US De Facto Shuts Down Travel with Russia

US Embassy in Moscow:

Reduction of Consular Services – Effective May 12, U.S. Embassy Moscow will reduce consular services offered to include only emergency U.S. citizen services and a very limited number of age-out and life or death emergency immigrant visas. These service reductions are necessary due to the Russian government’s April 23 notification of its intention to prohibit U.S. Mission Russia from employing foreign nationals in any capacity. Non-immigrant visa processing for non-diplomatic travel will cease.

Trump – Muslim travel ban.

Biden – Russian travel ban.

Anyhow, as I keep saying, this “social distancing” from the US and the West in general is a good idea. It blunts the impact of bad Western memes and tars their promoters within Russia by association.

Meanwhile, it’s not as if Russians have much to do in the US.

Tourism? You can fly to well nigh anywhere in European Russia from Moscow for $50-$75. Why do Russians need the US when they have this at home?

Business? Trade with the US is something like 5% of Russia’s trade balance. The only “physical” American things I can think off from the top of my head that I use are Tabasco sauce and the garbage disposal unit (pretty exotic in Europe).

Education? So far as 98% of Russians who send their children abroad are concerned, a Western education is needed to signal their social superiority to vatniks, as opposed to human capital accumulation. There are edge cases where this might still be useful (e.g. grad work with specific specialists in some STEM fields), but otherwise, there is no meaningful difference between undergraduate or graduate courses as taught in Russia or the US. Barring voluntary-mandatory extracurriculars on white privilege – but somehow, I think Russians can do without it.

Birth tourism? Something that 1,000 Russians do per year. A drop in the ocean. Inconveniencing the type of people who do this can only be to Russia’s benefit.

That said, this is a significant development on two accounts. First, it means that restrictions on travel will probably ramp up in parallel between Russia and the EU, because Europe follows America’s lead (indeed, former Estonian President Toomas Ilves has suggested as much), and between China and the US, because much of what has been implemented against Russia is also getting copied over with respect to China as the cold war between them ramps up. Such a severing between China and the US will be much more significant, given the much more intensive people flows and economic links between them, than between Russia and the US.

Second, it constitutes an ironic contrast to the situation during the Cold War, when the USSR prevented its people from traveling abroad. Now it does not such thing, and it is, in contrast, the Americans who are now blocking Russians from visiting the US. Ironically, this most inconveniences money pro-American fifth columnists within Russia, not the vatniks who constitute the Putin base.

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  2. Russia tends to practice reciprocity. It may make it more difficult for Americans who want to visit Russia. Hopefully Russia doesn’t do that, it leaves a strong positive impression on visitors.

  3. Passer by says

    not the vatniks who constitute the Putin base.

    The stongest Putin voting block is old women, not vatniks. Most pensioners are women and almost all of them vote Putin.

    restrictions on travel will probably ramp up….between China and the US

    The Democratic party will not stop chinese immigration. Trump would have done that, but not Biden. It is against Dem party diversity ideology. Also the US, under the Dems, will not economically decouple from China. Silicon Valley is against it, and so are many others in the US oligarchy. GM alone sold more cars in China than in the US. If anything, a record amount of chinese companies are applying for listing in the US.

    because Europe follows America’s lead

    Europe does follow America’s lead, after the wipe out of the retarded Trumpists and a total take over by the Dem party, the Green Party has become the most popular party in Germany.

    Which implicates a significant worsening of relations between woke germans and russians. This time, Germany will be the “Ethical Reich”, the high priests of liberalism, trying to put the barbaric unwoke russians in their place.

    Why do Russians need the US when they have this at home?

    Or this

  4. It is also nearly 100 years since the US banned most Eastern Europeans in the Emergency Quota Act.

  5. Europe does follow America’s lead, after the wipe out of the retarded Trumpists and a total take over by the Dem party, the Green Party has become the most popular party in Germany.

    How does that conflict with my point?

  6. Concerned citizen says

    So Vlad bans russian nationals from employment at the embassy, but somehow this is Bidet’s fault? Yeaah, man, totally makes sense LOL

  7. I would also point out that they will never allow people who have taken the Sputnik vaccine to enter the US (and possibly the EU), so that is another hard ban. Pfizer and Moderna will never be made available in Russia.

  8. Passer by says

    It does not, who says that it should? People agree for some things, disagree for other things, just like all the time.

  9. It is fun when people go for the jugular. What took so long? Russians will disappear from the West and with them thousands of businesses that lived off their real money. Maybe they can send them some funny money for a while, that seems to be the current cure-all. But how is it going to work in the long run?

    Don’t pay attention to slogans – they never mean much – it is about things on the ground. West is heading towards no travel, no freedom of speech, no political variety, no culture, and increasingly no real money. Central Banks are pumping it out like there is no tomorrow. Nobody is ever going to pay these debts back in real money – that is a big issue in a system built on the sacred status for wealth and assets.

    If we go this way a war will not seem so bad. What is funny is that one can never find any Russophobes in Europe after a war, they all seem to disappear, nobody remembers. Maybe that’s our problem.

  10. Passer by says

    Greece allowed Sputnik vaccine certificates, because they want russian tourists. EMA in the EU will approve Sputnik at some point, imo. But not the US or the UK.

    So yes, the invalid vaccine certificate issue (Sputnik vaccination not being counted as vaccination by US authorities) will futher disrupt travel from Russia towards the Anglosphere. Which is great.

  11. Caspar von everec says

    What’s your take on the weak state of the Russian air force? Is it wise of Putin to ignore it to this degree? Sure Russian strategy is to use superior ground power advancing under the cover of SAM systems.

    But still, sometimes Russian fighters will need to fight allied advanced aircraft over contested territory. Having a bunch of obsolete su 27s armed with semi active missiles just invites slaughter.

    My guess is that the Russians want greater coverage but realistically there wiuld only be 4 regions of combat: Eastern Europe, barrents sea, black sea and the far east.

    Quality of aircraft, pilot, maintenance and awacs coverage would matter more. You cannot sink US warships without your fighters sallying out fighting super hornets from time to time.

    Russia would be better off with a more compact but modern fighter force

    I guess they should aim for the following line up in the future:
    200 Su 35s
    200 su 30sm2
    80 Su 57
    20 Mig 35(not really useful for Russia)
    100 Mig 31 BM
    200 Su 34
    120 Su 25M

    It would reduce the number of combat jets from 1200 to about 920 and fighters to 500, but it would solve the pilot shortage, increase pilot flight hours, increase awacs coverage, ease up maintenance burden and supply cgain issues.

    They should certainly equip at least 40% of the SU-35S and Su 30sm2s with the new Byleka AESA radar on the Su-57. It has 1500 T/R modules and should give Russian fighter squads a fighter squads a fighting chance against western fighters like Rafale, Typhoon, F-15C, F-16V and the F-35

  12. Caspar von everec says

    The EU won’t restrict travel. France, Italy and Germany are eager to warm up relations with Russia and escape the American bear hug. Hence NS2 which doesn’t increase Russian gas supplies to Europe but allows them to circumvent the butthurt belt.

    As for the German greens, they’re no different than the CDU or SD. In any liberal democracy, all parties are identical and answer to the same elites other than the populist party.

    Greens if anything would make Germany more dependent on Russian gas as they want to shut down coal and nuclear plants.

    Macron in particular seems to be courting Putin in order to keep Turkey at bay.

    Putin’s most stupid foreign policy blunder is courting the Turks. These two faced descendents of slavers and rapists. Turkey has simply bought Russian weapons and stood against Russia in libya, Syria and Armenia.

    Elections are coming and Russia should restrict all Russian tourism to Turkey and crash the economy. It would finally remove the islamist Sultan and bring in a gay liberal that lets in refugees from Syria and lowers birth rates

  13. The Chinese government may want to stop emigration.

  14. the russians and chinese both have legitimate 5th gen fighters unlike the paper mache f 35 money pit that cant fly in the rain and vietnam era f 15 and 16s. energy weapons are the future along with hypersonic missiles, air force and navy will be replaced with drones. our favorite war criminal henry kissinger is now warning us about a.i. warfare between u.s. and china. the weapons we’re allowed to see are largely relics from the past.

  15. Abelard Lindsey says

    So they want to keep Russians out of the US. If I were Russian, I would go some where else, like hanging out on the beaches of SEA.

  16. Maïkl Makfaïl says

    US “Russia experts” used to brag about how many young russians they were able to drain to their universities and how the brain drain in Russia is gigantic etc… this décision is hence quite stupid as it will deprive them of the capacity to brain drain us further , so either the extent of this brain drain has been exaggerated either they shot themselves in the foot…

  17. Marshal Marlow says

    I’m guessing emigration of higher IQ people is rapidly decreasing due to China’s high economic growth, its long-run demand for smart labour and fast career progression.

  18. reiner Tor says

    Hungary used the Sinopharm and the Sputnik vaccines, and apparently the Hungarian liberal opposition (which initially opposed these vaccines) now realized that it would be politically harmful in Hungary if they supported such a measure. So actually the Hungarian opposition also came out in favor of supporting the travel rights for those vaccinated with Sputnik.

  19. reiner Tor says

    Putin’s most stupid foreign policy blunder is courting the Turks. These two faced descendents of slavers and rapists. Turkey has simply bought Russian weapons and stood against Russia in libya, Syria and Armenia.

    But don’t you believe in the superiority of the F-35? Russia sold Turkey the S-400, but it prevented Turkey from buying the F-35, so overall weakened Turkey and the southern wing of NATO.

    Or else the F-35 is not the Wunderwaffe it’s made out to be.

  20. Almost Missouri says

    One suspects that much of the alleged “brain drain” was the parents of people like (((Max Boot, Julia Ioffe, and Masha Gessen))). In other words, the children of people who had been instrumental in Soviet tyranny whose children are now working on the American version.

    Is Russia better off without them? Superficially it seems so. Yet when they were within Russia they could monitored and suppressed as appropriate. Now, however, they inhabit the halls of American hyperpower, glomming onto their pre-established ethnic kin, and whipping up a new cold(?) war against the Rodina. Is this preferable?

  21. UncommonGround says

    The chief of the Green party in Germany is Annalena Baerbock and she is strongly against NS2. She would close NS2 immediately if she can do that, she is also hostile against Russia, she never said one word about Assange. The CDU which might form the next government together with Baerbock is divided about the question. Some are not against NS2 and some are against it. Many who are against it have connections with the US. Baerbock lived there for one year.

    What may change things is the fact that NS2 might be completely built before the elections and then it would be difficult to close it. But if the Green form the next government, relations with Russia wont improve:

    Germany: Greens’ Annalena Baerbock urges hard line on Russia, China

    The Greens chancellor candidate for the upcoming federal elections has said she wants a tougher stance from Germany to address Russian aggression in Ukraine and China’s global ambitions.

  22. Caspar von Everec says

    Erdogan bought the S-400 in hopes that he could shoot down US aircraft if the need arose. US military equipment come with a bunch of strings. Buying their stuff means essentially entering into lifelong partnership with the US military as they maintain and ovserve their weapons.

    For example, the US forbade Pakistan from using the F-16V viper against India offesnively US made gear is often only, paritally yours. Plus Erdogan doesn’t need the F-35. Its likely opponent is Syria and Iran and at most Russia. Its Block 52 F-16s are overkill for the former two and is superior to all but the Su-35 or Su-30SM2 when it comes to Russian fighter aviation.

    As for Wunderwaffe, there’s nothing incredible about it. Its just basic physics.

    The F-35 is designed for passive stealth. By careful plane design, seamless machining, precision engineering and judicious use of stealth coating, its RCS is incredibly low. Lower than a bird.

    This makes it difficult for X-band radars to detect it. The S-400’s X band radars could detect it, but only at 40-50 km. Ever lower for the Ibris-E PESA radar of the Su-35s.

    The F-35 can be detected at a greater distance though by L band radars. Low frequency radars are able to detect small RCS objects at greater distance. And the Russians have in fact detected and even tracked the F-35 at a distance with L band and S band radars.

    But it cannot target them. You see, radar resolution is abysmal when using L band or lower. So an F-35 could very well appear as a probability cloud as wide as 30 km.

    So even if the Russians can detect the F-35 from afar, it can’t hit it. It can deploy an Su-35 or Su-30sm to counter it, but these aircraft can’t get a firing solution until they’re at 30-50 km either. The F-35 with its LPI APGN-81 radar will pick them up hundreds of kilometers away. And they’ll easily kill them with AIM-120D which has a range of over 120 km.

    The Su-35 won’t even know it was being tracked and targeted due to the LPI characteristics of AESA.

    As for the S-400, since it has such a small area of firing against the F-35, the plane can simply maneuver around it or more likely, drop a glide bomb from 100 km away.

    This what the stealth is a meme crowd doesn’t understand. Stealth doesn’t mean invisible. It means your enemy will see you before you do and hit you before you know what’s up. Low frequency radars can’t provide firing solutions but can provide early warning. That’s why they’re used for early warning against ballistic missiles.

  23. El Dato says

    Greens if anything would make Germany more dependent on Russian gas as they want to shut down coal and nuclear plants.

    I hear Greens are against “Gas from Russia” because the new meme is that natural gas is extremely bad for The Warming.

    As for the nuclear reactors, the last ones will shut down next year. I don’t think any have been “mothballed” in anticipation of a restart, or that there is even enough engineering knowledge left to restart a program at some future time.

    Interestingly, it is said that Germany “increasingly exports electric power”, which is labeled as a good thing. These may actually be “forced exports” at low low prices when the German wind farms all over Germany are happily generating and there is no way to dump the surplus energy except by directing it abroad. Confusingly. it is said in other places that Germany “increasingly imports electric power”. These may be imports at high prices when the wind farms don’t generate in any part of Germany and Norway can deliver the missing eletric energy on demand but at high prices.

    I feel there is a shell game being played with reality. Reality will win.

    Here is a funny one from the same region:

    German government told to firm up climate laws by top court after protest by activists

    On Thursday, the German Constitutional Court sided with a number of plaintiffs, many of them young, who said the country’s climate laws failed to make sufficient provisions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The court, however, did not say the law violated the rights of future generations, as had been suggested by the plaintiffs.

    “The challenged provisions do violate the freedoms of the complainants, some of whom are still very young,” the court said in a statement. “The provisions irreversibly offload major emission reduction burdens onto periods after 2030.”

    One of the plaintiffs, Sophie Becksen, claimed that rising sea levels caused by climate change would engulf the North Sea island of Pellworm on which her family farms, leaving her with no inheritance.

    Does this open the avenue towards a lawsuit about protecting future generations by restricting immigration and paying off & repatriating massive amounts of non-Germans? Nah.

  24. Caspar von Everec says

    There’s one iron law of western democracy. What the oligarchs want, the oligarchs get.

    The German oligarchs have spent big bucks on this venture, they are not going to allow some blue haired lesbian to spoil them. Plus this tough talk is standard for German politicans. How many talked about standing by Ukraine and denouncing Russian agression in 2014 only to slink back and do nothing?

  25. El Dato says

    she wants a tougher stance from Germany to address Russian aggression in Ukraine and China’s global ambitions.

    She smells like NATO NPC. Also called the black guy recently put in charge of US devastation a “Friend of Germany”. There should be lega obligations imposing a decent amount of time between the moment the fax with the talking points arrives and the moment one uses them on the pulpit.

  26. Caspar von Everec says

    Yeah. This green energy scam is bleeding German taxpayers. Wind energy is notoriously inefficient, and solar is a joke.

    German energy costs have risen over 35% over the last decade since Mufti Merkel waged jihad on nuclear plants.

    Coal is incredibly harmful for the environment and there is reason to ban it. But if you want lower pollution and carbon emissions, natural gas is the way to go. Its magnitudes more cleaner.

    Plus, Solar uses rare earth metals that are toxic forever.

    These green losers don’t understand that the only truly green energies that are efficient and harmless to the environment for the most part are hydroelectricity and Nuclear. And they’re ruining Germany’s nuclear sector despite it having no accidents in the past.

    Elon musk is the alpha grifter when it comes to green scams. He sells electric cars to rich white soyim who think they’re saving the environment by buying it. Little do they know that the electricity used to power these electric cars comes from coal, oil and gas.

    In fact, you emit more carbon to make energy for these cars that you would if you simply bought a normal diesel engine car. It truly embodies the shallow, show-off mindset of the modern elite.

    They’re very feminine. They just know how to do drama and virtue signal and show off. They don’t realize consequences.

  27. reiner Tor says

    The video was interesting, though of course it’s always difficult to know how accurate they are.

    My guess is that the Russian emphasis on the artillery means that they don’t need air support to the extent that western or indeed any other forces need it. The recent Russian decentralization of their artillery sounds like a very good direction, probably improving the quality and quantity of their firepower while costing little additional money (other than training the troops which they are doing regularly). I’d guess that the Su-35 pilots mostly get trained for air superiority combat, which, combined with a preponderance of air defense assets and a quality army with a lot of organic firepower (even battalions have some lighter artillery pieces attached) would probably mean that they would enjoy initial success against NATO forces in Eastern Europe.

    In fact, Russia seems to be moving away from the inefficient Soviet ideas and towards the doctrine of the Wehrmacht, though I don’t think they are anywhere near that level. Luckily their opponents are not going to be exactly Wehrmacht level either.

  28. reiner Tor says

    The F-35 stealth is only good from the front, from behind you can easily target it. It will eventually need to turn around. BTW I’m not an F-35 hater and I agree it’s a very capable plane. But it also has issues like a relatively low range (and tanker planes are not stealthy), low rate of climb and no supercruise ability (they might not be needed, but both are useful for BVR combat), and like you wrote early warning is possible (so it will be noticed that they are there). This might mean that they would be known, and targeting radars against them would probably only be turned on when they are close already. The lower rate of climb and lower speed means that they would need more time to attack and this would mean that they wouldn’t be able to fly deep inside Russian airspace.

    My main point is that we’re not talking about all American assets fighting all Russian assets, rather the first few weeks of the war while the Americans wouldn’t have too many assets close to Russia. Also you need to take into account other assets like ballistic missiles destroying air bases and air defense keeping far away or destroying tanker planes etc.

  29. Mitleser says

    The Democratic party will not stop chinese immigration. Trump would have done that, but not Biden. It is against Dem party diversity ideology.

    That does not mean they won’t discourage it because of the very same ideology.

  30. Caspar von Everec says

    That’s true. The biggest flaw of modern US air strategy is the limited combat range if its power projection aircraft. The Super Hornet for example only has a combat range of 700 km, the F-35 has one of 1000 km.

    Its not enough to hit targets deep in Russia. The F-35 for all its stealth has a very low payload, being only able to carry 8 100-kg glide bombs internally.

    However, as you said, no air combat takes place in an arena. There will be certain settings for air battles. One would be in the barrents sea or Japan sea. The US will launch cruise missile strikes from afar and carriers would launch strike missions. Russians will need to find out where the US ships are to hit them. They’ll deploy maritime patrol aircraft to scan the seas. These will be targeted by carrier based fighters like the Super hornet and the F-35.

    Russians would either be forced to call off recon patrols and give up on destroying US warships, or send in fighters to defend them. Its in this scenario they’ll be forced to fight the F-35 over contested territoy,away from the safety net of the S-400.

    The other and more numerous occurence would be a war in Eastern Europe, say Ukraine. Russian ground forces will advance under the cover of a SAM umbrella of S-400 and S-350. But since the S-400 only has a 40km or so firing radius against the F-35, it will be able to take a lot of shots at Russian ground forces.

    It will exploit gaps between the small Russian defense circles and bomb Russian troops there or launch bombs at Russian forces just outside the engagement range of the SAMs. Attacks on the S-400s themselves are unlikely to be successful since they’ll be defended by pantsirs, tor and S-350. These can shoot down cruise missiles so glide bombs are nothing.

    But SAMs cannot give such coverage to all Russian troops. So they’ll suffer bombing raids. Granted the F-35s payload is low and so is its sortie rate. But guided bombs can hit priority ground targets like brigade or battalion HQs, artillery posts, or armored columns.

    They can blunt Russian offensives put the troops on the defensive or break the momentum of the attack.

    In these situations again Russia would need to send out its fighter to fight the F-35 away from the protective umbrella of the SAMs and 4+ gen fighers would get mauled.

  31. Also the US, under the Dems, will not economically decouple from China. Silicon Valley is against it, and so are many others in the US oligarchy. GM alone sold more cars in China than in the US.

    From a consumer standpoint, and as an example, Apple’s share of the Chinese phone market pales next to Huawei, Vivo, Oppo, and Xiomei.

    GM sells more pickup trucks in a few months than their yearly Chinese car sales. And we have to understand that GM sells Chinese made cars to Chinese, not models made in Detroit and then shipped to China. Surely GM would like to ship cars made in China to the US. But that is probably not going to be winner with American consumers, who gravitate to GM trucks and larger SUVs.

    Decoupling from China is more of a one-way street. That is, items made in China and imported into the US.

  32. The Alarmist says

    Baerbock is a participant in the World Economic Forum’s Young Global Leader programme. That should say enough.

    The EU threatens to sanction Russian supply of energy and raw materials; Putin should simply go ahead and cut them off now. This might crush the oligarchs in the West in a matter of weeks.

  33. Menschmaschine says

    But it cannot target them. You see, radar resolution is abysmal when using L band or lower. So an F-35 could very well appear as a probability cloud as wide as 30 km.

    Hardly, even an old 50ies era P-12 radar would be able to do better. As an example of a modern AESA metric wave length radar see the 1L119 Nebo (

    resolution range: 200 m
    resolution azimuth: 30 arcminutes == 0.5 degrees
    resolution elevation: 1.5 arcminutes == 0.025 degrees

    For a distance of 50km this would mean that the radar is able to put an aerial target into a box of 200m x 440m x 22m, certainly good enough for a shot with a terminally guided missile.

    The F-35 with its LPI APGN-81 radar will pick them up hundreds of kilometers away.

    But the radar can be detected and pinpointed. The F-35 would be like an assasin all clad in black that ventures out into the dark night, but then needs to use a flashlight to find its victim. While there are methods to make a radar less suspicuous like distributing the pulses over a wider frequency spectrum, LPI can’t change physics; the radar still needs to be able to detect and identify the pulses that it bounced off its target. The distance that a pulse needs to travel before the radar can detect it is always twice as long as that of a detector at the target aircraft. And since the strength of the signal over distance is not progressing linear but logarithmical the dices will always be loaded heavily in favor of the radar warning receiver.

    This does not mean that stealth is useless, but it is certainly not the silver bullet you make it out to be. But the F-35 desperately needs it to be, since its aerodynamic performance is, to put it mildly, nothing to write home about.

    The reason for this is US military interservice rivalry – the Marine Corps did not want to use the aircraft carriers of the Navy and wanted a VSTOL aircraft that was able to operate from their landing ships as a replacement of the Harrier. Since the budget for the development of a dedicated aircraft was not available, they lobbied to create a VSTOL variant of the F-35. Unfortunately, the VSTOL capability forced compromises in the aircraft design; most importantly, in order to achieve balance with the lift fan, the length needed to be restricted, resulting in a stubby aircraft with high air resistance.

    And so in regards to kinetic performance like speed and acceleration the F-35 is at best mediocre even when compared to older generation fighters and downright abysmal when compared to newer models like the Su-57.

  34. Sparkylyle92 says

    Very good, you’ve accurately parrotted the US MIC talking points on stealth. But these leave out a thing or two.
    1. The low RCS is only from the front. So an AWACS type plane can see F-35s perfectly well unless the F35 is coming straight toward it. So can the radar on ordinary fighters. So if you have good data link technology to pass along targetting information, the stealth advantage disappears.
    2. As you say, at low frequencies stealth doesn’t work. But low frequencies need huge antennas which are impractical, you say. Only they are not. The antenna doesn’t need to be continuous, only spatially sampled. If you datalink multiple widely separated fixed or truck-mounted antennas, you form what’s called a synthetic aperture antenna. It sees “stealth” planes perfectly well just like a smaller high frequency antenna sees non-stealth objects.

    These principles are well known. I worked on a synthetic aperture radar (SAR) in the early 80’s. If the F35 development hadn’t taken literally decades, stealth could have provided an advantage. I wouldn’t count on it to save the slow and slow-turning F35 from being blown out of the sky in 2021. Notice that data link technology is the key to defeating stealth. Do you think the Russians don’t know that? Basically this is communications theory, which is highly mathematical and doesn’t cost too much to do. Hmm, what countries are good at math and science?

  35. Sparkylyle92 says

    You’ve described accurately the preferred story for why the F35 is slow – big cross section to allow room for a lift fan for the Marines’ VTOL version. However, I don’t believe that because no one is stupid enough to compromise a design for such a wacky edge case. Here’s my theory: That’s all bullshit cover story for having just one engine. A one engine plane is cheaper to build. But they are selling it for the price of a 2 engine plane by saying “stealth”. It’s all about ripping off the taxpayers.
    Somebody figured a crap plane was good enough for bombing third world countries.

  36. showmethereal says

    I think that is a very very very optimistic view of the abilities of the F35 vs the S400. You also leave out early warning aircraft and naval ships that can track F35’s and relay them. China’s destroyers have meter wave and other radar to track them and they of course can relay the info. If I was a gambler I would bet plenty of money China and Russia have discussed such things. This Russian publication explains it pretty well. You think they are just guessing?

  37. Icy Blast says

    I’m so glad we got rid of the “retarded Trumpists.” Now we have a senile fascist who orders SWAT raids on anyone who criticizes him. Great Leap Forward. Mask up!

  38. Passer by says

    No, i’m not. But the US right traditionally have done nothing to stop the spread of liberalism when it had power, it just constantly gave up on its positions. So yeah, the Dems are the Evil party and the Reps are the Dumb party.

  39. Xi-jinping says

    inefficient Soviet ideas and towards the doctrine of the Wehrmacht,

    LOL. According to CIA factbook Soviet army was ahead of the US until about 1988 (also keep in mind that the Soviets had bigger military spending).

    The problem with the modern RF army is it cannot pull off Soviet docterines if it wanted to – it doesn’t have the man power, it moved away from mass conscription and lacks the industrial capacity for mass action.

    Large aspects of Soviet military doctrine was adopted by US military planners during the 80’s when they had a reformation of the US army.

  40. Xi-jinping says

    Also, Karlin you are out of the loop on political opinion amongst young russians (most important political group imo). They lean heavily anti-Putin and more pro-Western liberalism. At least according to prominent Russian youtubers and the sentiment on places like telegram, dvach, etc is anything to go by.

  41. Felix Keverich says

    I think if they remained in Russia, Navalny’s protest movement would have been much more potent. They might have been in the position to influence post-Putin transition.

    It is always preferable to have Jewish revolutionaries on the outside, gnawing away at the foundations of American hyperpower, than on the inside, where Jews can do real damage. And in the meantime Russia has nukes to keep hyperpowers at bay.

  42. Mulga Mumblebrain says

    What a boon! No Yanks-we should be so lucky. They are EVERYWHERE in Austfailia, on the radio, in academe, at public lectures, whining in that dreadful accent of theirs, either sub-fascist supremacists for The American Way, or ‘woke’ lunatics. I’ve not met a sane one for years, and he was from Belfast originally.

  43. Mulga Mumblebrain says

    Navalny’s cavalcade of compradores and traitors commands, at most, 4% of popular support in Russia, according to all polls. Quislings, greedy imbeciles, pig ignorant youth etc.

  44. Felix Keverich says

    Something like 2 million Jews left Russia since the beginning of Perestroika. Imagine if they all turned up at a Navalny demonstration. It would actually look like popular revolution.

  45. Felix Keverich says

    Polls show that majority of Russians aged 18-24 support Putin, so you’re wrong about that. Youtube is completelely unrepresentative, since it actively fights patriotic Russian content. Only Navalny/liberast types are allowed to grow on Youtube and achieve a measure of popularity, but their view counts are inflated by Russian-speaking Israelis, Ukrainians and bots.

  46. reiner Tor says

    It’s still a worrying sign that Putin and his ilk are unable to comprehend the importance of this new type of media.

  47. Menschmaschine says

    Interestingly, Hitler had a similar idea which is the reason why Jews in occupied European countries were not immediately imprisoned and sent to concentration camps – in Denmark for instance this did not happen until 1943. Hitler reasoned that leaving the Jews and their influence there would weaken those countries and so assure future German supremacy over Europe. The policy was only changed when concerns about those Jews using their influence to steer those countries in an anti-German direction became predominant.

  48. Menschmaschine says

    I don’t think the two points contradict each other – the reason why the Marines were able to get their performance degrading variant approved, was that the general opinion was that all potential future enemies would be both technologically and quantitatively so much inferior that it wouldn’t matter.

  49. You are a sovok posting from Canada, so kindly refrain from lecturing me on what I know or don’t know about Russian public opinion.

  50. Passer by says

    To be honest, looking at Putin’s ignorant plans to further support single motherhood in the country, i’m now sceptical about the future of Russia’s youth. An increase in single motherhood will cause an increase in liberalism and feminism in the country, not to mention that it will lower the quality of the new generation.

    Encouraging single motherhood is Sovok stupidity and will cost the country. And all the attempts to marry women for the government have been proven to be a failure, everywhere, TFR wise.

  51. There is something to it. Still in October 1940 Dr. Erhard Wetzel ( the head of the Race-Political Office of the NSDAP) in his reports with annotation from Martin Bormann was proposing that Jews should get more rights in cultural and economic domain than Poles so some administrative and economic decisions would be made with some participation of Jews because Poles would be even more trammeled economically by Jews. Warsaw Ghetto was established in November 1940. At that time some Jewish leaders saw it as a positive development giving Jews more autonomy. There was less German presence in Ghetto than on the Aryan side. During street roundups in Warsaw some Poles took refuge in the Ghetto. Armbands with the Star of David were sold to Poles.

  52. “sovok posting from Canada” – Wait a minute, is this doxxing? Perhaps Ron Unz should make country of origin available and each commenter should have a country flag next to his name. I would love to see TN-anon with Stars and Stripes and Beckov with Union Jack every time when they are loathing and spitting at America and the West.

  53. reiner Tor says

    Beckov with Union Jack

    He usually comments in the small hours UK time. So Stars and Stripes that is. (Or perhaps Canada. But the US would be funnier, it’s also likelier as more people are there.)

    Though tbh I also write from Western Europe. Before covid I used to work in a Budapest office roughly four weeks a year.

  54. There are 35 million people in Canada and Xi Jinping is not an identifiable username across websites, so no, it’s not a dox by any stretch of the imagination.

    I would love to see TN-anon with Stars and Stripes and Beckov with Union Jack every time when they are loathing and spitting at America and the West.

    Could be a double-edged sword as regards at least one Butthurt Belter here (no, not AP or Mr. Hack), so careful what you wish for. But yes, having /pol/-like flags would be a nice touch.

  55. demografie says

    It is not only new media. Russia just last month started to produce jet fuel for the Western aircraft. Russian elites would rather sell cheap fuel to Belorussian, which make jet fuel and sell to airlines. Russia have everything to become air traffic hub. Cheap energy, human capital, huge land mass in the middle of EuroAsia etc. No, it would be too easy to copy Dubai and earn money on air traffic. It is mind-boggling.
    As for the young Russians, they seems to be fine. They come in 2 groups. Total shit libs, mostly expats. Or they are smart down to earth people, who would prefer to ignore West.

  56. demografie says

    I disagree. Russians will be ok. Young Russians especially. I like, they like to focus on Russia and ignore west.

  57. Because Poles and Koreans are well known for having huge families while the Anglos and French are famously demographic black holes.

    Good thing that Russia doesn’t make policy based on rightoid talking points.

  58. Passer by says

    Weak comment. Look at averages, not outliers.

    This is not a talking point.

    Conservative values correlate with higher TFR both within countries and between countries. Yes, there will be outliers such as Japan, since the correlation is not 100 %, but still the average TFR of conservative countries is higher than that of liberal countries, and the average TFR of conservatives is higher compared to liberals within countries too.

    Russian demographic policy has been a failure, divorce rate is going through the roof, there is nothing to talk about it.

  59. Passer by says

    Putin is making a big deal of the demographic situation every year now. Which means that things are NOT ok. Whether they will be – i’m not a big optimist. Even Putin hopes for 1,7 TFR at best.

  60. Passer by says

    Btw on demographic issues i like to learn from Israel and Israel does NOT do what the West or Russia do.

  61. I’m not sure, Scandinavia has a high TFR and is very liberal socially.

  62. Shortsword says

    Are these statistics correct? Ukraine at 9% but Russia at 18%?

    The numbers for USA seem to be correct. In fact, other sources puts it even higher. The large number of black single-parents do inflate the number somewhat but the percent of white families that are single-parent is still over 20%.

  63. Well I didn’t know the answer, but I researched for you. It is Epifan in the Tula region.

    In the photo, I think is a modern building planted in 2007.

    Inside the village itself, there is a rebuilt “Nicholas cathedral” (1850), in the classical style, which is the main tourist attraction.

    Apparently, it was partially destroyed by German bombing in the war, and for many years in ruins – then restored, and the restoration looks historically realistic to 1850 (apart from Parisian lamposts).

    Location on Google Maps:,+%D0%9A%D0%B8%D0%BC%D0%BE%D0%B2%D1%81%D0%BA%D0%B8%D0%B9+%D1%80-%D0%BD,+%D0%BF%D0%BE%D1%81.+%D0%95%D0%BF%D0%B8%D1%84%D0%B0%D0%BD%D1%8C,+%D0%A1%D0%B0%D0%B4%D0%BE%D0%B2%D0%B0%D1%8F

    4,5 stars on TripAdvisor

    The other one I think is all a modern brick building underneath (2007).

    Beautiful view, but not a beautiful fence.,38.5473078,3a,75y,347.82h,77.74t/data=!3m8!1e1!3m6!1sAF1QipMM_GKWMk9y56MpgIgMbLeuB9BjLqtFKFnEJtgN!2e10!3e11!!7i12000!8i6000

    It has 5 stars on TripAdvisor for its views

  64. The Russian divorce rate is indeed very high, and more so than in more religious Ukraine (interestingly, the lowest divorce ethnic Russian region is Crimea).

    However, this does not stop Russia from having a higher TFR than Ukraine. (Or Poland).

    Divorce rate and TFR is a spurious correlation that I think falls away completely or almost completely when you adjust for development level.

  65. Btw on demographic issues i like to learn from Israel and Israel does NOT do what the West or Russia do.

    Israel is a soft theocracy with gay pride parades. I don’t think one can draw much in the way of general lessons from it.

  66. Powerful NATO countries like United Kingdom or France, would presumably be far too distant to be involved, and USAF is also based still quite distantly in United Kingdom and Germany.

    I assume in the central area of Europe, the main enemy airforce (from a point of view of Russian military strategy or “wargame”) will be Poland.

    • I looked on Wikipedia and these are how they report opposing numbers of air-to-air fighter planes.

    Polish Air Force:
    36 F-16s

    Slovak Air Force

    12 F-16

    Czech Republic Air Force
    14 Gripen

    Hungarian Air Force
    12 Gripen

    Romanian Air Force
    17 F-16

    Bulgarian Air Force
    Some old MiG-29. (8 F-16 being ordered for future)

    Latvian Air Force
    0 fighters

    Lithuanian Air Force
    0 fighters

    Estonian Air Force
    0 fighters

    27 Su-27

    (I assume Moldova and Belarus are neutral)

    • So total domestic enemy forces deployed on the central Western border:
      65 F-16s
      26 Gripen
      27 Su-27

    For comparison of air to air fighter numbers, there are in the Russian air force such numbers (according to Wikipedia):
    229 Su-27
    111 Su-30
    129 Su-34
    112 Su-35

  67. ChBoswald Bollocksworth says

    Christ is Risen!

    On the matter of Russian travel: it’s just Sad. The American nation and her interests are betrayed by this continued attack on Russia, our Natural Greatest Ally, with whom we have no territorial disputes, but on the contrary, many gifts to exchange.

    I hope that Russia will not respond in kind by banning travel by US passport holders. On the contrary, I think Russia has every reason to invite travelers. When I visited Russia, I felt great ease. I wanted to eat spoonfuls of the soil. Of course, I am an extremist internet lunatic Byzantinist who projects all his hopes for a revival of Apollonian civilization on to the Russian Federation, but still. I think Russia probably has little to lose from allowing Americans in. Who is going to go to Russia and say “this is worse than I imagined”?

    Overall, this move seems akin to moving a bishop forward two squares for lack of anything else to do. GAE is confused like a geriatric Chihuahua, and can’t think of anything better to do than toothless nip at the blameless RF.

  68. AltanBakshi says

    Norway(1.56) and Finland(1.35) has low TFR, and Sweden has relatively high 1.76, but at what cost? Sweden has flooded her land with immigrants and Muslims.

  69. Yellowface Anon says

    Why would anyone think of overseas travelling in the longer term? It has always been a luxury only made more available by dropping transport costs and ultimately favorable geopolitics. It’s dispensable and Davos knows it, and that’s why all the governments associated with them are tying the right to cross borders to vaccination, which kills it for the unvaccinated. Even the vaccinated increasingly sees the hassle and the ranks of the disaffected are growing day by day.

    The time of massive population movements for leisure has ended. What humanity should be turning to (and Davos gets it in an asinine way) is going around and thinking locally, back to the norm up to the late 18th century. Leave long-distance trips for the most life-changing needs, like finding greener pastures.

  70. Passer by says

    Average TFR of whites in Scandi is about 1,5 – 1,55. With conservative scandis having higher TFR than liberal scandis.

  71. Passer by says

    Ukraine data is dubious, the country traditionally had high divorce rate.

    Rus TFR is near 1,4 when you adjust for muslims, pretty weak performance.

    Divorce rate and TFR is a spurious correlation that I think falls away completely or almost completely when you adjust for development level.

    Not true, Israel and rich muslim countries have higher average TFR than West/Russia. Btw DR has exploded in SK recently.

  72. Passer by says

    On demographics in particular it is necessary to study Israel, since it defies the predictions of many. An overcrowded, developed and urbanised place, yet against all odds defying demographic transition theories. It deserves to be studied.

    It has lots of differences in family formation and values, compared to Russia or the West.

  73. Russia and the West are not Muslim, they are not 85 IQ, they do not marry cousins. They are even less relevant than the Israeli example.

    (That aside, TFR in most Muslim countries has been plummeting of late anyway. It is 1.4 in the UAE, for instance).

  74. Passer by says

    Well, you mentioned rich countries, not IQ, so the rich muslim countries – Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Brunei, UAE, Bahrein, Kuwait, have an average TFR of 1,92. Not to mention that it is probably higher because foreign workers are included in stats. That is better than about 1,5 for western countries. I would be more than happy to see Russia with 1,92.

    Now, if high IQ is involved, then the Israeli example stands. If that country defies expectations, then its family culture deserves to be studied. And what i noticed is that the family formation and culture in Israel is way different than in Russia or the West.

  75. RadicalCenter says

    Several of the most populous Muslim countries have TFRs that are often declining steadily, but at least in Africa the Muslims are still way above replacement and waaaaaay above non-Muslim TFRs in the RF, USA, and Europe.

    Pakistan’s 221 million people have a TFR between 3.4 and 3.6 in the past five years.

    Nigeria’s population is 200 million people and still growing, with a falling but still contextually disastrous tfr of 5.2.

    Egypt’s 105 million people have a TFR of 3.2 to 3.3 in each of the past four years.

    On the other side of the ledger, to support your argument, Indonesia is somewhat different: it has 180 million people and is still growing, but their tfr plummeted for several decades and is now apparently drifting slowly down towards replacement level.

    Bangladesh, with 160 million, had gotten its tfr down to replacement level, 2.1.

    Is there a pattern where African Muslim countries (Egypt and half-Muslim Nigeria, for example) continue their population explosion, while all other Muslim countries (Asian, Arab, Iranian, Turkic / central Asian) (e.g. Indonesia, Bangladesh, Iran) lower their TFRs and stabilize their populations?

    Not sure about the TFR of the 200 million muslims in India.

  76. Single parent household % is likely to be lower than out of wedlock birthrate (unmarried people cohabitate). In Ukraine in 2011, out of wedlock birth rate was nearly 22%:

    Higher in the South than in Donbas, surprisingly, though still high in Donbas.

  77. Ukraine data is dubious, the country traditionally had high divorce rate.

    It’s 44% is lower than Russia’s 56% though.

  78. Shortsword says

    at least in Africa the Muslims are still way above replacement and waaaaaay above non-Muslim TFRs in the RF, USA, and Europe.

    Okay, that’s Sub-Saharan Africa. Middle-Eastern (and North African) fertility rate on the other hand is trending towards replacement rate.

    Egypt’s 105 million people have a TFR of 3.2 to 3.3 in each of the past four years.

    It was 2.77 in 2019. The fertility rate did increase slightly between about 2008 and 2014 but has been falling again since.

  79. Xi-jinping says

    I can’t be sovok by virtue of being Asian lol. That’s for one.

    Secondly, I have a vpn so whatever my ip says is incorrect.

    Finally, yes you are mistaken. You are in the 30+ age group which is not representative of the youths opinions. Even those international students from Russia that I knew at university (born in the 90’s) were extremely critical of Putin.

    For further evidence of this – I suggest you go and watch some Russian youtubers (young ones preferably), follow some instagrammers, and join some telegram channels. It seems that there are two main political movements in Russia that youth follow – either going full Euro in tastes/opinions or going left.

    If Putin wanted to reach the youth – rather than using outdated methods like Kiselev on TV, he should US instathots with big booties and bodybuilders to advance Russian propaganda.

    Also, why is ‘sovok’ an insult – its certainly better than seeing Russians stay poor (outside of moscow and st pete’s Russians are in a terrible financial situation). Which was not the case in ‘sovok’ times where economic development was more evenly distributed.

  80. Xi-jinping says

    I don’t know how much I trust polls. I am in numerous telegram communities across the spectrum, monitor various sites (in both chinese and russian) and it seems that the unanimous consensus amongst internet literal youth is to get rid of Putin and institute some form of democratic reforms closer to “European” style. Its similar to the pro-European sentiments seen in Ukraine, before 2014.

  81. Felix Keverich says

    Sure, let’s distrust the polls. Let us trust your anecdotal experience as a Canadian, whose sole connection to Russia is a bunch of telegram communities.

  82. Xi-jinping says

    LOL I’m not even Canadian. Ever heard of a VPN?

    Polls are inherently inaccurate and have strong sampling bias. There is no better way to sample the opinions of youth is to ask them directly in an ‘informal’ environment.

    You can autistically pour over all the polls you want, but as anyone who has done any sampling for healthcare knows – ‘official’ polling often gives an inaccurate result.

  83. Passer by says

    Oh, yeah, in Russia divorce rate is abnormally high. In 2019 divorce rate in Ukraine is 57 %, also pretty bad. This is not a good thing, in fact many of Russia’s low quality human material problems (alcoholism, AIDS, low life expectancy, relatively high crime rate) are probably partly caused by fucked up children due to wide spread single motherhood.

    Now we even have a russian song at Eurovision laughing at it (with refrain – my daugter is without father, my son is without father).

  84. Passer by says

    People who use social media a lot are more liberal on average, there was a study about it. They are not representative of the wider society, though.

  85. Passer by says

    Youth is also reached via the education system, military service, and organisations such as Youth Army. Not just TV.

    Young people are more liberal than old people in the vast majority of cases. They also change their views overtime, for example getting married is known to push people to the right.

    You can see how liberal young people gradually become conservative over time here –

  86. Passer by says

    Shock and horror for welfare single mom westerners, russians, and afroamericans.

    Israel gives significantly less family support and child benefits than western countries.

    This clearly demonstrates that state funded assistance for young parents is significantly lower in Israel that in other countries

  87. Even those international students from Russia that I knew at university (born in the 90’s) were extremely critical of Putin.

    Thanks for making my point.

  88. Incidence of alcoholism, single motherhood, and average IQ all rise as you go north and east in Russia; conversely, corruption decreases.

    The world doesn’t hew to simple categories.

  89. Passer by says

    Yeah, but numerous studies have found that single motherhood fucks up children, and causes disfunction in society.

    Moreover, unmarried/divorced people tend to be liberal and unpatriotic, so anyone pushing for the destruction of marriage is asking for trouble. Unless it is the usual suspects, of course. As a way of weakening the target society.

    I would understand if Putin gave support to all children. Poor man thinks that throwing money at it works. Instead he only gave support to single parents. We will give you money, but only if you divorce. Total retard.

  90. Passer by says

    I too think that there is a problem. Who voted for the Manisha song winning on Russia 1 channel? Ghosts?

    “I don’t want to have children, i don’t have father, etc”

  91. RadicalCenter says

    According to the World Bank, the TFR in Egypt was still more than 3 just a couple years ago. It’s generally declining a lot, to be sure, over the past few decades, and may decline further. But it’s still around 3 or higher according to this source.

    Egypt is still growing (from natural increase, not net migration) and shows no sign of stopping this growth yet.

    I suppose water shortage will put an end to the growth not too long from now … as in places like California.