Tsargrad TV Banned on YouTube

The wages of relying on hostile foreigners for your IT infrastructure: Tsargrad TV has been permanently kicked off YouTube.

This isn’t just some random blogger or streamer – it’s an accredited Russian media organization with its own TV channel, a central office in central Moscow, and as of yesterday, around a million subscribers on YouTube.

It was founded by Orthodox businessman Konstantin Malofeev in 2015 to promote a conservative Orthodox agenda:

“Tsargrad TV” positions itself as “the first Russian conservative information and analytical TV channel”, closely cooperates with the Russian Orthodox Church and public and religious organizations. He actively covered the armed conflict in eastern Ukraine, providing informational support to the self-proclaimed Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics (DPR and LPR).

Malofeev was sanctioned by the US and the EU in 2014 over his financial support for Novorossiya. Now, it seems that Google has finally gotten round to enforcing those sanctions, not just against Malofeev himself but all his associated structures and close contacts:

Kholmogorov on “Categories of Russian Civilization” at the Two-Headed Eagle.

(1) The Two-Headed Eagle (Двуглавый Орел), a society for discussing history and philosophy, which has hosted lectures by Russian nationalists, was also kicked from YouTube. They maintained a backup channel on VK and will now post there exclusively.

(2) Alexander Dugin, who has left Tsargrad TV two years ago, has also been kicked from YouTube (despite his IRL influence being very much overstated by Western journalists and plebittors).

This follows the YouTube defenestrations of News-Front, Anna News, and FAN-TV earlier this year. It is clear that the Western tech giants are working their way up through the Russian conservative and/or anti-imperialist infosphere.

I certainly don’t have the chutzpah to claim that Google has any obligation to service the IT needs of Russian conservatives and nationalists. But equally, Russia has no obligation to let Google and the Western tech giants have access to its 150 million strong market if they only intend to have pro-American liberals have a say on their platforms.

In the meantime, Tsargrad TV plans to sue Google in a Russian court for infringing on their freedom of speech.

However, while better than nothing, I am skeptical as to the capacity of such actions to bring about change. Considering that a President Biden is now more likely than not, I will not be surprised if the purge reaches RT and Sputnik by the end of 2021. The narrative foundations for that have already been laid.

At the end of the day, I don’t have anything more to add to Vile Varangian’s analysis, who was himself kicked off Twitter a couple of months ago [machine translation]:

In the past few days, YouTube has closed a number of Konstantin Malofeev’s channels (including Tsargrad), and today Dugin’s channels. As I predicted (this was not difficult to predict), the norms of Western politically correct censorship are now applied to the segments of the Russian Internet that are located on Western platforms. You can whine about it all day, but there is zero benefit in it. None of us have ever had the right to be on these platforms. We were there because our enemy, who controls them, was not vigilant for a long time. We still have no right to be on these platforms, and they expel us from there absolutely naturally. The sooner you come to terms with it, the better. The conclusions remain the same. We need Russian platforms and we need the state to terrorize, blackmail and nightmare tech giants, especially foreign ones. For now, we can only hope that, in their madness, American companies will begin and remove people close enough to the Kremlin to provoke any action.

Hence my call to start thinking about blocking the Western subversion networks.

PS. Another note – For a long time, Russian nationalists’ freedom of speech was primarily constrained by Article 282, the “hate speech” law on which hundreds of people were getting convicted by the late 2010s, many of them on frankly ludicrous charges. But Putin decriminalized it a year ago, and prosecutions have dropped to near zero. For all intents and purposes, Russian nationalists now enjoy typical East European levels of free speech, without either West European hate crime laws or the woke, canceling “Society 282” that dominates American discourse.

But over the past year, the worm has turned indeed. It is now Silicon Valley, which has colonized significant parts of Runet – virtually all video content is hosted on there, even if social media and search engines are about equally split between Google/Yandex and Facebook/VK – which is now the biggest obstacle to their growth in the infosphere. For instance, up until now, I was still idly speculating about someday producing videos/lectures on AK topics like HBD, or the American Alt Right (even had a very preliminary dialogue with some Two-Headed Eagle people about that). But with every new banning, it becomes more and more clear that it would be a waste of time. YouTube provides at least an order of magnitude more research – subscribers, views, etc. – relative to any other platform thanks to the network effects it acquires by dint of its monopoly status. Meanwhile, any “breakout” on YouTube will be noted, and the channel shut down shortly afterwards. So probably not worth posting anything to there apart from low effort gaming videos.

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    If you are new to my work, start here.

  2. Mike_from_Russia says

    All similar Russian youtube channels should have mirrors on BitChute.

  3. There is absolutely zero reason for Runet people to use Bitchute.

    (1) Much less audience than platforms with a large, inbuilt existing platform such as VK or OK, even if VK is inferior to YouTube.

    (2) Also pretty shit not just relative to YouTube but even VK.

    (3) Still a Western company, which can be shut down anytime (boycotted by all the payments processors) – or become pozzed with time.

    Even for Western Alt Right, identitarian, and WN types I would sooner recommend the Chinese DLive.

  4. Boswald Bollocksworth says

    Yeah I think and The Vile One make sense. Russia just needs to build up its own systems, this may allow some poaching back of expat talent too. The question of blocking Silicon Valley stuff is interesting.

    Is a block too heavy handed? Possibly better to discredit it. A block maybe is easier to justify to the people if it is done as retaliation for censorship.

  5. Not Raul says

    How inferior is VK to YouTube, and is VK catching up?

    Does Russia have a decent YouTube competitor? Is Rutube any good?

    Have you tried DailyMotion?

  6. Kent Nationalist says

    (3) Still a Western company, which can be shut down anytime (boycotted by all the payments processors) – or become pozzed with time.

    It’s based in the UK and there’s currently a parliamentary inquiry aimed at taking it down. It’s being targeted by Judeo-Bolshevik terrorist organisation Hope not Hate.

  7. Kent Nationalist says

    Bitchute is ruined by its search engine. For instance I tried searching ‘Holocaust’ and despite knowing that there is a lot of great revisionist content on there, none of it came up.

  8. Jews at Google does as government tells it to, but the government does as told by Jews. So, it’s just one big circle-jerk.

  9. jimmyriddle says

    Just use google with search term and “bitchute”.

    That works (for now).

  10. jimmyriddle says

    Bitchute’s USP is that it is p2p so they can serve video at a fraction of the usual cost. That gives them a certain degree of immunity.

  11. Passer by says

    it is now Silicon Valley, which has colonized significant parts of Runet – virtually all video content is hosted on there, even if social media and search engines are about equally split between Google/Yandex and Facebook/VK

    Start learning from China, Rus retards. Make your own full scale IT infrastructure. And colaborate with China, Iran and others on this. F.ng idiots.

  12. Maïkl Makfaïl says

    Russia should promote its own IT analogues such as Yandex or VK in western countries. And make a position of principle to defend free speech .

  13. Ever since the events at Christchurch, I believe BitChute was banned in Australia and New Zealand too.

  14. blahbahblah says

    Dugin’s wikipedia page pointed to him still working with Tsargrad when I read it a couple days ago. Wonder if it was targeted towards him by people who just read wikipedia.

  15. brabantian says

    For finding quasi-forbidden stuff on the internet a new search engine is providing exceptional results – at least for now – despite its dorky name – ‘Yippy, powered by IBM Watson’

    Finding it better than Goog, StartPage, DuckDuckGo, Bing or Yandex


    For example, just tried ‘Bitchute Holocaust’ and results were plentiful

    Ages ago in the 00 decade Russia had a very good YouTube rival, Smotri with lots of political & historical content and an English interface, it astounds me that Russia did not maintain and develop it

    Unfortunately Smotri was allowed to just become an all-pornography site

  16. Whatever happened to Rutube, from memory, in the mid 00s it had a decent fraction of YouTube’s market share even in the West?

  17. DreadIlk says

    I am actually very optimistic. China and Russia are great alternatives and they are driving half their audience to it. Vox Day think the same thing. A ton of people are setting up their own video hosting. Yes you lose the mass audience, for now. It will only get worse and converged platforms will become unusable.

    In my opinion what Russians need is as you say to make alternatives to EVERYTHING west. Book publishing, games etc. Even if all of these things will be inferior clones at some point they wont be. I prefer an inferior clone that has alt right propaganda anyways to woke original.

    edit: also think of the triggering.

  18. Daniel Chieh says

    Ah, so it became the Internet.

  19. In Catilinam says

    One should think about using the Interplanetary FileSystem

    Wikipedia page:

    The Interplanetary File System is just a file system, so you can upload video files but there is just a download service, unless someone will create a streaming service.

    Someone claims to have created a censorship-resistant blogging platform with the Interplanetary File System:

    Maybe BitChute should think about mirroring their content on IPFS…

  20. Any serious alternative to Youtube ought to bring back the video responses that they got rid off.

  21. Mike_from_Russia says

    I watch such channels on Bitchute
    NotOften Told – Iranian channel
    so-called conspiracy theorists – Corbett Report (James Corbett) and more
    They’ve been there for a long time