Ukrainians Eager to Help Out ISIS


In recent days, the Ukrainian “Peacekeeper” (Mirotvorets) website has started posting the personal data of Russian fighter pilots fighting terrorsts in Syria.

For those not in the know, “Peacekeeper” is a website that collects profiles on the enemies of the Ukrainian junta. Ranging from “terrorists” to dastardly “supporters of federalization,” this includes people from Putin to opposition journalists such as Oles Buzina, who was coincidentally assassinated shortly after his appearance there.

They started doing this – also surely coincidentally – immediately after a senior Maidan politician Anton Gerashchenko, and a top advisor to the Interior Ministry, published a Facebook post in which he recounted how a friend suggested to him to “help ISIS take revenge on Russia by the canons of sharia,” and Gerashchenko decided it would be a great idea.

I invite everyone who has information about Russian citizens taking part in Russia’s undeclared war against the Syrian people to report them to the Peacekeeper website, where a separate section on Putin’s crimes in Syria and the Middle East will soon be created.

This is not in the least surprising from a regime that welcomes Islamic radicals to come in and fight against those Ukrainians seeking to escape the Banderite madhouse, as even the NYT has been forced to acknowledge.

That Facebook post is still up, incidentally. It’s not as if a prominent pro-Western politician calling for helping ISIS is equivalent to Germans complaining about mass immigration, even if he did miss Washington’s memo to start calling them “moderate rebels.”

Gerashchenko is presumably still as free as ever to travel to the EU, as he and other Ukrainian Nazis do regularly, while artists who as much as voice support for the Donbass resistance find themselves either sanctioned (if they’re foreigners like Kobzon) or get their concerts cancelled (like Val Lisitsa).

It also demonstrates the sort of bottom feeders who have been appointed to rule Maidanist Ukraine – a cargo cult that in its essence begins with primitive village-like hatred of neighboring peoples, and will surely end like this:


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  1. Actual islamofascism. If politics weren’t so bloody, it would be funny.

  2. A ‘cargo cult’ that is incidentally enthusiastically supported by Canada’s leading three political parties, including the New Democratic Party ‘opposition’, that has also endorsed the UCC ultranationalist lobby’s call for the DNR-LNR to be designated ‘terrorist organizations.’

    Federal Party Leaders Response to UCC Election Questionnaire:

    And more: starts at 4:00 with candidate interviews at intervals till 20:00

    No wonder Petro Poroshenko, who’s obtained nearly a billion dollars from KKKanaduh, as well as Canadian Forces ‘trainers’ for his Nazi legions, called Canada “The most Ukrainian country outside Ukraine.”

  3. Syrian branches of Al-Qaeda supported and defended by the Russians, are there any?

  4. Why don’t the Russian simply tell the world about how IS are actually a US false flag op, and why did Russia tell the world at the beginning of theis month that thr FSA are not a terrorist organisation (hence not connected to IS of Al-Nusra)?

    You think you have all this worked out and the Russians would too if you were correct, so why don’t they just explain that the various rebel groups in Syria are all US false flag ops with no popular support? Assad has big army an air force army and heavy artillery, and according to you the support of almost all the Syrian population, yet can’t defeat a bunch of mercenaries and jihadists with infantry weapons and no air support?

  5. So as an American patriot, how does it make you feel that your government is supporting and defending the guys who, by your own showing, brought down the WTC? All warm and fuzzy inside, am I right?

  6. Please don’t attribute your 9/11 looney beliefs to me.
    According to figures from IHS Jane’s, only 6 per cent of the Syrian regime army’s 982 operations last year were actually directed against Isis. Most of Assad’s attacks — including with Scud missiles and the infamous barrel bombs dropped from helicopters on residential areas — targeted groups that opposed Isis, thereby helping pave the way for Isis to take over Raqqa and the oilfields of northern Syria. […] In Syria the most effective US-backed, anti-Isis troops on the ground are the Kurdish rebels of the YPG — but the US has been powerless to stop its Nato ally Turkey from bombing the YPG in retaliation for a Kurdish insurgency inside Turkey that has little to do with the Syrian civil war. Nor has the US been able to protect two of the Syrian Sunni opposition groups that it backs from Moscow’s airstrikes — Russian jets have already hit the front-line positions of Tajammu al-Aaza in Talbiseh and Jaish al-Tawhid (part of the Free Syrian Army) on the outskirts of Al-Lataminah.
    For the longest time now I’ve been making the point that Bashar al-Assad seems to have adopted Putin’s scorched earth military/political strategy in Chechnya. After reading the introduction to Jonathan Littell’s “Syrian Notebooks: Inside the Homs Uprising”, a new Verso book (good for them), I’ve discovered that there’s more there than just the near-genocidal blitzkrieg aspect. Remember how Bashar al-Assad released the jihadists from prison who would go on to provide the shock troops for ISIS? Well, it turns out that this was a gambit used in Chechnya as well…

  7. You are a fool, a paid liar and a serial copy-paste dumper. I will no longer waste my breath on you.

  8. Of course Poroshenko supports ISIS, he is doing the bidding of his masters, THE US GVT!
    The US govt is giving aid and comfort to what it calls “moderate rebels” in Syria,.. HOWEVER,
    US law 18 USC 2331 unequivocally defines the moderate rebels as TERRORISTS!
    Which tells us that the US gvt is giving aid and comfort to known terrorists in violation of its own laws and international law!

  9. Listen to the thundering silence —-
    TREASON —– TREASON by the Pentagon and NEOCON-Politicians working for Israel.
    This IS a war on Christianity. Note that the MILITARY AGE MALE “refugees” are being channeled, aimed at, CHRISTIAN countries, NOT at the numerous Islamic lands.
    RUSSIA and CHINA are the Last Hope for Western CHRISTIAN Democratic Civilization. Putin SAW the TREASONOUS support “our” politicians and pentagon were giving ISIS(rael) and recognized the INVASION they were creating will swamp Europe and America. —————-
    Over a YEAR, 6700 bombing missions, and 100s of MILLION$ of our taxes squandered so the terrorists could create the INVASION of “refugees” ……. 6700 X $20,000 (MINIMUM) per mission = $134,000,000 NOT counting bombs dropped in the sand at $100,000 each.
    72 HOURS and 60 MISSIONS of RUSSIANS actually DOING something and LOOK, “450 militants turn themselves in to Syrian authorities”
    There are MORE ACTIVE terrorist supporters in the PENTAGON and the halls of “our” government, providing MATERIAL AID and SUPPORT ………… then ever were in Guantanamo.
    The COURTS MARTIAL need to be prepared IMMEDIATELY. Perp walks for the Pentagon and Political TRAITORS who did NOT bomb ISIS .

  10. WHY have the Ukrainians allowed Jews back into their country?
    Why have Stalin’s Jewish executioners and secret police torturers not received the same level of scrutiny that the Nazis have? Why have there been no Hollywood movie depictions of what happened in Stalinist Russia? When the subject has been broached, kosher commentators and careerist historians have been reluctant to note the fact that a large percentage of the top officials of the Soviet regime and the post-WW2 communist regimes of Eastern Europe were Jewish chauvinists. Jewish Bolshevik occupied Russia robbed and starved the Ukrainians as a means to repay Wall Street (Jewish BANKERS) for financing the Russian Revolution.
    When in 2009 the Ukrainian security service published a list of Soviet and Communist Party officials responsible for the Holodomor – the famine-genocide sponsored by Moscow in 1932 that took the lives of 6-7 million Ukrainians – Jewish groups cried foul, contending that publicizing such a list was a bad idea because most of the names on it were Jewish and would thus cause anti-Jewish sentiments, reported the Jewish Telegraphic Agency. Instead of learning about the true nature of this unspeakable crime and the culprits responsible, Ukrainians should just “forget history” — at least that is what the Israeli politician Shimon Peres implored them to do in a 2010 speech.