The Terrorist Attack in New Zealand

Here is Brenton Tarrant’s manifesto. He comes off as a living repository of /pol/ memes.

Personally, I think we need to punish the enablers of Far Right terrorism. Well past time the hateful anti-Semite PewDiePie was kicked off YouTube and Putler got more sanctions.

EDIT 2019.03.18: Seems there is a concerned campaign to get the manifesto and video off the Internet. Moreover, according to New Zealand police, sharing the video could get you more jail time than Brenton Tarrant will get for killing any one of those Muslims.


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  1. LondonBob says

    Doing us no favours, but this stuff will happen. I am sure the left will seek to understand his motivations and correct their policies, perhaps some outreach to the white community and a few community centres.

  2. This is a good time to see who is a cuck and who is not. No doubt the cucks will lament about how this is bad for white interests or how this harms anti immigration politics, etc.

    I say to hell with all of that, Muslims can kill as many as they want and afterwards they get people to lick their behinds even more. Nobody is going to stand up for white interests, the worst thing whites can do now is to condemn Tarrant.

  3. sudden death says

    For aboriginals or maories it should be quite ironic – this is white Aussie from of all the people who is crying so loud about replacement and invaders 🙂

  4. Other Side says

    Aborigines and Maoris ( and you for that matter ) can go and cry me a river .

    They would still live in mud huts and eat each other fecal matter if it wasn’t for white people who actually built entirety of Australia and New Zealand .

  5. How do you think non whites will treat the Maoris? I know that according to mass media/entertainment you all unite and defeat the evil white man and live in harmony, in the real world the only people who care about Maoris are whites.

  6. Maoris aren’t like Aborigines. Why don’t you think they would be capable of protecting themselves? They were able to hold back even Anglos relatively successfully.

  7. Against an endless stream of Indians, Chinese, blacks and others moving into New Zealand, how do you see them keep their special status with the overwhelming numbers that don’t suffer from the white guilt complex?

  8. Agreed, I also noticed that conspicuous omission.

    I read his text as well, and it does seem to line up with /pol/’s worldview with the notable exception that he never criticizes Jews, or draws any attention to them.

    One of the major problems I see with his thesis is near the end where he makes the point that “it doesn’t matter how brutal your tactics are if you win, because the winners write the history books”. Well, that was also the operating assumption of the early Soviet communists, and look how that project ended up. Largely reversed, and with the violence being the main thing that gets remembered about it (including by Karlin here).

    It only really works when the brutality is so overwhelming as to be irreversible, as in the Maori’s genocide of the nonviolent Moriori (to use a New Zealand example):

  9. Hyperborean says

    The majority of your comments are retarded “anti-imperialist” statements. What nationality are you? Ukrop? Polack? Some diaspora individual in the Anglosphere?

    There will be no distinctions made between “good” people and “ebil1” people by the enemy.

    Do you think Arabs or Indians or Chinese would care one whit about Aboriginals or American Indians in a colony where they would reign dominant?

    But sure, you are welcome to enjoy the feel good factor from your oh-so-precious virtue.

  10. I should add that in the case of the Maori at least, they don’t really have a moral case to complain. See the link I posted. The story of the Moriori is an instructive lesson about how sometimes, an entire people choose to be genocided rather than give up their moral principles. Sometimes, that’s the price of sticking to one’s high ethical values.

  11. The system has all the blood it needs for a major crackdown

    For all of us that think they are censoring us, BigTech is fending off a radicalized workforce and Bay Area neighborhood that is far more radical than the oligarchs.

  12. Hyperborean says

    But wasn’t this what the shooter was hoping would happen?

    By the way, I am bit disappointed. Despite his manifesto being an effortpoast (mostly…), he made so many lazy typos and improper spacing, as well as some grammar mistakes.

    Even simple ones that should probably show up on with a red line on a computer.

    Also, Indians and Chinese are shitting at each other over the “PRC is top inspiration” line in the manifesto.

  13. All men without gfs must be ruthlessly hunted down and thrown into gulags

  14. Most people won’t read the entire manifesto. A large number of leftists still believe that the Covington Catholic boys intentionally sought out to belittle an Amerind Vietnam Veteran.

    If people want to know why “Trump doesn’t defend his supporters rights on Big Social”, this is why. He got a coup threat from the Joint Chiefs after the Charlottesville remarks.

    They aren’t banning Ben Shapiro, and it would be good for our movements if they did.

    The left’s chorus is “Bigots must be deplatformed and marginalized”. There is minimal support for “free speech absolutism” in Anglo societies. Said position was mainstreamed in the 1970s by ACLU types with an ulterior motive of legitimizing pornography.

  15. Probably the first, but not the last, time the navy seal copypasta has been used in a mass murderer’s manifesto. Add the “remove kebap” and “subscribe to pewdiepie” from the video and you see that we must ban memes. The EU is onto something.

  16. The right should just keep blaming diversity and equality for causing these tensions, that kind of rhetoric makes leftists blow up in a hilarious manner

    (and it’s also true)

  17. Not sure if the Zealand event is the bigger slaughter of the day. Israel has been bombing Gaza. It seems the death toll will be dwarfed by conventional players over the week.

    What could be a side note, as to the efficiency to comparable miscarriages all over the globe, the single, European descend assailant, unfortunately got the better scores on record.

    Playing into the fears of the general populations, this occurrence can be easily abused. This is the invitation to political stances stretch awaited for.

    Just some more loose thoughts on the matter, as Muslims go, such a banditry would be mostly ignored. As proven to date.

    To end, on an even note, approval or disgust is not intended to be addressed here, there will be enough of that all over. It seems that tensions between subgroups at the bottom of society are escalating. That in itself has to do with elite misconduct, and distrust for the latter. The patching must be done at the high end of global society. An illusion of well-being, a feel of identity must be left alone. And as for the West, it seems that gender and social status seem to become inadequate tags to identity.


    Basically a racial attack on white people for being right-wing.

    This is a gold mine for the left, and will pay off for years to come.

  19. It is getting more polarised with each one of these events. New Zealand? Who would have thought.

    The massive attempt to mix the lower class populations around the world will inevitably be bloody. The process by definition radicalizes a certain percentage of people on all sides. The migration mixing process is also accelerating the push-down of the mostly white middle class. That adds economic fire to the all-around anger. We are heading towards more chaos.

    The enthusiastic, moron elites have been promising a unified, global, worldly, all-colors and no genders rainbow paradise where all groups are happy and loving each other. It will be the exact opposite. Not for the first time in history, an unhinged ideology manages to create the exact opposite of what it was supposedly seeking.

    For those of us still isolated from this madness (e.g. in our V4 countries) all this does is strengthen the determination not to become like the West. No multi-culturalism, no conflict, no problem.

  20. Thorfinnsson says

    If this fellow is to be taken at face value his goal is to inspire a civil war in the United States.


  21. I went to school for a couple of years in NZ. To say Maoris are not like Abos is the understatement of the year. Back then (the 80s) Maori and white kids were entirely integrated in the schools I attended as well as in sports teams and for the most part there wasn’t any tension between them. Almost all the people who were against Springbok (Apartheid South Africa rugby team) tours were white and South Asian. The Maori kids and adults alike didn’t give a damn about Apartheid they cared more about seeing their beloved All Blacks play the Springboks. If I’m not mistaken the most prominent opponent of Asian immigration in the 90s was a Maori leader who wrapped himself in the NZ ensign. Some whites even accused him of being a racist! Of course, since then American influence has increased so maybe that’s all changed now.

  22. Libertardian says

    Deep state op, not even a sophisticated one.

    I would consider the breivik’s affair to maybe not be sponsored by them, it’s elephants all the way down otherwise.

    BTW that “manifesto” (antifesto?) was written by a Peter Strzok clone.

    Ordo ab chao

  23. He who makes a meme of himself gets rid of the pain of being a man.— Matt Christman (@cushbomb) March 15, 2019

  24. “Well past time the hateful anti-Semite PewDiePie was kicked off YouTube and Putler got more sanctions.”

    That’s obviously meant to be sarcastic, but there really are blue check marks suggesting exactly that on Twitter. These people are beyond parody now. I mean, parody implies some baseline of normality somewhere as a basis of comparison; parody works by comparing an extreme with some agreed upon non-extreme. If there isn’t one, then there is nothing to parody and everything is farce.

  25. John Burns, Gettysburg Partisan says

    He’s no John Brown, though, and the people on the left are darned sure not the likes of Henry Wise.

  26. If you read this guy’s manifesto, he claims he’s OK with people staying in their own countries and not “invading” others. So he has no problem with Muslims for example – and indeed says he had a good time travelling to non-European nation’s and was treated kindly – as long as they stay out of Europe or Australia/NZ when as per his beliefs they become “invaders” and ripe for extermination. (He’s not as much a white supremacist who claim that whites own the planet as a white nationalist who claim that every race should still to their (original) lands

    So by his own worldview the Maori and Aborigines would be justified in massacring the whites.

  27. Jim Christian says

    Along with every unmarried fatty female with tatts, piercings and blue-red-purple hair.

  28. I think it’s important that we all disavow some of Candace Owens’ beliefs.

  29. The left has been demanding “proactive gatekeeping” since the election, where “Facebook profited off of fake news”.

    I don’t know how many “moderators” are in the pay of the People’s Republic of China, but I do recall there are a large number of people that get small payments for being a part-time snitch. Perhaps that is what they want Big Social to do. Presumably that means a large number of English speaking South Asians, Africans and Filipinos paid to censor the major sites. I can’t imagine that they could afford to pay hundreds of thousands of Americans $15/hr+benefits to do this. The narrative in the thread I posted earlier is that hitting the report button is “too much work”.

  30. OK, so this looks akin to what the SJWs are demanding.

    Presumably (I’m clueless wrt IT) there could be some kind of AI that would learn from all of these meatpuppet censors, and presumably obviate the need for a large workforce after a certain time.

    What is still significant is that the U.S. left is remaining on its ground of “deplatform” rather than being pushed onto the “death ground” of hate speech laws leading to imprisonment.

  31. NZ busted two Mossad operations and went public with it. This was unforgivable.

  32. A picture of his gun shows his inspiration – European princes who fought the Ottomans and Moors. Some half of the names are Romanian. But at this point, I am still convinced that the Jews, Macron, Merkel, and Gillian Duffy defeated the Ottomans.

  33. B.P. Bollocksworth says

    This is a disaster. One step closer to building the case to put us all into FEMA camps.

  34. The one after the earthquake was the 2nd one. This first one was bigger and had serious political repercussions:

    ‘Mossad spies’ jailed over New Zealand passport fraud

    2004 Israel–New Zealand passport scandal–New_Zealand_passport_scandal

    And then Prime Minister Helen Clark had had her own close encounter of the third kind:

    Aircraft failure leaves Clark bruised and shaken

  35. Jim Christian says

    Nah, it’s just one more mass shooting no one will remember after the weekend. It’s St. Paddy’s Day! The Players is on! Forget all this stuff. Drink something.

  36. The thing is, these kinds of attacks are often not really political.

    It’s usually like this:

    1. Stage 1 – crazy guy knows that he wants to murder people, lose his mind in some way, and become a celebrity for it.
    2. Stage 2 – he is attracted to ideologies that will provide him with excuses to the rational part of his mind, for the goal of murdering some people and become a celebrity for it.

    He could just as easily have converted to Islam and joined ISIS, and it would have been equally securing his goal.

    The thing is people like this must have some rational part of the brain, which requires the adoption of ideology.

    While more crazy mass shooters (without any rational part of the mind that needs excuses), can be totally nihilistic, like the teenager who was trying to recreate 1990s American culture by massacring his school in Crimea a few months in the past:

  37. I can predict it will not be interesting, not just because the author will be a crazy autist, but because the goal of the writing is simply to provide excuses to engage the rational part of his mind, to support doing what he really desires, which is to kill some people and become famous.

    Desire to kill and become a celebrity from it will be primary, and then that will control the set of ideologies he will be attracted to: i.e. those which can be made to support the secondary purpose of quieting the part of mind which is saying to him it would be insane to complete a mass shooting attack.

    Particular ideologies these mass shooters are choosing are almost arbitrary. In another timeline, he probably would have converted to Islam and joined ISIS.

  38. Particular ideologies these mass shooters are choosing are almost arbitrary. In another timeline, he probably would have converted to Islam and joined ISIS.

    Or another radical group, like the guy who converted to Islam and bombed the trolleybus in Volgograd in 2013.

  39. A lot of his positions line up with Duginism.

    Dugin is pro-Islam, so this does not true in the most simple way.

    What was surprising in Russian internet today, is how much more anti-Islam everyone is compared to in the English-language internet.

    In both the liberal websites and the conservative ones, it seems like a majority of commentators are talking about how these Muslims deserved to be attacked in their mosque.

    Readers on Varlamov are the writing the same views as on Cassad. The majority of the liberals on Varlamov are talking about how this attack is simply justice for Muslims.

    Idiocy of course.

    It is some mentally ill man, pretending it is related to a larger political or religious conflict it is why killed some unarmed Malaysian economic migrants in New Zealand – but more simply it was to satisfy his desire for blood and celebrity,

  40. Stolen Valor Detective says

    A very disappointing manifesto. Far inferior to the classic, thought-provoking works of Rodger, Kaczynski and Breivik.

  41. LondonBob says

    Reminds me of that gay black news reporter who shot some of his former colleagues.

    Thing with these things whites are just more competent and that leads to a higher body count. That black guy in Texas was a surprise in how competent he was, but he had a military background.

  42. This guy should have used his time to write ak-esque travel reports.

  43. Surely, Anders Breivik is probably above average intelligence/competence, when not lost in his madness.

    And also Las Vegas shooting of 2017, was very “well planned”, although completely cowardly (shooting from hundreds of meters away).

    But there are also some idiots who have a high body count:

    The Port Arthur massacre of 28–29 April 1996 was a mass shooting in which 35 people were killed and 23 wounded in Port Arthur, Tasmania. The murderer, Martin Bryant, had a subnormal IQ and intellectual disabilities.

  44. Christopher Dorner was a Naval Reserve officer in a base security unit, perhaps more significant was his service as a Los Angeles police officer. He shot expert in the USN on rifle/pistol.

    The Dallas police shooter was not in combat arms.

  45. Senator Fraser Anning has not been punished yet. She has supported each and every intervention against Muslim countries None of them raped her or attacked her parents or her neighborhoods or her country. She never protested the killings of the innocents . She never raised a voice against killing of the children and the women and the disabled. She can add her voice against violence now but her action speak louder .

    What shall be done against her party and against her candidacy?
    A bitch in human make-up is roaming free . She at least should be corralled and pounded and prevented from sending similar killers like her to other countries . She her self is murderer.

    A dirty scoundrel in the shape of a Trump supporter like her should not be allowed one more public appearance. She should go to jail.

  46. reiner Tor says

    Very bad news. It will lead to further censorship.

    I tried to watch the video, it’s beyond disturbing. After a minute into the shooting I decided I don’t have to force myself to watch it.

  47. reiner Tor says

    My thoughts and prayers are with the anti-immigrant and Islamophobic communities, who must now live in fear of a backlash. Let’s not forget that most Islamohobes are peaceful. Moderate Islamophobic and racist leaders have already condemned the attack.

  48. It’s usually like this:

    1. Stage 1 – crazy guy knows that he wants to murder people, lose his mind in some way, and become a celebrity for it

    This strikes me as wishful thinking. Where’s the proof? In the manifesto, he describes his decision to carry this out in completely the opposite way – that it was a result of his political frustrations coming to a boiling point during a vacation in France, and deciding to do something himself if no one else would.
    Do you think that he was lying simply because it’s easier for you to believe that?

    Is it hard for you to believe that sometimes sane people start to think more about “caring for the group” than “caring for the individual”, and as a result carry out actions that are extremely cruel and immoral if analyzed only on an individual level? World and military leaders act on this level as a matter of course.

    If you’ve read Asimov’s robot series, it’s ” the zeroth law of robotics”: “A robot may not harm humanity, or, by inaction, allow humanity to come to harm.”

    By definition, it supercedes the “first law”, which concerns individual humans.

    Now, in this murderer’s case, the law would be “European people” instead of “humanity”, but it’s the same principle. For some others, it has been “Muslim people” or “the proletariat”. Asimov foresaw that as well (in his books concerning Solaria, in which the Solarians modify the robots’ definitions of “human” to include only Solarians).

  49. Yeah, I was seeing stuff claiming he befriended Ismailis while in Pakistan. Some paranoid Sunnis in the screenshot were speculating it was actually a sectarian beef disguised as run-of-the-mill Islamophobia. Aga Khan’s really revealing his power level: the Old Man lives.

  50. Hyperborean says

    Perhaps. But he does say that he expects that the act will be remembered whereas his name won’t and references that no one remembers the names of the people of behind the Madrid bombing and 9/11.

    Similarly, I think more people remember the name of Jo Cox (a very odious woman who wished to bomb Syria and at the same time import Syrians to the UK) than her assassin.

  51. German_reader says

    no one remembers the names of the people of behind the Madrid bombing and 9/11.

    That’s because they’re foreigners with weird Arabic names (and not even with them it’s always like that, from memory I can name two of the 9/11 terrorists, Mohammed Atta and Ziad Jarrah, and also other famous terrorists like al-Zarqawi).
    By contrast, I remember the names of the Columbine killers and several other mass shooters (e.g. Robert Steinhäuser, Elliott Rodgers, and Breivik of course). It may be perverse, but you can achieve lasting infamy by such acts. And Brenton Tarrant is a memorable name.
    I have forgotten the exact name of Jo Cox’s killer, but I remember it sounded German (Mair?), always wondered about that.

  52. Brabantian says

    Lots dodgy about this New Zealand ‘mass killing’, just in time to distract from Israel’s massive attack killing many more Muslims in Gaza

    The shooter’s ‘manifesto’ at times uses USA-type spelling of English – also used by Israel – not the standard Aussie-NZ UK type of spelling

    Manifesto has jokes of the type run by intel agents running an Operation Gladio type false flag & amusing themselves … the ‘shooter’ in his ‘manifesto’ says:

    “The person that has influenced me above all was Candace Owens … her own views helped push me further and further into the belief of violence … Though … extreme actions she calls for are too much, even for my tastes”

    Candace Owens, the totally establishment USA soft-voiced petite black woman doing well for herself as the ‘new face of black conservatism’ at the CPAC convention?

    Does anyone in Australia – New Zealand even know this woman, now battling on Twitter against laughable accusations she ‘inspired’ the New Zealand mosque ‘shooter’?

    ‘Shooter manifesto’ also says he learned ethno-nationalism from the Spyro the Dragon Playstation video game … ladies & gents, they are having a big larf at us

    Gladio A (Bologna bombing etc) – Gladio B (9-11 etc) – Gladio C (much of the shite now)

  53. My favorite was the Neo-Nazi who converted to Islam and then murdered his two Neo-Nazi buddies for disrespecting Islam.

    Atomwaffen was hardcore!

  54. Kaczynski is great, but what was good about Breivik’s? This guy’s manifesto, at least, isn’t a 1,500 page tome.

  55. Hyperborean says

    That is a good point, and lone wolves are also more likely to have their names remembered, whereas groups will mostly just have a few of the members’ names remembered.

    I have forgotten the exact name of Jo Cox’s killer, but I remember it sounded German (Mair?), always wondered about that.

    Mair is also common in Scottish names, probably just a coincidence.

  56. Hyperborean says

    Candace Owens, the totally establishment USA soft-voiced petite black woman doing well for herself as the ‘new face of black conservatism’ at the CPAC convention?

    Does anyone in Australia – New Zealand even know this woman, now battling on Twitter against laughable accusations she ‘inspired’ the New Zealand mosque ‘shooter’?

    It might have been a joke about what she said in London:

  57. Didn’t Brevik copypaste some of the Unabomber manifesto into his own?

  58. Gore Vidal by text analysis made a pretty convincing case that the diary of Arthur Herman Bremer (who attempted to assassinate George Wallace) was a forgery and even speculated that E. Howard Hunt was responsible for the forgery.

  59. No-one was killed in Gaza.

    However, to feed conspiracy theorists, you can see the shooter in the New Zealand video has made his own doubled magazines which is the normal thing they make in Israel. (However, I doubt making the double magazine is exclusive to Israel?).

  60. There’s a joke all over the internet that it is very common for redhaired people to convert to Islam and become extremist Muslim terrorists.

    Article linked above is written in 2014.

    • In 2017, I was reading that one Israeli Jew (!) has even been imprisoned after he converted to Islam and also joined Islamic State.

    This curious and strange case of the 1 Israeli Jew, formerly a soldier in the Israeli army, who joined Islamic State?

    Then I saw his face – and he’s a redhead. Statistically, what minority percentage of people in Israel have red hair, and what was the probability the one guy to join Islamic State would have red hair… but he does.,7340,L-4929214,00.html

  61. Jaakko Raipala says

    Well, he explains his political evolution:

    “Did you always hold these views?

    No, when I was young I was a communist, then an anarchist and finally a libertarian before coming to be an eco-fascist.”

    Does that sound like a natural political evolution or like a man with violent fantasies shopping around for a radical ideology to fit his thoughts? Assuming that he’s honest here, I think it’s pretty obvious.

  62. It’s not normal to livestream yourself murdering dozens of unarmed people, women and some children, with guns covered with strange autistic writings written in clerical corrector fluid.

    It’s a priori a very mentally damaged person. He seems quite calm while killing men, women and children, and at the same time you can hear he is saying crazy things during, before and after the attack, and has even made a special soundtrack for it.

    These shootings are happening several times a year, usually by very similar characters, behaving in a similar ways, with a strong desire for media attention to their lives above all.

    It has all similar pattern of mental illness, while ideology of these mass killers, is diverse and arbitrary.

    In America, there was a “Black Lives Matter” mass killing. There was killer who attacked black church. There was killer who attacked synagogue. There was killer who attacked a cinema, to mimic the Joker from Nolan’s Batman.

    In Crimea a few months in the past, this idiot who killed 20 students and teachers in his school, just to recreate the American 1990s aesthetics of a Colombine highschool massacre. (This is the most postmodernist, Westernizing “cargo cult”, mass killing).

  63. Livestreaming is the highest degree of desire for attention, celebrity and exhibitionism.

    In the beginning when he’s in the car before, he turns the camera around and starts filming his own face.

    Randomly turning camera around, to film about your face – is opposite of the behaviour of a normal criminal, or even terrorist.

    He is also trying to joke during the livestream (for example, about PewDiePie), to impress users he talks to in an internet forum.

    Problem will be if they say his ideology is responsible for this, when there is clearly a common combination of insanity, desire for murder, and desire for fame, which results in these attacks around the world, regardless of ideology.

    Ideology is selected because it rationalizes mass shooting attack, but the real desire for the murderers, is just to enjoy such an attack. And sure the ideology which focuses on hostility, is a problem that it attracts a lot of mentally ill characters, who want an excuse to shoot people or lay the bomb.

  64. Sounds like some of those Muslims leaders and celebrities who after 911 started behaving most obsequiously defending and supporting the blood lusts exhibited, promoted and enjoyed every bit by each and every members of the western Christendom .

  65. When the news of this broke, I (like most others, I presume) asked: How many Muslims live in New Zealand? Searching around, I came up with 65,000 to 80,000 as a plausible range for 2019.

    The NZ Census does ask a religion question. The ‘Islam/Muslim’ census figure rose as follows:

    • 23,600 in 2001
    • 36,000 in 2006
    • 46,000 in 2013
    • [Not Released Yet] in 2018

    The 2018 figure is to be released in April 2019, and is now likely to get a lot of attention.

    As of 2013, 12% of the population refused to answer the religion question, though, meaning we have to push up the figure a little to compensate for non-responses. It also also presumably does not cover illegals, and it also may miss some ethnic-Muslims who answer ‘No Religion.’

    (Mathematically, if Muslims’ early 2000s’ growth rate in NZ held for the mid-late 2010s, total Muslims would rise to 75,000 by 2019. If NZ’s lower, late-2000s to early-2010s Muslim growth rate held for the mid-late 2010s, Muslims would be would be 61,000 by 2019. Both these numbers would have to be bumped slightly up, given the non-answer rate and the possibility of illegals, hence the estimate of 72,500 +/-.)

    The NZ resident population is today 4,850,000, which means Muslims are at 1.5% of the NZ population. Middle-aged White New Zealanders will remember a time when Muslims were more like 0.1%, as of circa the 1980s. The wiki for Islam in New Zealand says the first significant group of Muslims were a small number of Fijians of South Asian origin, and the Muslim presence didn’t begin in earnest until somebody opened up refugee quotas in the early 1990s, which put NZ on track to potentially 2-3% Muslim population in the 2020s.

    Also of interest for the statistical-minded — If my estimate of ~72,500 Muslims in New Zealand is correct and the reports that 49 were killed and 40 more were hospitalized with gunshot wounds are also correct, it means 0.125% of the entire Muslim population resident in New Zealand was shot in one day by one or two local men (it is unclear from what I have read how many shooters there were). This is highly comparable in scale to the number of U.S. military personnel killed and wounded at Iwo Jima in Feb. 1945, often remembered as the USA’s most bloody battle of the war; 26,000 U.S. killed and wounded of 16,000,000 who served in all branches, Dec. 1941 to Aug. 1945, making 0.16% of all mobilized forces killed or wounded at Iwo Jima).

  66. Anonymous says

    Here is the video in case anybody wants to see it:

    In my case I found it a lot less revolting than e.g. a typical ISIS video simply because it does not dwell on the agony of the victims the way those videos tend to. You don’t hear them much or even really see their faces. Obviously that’s an irrational response as the death toll is more in line with a bad day in the Vietnam War than a typical ISIS execution, but that was my visceral reaction. I did find it scary though, for a number of reasons:

    1. It seemed so easy. Any able-bodied person with access to the right weapons could pull this off.
    2. Choice of weapon makes a huge difference: the use of the AR-15 or equivalent weapon dramatically increases the potential for carnage. Probably an academic point for most posters here but I live in the US where such guns are trivially easy to get.
    3. You could see the influence of video games on the shooter, the tactics he used and even the way he moved. And it enabled him to be more destructive.
    4. As a consequence of all of the above, this guy will probably be the new role model for people looking to perpetrate their own attacks, and he’s left a legacy/blueprint for them in his video.

    I actually wish it were much gorier and gruesome than it was, as it might discourage people from doing this. That he made it look like a real-life video game made it that much worse.

  67. Some info on the overall racial situation in New Zealand in 2019

    (The below is based on Extrapolation from data available, some shallow-to-moderate dives into NZ Census 2013 while looking for the Muslim numbers, some attempted adjustment given non-response rates, and some intuition based on comparable cases.)

    • 2,900,000 Full-Whites of ethnic-Christian origin (of which, NW-European ancestry, esp. British Isles, constitutes a very comfortable majority) [60%]
    • 10,000 Jews? [0.2%] (7,000 specifically answered ‘Jewish’ to religion question on Census 2013)

    – 72,500 Muslims [1.5%] (see above)

    • 675,000 Maori, including mixed Maori-White [14%] (perhaps a third of the aggregate ancestry here is actually European; there are presumably still ~pure Maori but they are likely quite a small share of the overall pop., far below this 14% figure)
  68. 350,000 Pacific Islander, including mixed White-Pacific [7%] (this population has a substantially lower degree of European admixture than the ‘Maori’ population)

  69. 250,000 Chinese [5%]

  70. 150,000? non-Chinese, East(ern) Asian [3%] (i.e., those from all points east of Bangladesh in Asia, excluding China)

  71. 150,000? Hindus and Sikhs [3%]

  72. <25,000 Blacks [0.5%] — Presumably entirely of refugee origin. NZ passed a refugee quota law in 1987 (somewhat restricted in 1997), which also jump-started Muslim growth.

  73. 50,000 Other misc. [1%]

  74. 200,000+ Mixed race, n.o.c. [4%] (incl. up to 20,000 White-EastAsian mixed-race individuals; White-Asian mixes, both East and South, were at 1.9% in the under-age-5 cohort in 2013 — full-Whites were at 50.3% and Maori and European+Maori were at 20.8% for the under-age-5 cohort.

  75. New Zealand Census 2018's results are set to be released in April 2019. Will have to see how well the official results line up with the above.

    Comments: For NZ births from March 2008 to March 2013, full-Whites were a narrow majority of just above 50.0%, nearly exactly the same as the USA for the same period. Another coincidence is that U.S. Black and NZ Maori figures are so similar is percentage terms.

    The Muslim figure for NZ and the USA may also be just about the same (1.5%). It’s hard to tell how many Muslims are in the USA because that question has been so politicized for years, with Jewish activists tending to police the question and downplay Muslim numbers to make sure they are below Jewish numbers.)

  • 3. You could see the influence of video games on the shooter, the tactics he used and even the way he moved. And it enabled him to be more destructive.

    I actually wish it were much gorier and gruesome than it was, as it might discourage people from doing this. That he made it look like a real-life video game made it that much worse.

    From the Manifesto:

    Fortnite trained me to be a killer and to floss on the corpses of my enemies.

    Time to ban Fortnite?

  • LondonBob says

    Breivik is the only one I might accept a possible element of conspiracy. Father was a diplomat, he showed a surprising proficiency in firearms, tactics and explosives. If he had a background of being recruited in to some sort of Gladio stay behind cell at some point it wouldn’t surprise me.

  • reiner Tor says

    So was he an antifa? Do antifas commit mass murder? Or only beat people up. (Violence is a pretty vague term. Anyway if he had been an antifa, that’d be an argument in favor of the “shopping for an ideology to be violent” theory.) While it’s unclear what the practical difference is between communists and anarchist (both can join antifa I guess), he later became a libertarian. Do libertarians commit any violence?

    For what it’s worth, there’s a Hungarian Jewish journalist, who started out as some “real communism should be tried” far left guy, then went on to anarchism (no government, no private property, and people will spontaneously cooperate in equality, and they may choose to join a commune, or they may not, all depending on their individual choices), then extreme libertarianism (same as anarchism, but you can also be a millionaire; various forms of communes are of course allowed, too), then a small state neoliberal (same as libertarianism, but now realizes there needs to be a government with a police), then a strong military neoliberal (a government with a strong army and navy and police), and at the end of the journey adding hardcore Zionism to it. I think he still doesn’t like taxes to support the poor.

    So it’s not impossible that he was dissatisfied with what he saw around himself, and was searching for a solution, and first thought the problem was private property, and communism (however he defined it) was better. Then he turned to anarchism (“no oppression”), and then libertarianism (“freedom”), which could be a genuine political evolution. But it’s more likely that he just felt marginalized as a poor working class white man, and so was searching for a solution where he would fit in. He first turned to far left ideologies, which were more available and promised a solution to his problems (and his resentment with what he saw around him), and then turned to libertarianism (which is often a kind of shy and implicit white racial consciousness), before choosing the explicit thing. The constant is the rejection of the ruling ideology and the search for a place for himself, a poor, working class white male.

    That said, it’s possible, likely even, that something is not quite right with him, but as violence keeps growing, more and more normal people will start doing more and more horrible things. The experience of the world wars or the Yugoslav etc. wars shows what to expect in case of ethnic relations breaking down in a multiethnic country.

  • reiner Tor says

    Livestreaming is the highest degree of desire for attention, celebrity and exhibitionism.

    But political terrorism is the same. It needs to create attention, which is more important than the actual damage it does (which is usually minor; even 9/11 killed less people than WW2 in a day). Basically terrorism is a kind of political propaganda, which tries to create a sense of insecurity for the rulers and their supporters (including the whole society supporting it) and advertise its own ideology (“look how clever we are, and how they cannot protect themselves and their people from us!”) for the sake of recruitment.

  • You’ve just ‘false pronouned’ Senator Anning.

    You have to go to gaol. Please wait patiently for the police.

  • Wasn’t actively searching out the video, but have now watched it given that you posted it.

    IRL video game was my strong impression too, down to the reloading animations.

    I don’t get why the people around 2:00 huddled together in a corner on either side of the room. It seemed (though I can’t say for certain) that there were windows and other doors they could have fled down to.

  • Moderate racists.

    I like it.

  • The experience of the world wars or the Yugoslav etc. wars shows what to expect in case of ethnic relations breaking down in a multiethnic country.

    So from a WN perspective, diversity is a strength.

  • Basically terrorism is a kind of political propaganda, which tries to create a sense of insecurity for the rulers and their supporters (including the whole society supporting it) and advertise its own ideology (“look how clever we are, and how they cannot protect themselves and their people from us!”) for the sake of recruitment.

    Worthy of a re-post.

  • And it was very quick, as described in other mass shooting cases.

    For example, it is much more time to read “Port Arthur Massacre”, Wikipedia page, than the massacre itself was lasting.

    And this is an example of how effective our military technology is.

    Assault rifle is result of brilliant engineers, and with centuries of war experience, and with it, even some weird loser with no military training, can kill people more quickly than shooting monsters in Fortnite.

  • Good research. Thanks. Since the Bangladesh cricket team was due to visit the mosque that day, the Mosque that had the most killings…… I am going to guess that this mosque has mostly Bangladeshi members. Do you have any guess how many of NZ’s Muslim are from Bangladesh? I guess we must include Pakistan too. IOW 80% of NZ Muslims are sub continentals? My guess. SubCon Muslims want out of their shithole nations. They will migrate anywhere European/Christian origin to accomplish this.

    The kicker is that Malaysia and Indonesia are full up of Muslims and much closer to NZ.
    I am amazed that NZ is only 60% white, as bad as the US. I figured NZ was 80% white European.

  • as violence keeps growing, more and more normal people

    But if we look at “mass shootings” – they are increasing (in America, for example) at the same time, that actual conflict and violence of the society, is falling.

    Look at the end of two graphs from 1990s

    It is independent, and can even be inverse, to general violence levels in the society.

    What we see with the increase, and internationalization, of these mass attacks, is probably much more result of the new possibilities of achieving media attention (and even to become “cult hero”) by killing people, on a certain type of mentally ill person (and of course, organized terrorism – such as Islamic terrorism – recruits from a similar group of candidates, but combining with the brainwashing of that aggressive religion can probably expand to recruit slightly more psychologically “conventional” people as well).

  • ImmortalRationalist says

    Brenton Tarrant is a simpleton who thinks that you need a violent revolution to raise White fertility rates, when all you need to do is let natural selection take its course.

  • Stolen Valor Detective says

    See Steve Sailer’s analysis:

  • I am amazed that NZ is only 60% white, as bad as the US. I figured NZ was 80% white European.

    It’s because of the large pre-existing Maori population.

  • Greg Johnson had a good paragraph on this in his book (not that I endorse violence of any sort as an alternative);

    (1) It may never happen, thus we would be fools to abandon the struggle for white homelands on the chance that evolution will do our work for us.
    (2) The selection pressures it posits will not make us immune to hot genocide, so it is not an alternative to creating sovereign, homogeneously white homelands.
    (3) If these selection pressures do exist, it means that people will become increasingly receptive to White Nationalist policies, and once implemented, such policies will support such selection pressures.
    In short, White Nationalism and the population bottleneck theory are complementary and mutually reinforcing.

  • 60% Full-European
    14% Maori including part-Maori
    26% Other, immigrant and ‘refugee’ stock

    Amazingly similar to the USA’s demographic situation, replacing ‘Maori’ with ‘Black.’

  • He comes off as a living repository of /pol/ memes.

  • ussr andy says

    I am going to guess that this mosque has mostly Bangladeshi members.

    yeah no, Bangladeshis shmangladeshis, all brown people Arabs, white man bad, self-awareness is overrated.

  • Amazingly similar to the USA’s demographic situation, replacing ‘Maori’ with ‘Black.’

    Amazingly is right. Australia is still doing better for white population but fading fast due to pretty much open borders for Chinese/Hindu Indians/ other Asians like Vietnamese. Tons of Viets there. I like Viets but whatever happened to the white Australia policy? This was repealed at the same time (within years) as the 1965 Immigration Act in America.
    After WW2 you know who was exotic in Australia? Greeks and Italians who started to be allowed to immigrate.
    I bet per capita Australia has more Chinese students than the USA. China will dominate Australia, just give them thirty years
    A few years ago I read about a Chinese man who bought a vineyard for 42 million there…sight unseen

    “2016 Census Australia is anywhere between 77–83% White as of 2016.” — from the internet

  • That photo is after the mosque attack I suppose. Before or after, either way it is a very bad idea.

  • It’s because of the large pre-existing Maori population.

    Better than our pre-existing black population. (sarcasm) I hear NZ whites and Maori get along well enough. Hopefully with minimal Maori resentments and trying to guilt trip YT. Resentment and wanting-deserving eternal gibs due to slavery and nooses never ends here.

  • ThreeCranes says

    Where’s the blood?

  • ThreeCranes says

    When John Kennedy was shot, his head exploded in a fog of pink mist and chips of bone. (Forgive me Lord) We are told by the media that this shooter walked around calmly putting 2 bullets into people’s heads yet we see nothing like the Kennedy thing.

    If I remember my Vietnam War history, the rational behind the assault rifle round, high velocity, small mass, was that it would tumble upon entering the flesh and consequently, regardless of where it struck, would create a massive exit wound, one that would incapacitate an enemy even if he were struck in the forearm. Wounded, he would become a burden to his comrades, who would have to turn away from fighting in order to provide first aid. Strategically, this would lessen the enemy’s firepower.

    So, someone help me out here. I see no massive damage, no tissue lying on the carpet, no pink mist on the wall, no broken windows, no puff of white dust from impact on dry wall etc. Was his aim that infallible? I’m no firearms expert, no combat veteran. Don’t people bleed when shot with a rifle bullet?

    What’s going on?

  • ThreeCranes says

    I was wrong. The design of an assault rifle is such that the .223 bullet expends all its energy inside body tissue, thereby maximizing internal damage. In contrast, a bullet that passes cleanly through the body may cause little internal damage.

  • Toronto Russian says

    Both Greg Johnson and the shooter are of course theoretical (isn’t Greg Johnson… playing for the other team?), never had to spend a day with an actual baby. The latter is obsessed with African and Muslim birthrates, but has blown away his chance to do what effectively reduces them: donate to a charity that educates rural girls. To think that Meghan Markle does more to tackle brown people’s demographics than white nationalists ever did: