Vote On The Name For The “English Inosmi”

As long-term readers will be aware, I am working on two big projects: A book on myths about Russia, and a website specializing in translating articles from the Russian press into English.

(The idea being that even if it does nothing else, Western institutions will no longer be able to credibly say Russia’s level of media freedoms are on par with Zimbabwe’s).

While the preliminary name I’m going with before the site is unveiled is “Russia Voices”, this is far from set in stone. First, it would sound better as “Russian Voices.” Second, a Voice of Russia already exists. Maybe there is a better alternative? I would appreciate it if you could vote on and provide feedback on other possible names for this site.

Update: Guess there’s no longer a need to keep the poll running. It’s already clear that Russia Voices is the only one of the original suggestions with any support. The majority of you think that it needs to be something else.

Russia Voices ( 4
Russian Points of View ( 2
Press of Russian Federation ( 1
Other 12

Please feel free to make your own suggestions. Note that the .com hyperlink has to be available for a name to be seriously considered. Thanks.

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  1. “Rosspress.”


    • “From Russia with truth” sounds great. Anatoly, if you choose something else as a URL, you could still use “from Russia with truth” below the title, like Roissy’s “where pretty lies perish” or the NYT’s “all the news that’s fit to print”.

    • Thanks, but I don’t think it is a good idea. First, it’s a bold claim, and not even a true one (it’ll translate op-eds, from all sides of the political spectrum). Second, this name would be gold to a Western journalist seeking a pun for his hit piece. Pravda is a somewhat discredited word when associated with Russia! 😉


      My provisional subtitle is “Translating everything worth translating.” A direct lifting of Inosmi’s “Все, что достойно перевода.”

  3. Why not go with a variation of inosmi? Russia voices sounds too much like VoR as you said, but the other one sounds too ‘official’ if I’m making sense.

  4. Russia’s Mass Media (rmm, russmm, russiamm)
    Russia’s Media Translated (rmt, russmt, russiamt, rumt, rossmt, rossmedia, russmedia)

    • Thank you for your suggestions.

      I considered acronyms ( is available, for instance) but decided against it.

      rossmedia and russmedia would both be good but unfortunately they are already taken.

  5. ‘RoundtheRuNet

    • Thank you for your suggestion Mark.

      Regretfully I will have to leave this one at the door. Runet is the Russian Internet, it ties it down too firmly to the online world. Also vast majority of Anglophones don’t know what it even is.

  6. Little Pig says

    Actually it’s going to be a bit difficult to find a lot of people who are interested in the Russian media and still can’t speak Russian. If you want to provide information for those seeking the truth outside the conventional Western media, it’s unlikely that they are going to be particularly interested. Well, I think they are going to be much more interested by your blogs + maybe a couple of translated articles that you provide anyway now.
    If you want to prove that the Russian media are not worse or better than from any other country and are free, those who wouldn’t agree with you are unlikely to bother to check, especially if the name of the site sounds too official and if you dare to hint that actually there is some truth in what you translate (particularly in the title).
    So, I wouldn’t say that your site is a bad idea. I really believe in your talents and in your judgement. If you think that this site is going to work – make it! But you should really be careful with the title not to let anyone think that your site is an official propaganda site. If there is a sufficient number of people who decide that this is the case, they are going to spoil your site’s reputation, and it’ll be too difficult to attract people.

    Therefore, I suggest something like or I would support something equally neutral.

    •,, and are all available. Thanks for the suggestion.

    • I don’t think that is true whether good or bad at least there is a resource in which you can view the source material like how MEMRI translates media from the Mid East especially translation of speeches by Putin and other Russian officials and clips of how events like Putin protests are covered on Russian TV.

  7. David Habakkuk says

    Why not keep it short: Russian Views.

  8. Why don’t you just call it

    Is it just articles you will be translating?

    Frankly more people will be interested in English translation of TV clips of how news events are covered in the Russian mass media where the majority of Russians like every other country get there news from national TV news channels.

    • Articles, blog posts, various misc. (e.g. polls), and multimedia, among which video.

      The problem is that translating video is much more resource intensive than translating the written word. Besides, a lot of people do prefer written stuff, especially the kind of audience RossPress will target. is far too long, I think. But thanks for the suggestion.

      • But it is memorable and the title is self explanatory of what the site would be about.

        I tried to think of website domain name with a memorable acronym like MEMRI (The Middle East Media Research Institute) or RETWA (Russian Eurasian Terror Watch Analysis) but I could not come up with any.