Time To Shove Off To Belarus!

In the vein of my recent posts on the myth of Russian emigration, I am now publishing a translation of Уехать в Белоруссию (“Go Off To Belarus”) by Maksim Schweiz writing for Rosbalt news agency. It is a joint effort by Nils van der Vegte, who blogs with Joera Mulders at Russia Watchers and is […]

Russia’s Demographic Resilience V

In summary, the excess deaths from the once-in-10,000-years heatwave canceled out most of the increase in births, causing the rate of natural decrease to fall by only 7,400 relative to 2009. Adding in the 82,500 drop in net immigration for Jan-Nov 2009, and we can estimate that Russia’s population will fall by about 50,000 this […]

The Transition 20 Years On: The Reckoning

It is now nearly 20 years since market reformers began liberalizing the economies of Eastern Europe, or as some smart-ass put it, trying to revive the fish in the centrally planned fish stews. These stews, cooked to diverse recipes from goulash socialism to Soviet “structural militarization“, were subjected to a wide spectrum of overlapping treatments ranging […]

Victory Day Special: The Poisonous Myths of the Eastern Front

За нас за вас и за десант и за спецназ! The Red Army was the single greatest contributor to the defeat of Nazi Germany sixty-four years ago, a truly evil empire based on slavery and oppression, and responsible for the genocide of millions of Slav civilians, Jews, Soviet POW’s and Roma by gas, bullets and […]