Ингушские Ученые Покоряют Мир

В ходе написания статьи для Спутника об уровнях IQ по регионам Росссии, заметил вот эту удивительную статистику из переписи 2010 года. Процент населения с послевузовским образованием: Ингушетия: 1.59% Москва: 1.12% … Чечня: 0.32% То есть регион с самым высоким уровнем безработицы, самым низким уровнем проникновения Интернета, и самым низким уровнем патентов на душу населения; регион, который […]

Ферми Моделирование Количества Нелегалов в Москве

В местном отделении ОУФМС, один из моих знакомых пару дней назад по случайности увидел листок бумаги со следующими цифрами за последний месяц: выявлено 500 нелегалов; из которых 60 сразу депортированы, 300 задержаны для дальнейшего разбирательства. В этом районе живет примерно 1.8% населения Москвы. Итак, 500/0.018 ≈ 28,000 по всей Москве. С другой стороны, этот район […]

Митинг в Москве: Лечение хуже Болезни

Вчера я был на митинге Навального в Москве. Мне, конечно, не нравится, что Медведев (и вообще вся российская элита в целом) наживается на деньгах русских налогоплательщиков. Но проблема в том, что как лечение, навальниада хуже болезни. Во-первых, Навальный элементарно “ненаш,” так как не согласен с #крымнаш. С требованием провести второй референдум, он фактически признает, что для него, […]

Translation: Hurrah for the Bourgeois Candidate!

In Komsomolskaya Pravda, Andrei Ryabtsev notes a close correlation between average housing prices and Navalny’s vote share in Moscow’s districts – and tries to find out why that might be the case. Why did they vote for Navalny in the centre, and for Sobyanin in the dormitory suburbs? The election results for Moscow’s mayor have […]

Were the 2013 Moscow Elections falsified?

1. The CEC results Here they are. The turnout was 32%. Sergey Sobyanin – 51.37% Alexei Navalny – 27.24% Ivan Melnikov – 10.69% Sergey Mitrokhin – 3.51% Mikhail Degtyaryov – 2.86% Nikolai Levichev – 2.79% Invalid ballots – 1.53% 2. Pre-elections opinion polls: Navalny’s support – among those who indicated a clear preference for one candidate or another – rose from […]

Moscow Exit Polls: Sobyanin ~50%, Navalny ~30%

According to a roundup of all the major exit polls by Kommersant, it appears that although Navalny’s performance was massively better than expected, Acting Mayor Sobyanin still managed to avoid a second tour. Exit Polls are Pubished  for the Moscow Elections In Moscow, voting has finished for the new Mayor. According to exit polls carried […]

OPEN DISCUSSION: The Moscow Elections, 2013

A couple of polls to provide the fodder for the subsequent discussions. Feel free to provide an exact figure (to one decimal place) for Navalny’s percentage share in the comments and we can have a little competition along the lines of the one we had for the Presidential elections. Background – Sobyanin vs. Navalny in Figures (July 23 […]

Translation: Going on the Campaign Trail with Navalny

According to gazeta.ru’s Olga Kuzmenkova tagging him, Navalny has a popular style and likes asking resonant questions, such as why Russia, despite its petrodollars, only builds as many railways in a year as China does in a week. “Where are my factories? Where is my Cosmos?” “Gazeta.Ru” observed Alexei Navalny as he went about meeting Zelenograd […]

Translation: Did Navalny Fail to Reach an “Understanding”?

Izvestia’s Sergey Podosenov queries political experts as to why a new case has been launched against Navalny. The concensus is that he is becoming too popular, or violated informal understandings. Navalny Violated Informal Arrangements “Izvestia” sources talk about the background of the Prosecutor General Office attack upon the opposition leader. Vladimir Zhirinovsky is known to […]

Translation: The 35 Cyber-Friends of Navalny

35 CEO’s of Russian Internet companies have signed a public letter supporting Navalny in return for his promise to ensure accountability and the rule of law. Navalny’s 35 Friends Small businesses get involved in politics. Thirty-five representatives of Internet businesses are to speak publicly in support of the candidate for post of Moscow mayor, Alexei […]

Sobyanin vs. Navalny, in Figures

There has been some confusion about Navalny’s poll ratings due to the varying timing, phrasing, and options in the polls on the matter. The Russian Spectrum tries to clear things up. Navalny Gaining, Sobyanin Dominant Below is a summary of comparable polls on this subject by date from two of Russia’s three biggest polling agencies: […]

Sobyanin Beating Navalny in Moscow

With the registration period over, there are now six candidates left to compete for the position of Mayor of Moscow in the coming city elections. Who will Muscovites vote for? Moscow on the Eve of the City Elections Which of the following candidates are you prepared to vote for in the upcoming Moscow elections on […]