Today’s Redundant Rant. Tiresome, Too. But I Amuse Myself.

Got this in the mail from Jamestown.

My response. Not that I expect much of an answer.

 What a load of crap! Saakashvili, the as-yet-unindicted-former,-but-now-despised,-boss-of-Georgia (saved and given a comfortable retirement in the USA. His creator.) is going to feed us more lies. Wah hoo! I so want to be there to hear him emit fecal extrusions and watch the rest of you ingest them. And say “Yum Yum!” as you swallow them down. But, why would I PAY to do this when I could watch my toilet flush for free. But (HA HAH) you take the tie-eater seriously. (But, what the hell, you paid for him).

As an added bonus, Paul Goble will extrude more hyperventilation about Circassians.

But, Paul, I gotta tell ya, that’s so Last Week — last week it was Circassians being pissed off, today it’s dogs being slaughtered. But, hell, stuff moves along, maybe I’m out of date: maybe today the Big Story is dead bees in my honey. Get with the program, Jamestown, be up-to-date. Otherwise who gives a shit? We know that the Big Story is that Sochi Sucks (it’s a scale model of Russia which is Putinville. Which Sucks.) but, every day and in every way, it sucks in a different way. (Maybe today’s hot story is curtains.)

Why would I want to read your take on Last Week’s News about How Russia Sucks Today?

Anyway, your star, Paul Goble, buys all the crap about spending; then talks about how nasty old Putin pissed on the “reset”? The What??? You mean the famous button thingee in which Hillary didn’t even know that those tiresome Russkies had their own alphabet?

Why do I want to read this derivative/predictable drivel? I can read it for free anywhere: “Russia Sucks. USA great!”. I could write all your “inside” reports in my sleep.

TAKE ME OFF YOU FUCKING DISTLIST! PRONTO! INSTANTER! QUAM CELERRIME!  I send it to the trash anyway so save an electron!!

PS. Saakashvili, for fuck’s sake! What are you going to do when the Government of Georgia seeks to extradite him?

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  1. Well Jamestown Foundation does support minorities from Chechens to Circassians, Georgians and Crimean Tatars and every other group minority as long as they are potentially anti-Russian

    Didn’t Saakashvili work for a Soros affiliated law firm in the US before moving to Georgia and becoming President?

    Didn’t you say that Karlin that Russia was wrong for expelling USAID from Russia despite:

    a) Having a long history at least since the Vietnam war of conducting covert CIA activities.

    b) Heavily involved in securing oil and gas deals to US and European companies in the Caucasus and Central Asia?

    Saakashvilli himself was a managing director of a USAID sub-contractor NGO The Liberty Institute in Georgia before becoming President and help secure a Dubai-Georgian pipeline construction deal and the Boston bombers uncle Ruslan worked for USAID to secure oil deals in Kazakhstan.

  2. The new story now is not the stray dogs but the water being shit amongst other things.

  3. Just got this e-mail. Never been called “malware” before!

    Dear TM Subscriber,

    Due to a malware attack on our website, we are currently unable to publish Terrorism Monitor in its regular format on the web and in its PDF edition. Please find below the text of this week’s issue. We are currently working to resolve the issue and to ensure the safety of the website of The Jamestown Foundation. We will send another message once the problem is resolved, including the usual PDF edition of the newsletter. In the meantime, we recommend against visiting the website.

    Caitlin Buckley
    Program Associate
    The Jamestown Foundation