Trump Blessed by Corona-chan

The Virgin HCQ shill vs. the Chad Sputnik V respecter.

Anyhow, this might have helped Trump by generating sympathy. But, given his not entirely undeserved reputation as a floomer, probably won’t.

Rallies are Trump’s lifeblood, chances of him winning have surely plummeted just now.

He’s fat and 18 years older than BoJo, who was hospitalized. Demographically, there’s a 10% chance Trump dies (IRL lower, since he’s elite). FWIW, Pence’s chances of becoming President have just gone up from 0.1% to 3.0%.

Would certainly be a powerful conclusion to 2020. One can only imagine the sort of deep state conspiracy theories that would generate.

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  2. sudden death says

    well, it took a little bit longer than expected, but the timing is perfect 🙂 Wonder if Biden will get it too, cause both were maskless, even if “socially distanced”, which tbf is quite futile with airborne virus in enclosed spaces…

  3. I guess that means no more debates, which is probably a gain for Biden.

  4. I doubt this will have much of an effect. As much as HBD/NRx people want to deny it, coronavirus simply isn’t a campaign issue anymore. No one really cares. The evidence of this is that Biden kept trying to bring it up in the debate, trying to force it back to the front as a campaign issue, because nobody’s concerned with it: the issues are the riots (which Trump has the advantage on) and the economy (which is recovering rapidly, so point also to Trump).

    If anything, Trump making a strong recovery and then going back to doing rallies would be a powerful message that coronavirus doesn’t matter. Healthwise, he has a clear advantage over Biden, as the debate showed; Biden was slow, ponderous, confused, and unable to go toe-to-toe with Trump in such an obvious fashion that it broke the Resistance’s brains (see all the despondent Tweeting afterwards and demands to cancel the rest of the debates because Trump broke the “norms,” classic narcissistic reframing).

    Revealed preference shows that Americans (and others) don’t see coronavirus as a big deal. People don’t wear masks, they don’t socially distance anymore. Here in Serbia, police don’t enforce mask laws and supermarket checkout lines are as clumped up as they were before the pandemic. There are still obsessives about it in the big cities, but who cares what nerds in NYC or LA think? Their votes don’t matter in the Electoral College.

  5. Kent Nationalist says

    Still going strong with the Trump boosterism, I see.

    AK: Deleted ad hom. Anons don’t get to insult people writing under real names.

  6. YetAnotherAnon says

    Agree (with AK’s point). Let’s hope Matt is right.

  7. Our resident Lothario Matt Forney is a very popular guy around here, that’s all I’ve noticed.

  8. the economy which is recovering rapidly
    [derisive laughter]

    It`s time for PUTLER to send some BLOD vaccine to his agent.

  9. A positive test means nothing.

  10. Kent Nationalist says

    Will you let me talk about the shape of his head if I post a picture of my (normally shaped) head?

  11. Something I missed from 2017. Based on this, Trump could be in serious trouble.

  12. They probably have a few bags of serum waiting in a fridge specifically to pull out and give to Trump.

    I wonder if Biden got it. They were spaced apart at the debate but both were bloviating at each other. It must travel far at a political debate.

  13. AnonFromTN says

    Now the playing field is truly level: Biden has Alzheimer, Trump – covid.

  14. Anatoly rushing in to protect Forney? How gay.

  15. reiner Tor says

    Just in: Biden tested negative.

  16. Was that the “October surprise”, or should we be expecting still something else?

  17. That is PRECISELY why this whole thing was cooked up.

  18. There are still obsessives about it in the big cities, but who cares what nerds in NYC or LA think? Their votes don’t matter in the Electoral College.

    No, but they sure do matter in terms of implementing policies, which is why Trump’s been such a failure at doing so, and why that will continue in the unlikely event that he wins.

    Revealed preference shows that Americans (and others) don’t see coronavirus as a big deal. People don’t wear masks, they don’t socially distance anymore.

    Plenty of people are still behaving as if corona matters. Plenty are wearing masks, though I have noticed a consistent pattern: the more one behaves as an ubermensch unafraid of the virus, the more likely he is to be fat, slovenly, and generally the type of person who’s face you’d want to cover even if there was no pandemic. There’s a parallel to nudism, which every teenage boy naturally supports… until he sees who the adherents are. One has to go to supermarkets, even if you get it delivered that just means someone else is doing the work. Everything else is still far below normal capacity, and it’s not just because of the government.

  19. reiner Tor says

    You make a number of good points, so I support you by posting a link to the game Turok: Dinosaur Hunter.

  20. Corona is the first lethal epidemic in human history that you have to be tested for to even know that you have it. Isn’t that odd?

    I know, hundreds of thousands have died, some even before their time. It can be unpleasant, it kills the old and a few random odd-balls. It still has barely more victims than an average NATO bombing campaign. Something doesn’t add up here.

  21. Commentator Mike says

    So Trump hasn’t claimed, like Lukashenko, that he was deliberately infected? Especially as his rival Biden and spouse tested negative.

  22. AnonFromTN says

    It still has barely more victims than an average NATO bombing campaign. Something doesn’t add up here.

    There was a phrase popular among the young in the USSR in 1980s: do not look for truth where there is none. Applies to Western propaganda 100%.

    Corona scare and NATO bombing campaigns have one thing in common: some of the fat cats who own the government make tidy profits. Pharmaceuticals on vaccines or drugs in case of corona, weapons manufacturers in case of NATO bombings. Both are in the same business: making money. Neither care whether people live or die.

  23. Philip Owen says

    So much for HCQ, always Forsythia.

    I imagine Regeneron is a a prophylactic and he is going to hospital to manage side reactions. If R does what it should he’ll be out in a week.

  24. …do not look for truth where there is none.

    Unfortunately you are right, we live in times of ever-bigger lies and ever more stupid propaganda.

    And yet I find trying to know the truth the best way to live a life. Coffee or beef brisket don’t taste any better when you are Jeff Bezos, girls are not any prettier or sleep any sweeter. The only thing that is different for normal people with enough material comfort is whether they live in truth, whether they see the world as it is, or as close as they can get to it. Propaganda and lying have a stench of desperation and death about them. Making money beyond certain point is an absurd pursuit.

    A small quibble: I don’t see big pharma behind corona, not in a decisive way. There is something else going on. Or possibly we are in a world of unstoppable inertia, ruled by mediocre people who have no ideas beyond saving their own status.

  25. Bragadocious says

    Bojo got the March dose of Corona chan, while Trump got the more benign October version. Also I bet Bojo’s obesity level is worse than Trump’s.

  26. Boswald Bollocksworth says

    was always hard to say if the Chinese Virus was intentionally released, under cover of a covered-up, accidental release, or if it really was a screw up by the characteristically high IQ, yet cargo cultist, corner cutting Red Chinese. Of all the years to have an accident, it was 2020, so I lean toward intentional.

    Also lean toward intentional in the case of Our Great President’s apparent infection. October 1st? Huh. Not August 1st or July 1st. Suspect it’s either a Trump Team work/’variolation with a tested, weak strain’, or ‘Vampire Coalition’ assets infected him. If the latter, presumably a more lethal strain was used. No matter. Trump is a force of nature, possibly chosen by God. As JayFiveKiller at MPC taught us, Never Bet Against Trump. Trump will probably recover within a week and be campaigning again by the last week of October. His victory will be boosted by his heroic display. Great fortunes to be won in the markets, for the bold.

  27. “Trump is a force of nature, possibly chosen by God.” I see a rather pudgy, elderly businessman with a history of bankruptcy who has some trouble stringing sentences together. His opponent is no more convincing, so I think he still has a chance, but I don’t see how he will get back to campaigning a few weeks after being tested positive for the Black Death of 2020 (exaggerated though I think it is). He could be accused of trying to infect voters if he is turned loose on them on the campaign trail.

  28. Grey Lucas says

    How is it a “Chinese Virus” if it was manufactured in Fort Detrick, Maryland? Trump is NOT for America. Trump is just there to manage the US as Israel squeezes the last drops of blood out of the American people.

  29. Based comment.

  30. “Demographically, there’s a 10% chance Trump dies” [citation needed]

  31. sudden death says

    Our plan for today is to have him to eat and drink, be up out of bed as much as possible, to be mobile,’ Dr. Brian Garibaldi, one of the doctor’s on Trump’s team, said. ‘And if he continues to look and feel as well as he does today, our hope is that we can plan for a discharge as early as tomorrow to the White House where he can continue his treatment course.’

    He also detailed that Trump would continue taking doses of Remdesivir, a broad-spectrum antiviral medication, and dexamethasone, a steroid, whether he remains at Walter Reed or is transferred to the White House.

    Meanwhile, in non-Magalalaland, dexamethasone is being given only to severe SARS 2.0 cases and is even harmful for actual light patients! So his “return to White House” would be equal to transfering from one hospital wing to another just for the show while still on oxygen and dexamethasone:

  32. sudden death says

    He has no serious syptoms, but does appear mildly fatigued.

    btw, in what kind of delusional state of mind some must be, if “high fever and blood oxygen drop below 94%” are not serious symptoms anymore? Trump is clearly having “happy hypoxia” now:

    Among the many surprises of the new coronavirus is one that seems to defy basic biology: infected patients with extraordinarily low blood-oxygen levels, or hypoxia, scrolling on their phones, chatting with doctors, and generally describing themselves as comfortable. Clinicians call them happy hypoxics.

    “There is a mismatch [between] what we see on the monitor and what the patient looks like in front of us,” says Reuben Strayer, an emergency physician at Maimonides Medical Center in New York City. Speaking from home while recovering from COVID-19 himself, Strayer says he was first struck by the phenomenon in March as patients streamed into his emergency room. He and other doctors are keen to understand this hypoxia, and when and how to treat it.

    Hypotheses about what causes it are emerging. Many doctors now recognize clotting as a major feature of severe COVID-19 (Science, 24 April, p. 356). Negri thinks subtle clotting might begin early in the lungs, perhaps thanks to an inflammatory reaction in their fine web of blood vessels, which could set off a cascade of proteins that prompts blood to clot and prevents it from getting properly oxygenated.

  33. sudden death says

    Trump is going to be fine.

    Not a single word in my posts that he won’t be, as there is still roughly 85% chance he’ll not become critical and get well, but the problem is in case he will become one of those 15 from 100 of his age cohort, who croak no matter the treatments, the people like you will be the first to cry that those evil SJW doctors poisoned him on the verge of everwinning as he was not “that ill”, lol 🙂

  34. AnonFromTN says

    I don’t see big pharma behind corona

    I am not claiming that Big Pharma created or spread corona. But, as opportunistic profiteers, they want to make as much money as possible on the epidemic, by selling vaccine and drugs (regardless whether either are effective). E.g., Trump’s stance on Russian or Chinese vaccine would be totally illogical if he cared about the people in the US. But it is 100% logical if he does not give a hoot about the people, but wants Big Pharma to make maximum profits

  35. sudden death says

    If you really think that one and a half minute propaganda video is a hard proof of not using supplemental oxygen the rest of the time not on video, got a bridge to sell to you, lol 🙂

    On the other hand, it well may be that all that drug coctail, including experimental antibody therapy, is indeed working, which no doubt is overall good news in general for everybody, not only for Trump.

    It also may be that Trump, being the stubborn ignoramus he is and temporary high on drugs (feeling better than 20 years before!, lol), is just ignoring reccomendations and draining his health only further before inevitable relapse.

    In short – too early to tell as the end of this story will be only after two negative tests in a row, but certainly not now.

  36. Kent Nationalist says

    Your devotion to this particular Jewish puppet is touching but also moronic.

  37. AnonFromTN says

    Studiously avoiding mentioning Russian vaccine? What you don’t say reveals at least as much as what you say.

  38. Kent Nationalist says


    for you also have suffered the same things from your own countrymen, even as they have from the Jews, ho both killed the Lord Jesus, and the prophets, and have persecuted us, and please not God, and are adversaries to all men;

    You [the Jews] belong to your father, that is, the devil, and are eager to gratify the appetites which are your father’s. He, from the first, was a murderer; and as for truth, he has never taken his stand upon that; there is no truth in him. When he utters falsehood, he is only uttering what is natural to him; he is all false, and it was he who gave falsehood its birth.

  39. sudden death says

    why “beating” of nonexistant threat, invented by Dempropaganda and less dangerous than the ordinary flu, even has become some inspirational achievement for Magalaland? 😉

  40. sudden death says

    The numbers show that WUHAN-19 is slightly more dangerous than the typical flu.

    Wow, how far you have fallen, what an incredible dissapointment for the Dear Leader as you dare contradict and deny his own latest healthy rays of wisdom delivered straight through Twitter and Facebook!

    Truly a monumental moment of shame here… 🙂

  41. Autists Anonymous Rehab Camp Fugitive says

    He’ll hole up in his mansion, get vaccinated and will be up in a few weeks, then he will have more pull as a Corona Survivor.
    Trump supporters get the “he caught it too!” line when dems accuse Trump of genociding the country on purpose.

    Trump’s shows are great and all, but nothing unifies a group more than rallying around the flag. True Believers in Trump will become more radical, as their leader’s health is put under question.
    On a more moderate level, he gets some pity. While his opponents rabidly cheering at Cheeto Hitler’s incumbent death have very bad optics.

    But at this point, optics hardly matter. It’s not 2016 and everyone has picked a side, it’s just a matter of which cult is stronger. And the pro-trump people get a martyr whether he survives this or not.

  42. There have been a few photos of Johnsonover the years looking not just rumpled and bumbling but decidedly bleary. No smoke without fire; I happen to think ‘Boris’ Johnson is a much more serious drinker than is generally realised. He had lost a massive amount of weight very quick prior getting infected, and was trying to appear vigorous around his his much younger girlfriend. Boris surely got into a bad way with corona because he delayed going to hospital; he was wheezing and had looked increasingly terrible on TV for a week before he was taken in. Neither Trump or Biden indulge in alcohol. That Biden is going to get corona once he becomes President is not unlikely, and while not really bad for his age physically he has a lot of history, so will not shrug a bout of COVID-19 off. Yet he will resist being admitted to hospital, knowing might be a one way trip politically.

    This stuff about what happens if Trump refuses to leave the White House is really about what if Biden refuses to. Joe will know if he goes into hospital a Harris supplanting him movement would gain momentum and might be unstoppable in view of the worries about dementia in the back of everyone’s mind. Biden will demand to get treated in the White House. The doctors will be supplying treatment at reduced effectiveness. The odds of Biden dying or becoming very seriously ill from corona in the near future are not long, and for Harris the infection of President Biden will make it extremely likely sheis put into the presidency sooner rather than later through a medical disqualification of Biden. Moreover, it will be better to blame it on corona than admit slightly later Biden is showing unmistakable signs of dementia, and the Dems know that all along.

  43. Carrie Symond’s mother lives around the corner from my mum. He was largely left to his own devices, he then started deteriorating so Carrie rings her mum all panicky as no one is doing anything, she says better take him to hospital. A US president is much better looked after.

  44. A Greek friend of mine thinks that if Trump loses the election (that looks more and more like a reality everyday) he’ll probably feign illness of some sort and voluntarily step down from the presidency and pass the baton on to Pence, who’ll then be able to grant Trump immunity from prosecution for any crimes committed while he was in office. The New York attorney general is saber rattling and is waiting until Trump leaves office to go after him. Sounds like a distinct possibility, but I wonder if Trump would ever concede that some illness has brought him down?….Looks like some interesting times ahead.

  45. AnonFromTN says

    Wow! When I was 3-4 years old, we used your strategy of repeating someone’s comments on them. Do you still wet your bed?

  46. AnonFromTN says

    if Trump loses the election (that looks more and more like a reality everyday)

    Believing polls much? Polls are about as reliable as Nostradamus. In 2016 polls confidently predicted the win of corrupt bitch with mad witch cackle.

  47. AnonFromTN says

    Personally, I have nothing against Chinese vaccine. Narrative that China created and/or spread this virus is about as plausible as that Biden is mentally fit to be president.

    I was specifically asking about Russian vaccine because even deranged US politicians accusing Russia of all sorts of impossible things did not stoop so low as to accuse Russia of covid.

  48. AnonFromTN says

    Sorry, it is useless to argue with someone who says that 2×2=5.5 with a straight face.