Three Years Since the Crimean Spring


We all know what the US State Department and its PR lackeys (the Western media) thought about it.

How about everyone else?

What Crimeans thought about it:


What the Crimean Tatars thought about it:



What the Euromaidanists thought about it:


What normal people thought about it:


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  1. Happy Reunification Day, Crimea!
    Happy birthday, Natalia Poklonskaya!

  2. Natalia Poklonskaya is my waifu


  3. I wish I knew more about the whole Ukrainian Crimean thingy. Explaining what my waifu does for a living at cocktail parties would be a lot easier.

  4. What was the result of the vote among the Crimean Tatars no longer living in Crimea?

  5. Presumably, they did not participate in the Crimean referendum, being outside it.

    If you mean those who left Crimea after voting in the referendum and its accession to Russia, then presumably they would have mostly been against it, but their numbers are insignificant.