Moscow Expat Guide

Why go to Moscow?

  • Sobyanin created SWPLs – yoga, craft beer, NEETs, downshift, food culture (wooden boards etc), those time cafes
  • Historic city, more natural than SPB
  • Like any First World European city – but still 90% white
  • “Things happening”


Moscow Expats

  • /r/russia
  • expats forum
  • Chicago Prime



KrioRus Cryonics Facility ★★★★★ PENDING REVIEW















Museum of Soviet Arcade Machines ★★★★ FULL REVIEW (2018)
This quaint little museum hosts a few dozen Soviet arcade machines, on which you can play 15 rounds for 450 rubles in the Moscow branch of the museum (there’s also one in Saint-Petersburg). There is also a cafe attached.


Ethnic Relations

The Jewish Museum & Center of Tolerance ★★★★★ FULL REVIEW (2019)




Moscow has varied food scene, blah blah.

It is surprisingly easy to maintain a ketogenic/low-carb diet even when dining out in Moscow. Here are some basic points to get your bearings:

  • Many burger joints make a version of the sandwich without buns – “Fitness Burger” @ Burger & Fries (Miratorg); “Hagrid” @ Burger Heroes; “Hipster Burger” @ Starlite Diner.
  • As veterans know, it’s not difficult to convert most any McDonald’s or Burger King sandwich into a low carb version by removing the buns.
  • Russian cuisine is surprisingly keto-friendly by default, e.g. Ukha soup, Beef Stroganoff, multiple meat roasts, etc. tend to come without carbs.
  • Since the food sanctions in 2014, Russia has started making its own, high-quality steaks. Many restaurants dedicated to this glorious carnivorous dish have opened up, such as Yuzhane and Voronezh.

There are so many vegetarian options that there’s no point in even compiling a list of resources for it. But FWIW, the only dedicated vegetarian joint that I sometimes frequent is the Moscow Deli (see below).



Mari Vanna ★★★★

Severyane ?★?

Teremok ★★★★★

Yuzhane ★★★★★


Bars & Cafes

Jean-Jacques Cafe ★★★★

Receptor Cafe ★★★★



15 Kitchen + Bar ★★★★★




Vaine ★★★


Central Asian

Chaikhona #1 ★★★

Uryuk ★★★★



The Russian palate is not used to spices, so Indian restaurants in Moscow keep it tame. So make sure to formulate your order as “extra spicy” or “I have been to India, make it like you do there” if you want any heat.

For those of you who want to cook you own Indian food, I strongly recommend the “Indian Spices” (Индийские Специи) chain.

Aromass ★★ CLOSED
I publicly rated this as the worst Indian restaurant in early 2019. And – guess what – it closed down a couple of months later.

Curry & Bar ★★★

Darbar ★★★★

Jai Hind ★★★★★

Khajuraho ★★★★★

Moscow Deli ★★★★★

Paprika ★★★★

Taj Mahal ★★★



Druzhba ★★★★★

Huang He ★★★

Kitayskaya Gramota ★★★★


South-East Asian

Saigon ★★★★

Viet Cafe ★★★★★