The Taliban Don’t Hate America For its Freedom

What freedom can there possibly be while there’s A GOD DANG CHEETO in the White House!?

They only kill Americans because Putler pays them to.

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  2. The Alarmist says

    Even if it was a true story, one could make a strong argument based on turnabout being fair play. It was funny to see the news, a few years back, of a senior Taliban being whacked in a drone attack, and remembering he was one of the Mujahadeen we trained to attack the Sovs in Afghanistan.

  3. another anon says

    Yeah, this “unnamed intelligence source” sounds like bullshit, but the Democratic twitter is going stark raving mad over this.

    Will it be forgotten in few days, or is second impeachment incoming?

  4. Mitleser says
  5. Taliban doesn’t hate America for its freedom but I am sure they despise the American who celebrate the refusal to wear of a mask as another touchstone of having the freedom. Who hates America for its freedom ? Same group who portrays the sending of the cheques to the unemployed as disincentiving to work . Who hates American freedom ? Same group who screamed at Obama from the Chicago Commodity Exchange and established Tea Party only to ignore the knowledge of 2008 big bank bail out and only to keep mouth shut over the current rip off by the Fed Treasury and Blackrock
    Who hates American liberty ? Those who call anti war activists as traitors .

  6. Democrats today appear to have become demented, and are probably under the influence of the Devil himself.

    No wonder some call them “Demonrats”.

    That a man bordering senility and a “DMV black lady” as likely VP are their candidates, is only fitting.

  7. Bragadocious says

    Let the record show that the Afghan surge occurred under Obama as they turned this conflict into a gender equity crusade to liberate the “womyn and grlzzz” of Afghanistan. This is the natural result of the LGBTQ takeover of government, including deep state government. So what we now have is a group of lunatics influencing policy who are not peaceniks at all, as one might assume people with a leftist/proggy stance to be. They are fully committed to using the might of the U.S. war machine to remake the entire globe to conform with their vision of gin-soaked brunches and Subaru Foresters.

    What this is really about is: Trump is drawing down the troops in Afghanistan. The left is concocting a lie to stop him. The end.

  8. The Alarmist says

    The Taliban hates America for slavery, namely stopping the importation of slaves purchased from, among others, Arab slavers.

    BTW, Leopold II’s venture in the Congo led to war with the Arabs and put an end to their slave trading in that corner of Africa, but Leo is given no credit for that.

  9. In a way, the current lunacy has blown the Cult of Diversity out of the water.

    We’ve been told on and on about the wonders of Diversity, but most groups in the US don’t matter.

    Blacks and Antifa have harmed so many groups, but total silence.

    In the US, only Jews, blacks, and homo matter. PC is really about Triversity than Diversity.
    It’s been said the US has so many ethnic and national groups, but no one cares about them. But then, why should they? After all, what is post-war Americanism but an amnesia-ism(with no memory of ‘boring’ histories and cultures) and idol-worship of winners and snubbing at losers. The logic of capitalism. Sure, there’s the stuff about equal opportunity, but the dog-eat-dog competition produces just a few winners. Jews win in finance, verbal IQ, and tech. Homos win in fashion and celebrity. Blacks win in sports and pop music.
    And so, according to the logic of Cultural Capitalism, only those three winner-groups matter, and no one else does. Whites do win in the beauty department, but as whites are denied identity and autonomy, white beauty is now seen as a commodity that something that belongs to others. In other words, white women belong to Jewish men and Negro men, and white guys belong to immigrant women of all stripes. The idea of whiteness belonging to whites is anathema. (Still, it’s weird that in a world that denies whiteness as an identity and quality, most people around the world still notice whiteness the most and gravitate toward it by immigration and fantasy.)

    So, it’s time to talk of the Triversity than Diversity.

    Here’s some proof. This Iranian man’s livelihood has been destroyed, but no one cares. Why should they? He’s part of Diversity, not Triversity(of Jews, homos, and blacks).

  10. I don’t think 1990s Afghanistan had the wherewithal to buy too many foreign slaves even had the market existed.

  11. All well run businesses are based on a ‘pay for results‘ principle. The results require metrics and in geopolitics there are very few metrics available – killing enemy’s soldiers has always been one of them. Forcing enemy to spend money is another one.

    We won’t find actual invoices but the concept is well established. Washington openly boasts about making its enemies ‘pay a price‘, e.g. paying Syrian rebels to kill government soldiers or paying Kiev to kill people in Donbas. That’s what ‘make them pay a high price means‘.

    NY Times seems increasingly in the business of discovering that sun will – surprise, surprise – rise again tomorrow, stating the obvious with a deep, fake emotion. That’s on a good day, most of the time they blubber incoherently about how globalism wasn’t tried hard enough or cry over martyred porno stars.

  12. You are again making things up just like Trump . BTW, Leopold has achieved redemption in MAGA caps sporting Trumpine middle aged penniless white trash who bemoan and violently decry the collective loss of ill-gotten privileges . They now find that they have been enslaved by their own woke . Taliban did not ask for slaves but it seems US wants to offer them anyway from some from its massive domestic supply . It has already done that for Israel .

    Treatment of the poor Belgian at the hand of Leoplod was worse than the recorded treatment of any slave by Arab.

  13. Hyperborean says

    Treatment of the poor Belgian at the hand of Leoplod was worse than the recorded treatment of any slave by Arab.

    You are right. The unspoken victims of Leopold’s cruel narcissism are the Belgian taxpayers.

    White bodies need reparations from resource-rich Congo (don’t object please, that’s a sign of black fragility, be an ally not an enemy).

    Also we need some trendy motto to encapsulate this: #BelgiumSoBlack, #BelgiumSoBrown?

  14. Europe Europa says

    Americans used to pay the Taliban to kill Russians, back in the days before they decided that Islam was to become the international scapegoat for the NWO. Now Islam has taken much of Russia’s previous position as “the bad guy”.

  15. The Alarmist says

    Yes, Leopold was horrible to the common Belgian folks, what with things like free public schools, some degree of disestablishmentarianism to distance government from the Catholic church, legal support for trade unions, a ban on child labour, and numerous public works across Belgium. What a horrible man!

    As for that Congo venture, how much of his bad rep was propaganda? It’s kind of hard for a couple hundred Belgian administrators to kill millions of Congolese. Even the Germans weren’t that productive.

  16. Accounts of his vicious action is propaganda? He killed more than 20 millions in Congo. Many of his rooms used to showcase the curled up hands of the slaves as ashtray . Sources of his atrocities did not come out of some black narrative or communist diatribe . It’s all western European and way before even the entire colonialism project were given such a bad rap sheet .

    But your attitude circles us back to the same mindset This attitude one day will try to exonerate the American atrocities from Somalia to Pakistan
    and do two more things -1 blame the terrorism for America’s global wars 2 glorify the American heartfelt attempt to liberate the women ,children, bring education and create economic opportunities . .


  17. The Alarmist says

    Yeah, about that 20 million figure … it’s BS derived by some crackpot and based on a report concocted by the British to advance their own designs on the resources of the region. There were documented instances of small scale Belgian cases of inhumanity to the natives, but no serious evidence of systematic slaughter of millions.

    The Casement report included lots of hearsay about atrocities and direct observations of a decline in population, but you occasionally come across incongruities like the biggest complaint of a native tribe being annoyed not as much by the food tax levied upon them as much as being dragged into doing work they didn’t expect to do, like canoe trips or pier building. There is also mention of disease taking a rampant toll and that the Belgians were, perhaps, not as quick to ameliorate conditions to fight the spread of disease. It was disease that likely took a heavy toll, and in Central Africa, it would be unfair to pin that solely on European inaction.

    Next you’re going to tell us about lampshades?

  18. The Alarmist says

    Also we need some trendy motto to encapsulate this: #BelgiumSoBlack, #BelgiumSoBrown?

    I suggest you draw upon Ebonics to give it a nice, pithy, alliterative sound, e.g.


  19. sudden death says

    Returning to the main theme, Biden sounds like the same old sharp Ukraine visiting Biden when talking about this:

    Sounds like music to my ears compared with current sitting hybrid mix of Shroeder/Berlusconi in White House.