Руководство по Избежанию 282

Евразийская Федерация, 2049. Русского националиста Дмитрия Боброва недавно осудили на 2 года строгого режима за использование экстремистского термина “великий русский народ” и оскорбление чувств социальной группы “всех, кто не белые”. Нет, я даже не преувеличиваю, пойдите почитайте сами! В связи с этой кафкаевщиной, в последнем эпизоде РОГПР мы обсудили как можно лучше избежать колеса взбесившегося россиянского […]

Трамп и Тропическая Гиперборея

Трамп борется за Тропическую Гиперборею… извините, за Питтсбург, а не за Париж. Но фактически, все равно за Тропическую Гиперборею – то есть, за прекрасную Россию будущего. Прекрасную, и очень теплую, не вынужденной бороться с вечной мерзлотой, и способной прокормить миллиарды людей. Тем временем, кремлины выступают за Парижские Соглашения: В преддверии официального заявления президента США пресс-секретарь Кремля Дмитрий […]

A Conversation with Weiss

As far as I understand, Michael D. Weiss is one of those neocons who loves Guantanamo but has a special soft spot in his heart for those Muslims who happen to be fighting Russia or some other state that the US doesn’t like much. When he isn’t chumming it up with his jihadist pals in […]

Translation: Is Putin a KGB Agent, a Hipster, or a Mensch?

In his Odnako blog Evgeny Super asks why Putin’s image seems to be improving of late. Turned off by the propaganda against the Russian President, he argues, Westerners are beginning to give him grudging respect. The Russian President’s Demonic Image Collapses in the Western Media Literally from the very first day of President Vladimir Putin’s […]

Should I Give Up Already?

From a Freedom House publication:

Mystery Within An Enigma

mls13 writes: “Anything goes,” eh? Okay, here’s an admittedly-asinine question for everyone: how is the Medvedev-back-to-Putin transition being addressed by Russia’s makers of political matryoshki? Are they doing Putin on the outside, then Medvedev, then Putin again and then Yeltsin, Gorbachev etc.; or are they being untrue to history by doing Putin-Medvedev-Yeltsin-Gorbachev…, or are they […]

Hell And Football

UEFA should outsource Euro promotion to the Chinese in perpetuity. [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5sn3zKdlOww] PS. My money is on Italy tomorrow. Edit: 0-4, ouch…

The 5 Types of Russian American

In my nearly 20 years experience as a Russian living in the West, I have found that almost all my fellows can be reduced to five basic types: 1) The White Russian; 2) The Sovok Jew; 3) The Egghead Emigre; 4) Natasha Gold-Digger; 5) Putin’s Expat. My background and qualifications to write on this topic? My […]

The Evil That Obesity Apologists Wreak

Apart from a few (typically loser) countries with national fat fetishes, men do not want to fuck fat girls. Or even see them. Most certainly, they do not want to feed the bizarre princess complexes typical of Anglo femdom. Is it fair that obesity lowers a young woman’s social status far, far more than a man’s? […]

Proof Of Genetic Memory

[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l2pO6PFYnL4] h/t Red Hot Russia. 🙂

Sex, Scandal, And The Russian Opposition

One of the most interesting new bloggers on the Russia watching scene is Augis Barkov and his Red Hot Russia. Much like chinaSMACK for China, he searches out trending stories on Runet and translates them – with comments from netizens – for a wider English-speaking audience. Some of his topics I found interesting included Chechen fashion, “Naked […]

And The Wheel Spins On

[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DvAYV6-ZN0I&w=480&h=360] “Despite it being a sad and fearful prospect, in my opinion a totalitarian reversion for a certain period of time is possible. But the danger lies not in the law enforcement agencies, the power organs, and not even the Army, but in our own mentalities – our people’s, our population’s, in ourselves. It all seems […]