The English Inosmi: The Russophere vs. The Russian Spectrum

Another day, another Internet project.

Or more specifically, reviving an old project – the “English Inosmi” concept of translating articles and blog posts from the Russian media for a Western audience. The only problem was that I was perpetually dissatisfied, even if at a subconscious level, with the name: RossPress*. An elementary problem which I had somehow overlooked was that the double “s” is simply incorrect. And “” is already taken.

But apart from that, I was focusing my efforts not so much on translation, as on getting funding. Which isn’t all that easy for some random guy with a blog. It’s much easier if you also have a random NGO, but setting up said NGO is quite a lengthy procedure. So while that’s in process I thought I might as well restart work on the site and even offer a few translations. At the least, it would tie in well with The Russia Debate**.


But I still need a good name for it.

The RussoSphere: Solid, distinctive name – less than 2,000 Google hits on it, amazingly. Logo can be of a “sphere” with images of Russian newspaper front pages wrapped around it.

The Russian Spectrum: Another solid name that sounds respectable as a newspaper name, while at the same time alluding to its mission – translations from a wide variety of ideological viewpoints***.

Right now I’m slightly leaning towards The RussoSphere.

* Sorry Craig.

** You don’t know what is The Russia Debate? It’s a forum for discussing Russian politics and history. Come, comment, conquer!

*** Unlike the recent “Interpreter mag,” which as Nils van der Vegte rightly points out might as well call itself “The Interpreter of Novaya Gazeta.”


  1. AlexBond says

    I’m not overly impressed by either of two names proposed, but The Russian Spectrum sounds nicer, and could be conveniently abbreviated to Russpec.

  2. I vote Russian Spectrum. As far as funding goes, I would look around for possible grants. I would imagine that there is some funding available to do something like this. Maybe even from Russia? Translating is a time consuming and costly endeavor, but it is a much needed one. In regard to the Interpreter Mag, when Michael Weiss told me he was doing a translation site, I was expecting a wider variety. I don’t know what I was thinking considering its a project of the Modern Russia Institute. Call me naive. Nevertheless, any translations of the Russian press are welcomed given their sheer dearth.

    I do trust that you will provide a wider breath of articles and would be a great asset if it gets running. I don’t know what I can do to directly help, but if there is anything I can do, shoot me an email.

    • Thanks, Sean.

      BTW, (and @mls13), The Russian Spectrum it is. I was leaning towards the Russosphere until I thought: “What would it sound like if it was called the Francosphere? Or the Anglosphere?” Fucking stupid, that’s what it would sound like. So I immediately switched to TRS.

      There’s actually a lot of issues as regards funding and all that which are too long to go into detail here. As you suggest – and I’m genuinely happy to see you’re interested – I’ll drop you an email.