Hell And Football

UEFA should outsource Euro promotion to the Chinese in perpetuity. [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5sn3zKdlOww] PS. My money is on Italy tomorrow. Edit: 0-4, ouch…

Parting Thoughts On Euro 2012

So yesterday morning I was sitting at the bar with my homies, in a Russian sailor vest and with a big Russian flag draped round our table. It was 0-0. Whatever. Russia had mounted several good attacks, and was bound to score eventually, and even if it didn’t, as long as the Poland – Czech game […]

Does UEFA Hate Russia?

One might have thought that football is one of those few places where politics can be left at the door. At least that’s the position of UEFA who constantly talk of the game’s potential to build bridges, etc. However, consider the following litany of attacks. First, it is looking into punishing Russia for displaying the […]