The Triumph of the Front National

It is very easy to be pessimistic about the results of the just concluded regional French elections, in which the Front National failed to win a single region.

Thanks to the Socialists throwing multiple regions in Houellebecqian manner, the obvious big victor were The Republicans of Nicolas “Le Métissage Obligatoire” Sarkozy. Surely in the wake of the Paris Attacks they should have done at least a bit better.

But things are not so one-sided as they might first appear. Compared to its past performance, the Front National continues to break new ground on a surge that has continued non-stop since Marine Le Pen ascended to power in 2011.


As you can see from the graph above, compiled on the basis of data from France’s Interior Ministry, the approximately 6.5 million votes the Front National got in the second round of voting in the regional elections represents a doubling of the sorts of figures they had been getting in the prior three decades.

As such, the boast of the rising star of the FN (and exceedingly photogenic) Marion Le Pen that “tomorrow we will be a majority” was not necessarily as unhinged at it might first appear.

The ideas of the FN are enjoying record support in French society, and will have only risen since the Paris Attacks.


Perhaps even more importantly, the FN is increasingly the party of the ethnic French youth. Support for the FN rises from 20% amongst the over 60 year olds to 35% amongst the 18-24 olds. (Unfortunately, though, it is also the party of the least well educated: 36% support from high school drops, declining to just 14% amongst those with a full university education. This is bad for French identitarians since in “democracies” policy is almost invariably determined by the elites).


But is there enough momentum to take Marine Le Pen to the Élysée Palace in the 2017 elections or a bit later before all hope is lost? The moderate right, the cuckservatives, regardless of their cyclical success this round, would appear to be doomed to longterm decline due to pure demographics. As mass Third World immigration proceeds apace and politics go ethnic as they inevitably do in such situations, it would not be unreasonable to expect the Socialists and FN to become the two major “poles” in this brave new Levantine landscape.

One suspects that the ultimate trajectory of France this century – that is, whether it remains France or becomes Firanja – will mainly be decided by a race between the Socialists to import new voters and by the Front National to “awaken” the Charlemagnes and Jeanne d’Arcs who no doubt still slumber deep within.

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  1. Compare with Aggregated results for Sweden Democrats (nationalist party) over time.

  2. Support for the FN rises from 20% amongst the over 60 year olds to 35% amongst the 18-24 olds.

    This is the critical metric. PC types believed ethnic hostility would die out with older people but it’s the young victims of SJW discrimination and inter-ethnic conflict in and around the schools who will become far more radical than their grand parents because they’ll want revenge – especially on their SJW teachers.

    This is the main reason for the educational difference imo – direct personal experience of the reality negates the media narrative.

  3. [Support for the FN rises from 20% amongst the over 60 year olds to 35% amongst the 18-24]

    And it must be well over 35% among the white 18-24 year olds.

  4. I would be interested just how ethnic is the Socialist party support now, they have collapsed to a rump so it must be more than 50% now? There must be some really polarised numbers there, especially if one looks at the younger age groups.

  5. What percentage of France is non-white already? What is the level of race mixing by non-white groups in France? What will be the percentage of non-whites and mixed race people in 30 years? There might not be much to hope for at this point if by 2050 whites are set to be a minority and then completely mixed after further mixing hence.

  6. I’m divided on this. While I’m a fan of Western civilization, and everything France has contributed (science, art, literature, math, math, MATH, et al.), France today is not the same France of history and it will never be ever again. The introduction of large numbers of third-world peoples with radically different cultures and minds have destroyed France already. Sort of like a great athlete who is in the early stages of a debilitating disease. He can fight it and say the disease has only made him work harder and now he’s the best he’s ever been. And everyone wants to believe this contrary t0 reality. We are nostalgic about past accomplishments and don’t want to see these things die.

    OTOH, France has been a powerful force for Western ziocon agenda, especially in the Middle East (destroying Libya) and anti-Russian policies. So I take some comfort in France, UK, Germany, et al., becoming a little more diverse and divided (weakened) because it means less threats from them.

  7. “Charlemagnes and Jeanne d’Arcs who no doubt still slumber deep within.”

    Insha’allah a new Ghengis Khan will come as well soon, and will bestride the world.

  8. France has been in decline for at least a century now. It couldn’t keep up with the British Empire internationally nor with the US and Germany industrially and militarily. It couldn’t keep up with them and with others like the USSR and the PRC geopolitically. And despite all its pretensions, it couldn’t keep up culturally. Modern French philosophy is just bad, warmed over German historicism and phenomenology, and its pop culture is sterile and irrelevant. The only people who even speak French outside France anymore are black Africans and Maghrebis.

    And this has been France’s problem. Its pretension to grandeur have led it to insane immigration policies on the left, and ineffectual promises and hopes for statist revival on the right. It needs retrenchment.

  9. Nah, France has been poisoned from within. That’s why it is having a hard time fighting off threats from outside.


    After their pyrrhic victory in WW1 the French began encouraging mass immigration, and we all know how well they did in WW2

    It is illegal to keep tabs on the religion of the French population (a mayor was charged under the secular (actually anti Catholic) laws of the early 20th century for saying 60% of children in his town’s schools were Muslim. France has a bigger Muslim population that anyone openly says, which is probably why when they said 1000 Syrian refugees would be admitted they could only find 600 willing to come. The French elite fear the FN as a front for Catholics, and actually prefer Muslims.

  11. Bao Jiankang says

    To those in this thread who talk about the decline of France, there is at least one thing they’re still good at — math. Prior to WWII, the French were neck and neck with the Germans in mathematical achievement with Germans maybe having a slight edge. But post WWII has been all France. For comparison, France has 12 fields medals, the United states has 14, and Germany has only one. The French would have 13 if you count Grothendieck but then again you would have to subtract one because Ngô Bảo Châu isn’t really French he just got French citizenship right before he was awarded the medal to give kudos to the French education system.

  12. It’s been in decline for at least a century relative to countries that have been just as “poisoned from within” if not more so.

  13. I wouldn’t say that. E.g. relative to the UK it’s done better. In 1914 or 1945 or even 1955 the UK was much stronger. Now it isn’t.

  14. Ironically, the anti-Muslim FN balloon got busted on Sunday. The party failed to get majority not in a single region in the second round of municipal elections.

    French Islamophobia is rooted in its colonial period of Muslim Africa particularly its bloody colonial record in Algeria. France which is home to Europe’s largest Muslim minority (6-7 million), has least Muslim representation at government and municipal levels.

    Thanks to Israeli Mossad, JDL and powerful CRIF French Jewish lobby, French Muslims face physical racism everyday. Their faith has become source of worldwide terrorism, even though FBI Report says Muslims have committed only 6% terrorism as compared to Jews (7%) and Christians (87%) against American interests around the Globe.

    In January 2015, Pierre Ginon, a Marxist writer said that Islamophobic racism is much more prevalent than the numbers suggest, which appears to be almost invisible in the mainstream media. These facts do not seem to worry the politicians – on the contrary. Their silence regarding the “anti-Muslim” words and deeds reveal the hypocrisy and emptiness of the slogan “national unity”.

    Europe’s White supremacist, racist and Islamophobe organizations have long realized that the best way to justify their evil agenda is to support Israel.

  15. The Albino Sasquatch says

    Absolute Rubbish!
    If life is that hard & horrible for Muslims in France, why do they keep going there?
    Why don’t they leave? No one is forcing them to stay.
    But no, all we ever hear is cry, cuss & moan from these people. They’re always the victim and the reason for that is evil whitey French. Then the Muslims carry out mass carnage – and again this is all the fault of the evil whitey French.
    I wouldn’t worry about it though. Soon the whole country will be nothing but a rotting, third world wreck, and then the Muslims can fight over the ruins amongst themselves. They’re happier that way. I wonder who they’ll blame for their misery though when there’s no longer any whites around.

  16. The problem with the National Front is that it is anti-Enlightenment. How can they claim to represent french culture when they reject the Revolution that birthed it?

  17. unpc downunder says

    In population terms, the percentage of non-whites is no doubt pretty large, however in geographic terms ther percentage of land owned by non-whites is likely to be very small. Visit any small town in France and just about everyone will be white.

    The big question is how can non-white urban areas work with white rural and surburban areas tor form coherent governments. Britain, Sweden and a number of other European countries face a similar issue.

  18. You seem to be very confused. French culture is more than a thousand years older than the French Revolution.

  19. Furthermore, it requires a special kind of sheepleness to chorus that the party which sings the Marseillaise louder and waves the tricolor harder than any other, and never ceases banging on about secular values, is “anti-revolution”.

  20. UKs greater decline does not mean that France’s future won’t be green.

  21. French culture is more than a thousand years older than the French Revolution.

    No one thinks of feudalism when talking of french culture. That culture is dead and gone.

  22. This isn’t secularism:

    Marion Marechal-Le Pen…has emerged as the rising star of the National Front and is seen by many as the ideological successor to her 87-year-old grandfather, National Front (FN) founder Jean-Marie Le Pen……She insists everybody – especially the five million Muslims living in France – should accept the ‘true French identity’ rooted in Christianity.

    A major current of French intellectuals opposed the Revolution, quite understandably, and kept at it, rhetorically, throughout the 19th century. A French Right standing for traditional authority, order, aristocracy, the nation (and skeptical about fraternity, equality, and the various French republics) has been a constant and serious force, able sometimes to speak for nearly half the country….The far right hasn’t been violent since the early sixties—…..but as a current in French political life, it is always there. Today its main concern is immigration, particularly Muslim immigration, and in its current political incarnation, the Front National

  23. If you look at some memes from /pol/acks, apparently there a few nutcases seeking to revive it!!

    Ditto for islamists. Those two groups really deserve need to get a room.

  24. Insha’allah a new Ghengis Khan will come as well soon, and will bestride the world.

    Yes, the Tengrist religion is due a comeback. Insha’allah indeed.

  25. Because when you want to learn something about French politics, you turn to the Daily Mail and a publication which can’t even get two French words right in its headline.

  26. Modern French identity is secular and was created by the French revolution.
    That is why France’s (religious) right are so weak and have to focus on opposition of Islamic immigration in order to gain more than a few votes.

  27. Somewhat off-topic but this culture did survive in Quebec until the 1960s, and has had some interesting modern manifestations in that region even in modern- secular times:

  28. If most Russians think that they are “free” there is no reason that Russia should not be considered as belonging to the “democracies” club.

  29. Seamus Padraig says

    If most Russians think that they are “free” there is no reason that Russia should not be considered as belonging to the “democracies” club.

    It’s a private club–only Washington can let a country in. 😉

  30. With the older people die out whatever ethnic clichés that didn’t correspond to any reality. Baseless stereotypes will die out, to be replaced by stereotypes solidly grounded in fact and sometimes bitter experience.

  31. I would imagine that the catholic french speaking swiss have preserved in some way the old french way of life. At the least life as it used to be in eastern France (think Lyons).

  32. Anatoly clearly does not understand the evil grandeur of the Judeo-globalist plan. With each passing day there are fewer and fewer Whites in France (and Britain, and Germany, etc.) and more and more hostile Muslims, Blacks, and other ethnoids. If White Nationalists cannot NOW win in France…they never will. And, thanks to an alliance of Cucks and Reds, they didn’t. Moreover, Charlemagne and Joan never submitted to weapons control. The Whites in Western Europe have done so. They cannot vote their way out of the open-borders Judeo-deathtrap, nor can they fight their way out of it. They are doomed. In this respect, at least, White Americans are in a substantially better position than the extinct-by-2100 Euro-Whites: they remain heavily armed and, at some point, may choose to resist extinction at the hands of globalist Jewry and its invasive ethnic stormtroopers with countervailing violence

  33. Good riddance, France.

  34. This is retarded in lack of foresight. With so much race mixing, do you realize there is no way that distinct racial categories like white (like we understand) will be stable in the US and Western Europe in 2100. There will be no white enclave because most whites (the idea will become redefined) in future generations will have non-white ancestry. A nation filled with Ronda Rousey types (she is 1/8 black and fractions of other ancestries) but there is no question to everyone she is white.

  35. I dunno. Feudalism no longer existed after the 16th century.

    But important parts of French culture have roots well before the enlightenment, for example their cuisine.

  36. I don’t think US whites will ever rise up. If they haven’t done today, how can they be expected in the future, when they will be in a minority?

  37. Besides, a lot of Europeans have firearms. IIRC some 20% of Germans. They won’t be used against the government, there or elsewhere.

    Besides, who thinks that a disorganized, spontenously rising crowd armed with shotguns and semi-automatic rifles will stand a chance against paramilitarized law enforcement or the armed forces, in any country? Well, maybe in an Arab country.

  38. As I have pointed out before – absent Ponzicollapse and a WN uprising against the ZOGlobalist regime – Whites and their civilizati0n, via a combination of collapsed birthrate (see: Hollywood/NY Kosher Culture of Death: abortion, porn, homosex, feminism), miscegnation, and terminal outright massacre – will be extinct in both north America and western Europe somewhere in the 2070-2100 timeframe. It’s barely possible that, thanks to a much higher level of historical “antisemitism” , Whites in eastern Europe and (Eastern Orthodox) Russia will survive the ZOGlobalist assault. Given current events in Syria and the Middle East, we may know fairly soon whether Russia will withstand the neo-con siege; if Russia falls, so will eastern Europe…and the Jew will have finally achieved the ancient Tikkun Olam: to Destroy the Nations, and secure his Universal Dominion

  39. you may well be right. If the globalist Judeo-banksters can sustain their consent-buying debtPonziconomy until such time as Whites are a minority in North America (real numbers, not .gov: c. 2025-2030), then Whites in NA are as doomed as those in western Europe already are. If the JewPonzi collapses before that time, there will be Civil War/race war, and (non-urban) Whites may win. If that happens, then things will go hard for the Jews and their invasive ethnic stormtroops. We’ll see what happens

  40. The big question is how can non-white urban areas work with white rural and surburban areas tor form coherent governments. Britain, Sweden and a number of other European countries face a similar issue.

    The Illinoising of the West.

  41. But important parts of French culture have roots well before the enlightenment, for example their cuisine.

    Just what did the Revolution do for wine and cheese, other than change the units by which they’re measured?

    Do they really prefer the Pompidou Centre and La Défense to Notre-Dame and Mont-St-Michel?

  42. The revolution(s) did nothing, but I’m under the impression French cuisine kept developing in the last couple centuries. I’m not sure if cheese and wine got better, though.

  43. Feudalism no longer existed after the 16th century.

    Wrong. Feudalism in France was finally abolished in 1789. By the French Revolution:

  44. Except that the system around 1780 was unrecognizeably different from what it looked like around 1300. Which is why to my knowledge no historians of the early modern period call it feudal, i.e. they don’t take the revolutionary propaganda at face value.

  45. they don’t take the revolutionary propaganda at face value.

    The Decree Abolishing Feudalism of 1789 wasn’t just meaningless revolutionary propaganda. It is absurd to argue that something that didn’t exist was abolished.

    One of the central events of the French Revolution was to abolish feudalism, and the old rules, taxes and privileges left over from the age of feudalism. The National Constituent Assembly, acting on the night of 4 August 1789, announced, “The National Assembly abolishes the feudal system entirely.”[1] It abolished both the seigneurial rights of the Second Estate (the nobility) and the tithes gathered by the First Estate (the Catholic clergy).[2][3] The old judicial system, founded on the 13 regional parlements, was suspended in November 1789, and finally abolished in 1790.[4]

    The point remains: the pre-Enlightenment culture of France is dead and buried.

  46. With the thoughts you'd be thinkin says

    Some people use the sickle cell anemia data to determine the proportion of arab and african births, putting France at 37% african/arab. Of course this isn’t census data which isn’t taken about race so the numbers may greater or lesser, but the outlook isn’t rosy.что-делать/

  47. The sword of Buddha behind the sword of Guru Gobind Singh.

    Both sons of the Ikshvaaku Dynasty, just like all Kings, Major Devtas like Ram & Krishna & Jain Tirthankars.

    Lay to dust & fire the abrahamic savages. Return them to the light, & let the aryan fire burn in every household.

  48. Charlemagnes and Jeanne d’Arcs

    Why is a Russian hoping for a return of Charlemagne when he enslaved & converted Danavas like him. Giving rise to name slav,

    As Modi in India shows right wing parties will get around 40%

    He won last year due to a divided opposition. Globally no other right winger has really won since due to the 60 uniting.

    Look at Delhi, 95% seats with under 40 vote to leftists. Same in Bihar, same in Canada, same in France.

    If you desire peace, prepare for war.
    That’s where this is headed,

    In India the christian conversion problem is this: Poor SC converts, thinks he’s white.

    Fertility goes from 2.3 to 0.8

    Medium term whose advantage?


    Ultimately, always had this feeling that Christianity & it’s children secularism Marxism are just there to weaken societies for Islam.

    Remember the mtdna of central south & west Asia (europe) come from India.

    So Essentially it’s either a battle of Y lineage or the semites are basically African niggers originally.

    Either way, there doesn’t need to be a conspiracy for man to act in his genetic interest.

    Which is what the sons of Issac & Ishmael will do.

    Sikhs & Russians would have destroyed Islam in the past 2 centuries if Anglo didn’t ride to rescue.

    I would say let’s cut a deal:

    Slavs, Nords cool go back to Pagan we’re brothers. Even Celts,

    Italy Greece restore.

    But destroy Anglos & Semites.

    This problem will have to be dealt with, once & for all. If you’re not comfortable with taking billions of lives, suicide now.

    Why should we live in the shadow of men like Timur & Chingiz when they only killed few crores.

    We are Aryas, they are more turks.

    One artillery shell from a Dhanush or Kotsaya-v can do a day’s killing for a unit armed with swords.

    Let’s get real,

    Semites created christianity, Germanics spread it.

    We know who our enemies are, we know our friends.

    Develop military industry, then out of respect for the weapons. Use them!

    It’s funny how someone like Saker, talks of the first 1000 years of christianity. When, Russians & other Danavas were not even christians then..