The Evil That Obesity Apologists Wreak

Apart from a few (typically loser) countries with national fat fetishes, men do not want to fuck fat girls. Or even see them. Most certainly, they do not want to feed the bizarre princess complexes typical of Anglo femdom.

Is it fair that obesity lowers a young woman’s social status far, far more than a man’s? Of course not. Proof:

A few further observations that can be made on this topic:

* Is it an accident that the two major countries – the US and Russia – with the highest divorce rates are where chicks are substantially fatter than dudes? It is after all hard to keep the attraction simmering through more and more layers of blubber. A typical scenario appears to be:

  1. Chick gets fat
  2. Dude loses sexual interest
  3. Chick initiates divorce (and payoff!)
  4. Becomes a columnist at Jezebel railing against the patriarchy.

* In fairness to Russian chicks, they at least wait until their 30’s to “bloom” into their full womanhood, while in Anglo world its pretty much constant inflation from birth.

* There are probably many other social issues that can at least partially be explained by this. Say, Black crime rates (which remain about twice higher than those of whites even after being adjusted for IQ). Surely part of this has something to do with quite understandable frustration stemming from 40% of all Black chicks being obese, i.e. twice the rate of whites. Meanwhile, surely the high rate of White-Asian intermarriage, and pop terms like “yellow fever“, has something to do with with US Asian chicks being the only part of American womanhood who can be relied upon to look after their bodies.

* There is a bizarre obsession with anorexia at the same time as the obesity crisis spirals out of control. Regardless of the fact that “anorexics” are infinitely more attractive than fatsos and have only become a rarity fairly recently in historical terms. However, since it actually takes discipline to maintain your body in that attractive form, the lazy fatsos who want a free lunch, who want to have their cake and eat it too (both literally and metaphorically), issue hysterical screeds against anorexia as part of their campaign against red-blooded men.

Sorry Katya but you are fat, and your “PLUS Size Plus” magazine is disgusting propaganda.

Note in particular the statistical skulduggery in the odious propaganda poster above. The argument that models now weigh 23% less than the average woman as opposed to 8% less in 1990, which is supposed to imply widespread anorexia in the fashion industry, assumes that said average woman has remained static in the intervening two decades. That is not of course the case. In 1990, there wasn’t a single US state with an obesity rate of greater than 15%; today, there is not a single one with an obesity rate of LESS than 20%. As such, it’s entirely possible that the average model today is actually heavier than she was 20 years ago as the average woman has developed a much larger “frame”. The problem is with the latter, not the former.

In conclusion, as I’ve rigorously demonstrated above, fat women are loathsome to look at (compare the two pictures) and cause many social problems. And contrary to the feminists, betaboys and sundry enablers who bastardize the English language to appease the Land Whale Lobby (“voluptuous”, “curvy”, “big boned”, “big framed”) and claim that “personality is what really matters”, normal dudes DO NOT prefer sass over fatass.

When fat women are forced to confront this fact they tend to retreat into some bizarre combination of denial, blame games, and self-aggrandizement via feminism and fat acceptance liberation movement. And they have a host of paid-up enablers rationalizing their delusions. What they really need is a good swat on the ass.

Anatoly Karlin is a transhumanist interested in psychometrics, life extension, UBI, crypto/network states, X risks, and ushering in the Biosingularity.


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  1. OK, this post merely solidifies my suspicion that you’re going in the wrong direction. It could have been lifted from any “manosphere” blog. Bring back the old Karlin with his charts, graphs and in-depth analysis.

    • I by contrast enjoy these sort of posts. I also happen to agree with the post. So I suspect do most women, even many who won’t admit it. No woman wants to be told she’s put on weight. As for obesity, it is actually a growing problem and one to be taken seriously.

    • The charts and graphs stuff won’t vanish, there’ll just be more filler between them. Fulfilling filler…

      Thanks, Alex. You’re the man.

  2. Hank the plant says

    Are Russian broads not thin? I only see Russian girls in Finland and America, and they are all uber thin, and very kind/charming. Selection bias? Say it aint so. Slavic women from other lands seem to be fit.

    • They are indeed thin, gloriously so compared to Americans, but only when in their 20’s. As they go into their 30’s and especially 40’s many begin fattening up at a frightening rate, especially in the provinces.

      What images come to mind when you hear the word “babushka”? There’s your answer.

      • I’m not sure about Russia, but having just visited Poland, I can say at least with certainty that this rule doesn’t apply there. I arrived fully expecting that the women in their twenties would be smoking hot, but that they’d become overweight, hunchbacked babushkas in their late 30s. While the former was true, the latter was not — I saw few examples of that. Women in their 40s and young mothers still looked good, although to be fair, I was only in the larger cities.

  3. The first picture makes a valid point. And yet the women who do care about their looks spend so much time and money on them. It’s useless – a different set of earrings, a more expensive bag, more makeup won’t make a woman prettier. But they still do it. A woman’s beauty is like intelligence – there are many ways to lower the amount that nature gave you, but no known ways to increase it. The idea that nothing can be done to improve the situation seems cruel to women, so they go into denial about it and spend shocking amounts of time and money on looks.

    • Very true. In particular it’s funny that in bars and clubs it is typically the chubbier chicks who wear more make up.

      Disagree on it being impossible to improve beauty via makeup. Пруф.

  4. yalensis says

    I read an article recently in a popular science magazine: There is some evidence that contributing factor to childhood obesity in developed (and developing) countries is CLEAN WATER. Up until recently, most humans had all kinds of bacteria (especially H-pylori) growing in their guts. The bacteria plus various other parasites gobbled up half of the calories people consumed. These commensal bacteria may have also, counter-intuitively, played a role in regulating the appetite hormones ghrelin and leptin. Advent of clean water plus over-use of antibiotics has led to a generation of children with uber-clean guts (no parasites or commensals to syphon off calories), and essentially no internal “thermostat” telliing them they have had enough to eat.
    When I was a little kid, we ate just as much junk food and candy as kids do today, and watched just as much TV, but somehow we got away with it.

    • Jennifer Hor says


      In many countries where people drink recycled water, there’s the added problem of oestrogens and chemicals known collectively as xenoestrogens that when consumed, accumulate in body fat and exacerbate obesity.

      While treating water gets rid of E coli, other gut nasties and most toxins, oestrogen from contraceptives and menopause treatments that women take and xenoestrogens from plastics, skincare products, cosmetics and other substances may not be filtered out or treated properly. Compounds that could act as xenoestrogens include petrolatum, mineral oil and preservatives like methylparaben.

      I ain’t ever going on no hormone replacement therapy stuff after discovering that oestriol, the active ingredient that supplies oestrogen to regulate hot flushes and other menopause problems, comes from pregnant mares kept in battery-hen conditions on farms!

      Diet and energy drinks with corn fructose syrup and artificial sweeteners have also been implicated as causes of obesity because among other things they disrupt the body’s ability to regulate glucose levels and as a result you get glucose and energy highs and lows and when your levels are low, you need to ingest more sugar (and more food) for more glucose to get your energy back.

      BTW we shouldn’t be too hard on countries where obesity in women is prized because in most places where famine and starvation were common, having fat wives and children was an indicator that you were successful and entitled to enjoy your wealth. Obesity and obesity-related diseases like diabetes are big problems in China and India. (And Chinese people love fat babies and toddlers!) China has the world’s largest population of diabetics with 92 million estimated to have the disease and 150 million in a pre-diabetic condition. India is said to have 50 million people with diabetes.

      • yalensis says

        Hi, Jennifer!
        Yes, these are all very good (and scary) points about the modern age we live in. I read in a scientific journal about the horse-estrogen they use for menopausal women, it is called “premarin” which literally means “pregnant mare”, from whence they take the horse piss, somehow get it into pill form, and give to human women as a hormone replacement. On the one hand, estrogen helps prevent osteoporosis, so it’s kind of a good thing. On the other hand, estrogen causes cancer and also boosts development of fat cells, especially around the belly. This is why men get pot bellies in middle age, too. As their testerone levels go down, their relative estrogen levels do up, and they start to look like little pregnant trolls.
        Energy drinks are deadly, as you point out, and also contribute to obesity.
        Another thing that they are just discovering — guess what! is that DIET drinks also cause obesity. For example, Diet Coke, and all the others. This does not sound logical, since these drinks have 0 calories. However, the experimental data is in (experiments on both rats and humans), and there can be no doubt.
        Scientists are not sure what the mechanism is. Maybe the sugar substitutes (saccarin, or whatever) confuse the body’s immune and insulin system in some way? Can it be coincidental that obesity epidemic in Western countries started around the same time these diet drinks became very popular?
        Moral of the story: NEVER drink diet sodas. Here is my advice to the world:
        If you must have a soda (for example, to lace your rum), then just go ahead and use a real soda, with real sugar! But just a small teacup of soda, don’t drink the whole liter!

        • Jennifer Hor says


          What is done to the mare is that a catheter is stuck in her kidneys to draw out the urea and this is what goes into the pills. The horse has to be kept still to stop the catheter from tearing out so she is put in a narrow stall where she can’t move or turn around. She stays like that 24/7 for a whole year until the foal is born! The foal is taken away to be turned into horsemeat and the mare is impregnated again and put back into her stall.

          There’s been a suggestion that the excess oestrogen and xenoestrogens we get during our childhood and early adulthood are partly to blame for the osteoporosis epidemic in later years. The body gets used to an excess of oestrogen and during menopause and old age this excess has further to fall than it would in African and Asian women who are not exposed to such high levels.

          I think what happens with the mechanism governing hunger is that the brain associates sweetness and fullness together but if it’s getting a sweetness message but not a fullness message, then it signals hunger. The body then seeks filling foods. That may be one reason why diet drinks are linked with obesity. Psychology and muddled thinking play a part too: if I drink a diet soda, then I can pig out on an extra cake!

          • yalensis says

            That is so horrible what they do to those mares, your description really saddens and outrages me. I wish there was something I could do to stop this cruelty against horses.
            Still on the animal theme: Sorry I never responded to your comment on one of Anatoly’s previous blogs about the “dolphin rape” situation. I did read your comment, but ever since then I have had a series of disturbing nightmares about these grey monsters with their big fake grins draggin me into an underwater cave and having their way with me. IF that should ever happen to me, I hope these dolphins are smart enough to realize that I can only hold my breath for approximately 30 seconds before I drown!
            (So now we know what that “swimming with dolphins” at DisneyWorld attraction is all about … perverts!)

            • Jennifer Hor says


              Depending on where you live, you can contact the ASPCA or RSPCA Canada to get more information about Premarin horses and find out how to protest or complain to the companies (Pfizer and Wyeth Pharmaceuticals) involved. The farms are located mainly in Canada and the US.

              OMG I should think next time about posting stories about dolphins! So sorry to hear of your predicament!

              • yalensis says

                LOL! I seem to have Dolphins on my mind, on a different blog (Mark Chapman’s) where we were debating what to do if USA should invade Iran..
                I commented: I had read somewhere that the Iranians threatened they would mine the Straight of Hormuz if invaded. American navy responded that they would send in a team of trained dolphins to clear the mines. (I’m not kidding.) I commented that Iranians could counter-respond by wounding the dolphins with sonar blasts. I got some flak for that on the forum for advocating cruelty to animals. I know. I actually love dolphins, I think they’re really cute. But war is war…
                (Also, somebody pointed out that it would be more efficient for Iranians to sink a battleship in the Straight rather than using mines. Then the dolphins would be useless, they might be smart, but they can’t lift a sunken ship….)

          • I had a friend who drank diet sodas with aspertame for years. He ended up in a state mental hospital when he snapped. He’s ok now, but I hope he’s staying off the damn things.

      • At least people are starting to consider water, Monsatan’s dominance of the two primary U.S. feed crops of corn (HFCS is a killer) and soybeans which find their way into darn near everything, into the fat equation.

        It’s true lotsa people drove everywhere and watched a lot of TV in the U.S. back in the 1980s but there weren’t nearly as many morbidly obese land whales as now. The Jane Fonda fitness culture might have helped then though whereas as now all girls in growing demographics are supposed to be ‘curvy’. That isn’t racism it’s just an observation that shorter girls have less room to sash fat and there’s something about the evolving American foodstock and massive doses of sugar particularly toxic to some gene pools. Look at photos of non-movie star, just middle class dressed up Mexican women in the 1940s and compare to now (it’s sorta the equivalent of noticing how unveiled the women’s graduating classes were in Egypt, Afghanistan and Iran of the 1950s and 60s).

        In my Gen Yer recollection there were just a few chubby folk in the 1980s-early 1990s, mostly already in their 30s at least, and not nearly as many porcine kids as now. The weight issues mostly exploded not coincidentally after GMO food was widely introduced into everything in the mid to late 1990s.

        • My point is, the grandmothers of many Hispanic girls now may’ve had kids at the same age or earlier but they were married and overall slimmer even after the second or third kid than their granddaughters nowadays are after the first or even before the first. And most of those women even in the 1950s had cars and didn’t have to walk or bike everywhere in most parts of the U.S.

  5. This has to be one of the funniest and hard hitting posts I’ve ever seen! Loved every minute of it! (And yes: Kuwaitis, Egyptians, Saudis, and other ME/NA in general LOVE fat women…)

  6. Those Chinese girls are terrifying. Also, could definitely complement this with some graphs on environmental/health/economic costs of industrialized over-eating. The cost of agriculture (obesity, deforestation, emissions, pesticides..) is definitely one of the great under-reported issues..

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  8. AK, are you sure that obesity lowers a young woman’s social status far, far more than a man’s? Have you any proof of that?

    The USA and Russia don’t have a high divorce rate but a high marriage rate of 20 years old. In Western Europe they would be living together, even if a baby was on its way, so those break-ups are not counted in divorces. Besides Korea and Taiwan have also high divorce rates and we all know those Asian chicks are fat. Also is this a man rights site otherwise claims that for women is a positive money wise to divorce is not something that is usually correct.

    Can we stop talking about blacks. I know you live in America and you are Russian but from a Western European point of view it just lets you look like an idiot.

    Women in their 30’s should bloom a little bit. Those that don’t become unattractive. I know that you’re still to young to find any woman in their 40’s attractive but when that time comes you will notice that those with a little presence look better than those who have the “ideal” weight.

    IQ and crime rate have no direct connection.
    Criminality of a person is heavily influenced by sex and less by urbanization rate and education/class. Blacks live predominately in the city and are less educated/lower class so unsurprising they have a higher crime rate.
    Lower classes are fatter than higher classes. The distribution of blacks is skewed to the lower classes so it isn’t surprising that they are fatter than average. There is also the whole black ass thing for which you need heft.

    Young anorexics” are infinitely more attractive than young fatsos, but that is not true above 35. Than it starts to reverse.

    • crunchie says

      You are sickeningly PC in all your opinions.

    • AK, are you sure that obesity lowers a young woman’s social status far, far more than a man’s?

      Of course as men start to become physically repulsed by women once they get 30 pounds+ overweight, whereas for men other qualities will easily compensate as long as they’re not flat out obese.

      IQ and crime rate have no direct connection…

      Please read The Bell Curve, then come back. The evidence for this is irrefutable.

      • Isn’t 30 pounds flat out obese for a woman as they are smaller than men?

      • First, the Bell Curve is bad science. And even if you do buy into its flimsy conclusions, there are certainly hosts of academics who claim the ability to refute them.

        Second, many of the loose correlations you present in this post (obesity –> divorce, e.g.) are at least as specious as the stats you expose from the plus size fashion mag. Macro-correlations do not a compelling explanation make, unless you find an audience willing to grind the same ax as yourself.

        To conclude, then, unlike much of what you write here, Anatoly, I have to agree with your critics that this post is not worth the time it took me to read it. What really lies behind this one? Bad breakup recently? Turned down by a chubby girl? I much prefer your more analytic posts to the harsh screeds – like this one – that you sometimes produce in your less reflective moments.

  9. Okay, Anatoly, you have left me with no choice except to pose this Mephisto Dilemma Thought Experiment for you:

    After nuclear holocaust there are only 2 dudes left on planet, you and another guy.
    There are only 2 breeding-age girls left, so each of you has to pick one. The rule is: after you pick, you are not allowed to swap.
    One of the girls is very smart (IQ of 150+), but obese. (And she’ll stay obese, because there’s still plenty of food lying around, most if high-calorie stuff like crates of soda pop and potato chips.)
    The other girl is beautiful and extremely slim, almost anorexic looking. But, alas, she is dumb as an amoeba, her IQ tested somewhere around 70 before everything blew up.
    You and the other dude toss a coin, and you win, so you get to pick first.
    Which one do you pick?

    • That’s easy. Fuck the brains out of the hottie, then blow my own out.

      • yalensis says

        Oh dear, No! No! That is the wrong answer, you cannot commit suicide, Anatoly. Suicide is a mortal sin, you must live on and try to replenish the human race!
        Just kidding, in this type of situation, suicide is definitely an option. However, first you should try a couple of other things. For starters, 4 people is not nearly enough to sustain a human rebuild, you would need a minimum of 50 females and at least a handful of males. So, it’s not really worth trying unless you can find some other people.
        Therefore, you should have questioned my assumption that there are only 4 people left in the world. How on earth would I know that for sure?
        Hence, the 4 of you (the 2 guys, the Fattie and the Hottie) should scavenge some diesel, hop on your Mad-Max Harleys and set off on quest for other survivors.
        You should have also questioned my assumption that you cannot swap wives. How ridiculous is that, ROFLMA! When have humans ever stuck to THAT rule? Never have, and never will. The Hottie is so anorexic that she doesn’t even get her menses any more and doesn’t have enough body weight to sustain a viable pregnancy. Hence (assuming she is willing, because rape is still wrong), you can tap her whenever you want. And so can the other guy. Meanwhile, the Fattie should be tapped (again, assuming she gives consent, because rape is still wrong) by both guys at least once per month, in the hope she will bear the first super-high-IQ child of the post-apocalyptic generation.

    • thats easy, i picked the high IQ but fatter one (though not obese, just a bit overweight, cute face). maybe it has to do with my upbringing but i was taught that looks are more temporary than mental capability, and i don’t want my kids to grow up retarded.

  10. Actually, overwhelmingly, people with well developed brains also tend to have well developed physical features that more or less remain within close proximity to the 1.618 Golden Ratio. Of course, your scenario is hypothetical, and that’s perfectly understandable. However, I just want to say that in the said post-apocalyptic world, statistics dictates that should there be small group of survivors, it is VERY likely that they’ll be both intelligent and physically attractive. Heck, even look at today’s society when nothing’s gone down yet. I’ve yet to spot an extremely obese female with a PHD.

    P.S: that last point is subject to ‘some’ minor adjustments when we move into the Anglosphere. Rampant radical feminism, the growing entitlement complex and the various forms of fat acceptance movements means that eventually (actually, quite soon), 1 – (%obese/100) > (%very intelligent people/100). When the tipping point happens, a good number of intelligent people will, mathematically, fall into the jaws of unforgiving obesity. Don’t worry, I’m not in for a shock at all. Sydney’s already like that :D.

    • I figure eventually the high-IQ types will invent a pill that melts the lard away and makes everybody thin. Then Anatoly can finally find that super-skinny girl that he craves so much. (Just make sure she takes her skinny-pill every day,)
      Personally, I like BUXOM wenches. If I wanted to hug a skeleton, I would sneak into the morgue!

  11. BigBadMomma1984 says

    I don’t know if we live in two different worlds but I have always noticed that fat men were far more accepted in society then fat women. It’s okay for a man to be kind of fat but heaven forbid a woman have a little meat on her bones. Either way though, male or female, that fat person is going to be ridiculed at one point in their life. It’s bullshit like this that doesn’t help people lose weight. If people were more accepting and treated fat people with respect then maybe, just maybe, that person would take those steps needed to get healthy and lose some weight. Making them feel completely shitty about themselves isn’t going to help. This whole blog post just sounds really assholeish and shallow. I’m not telling you that you have to date, screw, or do whatever to individuals who are fat. Just have a little bit of common decently towards people.

    • Reality is one thing. My values are another. I accept fat men just as little as I accept fat women. Allowing yourself to become obese because of an only recent artificial abundance of food is not only showing very little discipline, but is also doing a huge dishonour to the billions that did not experience this quantity of food throughout human history. We have grown up in a cocooned society where “self esteem” is paramount to life. The human brain is evolved to handle a range of emotions, all in balance. In the Western society, however, the level of dopamine – and thus dopamine desensitisation – is far too high; drugs, porn, entertainment, and yes, this constant bullshit of feeding someone sweet words. Want to know why Russian women at least stay fit in their 20’s? It’s because their peers ridicule the absolute fuck out of them for not being hot. I’m not advocating ridiculing overweight people, don’t get me wrong. But surely this constant march towards “fat acceptance” and bullshit of the likes is NOT helping slim down the West. If I was in charge (and thank everything from Apollo to Zeus that I’m not), I’d mandate that on days above 30ºC, every man should go topless and every female in belly revealing sports tops. Why? Because it makes people self conscious, and hopefully the sliver of men and women who have enviable physiques will drill some sense into the masses who haul around exuberant quantities of fat vibrating at resonance with which ever poor structure they happen to stand on.

    • Sorry to say but I’m not a big fan of big mommas, sweetie, but I know someone who is, you should pay my brotha Nigel a visit sometime. He is very “accepting” of larger women; the more meat on their heavy bones, the better!

  12. Philip Owen says

    The fat 30 something women in Russia are the car owners who work in offices. Even gentle exercise, especially short bursts throughout the day, triggers hormones that keep you thin. Sitting at the desk and then sitting in the car does not trigger the hormones. Even three sessions a week of vigorous exercise is not compensation. Food control is more or less irrelevant. (Yes very fat people eat more – they have more body to maintain – it’s not how they got there).