The Cucks of Europe

Cartographic guide to the European immigration crisis with each country’s estimated cuck rating.


Pink = Go back to your cuckshed, Sven!

Red = Very Cucked.

Light Red = Soon to get cucked.

Light Green = “So bad even wartorn refugees think it sucks,” according to the Taiwanese. Being based is good but is not that great of an achievement when nobody cares or wants to cuck you in the first place.

Green = Based.

Dark Green = Magyar Stronk!

Gray = Kebab.

Inspired by this. Thought today would be an appropriate day to post my version.

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  1. What’s wrong with Switzerland? Least “cucked” country in all of Europe as far as I can tell.

  2. German_reader says

    The whole quota business is really depressing…the end goal obviously is to make them compulsory and force the Eastern Europeans to multiculturalize.

  3. Cubar – cucked beyond all recognition.

  4. Have you been to Moscow recently Anatoly? I saw a lot of Caucasians and Central Asians when I was there. Even a few Africans. Sadly, Russia should be coloured in light red.

  5. Switzerland does things at the level of the canton, and many citizens don’t know the name of the prime minister of their country. The result is the kind of national politicians found elsewhere simply don’t exist there, and the left can’t intimidate the government, eg into taking asylum seekers. Apparently powerless leftists can easily force the government of other Western countries to retreat and over time the conservatives are always co-opted.

  6. Do you have something against Caucasians?

  7. I am Turkish kebab.

    am I a super-uncucked, macho, fucker of white women or is that just an alternate category? Is this a ratings system?

  8. Quotas weren’t part of the agreement. The EU had to water it down to get Poland to vote yes, so now each country takes what it thinks it can cope with, and in the future who knows what will happen. But even this time it’s unlikely that Slovakia will take any migrants. They’ve already said they’ll simply refuse.

    So this agreement is nothing more than a PR stunt. It’s designed to make Germans like you think that at least some of the burden will be shared across Europe. But it won’t.

    Even most of the migrants who end up in the former Communist countries will eventually trickle back into Germany.

    You’ve been had. Again.

  9. Also, when our army is stronk, in 100 years, and NATO is broken, we will cuck and fuck those fucking poles as revenge for 1683 (or was it 1567? 1566? 1120? who cares, these Europeans and their gay calendar marking. Like they’re waiting for christmas gifts or something).

    I will gladly cuck every single polish motherfucker. I mean Jon Sobieki was a great guy, nice guy, great victory. The ottomans were no angels either, they were going to that city (was it Vienna? I don’t even remember) to kill and rape and destroy it. No Vienna, no Mozart. Great loss to mankind. So I’m glad the poles won.

    But I won’t let those cucks keep the score 1-0. The pollacks, with their chicken-winged hussars, will be thouroughly cucked, when there is no more NATO, EU…etc.

    This I swear. I will increase the IQ of turkey by sterilization/forced breeding, in order to create a caste of warrior-engineers, who will develop fearsome weapons to cuck the fucking poles.

  10. This I swear. I will increase the IQ of turkey by sterilization/forced breeding, in order to create a caste of warrior-engineers

    If you’re Turkish and you think like this then you’ve already been cucked by a bunch of Anatolia peasants. Good luck with raising their average IQ!

  11. Cuck you!!!!!!!!!

  12. German_reader says

    I know there aren’t compulsory quotas this time…but Germany and the EU commission definitely want them. You’re right though, in some ways it is a PR stunt because it would be hardly possible to keep the “refugees” from leaving Eastern Europe again and migrating to Germany/Northern Europe where they want to go. It’s also a diversionary tactic: whereas the focus should be on stopping the current immigration wave, it allows western elites to shift the blame on “nasty” and “heartless” Eastern Europeans.

  13. German_reader says

    The more I learn of Turks and Turkey, the more I come to the conclusion Turkey should have been dismembered after WW1…too bad the Greater Greek project failed. But maybe it’s still possible to create Kurdistan…just to put Turkey in its place.

  14. Dismember this:

    ……..(‘(…´…´…. ¯~/’…’)
    ……….”….……… _.·´

  15. Greece is even worse than Turkey.

  16. German_reader says

    Greece doesn’t support Islamism, and doesn’t do even a fraction of the sh*t the Turks have been getting away with for far too long (like occupying Northern Cyprus and Turkicizing it, which is totally against international law, denying the Armenian genocide, using extremely brutal methods in its fight against the Kurds, and now harbouring dubious neo-Ottoman and/or pan-Turkic ambitions). It seems like Turkey might even want to acquire nuclear weapons:

    The Greeks may be annoying at times, but Turkey is on an altogether different level…given its current trajectory, with a large part of its population being either Islamists or ultra-nationalists it might well turn out to be a real threat to Europe again.

  17. Moreover I’ve heard that Poland is counting Ukrainian migrants/gastarbeiters as refugees, thus fulfilling any informal “quota” with non-Muslims. Is this correct?

  18. “……using extremely brutal methods in its fight against the Kurds………”

    Give me a fucking break. Am I supposed to believe that you give a rat’s ass about the kurds? You know what?


    Take the Kurds. All 30 million of them. I am sure Germany is underopopulated, and it sure loves muslims, so it would be nice to hand a boon to your population. Show the world how fair-minded you are.

    Let the kurds into your country. We’ll even send them on chartered flights, one-way tickets. Enjoy your diversity with all those kurds, and with extremely-definitely not brutal methods.

  19. Russian nationalists will be pleased by this:

    Putin opens Moscow’s most elaborate mosque

    Largest mosque in Europe, for the city with the most Muslims in Europe (other than in Turkey, of course).

    From the article:

    “Senior Muslim officials and other analysts noted that hostility toward Muslims had diminished somewhat in the past 18 months given the war in Ukraine and the official vilification of the United States.

    “Now that we hate Ukrainians and people from the United States, we have suspended our fears concerning Muslims,” Natalya V. Zubarevich, a demographics expert at Moscow State University, said with some irony. “They will come back at some future time. The authorities found another enemy, something fresh.”

  20. Eventually those radioactive pink cuck zones will end up being the black colour coded zones.

  21. The main argument seems to be that Poland is across the border from a potential war in Ukraine, so it needs to be ready to take in a big wave of refugees if things really get out of control there.

    It’s not a bad argument, and I’d say it’s working, because based on recent reports it’s highly unlikely that Poland will be asked to take in a total of even close to 10,000 Syrian migrants.

    And there’s no way the EU will ever be able to set compulsory quotas on this stuff. It seems that they finally realized this.

  22. Re. city with the most Muslims in Europe. Russian television drama series “filmed almost entirely on location in London is about to air on the Russian TV station CTC. The drama series Londongrad deals, in exaggerated fashion, with the lives of Russian expatriates”.

    From what I could see there is one aspect of London that is massively downplayed. I suppose Russians would find the truth too depressing.

    The number of Muslims in the Paris area is certainly more that any mainstream estimate, because the anti Catholic laws of 110 years ago are being used to prevent any kind of tally being kept ( FN mayor was charged with a criminal offence for saying he knew ” 65% of his town’s school pupils were Muslim”, see here).

  23. You are in a separate category because you are not white, cucks means whites. And yes, its known to most that Turks like white meat and Turks have their macho posture, in the end it just shows that you wish you were white.

  24. That might be more of an argument if Poland actually given an appreciable number of Ukrainian refugees asylum:

    They thought they could get away with treating non Europeans like that, but now Poland’s sins are finding them out.

  25. So only pink people can be cucks? I am confused….

    And if the pink people are cucks, why would I want to be a cuck? Cucks is a bad thing. It means you are cucking yourself.

  26. For someone in Turkey to be a cuck they would for example welcome millions of Nigerians into Turkey, they would be proud of their black offspring, they would celebrate Turkey becoming non Turkish. None of that is happening in Turkey, its only whites where this happening. Be glad its not happening, but eventually the jews will turn their eyes towards Turkey as well.

  27. I don’t think pink people need help from jews to be cucks.


  28. Not true, whites survived for thousands of years, it was only after WW2 where jews took over the cultural, financial and political aspects of white lands that the cuck phenomena started.

  29. Really?

    Various tribes of “whites”, and “non-whites” have been annihilated throughout history constantly. Just because you see the descendants of the survivors today, doesn’t mean the mountain of skulls in which our ancestors buried their enemies has gone away.

  30. German_reader says

    “Let the kurds into your country.”

    We’ve got enough of them already, thank you! And they and Turkish fascists have brought their little squabble to Germany, something I could do without.
    And I’m not some big pro-Kurd sympathizer…the PKK is undeniably a terrorist organization with a questionable ideology…but still, Turkey’s conduct has been at times really excessive.
    You’re right though, if Turkey limited itself to being nasty to the Kurds, I wouldn’t care that much. It’s the whole package, that bizarre mixture of Turkish nationalism and Islamism and the delusions of grandeur coming with it, that are deeply repellent to me…someone like Erdogan with his friendship with Hamas and his party delegates chanting “Alp Arslan is our hero” is clearly anti-Western to the core.

  31. A lot of people in the world today are anti-western, because they hate Westerners for past slights, real and imagined. I don’t see how that affects your life though, until they can manufacture a navy and air force. The Chinese barbarians already have a great enough army to give the west a bloody nose in local territorial issues.

    Nothing in terms of power projection comparable to the US though.

    Will the Turkish barbarians have something similar? I don’t know. Probably not, not with Erdogan he is is a short-sighted and stupid man. He’s more laughable than scary.

    About the Turkish diaspora in Germany, you asked for dumb peasants, you got dumb peasants. Do whatever you want with them, shoot them, kill them, throw them in a meatgrinder, I don’t care.

  32. London is a British city. It is not supposed to be English.

  33. German_reader says

    “Do whatever you want with them, shoot them, kill them, throw them in a meatgrinder, I don’t care.”

    Sounds a bit extreme…but I see, you don’t like backwards peasants and Erdogan’s ilk…that’s good. Maybe I was getting a bit hysterical…though I still think the direction Turkey has taken in the last 20 years is troubling.
    In the long run it probably won’t matter though…Africa will overwhelm us all, and you’ll be eventually “cucked” too.

  34. What direction should Turkey have taken?
    You do not seem to be the kind of person who supported Turkey’s EU membership.

  35. Heard of Cardiff, Edinburgh or Belfast? But as Cleese pointed out, London got the Olympics saying they were the most cosmopolitan city in the world. I predict the German bid for 2024 will be successful. Selling your people down the river is called that because it pays off.

  36. Turkey is happy to send the EU asylum seekers from all over, but their own policy is quite different

    TURKEY’S status within the convention, however, is something of an oddity. Although it ratified both the 1951 Convention and the 1967 Protocol, it did so with an important reservation: it did not accept the erasure of regional exceptions in the 1967, ratifying the protocol with “an exception” that it would continue to only accept refugees from the Council of Europe.

    The result is that Turkey, a country of over seventy million people and a major destination for refugees and migrants, accepts, according to Amnesty International – Turkey, only a small handful of refugees. Refugees from outside Europe – from Sub-Saharan Africa, Iraq, Syria, Somalia, Iran, and elsewhere – can only hope to achieve temporary residence while the UNHCR works to find them permanent sanctuary elsewher

    As Heinsohn pointed out, the European refugee conventions after WW2 were for those who did not want to go back to their own countries in the Soviet block . It was nothing to do with giving anyone in the world refuge. Decades later on they altered the meaning of the treaties, but Turkey never ratified those changes. Very prescient of Turkey.

  37. Israel I see you. lol.

  38. “Do you have something against Caucasians?”

    Yeah he does have something against Armenians and Georgians. He doesn’t want them in European countries.

  39. Then there should be no issue.
    Russia is not an European country.

  40. That’s right, Poland isn’t taking many refugees from eastern Ukraine right now, nor should it considering that most of Ukraine is safe. But that might change very quickly, which is the point I was making.

    And what sins are you talking about?

  41. The Albino Sasquatch says

    Just wanted to say to Kamran – I loved your posts.
    Turkey becoming cucked, I wouldn’t know. What would Orhan Pamuk say?

  42. Haven’t read a lot of his stuff, but from what I have, I think he’s overrated.

  43. Kevin O'Keeffe says

    “Then there should be no issue.
    Russia is not an European country.”

    Oh, do please give it a rest, Rosenberg!

    Alfred, that is.

  44. Anatoly Karlin says

    Well Moscow is also by a significant margin the largest city in Europe…

    … and almost 95% of it is Slavic (90%+ specifically Russian) in origin.

    Sure, illegal/unregistered migrants would take it down to maybe 80%, but I don’t think its very plausible to posit more pessimistic figures. (Incidentally, after the devaluation, the Gastarbeiter problem has receded somewhat in the past year. Something that the West helped contribute to in its admittedly small way!). For comparison, London is now less than half White British.

    … and, while Russian nationalists are not overly fond of mosques, needless to say, there are still only four mosques in all of Moscow. There are also two Catholic churches. What is the ratio between the Muslim and Catholic population in Moscow? 10:1? 100:1?

    Is this Russian mosque funded by Saudi Arabia, or is its funding and that of the imam there going to be carefully vetted by the state?

    Don’t get me wrong Russia, isn’t any some kind of WN paradise, but the level of cucking there is still really very modest relative to what you have in most of the EU nowadays. I would compare it to the first wave of Gastarbeiters Germany had in the 1960s.

  45. Since many Muslims are illegal, as you stated, Moscow in reality is likely no more than 80% Slavic. I haven’t been there since 2013, perhaps many Muslims have left (plus, from what I’ve heard, a lot of refugees from Ukraine have made the city more European than it had been) but it is likely that 10% to 15% of the city’s population are Muslims. In a city of ~14 million that would be about 1.5 million Muslims. Areas of the city such as the neighborhood near the Nakhimovsky Prospect metro station have seen a sort of “white flight” of ethnic Russians abandoning their neighborhoods. Here’s an article form Al Jazeera:

    Don’t get me wrong Russia, isn’t any some kind of WN paradise, but the level of cucking there is still really very modest relative to what you have in most of the EU nowadays.

    The Putin government’s pandering to Muslims is indeed a very different phenomenon from what occurs in the West, it is driven not by guilt or some sort of self-denigration, but rather by non-nationalistic Statism. The state includes Muslim populations, they are made happy and loyal. Kadyrov and his Chechens are seen as useful for the state, they are given privileges that ethnic Russians don’t have. Things can be built more cheaply by Tadzhiks, so they are allowed in. Azeri merchants are organized and provide better bribes to the right people, they rather than local farmers get to dominate the farmers markets. If individual ethnic Russian activists complain and become disruptive for the state, they can be silenced. If the complaints become too widespread, as in Pugachev, the state will compromise to diffuse the situation. The euphoria of getting Crimea back, and turning Ukrainians into the enemy, have also been effective from this perspective.

    I suspect that if some Islamic region proved itself to be particularly effective in its administration, Putin would have no problem stacking the Russian government with those people, as the Baltic Germans once dominated much of Russia’s civil service in the 18th-19th centuries. Putin is a statist, not a nationalist.

  46. Seamus Padraig says

    Kadyrov and his Chechens are seen as useful for the state, they are given privileges that ethnic Russians don’t have.

    Like what? Polygamy? That’s not allowed for Christians anyway.

    Putin is a statist, not a nationalist.

    Would agree. At any rate, he’s not an ethnic nationalist.

  47. Kadyrov and his Chechens are seen as useful for the state, they are given privileges that ethnic Russians don’t have.

    Like what? Polygamy? That’s not allowed for Christians anyway.

    Like not getting arrested for committing crimes against ethnic Russians, like not having Russian police on their territory, etc.

  48. Only libertarians use the idiotic term “statist”. It’s as stupid as “tsarist” in phrases like “tsarist government”, “tsarist official”, etc.

  49. Seamus Padraig says

    Only libertarians use the idiotic term “statist”.

    To be sure, I don’t use it much either. But it is useful in this case to draw a distinction between Russia as a state, and Russian as a nationality/ethnicity. Putin is principally concerned with former, more than the latter. I certainly don’t mean to imply that the interests of the Russian state and those of the Russian nation are in any way mutually exclusive; on the contrary, there’s a huge amount of overlap. Just remember the 90s: when the state was close to collapse, things were extremely difficult for the Russian nation. Now that their state is stronger and healthier, things are going much better for them.

  50. That is exactly how I meant that term, and I agree with you. There is certainly much overlap, but in cases where there isn’t (promotion of Muslims, abandonment of the mess that is Donbas) Russian nationalists sometimes get infuriated by Putin.

  51. It’s also important to note that Islam has been a small but consistent part of Russian culture since the days of Moscovy, and it would make no logical sense to agitate and victimize them out of some delusion that Russian Slavs are the only rightful natives in Russia by virtue of being the most populous or holding most of the political power.

    By opening up a mosque they are simply accommodating one of the many distinct native cultures that can be found in their vast lands, as any civilized nation should do. What they are not doing is opening up the flood gates to a foreign hostile culture a la London, Paris and Berlin. Nor are they bending over backwards for said foreigners and letting their white majority take it up the ass due to some strange white-guilt complex; the basis of European cuckdom.