Trump: God-Emperor of Mankind

There are MAGA people claiming this is a deep fake in the replies, LOL.

As concerns the ability to generate an undying cult of personality, even past the point of becoming a (political) corpse, I suppose Donald Trump truly is the “God-Emperor of Mankind.”

Having a non-suspended Twitter account is helpful with that, I imagine.

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  2. The Spirit of Enoch Powell says
  3. Barbarossa says

    Not surprisingly, Trump turned out to be no kind of LiteralHitler once the chips were down.

    Trump clearly never wanted any coup, just as he was as surprised as anyone else that he won the presidency in 2016. Poor bastard, his only potential future is political ,so he desperately needs his MAGA base to sustain any relevancy. However, he didn’t fully understand the depth of feeling he tapped into in 2016. He never could be what they wanted him to be, despite his attempts play the rhetorical cards he trapped himself in.

    Poor guy can never really go back to selling steaks and cuff links, but his base and his own ego have seemingly ensured that his post presidency political future is still-born. He’s like an actor forever trapped by his starring role at this point…

  4. The Spirit of Enoch Powell says
  5. What puzzles me to this day, was Pied Piper strategy really a failure? Conventional wisdom and documentation says that our friendly overlords built up Trump so that he would win the Republican primaries, scare and alienate mainstream Republicans and suppress their turnout in the general election thus giving Clinton an easy win.

    But what if its the opposite, and Clinton was never meant to win, and our observed reality was the intended outcome all along?

    I mean, who is the true leader of the GOP right now? Its the MAGA Viking of course, but he is not winning elections any time soon.

    Welcome to One Party State with heavy internet and other media censorship, massive surveillance and control apparatus, complete destruction of anti-war movement (just tell people you want to kill Russians and its all good, any war is justified), and sanctions infrastructure to control international trade, and a private army of BLM ferals to terrorize culturally non-compliant.

    If i were a ruling oligarch, I couldn’t have planned it better myself. And I don’t think all of this would have been possible if Clinton won, her win would have spawned resistance.

    Maybe Trump defeat was never the objective of Pied Piper. Maybe MAGA Viking victory was.

  6. Bashibuzuk says

    Back in 2016 I was hanging on an Alt Right forum, posting Pepe memes and all, and when Trump won the election a commenter there made a similar declaration: “Now you have f*cked yourself for real. Get ready to live under a totalitarian regime “. I had a good laugh back then. Looks like the guy was 4 years too early. And yeah, I am sorry to mention this, but the dude was ostensibly Jewish and pro-Israeli.

  7. Yeah. Well, I’m of the accelerationist mindset with the logic of boiling frogs fast. At least then they get a chance to jump. Whats coming is coming and dragging things out usually makes them worse.

    It will definitely be some interesting and exciting times.

  8. If only Trump’s sons were as based as the Primarchs…

  9. ANTIFA’s next best answer to take care of the “God-Emperor of Mankind”. Trumpster needs to find a “get out of jail ” card (a pardon) quick though, if he plans to revisit earth four years from now and take his revenge on the forces of the Deep Swamp, and their big heavy, “TrumpleStiltskin”

    He’s big and strong and funded by the King of the Underworld, Soromchik. 🙁

  10. What this means:
    1. “Our journey is just beginning” hints that he’ll run again 2024.
    2. He might have worried that if he didn’t semi-concede, he’d be thrown out under the 25th Amendment.
    3. After calling on his supporters to go to Washington on the 6th and #StopTheSteal, he sure threw them under the bus quickly when the optics got bad.

  11. Four years later, after some pretty spectacular Tranhumanist alterations, the new and improved Trumpster returns to earth ready to vanquish all of his enemies, once and for all:

    Stay tuned, more to follow…


    2016 was a thousand centuries ago.

  13. Jaakko Raipala says

    Having a non-suspended Twitter account is helpful with that, I imagine.

    Not really. The cult of Trump and the cult of anti-Trump can now obsess over the tweets that Trump would make if he still had an account and the imagined tweets are of course even more devastating than the real tweets because they will perfectly fit the wishes or the fears of the person imagining them.

    Even Trump can’t stop the cult at this point. If he concedes and declares that he will withdraw from public life the Trump cult will just decide that he has to say that because the Deep State has threatened to execute his family and that it will now be up to his followers to carry out the true will of Trump. This can easily go on after Trump dies, actually that might be the best thing that could happen to the MAGA movement right now as then more effective people could take over and claim to be the interpreters of Trump.

  14. Even Trump can’t stop the cult at this point. If he concedes and declares that he will withdraw from public life the Trump cult will just decide that he has to say that because the Deep State has threatened to execute his family and that it will now be up to his followers to carry out the true will of Trump. This can easily go on after Trump dies, actually that might be the best thing that could happen to the MAGA movement right now as then more effective people could take over and claim to be the interpreters of Trump.

    For the first stages of this see Voxday:
    who suggests that the video is fake.

  15. Well, the based Israeli could have posted that equally well if Hillary won, so thanks for the galaxy brain prediction, jewish buddy.

    However, with Biden it was of course completely different — he was ready to forgive and forget and it is now more in sorrow than in anger he will have to deal strictly with these unrepentant millions of domestic terrorists attacking the global American way. Hope, unity, decency, truth. Let the healing begin.

  16. Servant of Gla'aki says

    It seems like a lot of people are disappointed that Trump isn’t something he can not be. He’s not the grand, heroic figure of 21st century America. He’s just some amiable, mercurial populist who managed to come to power a decade or two before we do finally get our Sulla.

  17. There’s a picture of Trump on election night 2016, where he looks absolutely mortified at the result (I can’t find it right now, but if I do, I’ll post it on the Open Thread).

    There was a story a couple of weeks just before that election, which claimed that Trump’s run was geared toward creating a Fox-style news channel, with his family heavily involved. I can’t believe it has been memory-holed, as it makes plenty of sense to me.

  18. he even supported lgbt movement.

  19. Hugo Silva says

    Sometimes reality is stranger than fiction!

  20. Europe Europa says

    MAGA completely squandered their opportunity to make a point with storming Congress. All they did was vandalise and attempt to loot the place, got 4 of their own killed in the process and then were decisively ejected a couple of hours later and arrested en masse.

  21. Autists Anonymous Rehab Camp Fugitive says

    Kind of disappointing.
    It’s been since December that I’ve heard “4d chess” types constantly insist Trump was going to turn up last moment, show everyone the election was stolen, and THEN he would get to Building The Wall, Locking Her Up, Draining The Swamp (for realsies this time). They were so convincing they almost gave me hope.
    Where are they now? Wasn’t he a masterful genius just waiting to play his trump card?

  22. Autists Anonymous Rehab Camp Fugitive says

    What point were they supposed to make?

  23. Well, since the Trumpsliv happened on the 6th officially, the bands of rabid leftoids out for blood now face another challenge:

    Bidensliv (and Kamalasliv) aka “naah it’s just a bunch of troublemakers we’ll just arrest the most destructive ones and fine the rest and not execute them with their extended families and neighbors as you demand”. I think their autism is high enough for that to register as a zrada. Ridiculous, pathetic even.

  24. This can easily go on after Trump dies, actually that might be the best thing that could happen to the MAGA movement right now as then more effective people could take over and claim to be the interpreters of Trump.

    Make it interpreters of MAGA and you have a reasonably valid political idea. However, given the fate of the tea party, Ron Paul movement, alt-right, what have you, it would seem the chances of success are slim once the authorities send in the soft power crew.

    So avoid distractions and be ready to consume next Most Important Election ever, citizens. Who will win? OMG, so exciting!

  25. Barbarossa says

    I think you are right on. I remember looking at Trump’s face as the vote started to really go his way, and noting the deer in the headlights, looking into the abyss look he had, and mirthfully saying to him(on my computer) “You didn’t expect to win did you, you poor bastard!”

    I think this is really key to understanding Trump. It’s the reason the beginning of his administration was so chaotic…because he had no real plan for assuming power. I think he was just in for the free PR and once Hillary won, he could go back to reality TV etc. with a fresh shot of relevance. The Fox style channel you mention makes perfect sense to me, and I think he probably still would have done that. Things really gotten past his intent though now, and those doors may have closed to him now.

  26. I don’t want to hear the words “2024”, “vote”, or “election” again. Every politician has betrayed us, including Trump, whose betrayal stings the most- even though with hindsight it was perfectly clear that this was his MO from the start.

    In the 2016 campaign, he promised to pay bail for those who fought for him (many organizations on the left do this). Did he? When has Trump stuck his neck out for anyone who wasn’t either a Jew or a black rapper/basketball player?

    If Trump had any decency, he would pardon the stormers he was riling up by telling them to “March to the Capitol” and “fight” for him minutes before. He would lay flowers on the graves of those who died for him Wednesday. But it’s obvious that all he cares about is himself.

    I’ll spit in the face of anyone who still supports Trump after this. Why not? Trump has for the last four years, and they’ve loved it.

  27. The Crack Down on the Trump Tards:

    FBI Director Christopher Wray vowed Thursday to “hold accountable those who participated in yesterday’s siege of the Capitol after a pro-Trump mob overtook the building, forcing evacuations.”

    Mike Pompeo: protesters must be punished.

    The no longer Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said that Trump’s “unhinged thugs” “tried to disrupt our democracy. They failed.

    Republican Senator Richard Burr from North Carolina said: “The President bears responsibility for today’s events by promoting the unfounded conspiracy theories that have led to this point.”

    Republican Senator Mitt Romney from Utah said: the violence was “an insurrection, incited by the President of the United States.”

    US Deputy National Security Advisor Matthew Pottinger has resigned in response to Donald Trump’s handling of the crisis on Capitol Hill.

    James Mattis said that “Today’s violent assault on our Capitol, an effort to subjugate American democracy by mob rule, was fomented by Mr. Trump. His use of the presidency to destroy trust in our election and to poison our respect for fellow citizens has been enabled by pseudo political leaders whose names will live in infamy as profiles in cowardice.”

    Other people named as likely to abandon the sinking Trump ship are National Security Adviser Robert O’Brien and Deputy Chief of Staff Chris Liddell.”

    “There is no question that the president formed the mob, the president incited the mob, the president addressed the mob,” said Rep. Liz Cheney (Wyo.), the third-ranking House Republican. “He lit the flame.”

    Internationally Trump was denounced by NATO secretary-general Jens Stoltenberg for not respecting democracy.

    British prime minister Boris Johnson declared that what happened in the US capitol was disgusting.

    The German Chancellor Merkel blamed Trump for creating an atmosphere that led to a challenge to democracy in the US Capitol.

    Meanwhile, President Trump was blocked from various social media.

    Trump tards never understood the magnitude of the threat, that they don’t have much time and that the liberal take over of the US was inevitable. It will be one party Dem state. Trump tards will be wiped out.

    As the saying goes – “As California goes, so goes the US”.

    It was a massive mistake by Trump Tards to try to prop up the US Empire. They should have weakened it when they had the chance. Now the beast that they fed (the US) has turned on them.

    The US will be the new USSR, only this time the new “communism” will be different than the last.

    Now it is up to the rest of the planet to stop the US Empire. US rigthoids got owned because they are too stupid.

  28. Bashibuzuk says

    Spengler (David P. Goldman) about the fall of US democracy.

    A somewhat balanced analysis.

  29. “You didn’t expect to win did you, you poor bastard!” – I do not remember seeing it on Trump’s face. Besides at that time I thought that already about 10-15 days before the election it was whispered that Trump would win, except that media were refusing to change the tune of Clinton triumphalism though there were some hints being sent by few operatives of the Deep State that were ignored (not by me).

    Probably we will never know what was going on in Trump’s head and we may get some idea who were the people behind Trump’s run. But imo it was Netanyahu’s operation form the day one to reverse Iran deal and take revenge against Obama administration that made the deal with Iran. This was unforgivable from the POV of Israel. In Trump’s June 16, 2015 presidential announcement speech Iran is mentioned several times:
    So now ISIS has the oil, and what they don’t have, Iran has. And in 19— and I will tell you this, and I said it very strongly, years ago, I said— and I love the military, and I want to have the strongest military that we’ve ever had, and we need it more now than ever. But I said, “Don’t hit Iraq,” because you’re going to totally destabilize the Middle East. Iran is going to take over the Middle East, Iran and somebody else will get the oil, and it turned out that Iran is now taking over Iraq. Think of it. Iran is taking over Iraq, and they’re taking it over big league.

    Take a look at the deal he’s making with Iran. He makes that deal, Israel maybe won’t exist very long. It’s a disaster, and we have to protect Israel. But…

    I will stop Iran from getting nuclear weapons. And we won’t be using a man like Secretary Kerry that has absolutely no concept of negotiation, who’s making a horrible and laughable deal, who’s just being tapped along as they make weapons right now…

    The accusations of Russia meddling should be read as Israel meddling. At that time (2015) Putin and Netanyahu were seeing eye to eye on Russian intervention in Syria that Netanyahu approved and Obama hated. When General Flynn was caught lying about his contacts with Russian ambassador the most important fact was left out which was that Flynn was talking to Ambassador Kislyak on the behalf of Netanyahu checking whether Russia would veto or postpone the vote on the anti-Israel UN resolution that Obama has refused to veto which was unprecedented. This was Obama’s parting shot against Netanyahu.:
    Flynn, “OK, that. That’s good news.” Kislyak interrupts to continue with his points. Kislyak, “Secondly [PH], if ah, the orders will put it in to the vote and I understand my colleagues tell me that Egyptians are not pressing for the vote. But may be others.”

    Flynn,”…and I am, I am still sickened, sickened by the… by the murder ofyour ambassador to Turkey… And if… if Russia…” Kislyak interrupts Flynn, “General! If you allow me to cont. .. ah, to complete my presentation of these points… So, we will try to help ah… to give additional time for the conversation on this issue. But if it is put on vote, for historical reasons, as I explained to you… we cannot ah… other than to support it.” Flynn, “Ok.” Kislyak, “That is something, ah… that is ah, part of the position that we have developed within ahem, countries in the region for long period of time… But, responding to your telephone call, and our conversations we will try to help to postpone the vote and to allow for consultations.” Flynn, OK, ok, that’s good. That’s great ambassador. That’s all we can ask for it at this point and time.”

  30. Playing smart. Has four years to primary opponents and build a network whilst the economy collapses. Remember Harris will be the opponent in four years.

  31. Europe Europa says

    British Trump supporters are the most hilarious of all, they are convinced they’re the 51st state while most Trump supporters would struggle to tell you what language the UK speaks.

  32. The political life in America is finished.
    Trump will be the most despised figure in American history, from both sides.
    Total failure all around.
    No election will have any meaning ever again.

  33. I’m not a member of the “Asia times” so I couldn’t read the whole piece, however, I do recommend reading Pat Buchanan’s latest one here at UNZ for good balance and objectivity during this inflammatory season:

  34. Europe Europa says

    All they’ve achieved is losing any last shred of credibility MAGA had, and destroyed any chance of Trump or someone associated with Trump winning in 2024.

    The establishment and media now have carte blanche to crush the MAGA movement once and for all, if there was any hesitancy to do so before there won’t be now.

  35. I’ll spit in the face of anyone who still supports Trump after this. Why not? Trump has for the last four years, and they’ve loved it.

    Your comments are correct. This is what I have been postulating on this blog and others…vehemently…for almost four years, receiving much derision.

  36. Now it is up to the rest of the planet to stop the US Empire. US rigthoids got owned because they are too stupid.

    Yes, everyone in the government is an immoral corrupt asshole…but this has been the case for decades. It has now become so obvious that even the dumbest son-of-a-bitches can’t miss it.

  37. Bashibuzuk says

    This Spengler’s article is one of the free content on Asia times.

  38. Playing smart. Has four years to primary opponents and build a network whilst the economy collapses. Remember Harris will be the opponent in four years.

    WTF. Voting doesn’t work…this country is not controlled by the electorate.

    The definition of stupidity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

    My version.

  39. Trump became immediately suspect when he soon sacrificed the only real outsider and direct link to his populist supporters when he let go of Steve Bannon. He then promoted various neocons and other swamp figures to his quite dysfunctional but constantly churning coterie of cabinet members. Looking back today, I can see certain analogous features between him and the other megalomaniac of the 2010’s, Viktor Yanukovych of Ukraine. Certainly not an exact match, but close enough for some interesting parallels to be drawn. I don’t know whether Trump will need to run and hide now to Russia, and take up residence alongside Yanukovych? 🙂

  40. The establishment and media now have carte blanche to crush the MAGA movement once and for all, if there was any hesitancy to do so before there won’t be now.

    As a political movement they will crush, yes.
    But as a revolutionary force the movement will only grow.

  41. Teddy Spaghetti is never wrong! If you think he is, well, that’s just because you are a mere midwit.

  42. Steve Bannon, I was a fan of him because he could speak eloquently about economy nationalism using erudite references to philosophy and Catholic social science. He was a strong critic of economic neo-liberalism. He was high above what you usually get in American politicians and talking heads. They do not make conservatives or Republicans like him anymore. However he was associated with the Zionist Breitbart. It is possible that he was using them knowing that nothing can be done in America w/o the Jewish endorsement. But it is possible he is just an opportunist. He has no qualms spending money of some Chinese dissident billionaire.

  43. When I click on the link that you’ve provided, it takes me to Spengler’s article and provides me with 5 short paragraphs before offering me this:

    To continue reading, please log in to your AT+ Premium account. Not yet a member? Please signup for AT+ Premium monthly membership, AT+ Premium yearly membership, Holiday Special: $49 for one-year subscription to AT+ Premium or AT+ Premium Access membership.

    I don’t see any feature providing me with a “free content” access to this article?

  44. The Alarmist says

    This was my comment on 24 August 2016 to an article entitled A Crooked Mile. by Israel Shamir discussing Trump running the gauntlet of the Crooked MSM:

    So in my opinion, TPTB throw this election to Trump as the first salvo in collapsing the global economy and order and then use this as the excuse to piece it back together as the long-promised New World Order, sans Trump of course.

    Doesn’t seem so wacko-conspiracy-theorist in restrospect what with all that has happened, does it?

  45. Nah. I’ve seen four “One Party States” already, when one party controlled the whole government. Democrats under Clinton, Republicans under Bush, Democrats under Obama, Republicans under Trump. The result in each case was an utter clown show, followed by the opponents recapturing some or all the government in a few years.

    Expect another installment of clown show during Biden’s reign. Nothing much will change. Only 10% of their agenda is going to be implemented. If they do try to establish “massive surveillance and control apparatus, etc.,” it will be just as efficient as COVID vaccine rollout.

    Incidentally, antiwar movement was destroyed long ago by Obama.

  46. The best thing that could happen is that the Woke crowd and the Maga crowd – left wing and right wing extremists – fight each other in a new Wars of Religion, and out of the ashes a new, sane and healthy cultural synthesis will be born.

    In truth the Old Conservative order was repressive and tyrannical and dull, and made the lives of so many people absolutely miserable. Anyone who has grown up in a repressive “traditional” culture will know exactly what I mean. Traditional cultures have many beautiful things about them, but if left unchecked become extremely oppressive and create a lot of misery and dull unhappiness, and tend to empower humorless and sadistic authoritarians. The Leftist dismantling of the Old Order was both necessary and good.

    Of course, the Woke crowd which has captured the mainstream is as repressive and tyrannical, and likely to make as many lives as miserable, and is as empowering of sadistic authoritarians, as the worst of the Old Order ever was.

    As someone with anarchist sympathies, its easy to thrill to the finger given to the establishment by the Maga people storming the Capitol, just as it was possible to thrill to the BLM riots – in both cases one feels the seemingly solid, weighty, unchallengeable, oppressive, establishment edifice, crack just a little and sunlight and fresh air pour through. Any break from dull ordinary civilized life is inherently thrilling – sometimes, there are no “causes” – BLM is a real grievance you’re telling me? – just an underlying sense of the oppressive weight of civilized life, with its dull duties, and a desire to break free. Similarly the incohate rage at the “evil elites” or the “Jews” from the Right – in reality, the peasants have never had it so good and live like former lords. The real grievance is at the dull oppression of civilized life with its duties and responsibilities.

    So the Catholics and the Protestants, the Cavaliers and the Roundheads, are at it again, in one of the West’s periodic Wars of Religion.

    Hopefully, it will be a less violent war and more ideological and economic. Another Thirty Years War that was physical would be terrible.

    But things falling apart and society splintering into extremist factions is a regular part of the social cycle, just as a new unity based on a new synthesis is. No part of the cycle can be avoided – one can only wisely understand where one is in the cycle, and learn to surf the waves skillfully.

  47. It was behind a paywall for me. Could you copy and paste it behind a “more” tag?

  48. Like their Canadian equivalents British Trump supporters have given up on their own country.

    However, I’d say anti-Trumpers in Britain also act like a 51st state. When Olympique Marseille players stood in respect for Samuel Paty and Man City players took a knee for BLM even Obama-loving Trump-hating Remainers were baffled and even angry, accusing OM of disrespect. See, they’d never heard of Paty but they all knew of American criminal scum like George Floyd and Breonna Taylor. When did any Remainer ever become as emotionally invested in a European leader as they did in loving Obama or hating Trump? After near half a century in the EEC/EU the Channel is wider than the Atlantic for most Britons, not just Trumpers.

  49. Kent Nationalist says

    He’s a bit like the original God-Emperor from Dune in being sluglike and murdering his close adherents

  50. It’s generally recognized that Trump was in some form and fashion a populist candidate, and that Steve Bannon greatly helped him garner support amongst those disaffected masses that met that voter profile. Letting him go so soon, appeared to be a cynical move by Trump, that underscored his lack of loyalty to his populist base. As soon as Bannon outlived his usefulness, Trump turned his attention to gaining approval from his supposed swamp enemies. Trump’s tenure was marked by adherence and loyalty to those supporters of Zionist/US projections, that later turned on him, once he had outlived his usefulness. As they say “what comes around, goes around”.

  51. Knowing Trump, he won’t be building any networks. But yes, at this point he is odds-on favorite to win the nomination. Still, four year is a very long time. No one knows what the situation will be then.

  52. Bashibuzuk says

    This is rather strange, I read it entirely for free today before posting the link. Perhaps they have locked it down because Spengler candidly wrote that he believed in a Deep State conspiracy against Trump and that the Russiagate scandal was part of it.

    Yep, I have just looked it up and after being freely available earlier in the day it became a paying AT+ feature. Which only confirms that it was probably not a bad article after all.


  53. Bashibuzuk says

    Please see my reply to Mr Hack above.

  54. “Letting him go so soon, appeared to be a cynical move by Trump, that underscored his lack of loyalty to his populist base.” – Loyalty is a foreign concept to Trump. He did not need Bannon because he was not interested in real populism though I am not certain. It is possible that Bannon actually wanted to do something. Bannon was replaced with the ersatz populism of the psy-op Qanon.

    Trump kept changing people around him w/o any qualms. This was the only power he had and he could feel like in his TV reality show. If he wanted to fire somebody and was too afraid to face in person (likely he is a coward like all bullies) he would hire a reptilian creature like Scaramucci to do it and then fire Scaramucci a week or two later.

    The only tasks and promises that Trump accomplished and kept were the ones concerning Israel and the ME. And it was all going via Jared Kushner and his network of Lubavitcher connections. Once he said that he would get peace in the ME because Ivanka’s father in law (another despicable character whom he recently pardoned) ‘knew all the crooks in Israel’.

    Trump all his career was surrounding himself with crooks. His business was dealing with crooks like NY and NJ slum lords and contractors. Despicable Roy Cohn was his mentor. Shameless Roger Stone was his political operative. Sleazy Michael Cohen who turned on him was his lawyer.

  55. Daniel Chieh says

    While I don’t ever agree with you as a general rule, I do agree that Biden and Harris are inheriting a disaster show.

  56. Are you guys retarded or something? There are ways to get around paywalls.

    Here is the Asia Times article via Google Cache for example

  57. Certainly, some your anarchist sympathies that ring through your statements here and appeal to my own laisses faire sentiments. What grates a bit is your assessment that what’s been going on within America over the last half century or so can in any way be construed as a “traditional culture” when just the opposite has been marching forward since at least the mid 1960’s. Not much traditional about it, as was already the case when the dichotomy of progressivism/conservatism was already on full display within TV sit-coms like depicted within “Archie Bunker”. It’s been one long leftist ride for quite a long time now, only now we’re being spooned up the finishing touches, the “icing on the cake”. Any “conservatives or traditional” cultural icons are certainly only evident in the back mirror today. 🙁

    It was hilarious for me to recently watch Nancy Pelosi refer to her Catholic beliefs and Franciscan values, while referring to the events at the Capitol yesterday. The liberals like to hold the bible in one hand, and the infanticide scalpel in the other, don’t they?

  58. I generally agree. However, do keep in mind those 10% add up over time. 10% under Bush, 10% under Obama, 10% under Trump, 10% under Biden… thats a lot of percents.

    Overton Window moves slowly but surely.

  59. Yes, I agree with you. The 60s saw an acceleration of the deconstruction of traditional culture.

    My point is that the Left began deconstructing a traditional culture that had grown ossified and oppressive (really this is a process that began centuries before, but let’s take the 60s till now phase), and that created genuine spiritual freedom for a while.

    Gradually, the Left became oppressive and authoritarian itself, which is where it is today, and has become an oppressive Old Order.

    Christianity when it began represented a genuine advance in spiritual freedom, and it deconstructed the old conservative pagan order, which had grown ossified and oppressive – its hard to recapture the real radicalism of Jesus’s message today, and its expansive, liberating effect, as compared to the old pagan world which had grown so dull and oppressive.

    My thesis is, real freedom only exists in “between” – it is a tightrope walk between two extremes. Any faction that wins and imposes its unique, one sided vision, becomes oppressive. But there is always a period after factions fight, where a sort of synthesis occurs where genuine freedom flourishes (and creativity, etc). But just because I see clearly that Woke is a tyranny, does not mean I am under the illusion that the Right would be any less of a tyranny, or that the “old ways” were better.

    I am, I suppose, against “factionalism” – because factions represejt a fragment only of the human experience, and hence, are limited and stupid.

    Nevertheless, I recognize that transcending factionalism- for a while – often emerges as the result of factions duking it out.

  60. AnonFromTN says

    Personally, Trump is a pretty repulsive narcissist (this was aptly expressed by the phrase “70-year-old teenager”). He would have been OK for the Deep State, except for two flaws. One, he naively believed that being a president you have some power. In a “democracy” this is wrong. From the establishment perspective, “elected leaders” must be obedient puppets, i.e., pathetic nonentities. Second, he has a modicum of common sense (at least street smarts). For the establishment, this is unacceptable. It much preferred corrupt raving mad Hillary and corrupt senile half-corpse.

    The only new thing that happened in 2020 (this includes BLM/Antifa riots and massive fraud in November) is that the establishment beast had to show its ugly mug more openly. Everyone with a couple of brain cells to rub together (i.e., maybe 10-15% of the population) plus everyone with at least some horse sense (another 10-15% of the population) felt revulsion, which the elites adroitly directed against Dem glove on beast’s hand (as if BLM, Antifa, or Dems are actors, rather than disposable puppets).

    Everything we see, including Trump’s refusal to recognize obvious fraud as legitimate result of the “elections” (which were more farcical than ever before), MAGA crowds, etc., are symptoms. The disease is the death throes of the Empire and brutal oligarchic world order (disguised as “liberal democracy”) is was meant to enforce. Unfortunately, this headless chicken will do a lot of damage before it dies (to the relief of the remaining world, if there is anything remaining, that is).

  61. Haul in a bunch of fullscreens, show the footage of (mostly black) poll workers scanning the same ballots, turning away poll watchers and demonstrating the mathematical impossibility of a state having more votes than registered voters.

    Essentially, making the court case that was never allowed.

  62. Not much traditional about it, as was already the case when the dichotomy of progressivism/conservatism was already on full display within TV sit-coms like depicted within “Archie Bunker”.

    I would bet that everybody in your extended family who had immigrant roots approved of the anti-bigotry message of the show. The objective of the show was to inoculate white workers against the new trend observed in the South where white blue collar workers were giving support to George Wallace–the segregationist “Dixiecrat”. The show actually was the American adaptation of a British show called “Til Death Us Do Part” which was responding to the reactionary white workers who responded with enthusiasm to right-wing Member of Parliament Enoch Powell’s speech in 1968 about how the rise of immigration would lead to “rivers of blood” in the streets. But IMO what was the most important in the show that there was no anti-union message, it was pro-blue collar.
    …when Archie’s union is threatening to strike, Gloria explains to her father why workers/strikers deserve respect. As is the case in every situation where Mike, Gloria, or Edith tries to “enlighten” Archie, he rejects the lesson. “Respect is for the dead,” he replies. “The living need dough.” His response, while delivered belligerently, provides a dose of the thought-provoking reality and fodder for debate that garnered the show’s critical acclaim and historical precedence.

    Unfortunately the new trend has won with Volcker/Reagan union busting and sending blue collar jobs from the Rust Belt to the ‘right to work’ states in the South. It was then that the blue collar workers began to abandon the Democrats by being receptive to the demagoguery of Republicans that mixed libertarian anti-regulations, anti-government and racist innuendos and when they began to vote against their self-interest (see Thomas Frank’s “What’s the Matter with Kansas?”). And then came Clinton who moved Democrats to Neo-liberalism (I am fiscal conservative) and the identity politics replaced the economic class politics. The Democrats joined Republicans in being a party representing interests of the oligarchy. The working class was ditched replaced by the phony identity politics and the divide et impera of the woke classes against less woke classes begun.

  63. Just before he fired Bannon there were several profiles in the media of Bannon touting him as the brains behind the victory, as Trump’s campaign was flailing before Bannon arrived. The media reports showed Bannon in the White House meeting various people at his office with a “to do” list on a whiteboard in the background. Bannon was being treated as though he was running the show. Given Trump’s personality the reason for firing Bannon may have come down to something as simple and ridiculous as pure jealousy.

  64. Theodore the nitwit is out trolling his abused membership, again.

  65. Your link got the paywall.

    I’ll try to google around it tonight.

  66. I remember that. My thinking at the time was that the media was deliberately trying to drive a wedge between them, through the use of Trump’s vanity.

  67. Peter D. Bredon says

    Hitler a la Savitri Devi?

    Christ, a la St. Paul?

    Occlusion, a la the Hidden Imam?

  68. Or perhaps it was a sign of Trump’s duplicity and an attempt to distance himself from the “deplorables” that Bannon represented and that he no longer needed for the time being, and a way to ingratiate himself more with Washington insiders and mainstream Republicans, that he knew he’d need to survive in a town where he was considered to be an outsider? To his credit, Bannon never really complained much about it, and managed to stay on amicable relations with Trump throughout it all.

  69. Peter D. Bredon says

    “Bannon, in his interviews with Teitelbaum, reveals himself to be a more interesting and complex character than one might have imagined; a lifelong seeker of spiritual development, from his days in the navy (where shore leave meant first occult bookstores, then bars) to his career as some kind of freelance investor on the West Coast (where he meets up with his first real-life guru, Jacob Needleman, a Harvard-trained academic philosopher, and Gurdjieffian, who had “popularized the term ‘new religious movements.’” up through his days in the Trump campaign.

    “Or at least someone with a lot of spiritual curiosity. Far be it for me to question someone’s spiritual condition, but Bannon hardly gives the impression of being even what Alan Watts would call a “rascal guru“ or an adept of “crazy wisdom,” but simply a guy with eccentric reading habits. A hearer of the Word, not a doer.”

    “Hook, Line, & Sinker: Steve Bannon & the Usual Suspects”

  70. Try this then, it should work 100 %

  71. Perhaps you’re right about the teeter totter effect between the religious believers and the secularists, vying for influence and trying to squeeze the other side out. The last time that the religious right was more in control was in the 80’s during the Reagan presidency. I find it difficult to believe that we’ll ever return to anything similar, as the secularists seem to have carved out a very significant niche for themselves that looks hard to topple.

    It wasn’t, however, only rightists that were promoting traditional Christian values back in the 80’s. Liberal/hippies were turning into “Jesus freaks” by the droves too. The liberal icon, Bob Dylan, produced three hugely successful albums in a row celebrating his total devotion to his lord, Jesus Christ. His “Serve Somebody” song had deeply scathing lyrics that must have caused severe heartburn for much of the secular left:

    You may be an ambassador to England or France
    You may like to gamble, you might like to dance
    You may be the heavyweight champion of the world
    You may be a socialite with a long string of pearls

    You might be a rock ‘n’ roll addict prancing on the stage
    You might have drugs at your command, women in a cage
    You may be a business man or some high-degree thief
    They may call you doctor or they may call you chief
    But you’re gonna have to serve somebody, yes you are

  72. It’s never rewarding going over there:

    What we have here is the eternal curse of the midwit, who, when he can’t keep up with his intellectual superiors, would rather conclude that they are stupid sellouts than admit that he simply isn’t capable of understanding or believing what they are telling him.

    I never cease to find it amazing that people claim that Q is nonsense when it is a vastly more reliable guide to current events than the ever-mutating mainstream narrative.

    See, if you think QAnon is rubbish and Teddy is full of shit for pretending to believe it, you’re a cursed midwit. Trust the plan: now that’s some galaxy-brain stuff right there.

  73. Gerard1234 says

    These are the things and events that happen when a sacred landslide election victory is so unceremoniously & viciously stripped away from great patriots who have been badly & unfairly treated for so long. Go home with love & in peace. Remember this day forever!

    WTF? Is THAT what he said that got himself banned? That’s as effeminate as harmless as it gets. Typical Trump playing both sides and covering himself. I can’t believe that is getting classified as inciting riots.

    This may be the fakest “scandal” involving Trump in a series of fake “scandals” involving him in the last few years, not that the imbecile deserves any sympathy – just that the other side appear to be almost pure evil ( pure evil would be Banderastan puppet regime)

    On a separate issue – I see that an albino computer repair shop owner got possession and ownership of Hunter Biden’s laptop , full of illegal, criminal and security risk information on both him and his father……..because he handed it in and forgot about it, making it legally owned by the computer shop owner after a few months! WTF is this farce?
    Biden ( the father) also deliberately lied because he said all of that was a result of Russian hacking – and dumb fat Americans accept this

  74. “A hearer of the Word, not a doer.” – Actually Bannon is a doer as opposed to James J. O’Meara, who while a very entertaining writer is just a juggler of words.

  75. Thorfinnsson says

    I had that impression as well, but perhaps the real reason for his ouster was Sloppy Steve’s habit of meeting journalists in bars. A lot of the leaks that harmed the early Trump Administration originated with Steve “Wild Irish Rose” Bannon.

  76. Shortsword says

    Was there ever anything real to the “secret mastermind Bannon” narrative?

  77. Do not forget the ‘Goy, bye!’ headline that even ADL felt it had to feign an objection to.

    HuffPost’s Bannon headline ‘Goy, bye!’ sparks backlash

    Bannon persona reinforced by his language that borrowed from European and Catholic traditionalism and populism was irritating sh..t out of ‘them’.

  78. RadicalCenter says

    When I hear the English, I too wonder what language they speak.

  79. RadicalCenter says

    Superb comment.

    FWIW, my parents, descendants of Italian immigrants on one side and German and Slavic immigrants on the other side, and both Catholic and Democrat at the time, saw pretty quickly what the anti-white anti-American writers of All in the Family were trying to do.

    I remember my Dad saying, “they wanted everyone to look down on Archie, but most of us like him.”

    Better yet, of course, would have been for them and the rest of the normal Americans to ditch the goddamn TV and spend their time exercising, learning a language, and doing the work to take control of local and state governments.

  80. I finally did get around to reading Spengler’s article last night. Overall, it was a good one and I agreed with most of his points except for one. He tries to discredit the possibility of the tampering with the election results by pointing out that it is inconceivable that “thousands of polling centers” would need to be working in tandem in order to manipulate the election results, and that would be an impossible task. He doesn’t consider that it wouldn’t take thousands of such polling centers and monitors to do such, but only perhaps a dozen or two within 5-6 key states to accomplish the “steal”. IMHO.

  81. Spengler was doxxed by Mondoweiss in 2008:

    I Believe Pseudonymous Salesman of Zionism to Catholics Is David Goldman–Neocon and Former LaRouchie

    This case is creepy. A theological writer who markets Zionism to Catholics ought to tell his readers he attends the Park Avenue Synagogue (where Goldman worshiped not long ago).

    And any writer who calls for more killing and barbed wire for Arabs shouldn’t be able to hide from those views behind fancy pseudonyms–not when he writes for a religious journal, or when he goes on the Kudlow show on CNBC, or writes for Forbes, as David Goldman has done in his capacity as financial analyst.

    And indeed he was pushing very hard Zionism and was targeting Catholics with the teachings of Jewish theologian Franz Rosenzweig which IMO were rather offensive to Catholics.

  82. Bashibuzuk says

    Spengler/Goldman has been and still is a hardcore Zionist. That doesn’t make him a less intelligent person. A lot of Zionists and Jewish supremacists are very smart people. Once you understand that they first and foremost have their own people ‘s interests at heart, you can read what they write without falling for their biases.

    OTOH I didn’t know that Spengler/Goldman was a sympathizer of Lyndon H. Larouche, a Larouchie Zionist is a weird combination. Although we live in degenerate times…

  83. Correct, however, nowhere in the newspaper article that you cite is there any convincing proof that somebody did indeed control any voting software. I guess once the lawsuit is deliberated, we’ll be able to draw some meaningful conclusions. I remain unconvinced either way at this point.

    “It’s very easy to say something on Twitter without evidence,” Dominion Chief Executive Officer John Poulos said during a virtual press call Friday. “It is another thing to have to come forward in a court of law and identify your basis for making these statements.”

    Let the battle begin!

  84. reiner Tor says

    There’s a lot of truth in it, but I think Trump’s ego already made him very much wanting to win in 2016, despite having no idea what to do once in office. And I think he did think that he did have a chance, though couldn’t be sure until the very last moment.