The Assassination of Mohsen Fakhrizadeh

I am not much interested in moralizing over this – there are many other “alternate bloggers” happy to do that anyway (though why be particularly outraged if you view Israel as this great fount of evil anyway? A rhetorical question, I know). At the end of the day, Mossad is quite ruthless in pursuing the Israeli national interests, Israel’s privileged position in US politics gives it leeway to engage in such stunts, and it views Iran as a hostile polity. It has never shied away from assassinating technologists offering their services to hostile states, and that has even included citizens of Western countries (see Gerald Bull). At worst, killing somebody like Fakhrizadeh would slow down the Iranian nuclear program (if not directly, then perhaps by demoralizing others involved involved in it). At best, Iran might even do something rash to give the flailing Trump administration a pretext to bomb it. Either way, it also sends a signal to the Iranians not to get too complacent when Biden assumes the Presidency.

In the initial account, it was claimed that Fakhrizadeh was assassinated by a kill team of gunmen. I don’t think it’s plausible that Israel can sneak in its own special operatives in such quantity, provision them with weapons (guns are registered in Iran), have them carry out a sophisticated hit, and to then successfully exfiltrate them. So probably they were Iranians, the MEK being the primary suspect. But that hostile internal elements can organize to such a degree and against an important “regime” figure under official protection at that is still quite a remarkable failure of the intelligence services. Patriotic and perfectly “anti-Zionist” Iranians may well legitimately note that their authorities seem to be quite proficient in sentencing a bodybuilder who asked why the gyms closed down for Corona while the mosques remained open to death, but cannot protect key scientists from Israeli assassins. The “blackpilled” interpretation is that Iran is simply an ideal environment for fostering fifth columnists amongst the elites, being in the contradictory position of pursuing anti-American policies while half its Cabinet hold degrees from US universities. This can be coupled with the observation that the IRGC really may be quite incompetent. The Russian intelligence services certainly are sloppy, is there any good reason to believe that the Iranian ones would be more proficient?

As it is, the narrative changed a couple of days ago, the claim from the IRGC now being that there was no gunmen at all and that it was an automated attack involving a machine-gun mounted on a Nissan pickup “equipped with an intelligent satellite system which zoomed in on martyr Fakhrizadeh” that was “using artificial intelligence.” Now the prospect of mounting machine guns onto drones and using them for terrorism (or assassinations) is something that I have speculated about since 2016 and view as close to inevitable in the long-term. However, the fact that this is a sharp departure from the initial story, and that it sounds like a bunch of buzzwords clobbered together, induces skepticism about this story. Especially since the IRGC has an obvious motive here – to explain away its apparent ineptitude by portraying themselves as helpless before Israel’s capabilities. (Of course, I would assume this would demoralize the people in the Iranian nuclear program even more than the first version).

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  2. The Spirit of Enoch Powell says

    This can be coupled with the observation that the IRGC really may be quite incompetent.

    As if mistaking an airliner as it takes off from a nearby airport for an enemy missile wasn’t sign of incompetence enough.

  3. Daniel Chieh says

    For a second I read it as Mordin Solus had been assassinated and decided that the Krogan have advanced in subtlety.

  4. As smart fraction shrinks, it will become more susceptible to assassination.

    In instances like this, I think members of Congress should be taken aside individually, put in front of cameras, and asked, “Do you think it is a good idea to fund countries that engage in assassination? Do you think it helps the image of the US abroad?”

  5. Autists Anonymous Rehab Camp Fugitive says

    Iran as a US/israeli puppet gov? You’re coming way too close to Galkovsky levels here.

  6. RoatanBill says

    There was a guy on YouTube a few years ago with a phony Russian accent that mounted a machine gun on a quadcopter and shot up a manikin and other stuff all, obviously, via remote control. As the gun fired, the drone was having issues with the recoil, but it still managed to mangle the targets.

    This kind of stuff isn’t rocket science. A drone, some servos and a weapon plus someone using a POV (point of view) camera system along with a cheap and readily available hobby drone controller is all that’s required.

    Iran may be trying to make a big deal of this to limit how ineffective their security forces are. Candidly, however, how would one shield a target from a small drone and machine gun or worse, an RPG where only one shot is required and the drone is trashed in the process?

    Drone swarms are going to negate all sorts of weapons systems and security procedures, as the Turks already demonstrated.

  7. No, obviously not, but I strongly suspect Iran has a bigger “fifth column” problem than China and perhaps even Russia.

  8. Kent Nationalist says

    their authorities seem to be quite proficient in sentencing a bodybuilder who asked why the gyms closed down for Corona while the mosques remained open to death

    Seems like exactly the type of person who should be punished. Probably a homo.

  9. Athletic and Whitesplosive says

    Mordin was a cuck who wanted to undo all of his people’s work in preventing a galactic genocide for short term political gain.

    The Krogans should really have been after based realpolitik Shepherd who secretly tried to supply a phony cure while still securing Krogan support.

  10. In SoCal I’ve personally met more than my share of Persians who are at least anti-revolutionary if not outright Pahlavists over the years. Their attitudes are similar to those of anti-Castro Cubans in Florida. They tend to be very “Westernized,” non-observant Muslims in name only – basically Persian bugmen. All of them are frequent flyers to the homeland.

    In light of all of this, I’d be amazed if there weren’t an enormous Fifth Column problem in Iran. Iran’s stuck in a dilemma – it needs diaspora money because it’s being strangled by US/Israeli sanctions but the liberties it has to afford diaspora Iranians to keep the spice flowing leave it wide open to Western glow-ops.

  11. Athletic and Whitesplosive says

    On one hand I’m sympathetic to Iran as part of the counterweight to US hegemony, but Israel does have an interest in not falling behind its proximate competitors in military capability. That being said, they won’t be able to stall their nuclear program forever, and likewise having big influence with the US won’t be the be-all end-all of ME geopolitics forever. Escalating belligerence towards Iran in proportion to how close they come to nuclear capability seems like a very dangerous long term strategy.

  12. Felix Keverich says

    Israel is not in any sort of competition with Iran. It’s not part of regional system of alliances and rivalries. 90% of Israel’s trade is conducted with countries outside the ME. It’s an alien colonial outpost basically, sustained by Western support.

    The Jews have this idea that they must dominate the goyim in order to keep the goyim from slaughtering them. Jewish culture and “education” conditions them in this thinking. So that’s what Israelis are trying to do: they aim to dominate Iran by assassinating its nuclear scientists and special forces officers. Also, get US army to occupy Iran on Israel’s behalf, but that’s the job for American Jewry.

  13. Unimpressed says

    Another vacuous trifle from Karlin, who apparently thinks he must enlighten the world with a new combination of nonsense and sophomoric speculation once every few days, or else we will all die of lack of expert analysis.
    Why don’t you stop wasting people’s time? Why not play with your big sword until you have something solid and nontrivial to say?

  14. Boomthorkell says

    I explained this same thing to my friends. Morals aside, Iran is in a conflict, and conflict means people will fight you in various ways. What bothered me about the whole thing was exactly that Iran’s premier nuclear scientist (and apparently an important fellow in some other fields of research), was so easily assassinated. What a show of incompetency. It would be nice if from this, came an institutional reformation and a review of policies (if there were any in the first place), but still that it occurs at all is simply baffling. Then again, Iran is not North Korea, and Iranian officials are very, very close to the people in that kind of almost Norman Rockwell way. Even after decades of being on the receiving end of the American Empire, they haven’t developed that attitude of segregating their elites in protected spheres that America and other powerful nations have adopted. Hopefully they can strike a good middle-ground between being populist egalitarians and those stupidly gargantuan motorcades with helicopter support that surround American presidents.

    Iran really does have a 5th-Column, which just goes to show how nice they are (relatively), and slightly sloppy, when they should be much, much more extreme. Ah, but maybe that would make them what they hate?

  15. Why no international sanctions against Israel for the murder of Iranian scientists like those imposed on Russia for trying to kill Skripal?

  16. Bardon Kaldian says

    I don’t quite agree with Iranophile comments here. I personally am fond of Iran as a historical culture, but Israelis are perfectly normal in their fear of Iran’s politics & behavior. Tired of writing, I’ll just cpost what I wrote elsewhere.

    That was my puzzle over Iranian obsession with Israel. Why give a f**k? Who cares?

    Iranians are Shiah, so they are not recognized by 90% of the Muslim world; as Iranians/Indo-Aryans, they don’t fit in with Semitic Arabs & various Turkic Muslims.

    I would say that the answer is, as far as I could decipher, that their leadership is an apocalyptic sect, something like Christian Zionists in power. They work towards the big BOOOM when, they think, earth will be transformed into some kind of supra-physical life & all world will become transmuted Shia Muslim, therefore confirming they had been right all the time & 90% of other Muslims- wrong (and of course, all infidels).

    If you read Qur’anic verses & most scholarly interpretations of them, you’ll see that it is very close to St. John’s Apocalypse. This kind of apocalyptic thinking is universal, but it is, in its clearest form, canonically espoused in the Middle East & India, while real, pre-Christian Europe & China had not much use for it. It possesses two elements: a) some big BOOOM of all earth; b) life of transformed humans/believers on some kind of barely imaginable quasi-physical (but not physical- atoms, molecules, DNA, ..) earth, therefore not yet Heaven or paradise in other, unseen dimensions of God.

    So, that’s how the leadership (Ayatollahs, general Soleimani, ..) imagine the world which they are striving for. Most of the rest just go along with them, similar to virtually all Germans in WW2 who were busy with immediate duties & had no time for musing over designs of the 1000 years Reich & other great schemes.

    They differ from other sectarians in a few crucial matters. Christian apocalyptic sectarians, now, don’t seem to think that the great BOOM should be accelerated by their political manoeuvres. They, if they should gain power, would not go for WW3. They would let God orchestrate the whole affair (second coming of Christ etc.). Jewish sectarians are even more dependent on the will of God, so while they would like to speed up the great transformation, they think they can best do it through prayer & study of the Talmud- so, their activity is mostly of the quietist kind. Vanished Essenes were of the similar cast of mind.

    So- Israelis behave completely rationally with regard to Iran. Those mullah & ayatollahs want to destroy them, literally, and they mean business- unlike, say, Malays or Bengalis.

  17. Daniel Chieh says

    Sorry he swiped left on you.

  18. Unimpressed says

    What a profound remark! How you have added something of substance, some information you have obtained which wasn’t already in the news, some non-obvious analysis you have provided that mere mortals could not grasp!
    “Swiping left” is precisely the phrase that proves my point. It comes from the new low culture of trivialities, short attention spans, facile opinions of everyone and their cousins imagining themselves to be desperately-needed experts on anything they take a liking to.

  19. Daniel Chieh says

    I bet I spent less time making fun of you than you did making that post. I’m winning.

  20. Lol, you misunderstand Daniel’s role here.

    He is assigned the role of social enforcer.

    If you say anything against the social hierarchy here, or challenge accepted doctrine, Daniel will show up with his one liners, poses, and mockery.

    Every social group needs such an enforcer, from high school girl cliques to commumjst cadres.

    Since the role of the enforcer is to shut down independent thought, he doesn’t have to be intelligent. In fact anyone who thinks too much is wrong for the role.

    What you need is someone who is essentially a poseur.

    If you hang out here, you will see that this is a mini social world into itself, with all social types represented and fulfilling their roles.

    I, for instance, am the heretic and the pariah. Seeing through the communities sacred cows and idols, I am not part of the respectable, middle class burghers, fat, prosperous, comfortable in their unthinking assumptions, and hating anyone who makes them think.

    Utu is another social enforcer, by the way, as you will see, except that unlike Daniel, he occasionally has something original to add and doesn’t unthinkingly parrot the communities truths.

    Once you know what to expect from prople, you can settle down, relax, and enjoy the show 🙂

    But if you expect from people what they cannot give you, you will only be disappointed.

  21. Christian apocalyptic sectarians, now, don’t seem to think that the great BOOM should be accelerated by their political manoeuvres.

    Depends who you are talking about. The obviously millenarian Christians, the Dispensationalists, think exactly what you are claiming Christians don’t think. In fact, that’s a primary basis for their muh Israel goofiness.

  22. Kent Nationalist says

    One amusing character from the past few years has been Jason Jorjani, who is simultaneously a friend of Richard Spencer, an ‘alt-right’ intellectual, an Iranian, a Pahlavian and a Satanist (Also probably some sort of intelligence asset).

  23. Bardon Kaldian says

    They don’t think they should resort to violent measures, unlike Soleimani & other Shia bunch. There are no Christian holy warriors now.

  24. AnonStarter says

    Jewish sectarians are even more dependent on the will of God, so while they would like to speed up the great transformation, they think they can best do it through prayer & study of the Talmud- so, their activity is mostly of the quietist kind.

    Not in the least.

    You’re speaking of a segment of Jews whose influence over the affairs of Israel is relatively insignificant.

    Israel’s intimidation tactics, its deliberate targeting of civilian populations, destruction of property, and land theft all derive from Talmudic interpretation. In their more candid moments, our resident Zionists have made plain their conviction that Palestine is their divine entitlement — a conviction which is the original source of contemporary regional conflict. The Jewish militia known as the Hashomer, formed in the first decade of the Twentieth Century, made clear their intent to “reclaim” Palestine by force, adopting the slogan, “In blood and fire Judah fell, in blood and fire Judah will rise!”

    This was years before the Balfour Declaration, and well before the first ethnic conflicts which now characterize the region occurred.

    Quietist? Not on your life.

  25. Hyperborean says

    I, for instance, am the heretic and the pariah. Seeing through the communities sacred cows and idols, I am not part of the respectable, middle class burghers, fat, prosperous, comfortable in their unthinking assumptions, and hating anyone who makes them think.

    For some one who projects an image of a New Age Bourgeois Bohemian (if I remember correctly you work in finance?), I don’t think you should be throwing stones.

    I genuinely think you have a wide breadth of knowledge, it is just a shame that the garden of your mind doesn’t produce very many intellectually ripe fruits.

  26. Bardon Kaldian says

    Are people here capable of critical thinking?

    I don’t have time to waste.

    Israel was founded by secular Jewish nationalists (Ben Gurion, Golda Meir, Shamir, Begin,…). Zionist nationalism is basically late 19th C central European nationalism. Jewish religious sectarians, those who think in terms of some “world to come” did not have any role in foundation of Israel, nor do they shape current Israel policy. There are/were Zionist religious terrorists, but they are not of the apocalyptic sort.

    Shia Iran leadership is, on the other hand, lunatic. They are obsessed with Israel & think, plan & behave according to the apocalyptic lunacies of destroying not just Israel, but, eventually, planet earth. And here lies the crux: Iran’s obsession & public policy is annihilation of Israel; Israel’s policy was never annihilation of Iran, let alone as a prelude of some cosmic apocalyptic BOOOM.

    If Iran had remained a nationalist secular regime, for instance like those under Reza Pahlevi’s dictatorship, it could have, despite certain resistance, developed a nuclear power. Because the nuclear club would be against it, but wouldn’t be so strongly opposed- I mean USA- because they would know they’re dealing with ordinary, normal people. Shah didn’t give a hoot about Israel.

    Ayatollah Iran is quite another matter. It is not a rogue state. It is officially a lunatic state.

  27. Another German Reader says

    So the Italian police can afford to buy over 4000 SEAT Leon hatchback with subtle armor to be used the streets of Italy by regular police officers, but somehow Iran was not capable to providing an armored car to its’ top-scientist of the nation’s most important tech-project?

    In addition he was not escorted by bodyguards, who know how to keep him away from the fire. That scientist stepped out of the car and was pumped like a sponge by the gun.

    Incompentence must be punished.


    @ Anatoly Karlin: Looks like GRU also screwed up big time:

  28. What’s a turret but a solenoid switch on a trigger anyway?

    Windows XP bro. You know it’s legit.

    In what dreamworld does enforced firearm registration end illegal ownership? You know they have firearm registration in Iraq too right? We rarely hear of gun violence from there, god bless firearm registrations for that.

    Regardless I feel this remote-controlled turret theory has some legs. Not shipped through DHL or brought onboard a flight like a retard but purchased locally (illegally). Maybe even smuggled from Iraq via road. One heavy machine-gun (the ones that easily range at 1000m without accuracy loss). Or via boat. Whatever works.

    Bombs, with their chemical traces, are harder to do it seems as I don’t recall the last major explosion in Iran that was attributed to something industrial. Even the 2017 attack on the Iranian parliament was 5 dudes with AKs and personal suicide vests. 5 conspirators in the heart of Tehran opted for the crazed spray-and-pray tactic of rushing into a building and spamming instead of a long sabotage campaign. Tells us something.

    Besides Iran isn’t above going after the families of perpetrators, especially in the case crimes against the state. MEK has long been infiltrated like the vast majority of criminal groups (just like how Western/Russian federal police infiltrate suspicious organizations within their borders; yes Iran too is a rational actor…. shocker). The whole gunmen thing with bikes and an assault… seems easier to get Habib to just blow up his bomb truck as the scientist and his missus turn a corner in their eco-mode Nissan. It’s what they call “easier”. And easier is better.

    But this is a nice clear message from Israel that it doesn’t even need agents or traitors on the ground to get to a high valued target.

    If anything you’d think Iran would try to downplay the fact that an automated weapon planted in a trunk is all it takes to bypass Iranian security.

  29. TheTotallyAnonymous says
  30. What a load of nonsense, that sort of millennial thinking in government died out with trials of the Iran-Iraq War and most certainly after Khomeini’s death. Your rhetoric sounds similar to what Israelis and their apologists say the same thing about Hebollah and Hassan Nasrallah, who seems about as a thoughtful quasi-religious figure as you can get from that cursed religion. As another Armenian you should know better.

  31. Opening the door to the neoliberalism which means US dominated capitalism invariably creates a 5th columnist base . Think of China Russia Brazil India and even Indonesia or Bangladesh or Nigeria.
    The looted money from Russia ended in Europe Ideally the money should have been returned .Brazil Nigeria and India all are in the same situation. Now the money is in western bank. Bank owns these people Western government controls these people . If they don’t agree with the western plans ,they run the risk of exposure and extradition or freezing of the accounts .
    These people who looted the money in the first place ,couldn’t have done it without help participation and twisting of law by the countries of origin. These people who helped them were not lowbrow criminals They are elite ,kings, dictators, prime minister ,judges, intelligence chiefs, bank manager ,and often related to the fugitive hiding in the west .

    5th columns are now in place without a shot being fired and without any bribes changing western hands . With western direction these 3rd world economic -political elite will do what Iran or NK or Cuba or Venezuela doesn’t want to do . Result is western silence on the atrocities the Indians or Nigerians or Brazilian face daily at home from IMF from WB and from the economic policies that these countries follow.

    Diaspora Indians is the source that finance BJP-RSS ’s political machine supporting horse trading ,and campaign finances or buying of provincial politicians . Its the same class and family who rule India and form the bulk of the rich diaspora community .

  32. AnonStarter says

    Well, if it’s critical thinking you’re looking for, you should apply a little meta-analysis to your own clichés.

    Even if we were to categorize Zionism as secular, like any other ideology upon which personal and political action is predicated, it is pragmatically no different than a religion, since, in its truest form, religion is but a mode of conduct. Manifest destiny ambition — the acquisition of the Promised Land extending from the Nile to the Euphrates — has always been part of the ostensibly “secular” ideology of Zionism, and Scripture provides the imprimatur for it.

    Avowed atheist Ben Gurion himself appealed to this ambition before the Knesset and received a standing ovation for so doing. Israel Shahak himself witnessed this.

    I don’t find that Iran would be very concerned with Israel but for Israel’s flagrant violation of international law that few nation-states on earth have the courage to openly challenge. If proof is in the pudding, then Iran hasn’t done very much to reify any apocalyptic rhetoric.

    Israel, on the other hand, is acting out its messianic vision by the hour — as we speak, in real time.

  33. Ron Unz has published a series of articles entitled “American Pravda” on Mossad assassinations in general and the hypothesis that Mossad played a key role in the JFK assassination. He quite rightly begins one article with the heading:

    “From the Peace of Westphalia to the Law of the Jungle”.

    The assassination of Mohsen Fakhrizadeh, and previous Mossad operations of this sort, are relevant to any evaluation of the merits of the hypothesis mentioned above.

    Here’s an excerpt from “American Pravda: the JFK Assassination, Part II – Who Did It?”

    However, in the early 1990s highly-regarded journalists and researchers began exposing the circumstances surrounding the development of Israel’s nuclear weapons arsenal. Seymour Hersh’s 1991 book The Samson Option: Israel’s Nuclear Arsenal and American Foreign Policy described the extreme efforts of the Kennedy Administration to force Israel to allow international inspections of its allegedly non-military nuclear reactor at Dimona, and thereby prevent its use in producing nuclear weapons. Dangerous Liaisons: The Inside Story of the U.S.-Israeli Covert Relationship by Andrew and Leslie Cockburn appeared in the same year, and covered similar ground.

    Although entirely hidden from public awareness at the time, the early 1960s political conflict between the American and Israeli governments over nuclear weapons development had represented a top foreign policy priority of the Kennedy Administration, which had made nuclear non-proliferation one of its central international initiatives. It is notable that John McCone, Kennedy’s choice as CIA Director, had previously served on the Atomic Energy Commission under Eisenhower, being the individual who leaked the fact that Israel was building a nuclear reactor to produce plutonium.

    The pressure and financial aid threats secretly applied to Israel by the Kennedy Administration eventually became so severe that they led to the resignation of Israel’s founding Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion in June 1963. But all these efforts were almost entirely halted or reversed once Kennedy was replaced by Johnson in November of that same year.

    Like a corollary to a theorem, if the assassination of Iranian nuclear scientists is justified by Israel based on the likelihood that these scientists would help Iran acquire nuclear weapons (and thereby end Israel’s strategic advantage from possessing nuclear weapons), then the assassination of JFK would presumably have been justified by the same mindset due to JFK’s attempts to end the production of plutonium at Israel’s Dimona Reactor in the 1960s (and thereby end Israel’s strategic advantage from possessing nuclear weapons).

  34. Blinky Bill says
  35. reiner Tor says

    Since we are talking about Imperial intelligence operations inside Axis of Resistance countries, this might be relevant:

    Russian ‘doomsday’ plane’s radio equipment stolen by thieves

    Was it stolen by “thieves,” or was it some sophisticated intelligence operation?

    Regarding Iran, a couple years ago the Israelis took truckloads of documents from inside of Iran, which was probably more embarrassing than this murder.

  36. Drone swarms are going to negate all sorts of weapons systems and security procedures, as the Turks already demonstrated.

    Or, for that matter, blowing up that Saudi oil thing.

  37. RoatanBill says

    The French just announced they were building a new aircraft carrier. I guess they are unaware of even normal missiles much less hypersonic ones. I can just see a swam of drones shooting up all the aircraft on the carrier deck, pilots included.

    The blatant stupidity gov’t and especially the military displays the world over is astonishing. When you can trade pieces of paper with ink and numbers on them for steel, electronics, etc, the temptation to be stupid must be overwhelming.

  38. Bardon Kaldian says

    Although Jews have their fair share of religious nuts, Zionism is primarily a secular nationalist movement started by secularist Jewish nationalists who wanted their nation-state, as big as they could get it (which is perfectly natural with all nationalists), and not because they believed that God was a real estate dealer, but because they, Jews, had left indelible historical-cultural mark on that area.

    Ashkenazi Jews Are Indigenous To Israel, Not Europe

    Iranians, on the other hand, not only historically don’t have emotional-national-cultural-traditional connection with Hebron, Jerusalem etc., but didn’t care a bit what happened to Palestinian Arabs, in Shah’s time- as they don’t give a hoot about oppression of Tibetans in China or white Afrikaners in South Africa. To try to present their aggressive behavior towards Israel in past decades as some kind of universal humanitarianism is comic.

    Their leadership is, essentially, extremist Muslim Shia apocalyptic loons & that’s why they incessantly threaten Israel with annihilation in past decades. And most of the populace is with their leadership. Had they dropped their exterminationist rhetoric & practice, Israel would not have had any beef with them. Nor would the US. Nor would rational “world”.

  39. YetAnotherAnon says

    According to the BBC report it had been on the tarmac for nearly two years! What on earth were they doing? And it was last inspected in November?

    You’d think they’d have

    a) put a guard on
    b) done the work quicker – I can’t understand why the aircraft was there so long – you could build another one in half the time.

    Two years is plenty of time to organise a theft.

  40. reiner Tor says

    The stolen equipment might be totally obsolete, though. So maybe it was just an obsolete plane no longer airworthy (or at least no longer very useful in its role) and they were just waiting for money as this was not a high priority for whatever reason. So maybe it’s not even a big deal, and the stolen equipment was just 1980s Soviet technology stolen for the metals in it. The Russian commenters might weigh in to clarify.

  41. demografie says

    Diploma from Western university disqualify one from career in Chinese Government service. It is working vice versa. Eastern Europe military and government are regularly purged of people holding Soviet (Russian) diplomas. It is even more extreme. It is political suicide to visit Russia / China even as vacation.
    I do agree Anatolij here.

  42. Iranians, on the oth…..oppression of Tibetans in China or white Afrikaners in South Africa” How do you know that ? Stick to your inner thought .You are not privy to the Iranians minds.

    Does Evangelic concern them selves with the fates of the Jews? No.They concern about Jesus returning and converting them and the rest getting impaled by spears and burnt by brimstone.

    Did Zionist care about the lives of the Jews? Check some remarks and deeds of early Zionist . Ask Ben Guiron about his choice between death of millions of Jews and establishment of Israel.

    First few decades in the sophistry- colonization -occupation- terrorism mania of the Zionism ,religion was buried deep and lost somewhere else far from Zionism.

    “because they, Jews, had left indelible historical-cultural mark on that area”.- Sure thats why the people who never left the area but continued to build on that cultural religious spiritual agricultural ,scientific,civilizational foundation should have more claims than the Jews have or think they have.

  43. Bardon Kaldian says
  44. OBardon, you are usually one of the smartest commenters here, but the article you cite to prove Ashkenazi aren’t European is really just a propaganda piece to justify their status in the Middle East. The article actually states that Ashkenazi are pale skinned because they were raped by Crusaders. Utter nonsense.

    The Jews are in Israel because they conquered the area and will remain there so long as they are militarily able to hold the land. From what I’ve been able to read about the Ashkenazi they are a mixture of Italian and Eastern European dna, with a small amount, a very small amount, Elizabeth Warren Indian amount, of Middle Eastern ancestry. In the US, at least, most Jews are as pale as Scotsmen and as liberal as New England WASPs.

  45. Ashkenazi are, on their fathers side, mostly Middle Eastern, and on their mothers, Italian.

    The tiny amount is Eastern European.

    Which means, we belong in Italy, and Israel. I demand my villa in the Tuscan hills.

    As for Israeli Jews, a slight majority come from Arab lands, so they certainly belong there.

    The conflict is about Muslims not being able to accept Jews ruling themselves. It hurts their self esteem. Its changing, though, and parts of the Muslim world are growing up.

    As for the assasination, the major intelligence coup was knowing precisely where the guy was. Execution is always comparatively simple.

    What this means is, the Iranian government has lost the allegiance of a significant segment of the population, who are willing to betray it. That does not bode well for the Iranian government.

    This should be put in the larger context of Israeli intelligence success throughout the Muslim world, and particularly the Palestinian areas. Something is rotten in the Muslim world.

    The problem for the Muslims, has always been moral failure. The military defeats have always been the result of moral failures. Muslim officers, for instance, lead from behind, and eat well, while their men eat terribly. Israeli officers lead from the front, share the same conditions aa their men, and die disproportionately.

    The Israeli TV show Fauda, while portraying the Arabs very sympathetically, shows well the moral failures of Muslim society. An undercover Israeli agent befriends an Arab boy close to Hamas. When Hamas discovers this, they demand he become a suicide bomber to “atone” for his mistake or face thuggish retaliation, leading to the destruction of his family.

    By contrast, one of the Israelis accidentally kills a member of his team. Torn by guilt and self condemnation, his teams supports him completely.

    That is the difference between a society capable if generating loyalty, and one not.

    What worked kn the 8th century, no longer works, and this primitive religion, unless it liberalizes, will only find continuing defeat.

  46. Post body

  47. Good selfie .

  48. The most practical option would have been to given them a real cure so that they might be used as cannon fodder were the war to drag on, but to develop yet another genophage to re-release on them after the war was won. The Council could even pull an ‘oh no the cure most have been flawed and was only temporary…’ on them.

  49. Felix Keverich says

    It’s about national pride, prestige and supporting domestic shipbuilding industry. The same reasons Russia always talks about building a new aircraft carrier, and refuses to retire worthless Kuznetsov. There is no grand prestige in owning a fleet of drones.

  50. There is no grand prestige in owning a fleet of drones.

    Yet. There is no grand prestige in owning a fleet of drones yet. Wait.

    Sooner or later an aircraft carrier will be sunk by a missile, sub, drones, whatever. That’s when the idiocy of building these floating coffins will become apparent to all. Billions spent on something that really only has an offensive use, to project power, and is a relic of a bygone era.

    The entire concept of a navy no longer makes sense unless it’s all submarines because there are only two types of sea going vessels, submarines and targets. Once ICBM’s were perfected it should have been obvious that pilots in planes and their support systems like carriers were obsolete.

    As long as fiat currency and fractional reserve banking exists, the military will get new useless toys. I believe those days are numbered. A short diversion of fiat digital will be tried and it will also fail as it corrects nothing that’s wrong with the current system, just provides more control by TPTsB.

  51. Bardon Kaldian says

    The article actually states that Ashkenazi are pale skinned because they were raped by Crusaders.

    Read the article again. Many Palestinians/Arabs are paler than Jews, and this has nothing to do with rape (or any type of screwing). This is not this guy’s argument; he actually enumerated ca. 10-15 traits that show what constitutes a national identity.

    Actually, unusually good piece for a journalist.

  52. Bardon Kaldian says
  53. Kent Nationalist says

    Post rouged cheeks, faggot

  54. Daniel Chieh says

    I’m a very unintelligent person, but incidentally, I’m not the person who conflated two completely random individuals, insisted that they were the same person, and then carried on as if that was true.

    As we witness illogic in small things believed by the village idiot, so we witness the illogic in great things preached by the village idiot.

  55. GazaPlanet says

    “As for the assasination, the major intelligence coup was knowing precisely where the guy was. Execution is always comparatively simple.”

    Such as meeting with IAEA inspectors? In other words, taking advantage of treaty compliance to carry out the murder of high-level officials. A war crime akin to murdering envoys.

  56. GazaPlanet says

    Sorry, but “secular Jews” are hell-bent on world domination as it says in their Holy Books. They run the USA, they think they can run the world. They thought they could control Iran, but the people rose up and expelled the neo-colonial regime.

    Israel attacked the USS Liberty, not by accident, but because they are psychopathic fanatics. Like the people who murdered Soleimani and this nuclear scientist. Iran must carefully arm itself because the Jews would love to have the pretext to annihilate the “antisemitic, Nazi regime” and murder millions. They are absolute psychopaths.

    As for Israel, it is not a legitimate regime, and its existence depends on the willingness of the United States to arm it (and defend it if necessary), allow it to steal its nuclear materials with scarcely a complaint, and even attack its naval vessels.

  57. Many Palestinians are descended, in part, from the Romans and Greeks, as well as the Arabs and Jews, who lived in the area for thousands of years. The writer of the article seems to me just a propagandist for his people. Bully for him, but that’s all it is. The Ashkenazi have been in Europe a very long time and I don’t think it was rape or evolution that turned them pale skinned. That being said, their claim to the land is the same as any others. If you can hold it against your enemies. it’s yours. Otherwise maybe the Lakota can make a claim to Peking and the descendants of the Rus get Scandanavia.

  58. So defensive 🙂

    You’re not necessarily unintelligent, but your role here, is to unintelligently shut down independent thought, and socially police this space, to enforce conformity. The tools you use are emotion, not intelligence.

    Having identified with communist China, it is not surprising that you have developed the same mental limitations.

    One day, may both you, and China, be free from your cognitive fetters!

  59. You are back like Alon Bar of Israeli foreign ministry and barking just like him.

    Israel summons Russian ambassador after criticizing attacks against Iran

    Viktorov told the Jerusalem Post: “Israel attacks Hezbollah, and it is not Hezbollah that attacks Israel,” adding that he is aware of the existence of tunnels from Lebanon to northern Israel, but there is no evidence that “Hezbollah dug these tunnels.
    He stressed that Israel should not attack the territories of a sovereign state, and any country that is a member of the United Nations, adding that “it is unlikely that Russia will agree to any Israeli raids on Syria, neither in the past nor in the future.”

    Commenting on the reports of the International Atomic Energy Agency about Iran’s increase in the number of centrifuges, the ambassador did not consider this a violation of the nuclear agreement, noting that “the first step was taken by the Americans, who unfortunately decided to withdraw from the nuclear agreement.”
    He continued: “They withdrew, which allowed the Iranian side to take steps that do not coincide with the agreement, and this is also unfortunate.”

  60. Half of the US Senate’s Republicans are explicitly anti-Trump, at what point are they no longer a “fifth column” but an occupation government.

  61. If he wasn’t an agent, it would be a bigger surprise.

  62. Unwarranted self-importance

  63. I don’t find that Iran would be very concerned with Israel but for Israel’s flagrant violation of international law

    Ever heard of the Vienna Convention?

    Iran showed from the very beginning of the Islamic Republic what it thinks about international law.

    Iran acts as though it has the right to destroy Israel, another sovereign state.

    Their intransigence creates a blowback of Israeli warmongering.

    They have never once proposed the honest step of direct talks with Israel, or the re-establishment of diplomatic relations.

  64. Hazbara is coming in strong today.

  65. “The rise in terrorism and the exodus of refugees came as a result of destructive actions by Western states in the Middle East and North Africa, which is an unacceptable price for irresponsible policy, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said in a video address to the participants of the Mediterranean Dialogues international conference.

    “Unfortunately, … from many problems: the terrorist threat, the rise in organized crime, the difficult humanitarian situation, numerous violations of human rights and rights of national minorities, which led to a mass exodus of refugees and migrants. … he stated. “This is a very high, unacceptable price for the irresponsible political games of Washington and its European allies, who decided to test the unipolar model of world order on the nations of the Middle East and North Africa, imposing recipes for development that ignore the values of these countries and nations.”

    Russia needs to stand up to the bully that is Israel and stop walking on tiptoes and beating around the engulfing ,drowning in smoke bushfires started by Israel.

    He is trying :”The problem in the region is not Iranian activities,” Ambassador Viktorov told Israeli media.”

  66. AnonStarter says

    Iran showed from the very beginning of the Islamic Republic what it thinks about international law.

    Yes, in 1979, American appeals to international law rang hollow in Iran. Of course they would given America’s history of meddling in Iranian affairs.

    Yet even if we concede that international law had been broken with the embassy takeover, this doesn’t change the fact that, as a matter of law, that particular matter has been settled. Today, Iran remains a member of the United Nations who, in advancing the case against Israel, does not appeal to Islam, but rather, to international law.

    Iran acts as though it has the right to destroy Israel, another sovereign state.

    Actually, any U.N. member state has a right to apply whatever force is needed to make Israel comply with international law. That’s how the law is supposed to work. America’s apologists for invading Iraq (yes, there are some) now tell us that it was predicated upon Saddam’s failure to comply with international law concerning weapons inspection, which is a far flimsier argument than the one made for making Israel behave humanely.

    They have never once proposed the honest step of direct talks with Israel, or the re-establishment of diplomatic relations.

    Had you any actual knowledge of Iran, you’d find they’d be more than willing to settle their dispute but for the intransigence of Israel in its dreadful treatment of the Palestinian people.

  67. AnonStarter says

    Responding to Mr. Karlin’s OP:

    though why be particularly outraged if you view Israel as this great fount of evil anyway?

    Perhaps it isn’t that they view Israel as a “great fount of evil” so much as they expect better of it.

    Or is it now so obviously naïve to harbor such an expectation as to be ridiculous to even consider it?

  68. The list is missing one important item- —
    Israel is advising Biden not to think about joining JCOPA
    and is possibly demanding more dollars to build settlement in Golan and offset the loss of something from the peace deal with terrorist countries like UAE , Bahrain.
    ( Biden -China will keep him occupied . It’s a planned disclosure.
    Russia – Trump forced Trump to become the doormat for Israel )

    This list is all in a day’s work made for USA by Israel :

    Israeli Diplomat Tells Biden Not to Reenter UN Human Rights Bodies or Fund Palestinian Refugee Agency

    Israeli 'Anti-Terrorism' Lawyer Was Convicted Over Attacks on Palestinians
    Israeli Use of US Rifle To Kill Boy Protester Sparks Calls for Probe
    Amnesty Criticizes Airbnb for West Bank Settlement Listings Ahead of IPO
    Israeli Forces Raid Town Near Jenin, Injure Dozens
    IDF Court Okays Community Service Plea Deal for Soldier Who Killed Palestinia
    IDF Court Okays Community Service Plea Deal for Soldier Who Killed Palestinia
    IDF Court Okays Community Service Plea Deal for Soldier Who Killed Palestinia
    IDF Court Okays Community Service Plea Deal for Soldier Who Killed Palestinia
    IDF Court Okays Community Service Plea Deal for Soldier Who Killed Palestinia
  69. I can’t see how ‘satellite’ surveillance could work for a real time assassination. Low earth orbiting satellites might have the resolution to track a target but not the loiter time to keep it in view. I don’t think a geosynchronous satellite would have the resolution to track a vehicle but I could be wrong.

    If this was a ‘high tech’ operation involving some sort of ‘stealth drone’ then its unlikely Iranian groups were involved. You might provide them with a remote controlled machinegun but a state of the art stealth drone or even make them aware you have such a thing? I doubt it.

  70. I just cant understand how a Christian man can support policies that have led to expulsion and destruction of ancient Christian communities of the Middle East. Even now your beloved America is ally of Saudi Arabia, a country where Christianity is forbidden by law, and where Christianity is actively persecuted.

    So I want to ask you this, are you a Christian? And if you are, then how you can support such anti-Christian regime?

  71. Daniel Chieh says

    I’m guessing a dumb remote-controlled gun. Always go for simplicity.

    It accomplishes the major aspects needed:

    1) Distance of operator from weapon
    2) Effective lethality
    3) General simplicity of operation allows for it to be practiced over time

  72. Don’t expose Taqyhah

  73. Appeasement never works in the long run, and is morally corrupting.

  74. Guns don’t kill
    Men do

    Tunnels do not terrorize
    Zionist does .

    Tunnel vision of Zionist fails the smell test.

  75. AltanBakshi says

    But vast majority of Palestinian Christians oppose the state of Israel and occupation of Palestinian territories. Every fifth Palestinian is Christian and most of them belong to the Orthodox Church, especially in the West Bank. The Orthodox Patriarchate of Jerusalem is known for strongly supporting Palestinian state and cause and has constantly legal problems with the Israeli state, the second largest denomination among Palestinians is the Catholic Church, which too supports two state solution in the Holy Land.

    Druzes? They have their origin in Islam, if you didnt know. Also Jews have been a minority in Holy Land at least from the 2nd century and the failed Bar Kokhba revolt. Most Muslim Palestinians are descendants of ancient Jewish and Christian inhabitants of Palestine, who later converted to Islam. The native Christians of the Holy Land dont feel any affinity towards the state of Israel, but share their language and culture with the Muslim Palestinians.

    Here is what one Palestinian archbishop of Orthodox Patriarchate says about the topic
    Couple words about Christian Zionism
    These are just couple examples that things are not so simple in the Holy Land as you presume.

  76. AltanBakshi says

    Palestine this, Palestine that, dont you know that after the failed Jewish revolts Romans changed the name of Judea to Palestine, just so that they could insult Jews, because Palaestina is just Latin form of the name Philistea, and as you probably already knew Philisteans were the ancient enemies of the Jews. Even in ancient times the lands of modern Israel were not only populated by the Jews, most of the coast belonged to Philisteans and Phoenicians, and even center north of country, was inhabited by Samaritans, who were hostile towards the Jews, so Jews had probably just 2 or 3 regions in ancient Canaan were they were a majority, the area around Jerusalem, or Judea proper, Galilea and about half of the coastal plain of the modern Israel.

    By the way Ano4 what do you think about the Samaritans? I think that they are legit descendants of the ancient kingdom of Israel and the ten tribes.

  77. By the way Ano4 what do you think about the Samaritans? I think that they are legit descendants of the ancient kingdom of Israel and the ten tribes



    Contemporary Rabbinic Judaism derives from the Pharisees. The naming of this sect is due to the Semitic spelling of the word Persian = Farisi. The Pharisees, the Sadducees and the Essenians are all of them derived from the Jews who have been freed from Babylonian captivity by Persian King of kings Cyrus the Great. These Jews have been allowed to return to their Holy Land and rebuild the Second Temple.

    The religion of these Jews has been strongly altered during the Babylonian exile with the Essenians being the most influenced by Zoroastrianism and Sadducees being the closest to the normative Judaism of the King Salomon’s era. The Pharisees were somewhat closer to Zoroastrianism than the Sadducees, but less extreme than the Essenians.

    When these Jews started rebuilding the Second Temple and imposing Jerusalem as the only center of the Jewish faith, they received a strong support from their Persian overlords. Those Jews who tried opposing themselves to this overtake and keep a traditional Semitic approach to the worship of YHWH have been declared outlaws, they are the ancestors of the Samaritans.

  78. Yet even if we concede that international law had been broken with the embassy takeover, this doesn’t change the fact that, as a matter of law, that particular matter has been settled.

    No it has not, Iran is morally obligated to resume diplomatic relations with both the US and Israel. Instead they are petulant and refuse anything other than kowtowing to Khamenei.

    America did Iran a tremendous favor by removing Saddam from power, and Iran returned this favor in the form of explosively-formed penetrators that killed hundreds of our soldiers, and maimed thousands more.

    Had you any actual knowledge of Iran, you’d find they’d be more than willing to settle their dispute but for the intransigence of Israel in its dreadful treatment of the Palestinian people.

    Khamenei has demanded nothing less than Israel abolishing itself, while Israel asks only that they stop a secret WMD program. Israel isn’t demanding that MEK be installed as the government of Iran, Iran is demanding that Hamas and Hezbollah should govern Israeli Jews.

  79. Every fifth Palestinian is Christian and most of them belong to the Orthodox Church, especially in the West Bank

    Maybe if you take a generous interpretation of people in the diaspora, but among residents this isn’t even close.

  80. While I laud Iran’s support of Armenia, and condemn Israel for their moral hypocrisy here; internal Iranian policies towards Christianity are hostile.

    The IRI would never allow something like this site to be viewed in Iran.

  81. AnonStarter says

    Highly informative piece of journalism regarding Israel’s treatment of Palestinian Christians:


    Every year, Israel draws millions of tourists to the “Holy Land”. They are told a false history of Palestine – one that airbrushes out the Christians and Muslims who have lived there for centuries.

  82. AnonStarter says

    Okay, so you’re straight out of central casting.

    Thanks for saving us some time.

  83. AnonStarter says

    Zionism is primarily a secular nationalist movement

    How ironic, then, that religion motivated Zionism’s most ardent advocates:

    But messianic subtexts were by no means confined to religious parties. The secular Right under Menachem Begin in 1948 called “for the restoration of the whole Land of Israel to its God-covenanted owners.” [31] The secular biochemist and centrist leader Chaim Weizmann, the president of the WZO, testified before the Palestine Royal (Peel) Commission in 1936 that the Balfour Declaration was the fulfillment of God’s “promise to his people,” comparable to the Persian Cyrus’s sponsorship of the “return” of the Jews to Jerusalem to “rebuild their Temple.” [32] And speaking before that same royal commission, the ham-eating socialist leader Ben-Gurion affirmed that “the Bible is our Mandate.” [33] The “eternal Book of Books” is mentioned in the first paragraph of Israel’s Declaration of Independence. [34]

    I’m not sure what difference any of it makes, anyways. I mean, no court on God’s green earth would ever consider any of the heretofore submitted arguments for Jewish displacement of Palestinians (e.g. ancestral ties, etc.) as anything other than frivolous. Even if only nominally, Israel courts still recognize Ottoman Land Codes as binding law — much as the British and Jordanians had.

    It’s simply a matter of applying the law as it should be applied. Obviously, Israel has a problem with that.