VP Kamala

Is “brutal policewoman” Kamala really a bad pick in the midst of a Black crime epidemic? Can be relied upon to be loyal to the neoliberal order, while ticking all the diversity and woke boxes.

I think the whining is Chapo and Trumpist cope. White lib boomers are going to lap this up.

Anyhow, belated congrats to Audacious Epigone and others.

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  2. AnonFromTN says

    Well, the Dem ticket is something. Presidential candidate is clearly putting more Dem in dementia. Vice-presidential candidate is a not quite black slut who slept with quite black California Dem big shot to facilitate her political career. If the American people vote this ticket to victory, they deserve everything that’s coming. If the American common sense is alive and well, Dems are doing everything in their power to help Trump reelection. We’ll see.

  3. 1) Many people think Hidin’ Joe Biden is in a state of noticeable cognitive decline. If this is true, will the Dems….

    a) all get behind Joe and push his undead corpse over the line anyway?
    b) continue to think that nobody (seriously nobody) notices?
    c) claim that Joe’s dementia is a Covid side effect, thus he was harmed by Trump, and get him off the ticket that way
    d) reveal that Joe has been trolling everyone and is as sharp as a tack?

    2) Or will they own up to the problem? In which case, will they

    a) try to promote little Lotus (kamala कमला) to the presidency before the election?
    b) realize that bernie supporters will go literally apesh*t and put Bernie in the top spot?
    c) realize that they can’t put another white man above Kamala and instead nominate Fauxcohantas?
    d) will Hillary rise from the political grave?

    I don’t see anything but a blood bath now that they’ve put Kamala at VP, and then try to replace Biden with either a white man or a white woman?

  4. Philip Owen says

    A VP chosen because she is a woman and because she is some sort of black has not been chosen for her ability to do the job of President. She is also an anti boomer. Warren would have been wasted as VP but she would have been there for ability. Trump can beat this ticket. Sanders-Warren would be a different proposition and a real debate.

  5. AltSerrice says

    I believe that there is an instinctual distrust, if not fear, of giving power to a woman of colour in the mind of white middle classes. Especially one with an angry authoritarian manner like Kamala.

    This functions much the same way that the middle class whites, who vote democrat and parrot every liberal talking point, will not send their children to mixed schools whenever possible. Though they are outwardly in favour of diversity in schooling, they go to bizarre lengths (moving house, long drives, etc) to get their children into good (that is to say majority white) schools.

    There will be much noise about the wondrous diversity of having a woman of colour VP pick, but deep down everyone knows that Kamala will be President when Biden resigns due to health reasons or when she runs in 2024. I think the subconscious effect of this ‘brutal brown ladycop’ will quietly put people off. Perhaps not enough to make Trump win, but it will negatively effect Biden in November.

  6. Hey, the WWF wrestler from the 90s, ‘Kamala the Ugandan Giant’, actually had the real last name ‘Harris’.

    He passed away just two days ago, at the age of 70.

    There was a real ‘Kamala Harris’ 30 years ago :



    To think, the first ‘Kamala Harris’ passed away on the very day (give or take a day) that the second ‘Kamala Harris’ might have been appointed on the Veep slot which is effectively the top of the Dem ticket in this election.

    What a coincidence. This is truly an immense coincidence.

  7. Just a reminder of her past positions on Creepy Joe.

    Sen. Kamala Harris (D-Calif.) said Tuesday that she believes women who say they felt uncomfortable after receiving unwanted touching from former Vice President Joe Biden.

    “I believe them and I respect them being able to tell their story and having the courage to do it,” Harris said at a presidential campaign event in Nevada.


    “You also worked … to oppose busing. And, you know, there was a little girl in California who was part of the second class to integrate her public schools, and she was bused to school every day. And that little girl was me.”

    — Sen. Kamala D. Harris (D-Calif.), at a Democratic presidential candidate debate, Miami, June 28, 2019


  8. The central problem with Kamala Harris isn’t that she’s a cop (it’s a problem, to be sure), it’s that she’s an astoundingly unlikable individual.

    The DNC has clearly been trying to groom her as the female Obama; note the similarities in their biographies. Both are not fully black (Obama is part-white, Harris is part-Indian), both spent significant parts of their childhoods living abroad (Obama in Indonesia, Harris in Canada), both are (in theory) black enough to appeal to blacks but not so black that they turn off whites.

    The problem is that Obama came off as likable and affable. Harris’ public image is of a sociopath who will do anything to get power, including sleeping her way to the top (Steve Sailer is gonna have a field day with Willie Brown anecdotes). She comes off as fake (e.g. her claim to have listened to Tupac in college) and shrill. She’s Black Hillary, in other words, and engages the same gag reflex that Hillary engaged. Not to the same degree, but enough that she makes people nauseous. Harris was brutally ethered in the primary because of this.

    A far better veep pick would have been Catherine Cortez Masto, one of the few Dem Hispanic politicians with national bona fides (being a sitting senator, as opposed to weirdos like Castro who’ve accomplished nothing). Even Biden’s own campaign has admitted that he’s underperforming with Hispanics compared to Hillary; that constituency is in danger of departing the Dems entirely.

  9. Oliver Elkington says

    It was obvious to all that Korporate Harris was going to be the VP pick, the others were either too black for middle class sensibilities or too left wing and anti capitalist for the Democrat party to risk nominating them for VP. Where i disagree however is what you say about Latino voters deciding to turn Republican, looking at footage of Trump rallies the audience is not only overwhelmingly white but overwhelmingly northern European white, in other words Trump has sadly not managed to bring all ethnicities onboard his train, i suppose one could blame the media for this but the reality seems to be that voters tend to vote for someone who looks like them or a party full of people that look like them and so Kamala would probably win support from the Hispanic community because she looks like a Latino.

  10. Caspar von Everec says

    Well White Americans who want to keep their heads should start planning for an exodus. Either form self sufficient rural communities or better yet, emigrate to Russia, Europe or Latin America.

    America is now demographically at the same stage Russia was in 1920 with whites near the proportion of population Russians were. Dekulakization is going to start soon.

    And yes, Trump will lose. There is no if to it

  11. The question is whether Kamala is self-aware enough to realize, and accept, that she is the most repulsive and imperious candidate to be on a presidential ticket in the history of the country. And then, if the foregoing occurs, what will she then do about it? Watch videos of JFK and Reagan periodically? Have frequent training sessions in which non-softball questions are hurled at her by Tucker-impersonators? My own belief is that because the media are so biased, and because of Covid, Harris will enjoy an almost uniformly softball campaign. She will manage to control herself without defaulting to her explosive repulsiveness the few times she is challenged.

  12. Kabbala Haaretz was an easy bet.

    Woman and Black were mandatory boxes to check.

    KH is Black enough, but as Derb says, not “Blackity-Black.” Not visually off-putting like Abrams. Another mocha fixer like Jarrett, Brazille & Cheryl Mills.

    Like Obama, a total political hack who has no inconvenient principles or commitments beyond her own aggrandizement and enrichment to get in the way of the agenda her handlers demand.

    And she’s looking at 10 years of eligibility and 2 electoral chances after Sleepy’s adrenochrome drip gets pulled in 2022 and she takes over.

    Not the ideal choice for stoking White resentment with Last Qwain of Scotland overreach (Abrams) but she’ll do.

    “America – the Looting Phase” is underway. Next is White Strike/Atlas Shoah’d.

  13. AnonFromTN says

    The question is whether Kamala is self-aware enough to realize, and accept, that she is the most repulsive and imperious candidate to be on a presidential ticket in the history of the country.

    Sorry to point that out, but corrupt mad Hillary was even more repulsive than Kamala.

  14. The future of America’s political elite looks to be increasingly mulatto and mixed-race.

    Weirdly, in 2020, Brazil is actually superior to the U.S. in a way, because nobody pretends mulattoes are blacks, over there, and so there isn’t a way to soften the face of black political power.

    I’d rather a real black was chosen, but the Dems would probably move to mixed race candidates eventually – that being the prog ideal – even if black candidates were better than they are, and it wasn’t necessary to hide them.

  15. Justvisiting says

    Harris is a strange choice for many reasons:

    –Blacks don’t really view her as black. She failed miserably in her attempt to get black support in the Democratic presidential primaries. One reason was her record as Attorney General of CA (law and order). She has a white husband, and her black father was very light skinned, and of course he did not marry a black woman.
    –California was already a slam dunk for Biden, so she adds nothing in the electoral math.
    –U.S. Senators have had a lot of trouble in Presidential electoral politics–the voters seem to have an instinct that Senators talk a lot while Governors have to actually govern something.
    –Her affair with Willie Brown is well known and kinda embarrassing–sleeping with the boss is how women advanced in the 1950s, it is not a resume enhancer in the me too era.

  16. I agree; but
    1. Supposedly, Cortez-Mastro wasn’t interested.
    2. Hillary almost beat Trump, and Trump is slightly less popular than when he was elected; so if KH is slightly less unlikable than Hillary, she’s probably likable enough.

  17. Patagonia Man says

    Its an omen.

  18. Did Biden work to oppose busing nationwide or only in Delaware? Because I suspect that in Delaware most of his constituents likewise opposed busing.

  19. Interestingly enough, she has a Jewish husband. I suppose it’s fitting that she and him didn’t have any kids together; after all, their kids would have only been a quarter black.

  20. Well White Americans who want to keep their heads should start planning for an exodus. Either form self sufficient rural communities

    You really think self sufficient white rural communities would be tolerated? You really think they’d be permitted to exist? You don’t think they’d be denounced as racist Nazi white supremacist existential threats? You don’t think they’d get the Waco treatment?

  21. President Trump should have said two things.
    “She is a real class act.”
    “I hope she doesn’t monkey up things.”

  22. Well, at least its not Susan Rice.

    The Overtone Window is going to swing into a full U Turn. From Black Lives Matter and opposing police to glorifying prosecutors and criminal justice system.

    Its like an Overtone Slingshot – the harder you push in one direction, the farther you will fly in the opposite direction.

  23. Sorry to point that out, but corrupt mad Hillary was even more repulsive than Kamala.

    What’s noticeable about modern politics is that people not only regard candidates they dislike with loathing, they assume that the voters will share that loathing. That’s not always the case.

    Liberals thought Donald Trump was so obviously disgusting and wicked and evil (he grabs women’s pussies!) that they could not imagine how anyone could vote for him. But he won. Conservatives thought Hillary was so obviously repulsive and detestable that they could not imagine how anyone could vote for her. But she won the popular vote.

    Liberals also thought Reagan was such an obvious joke (a washed-up second-rate actor) that they could not imagine how anyone could vote for him. Liberals thought George W. Bush was such an obvious clown that no-one would vote for him.

    Voters don’t perceive candidates in the same way that fanatical political partisans do. Conservatives are making the mistake of assuming that everyone sees Biden the way they do – as a creepy senile old man. But the polls indicate that Biden is quite popular with voters.

    Conservatives might be making the same mistake with Harris. Political partisanship distorts people’s perceptions.

  24. I guess you are right, Hillary is more repulsive than Kamala. But isn’t Kamala the more imperious, based upon her history of going after people and groups that disagree with her? In fact, I believe there is a high likelihood that the Kamala Justice Department will shut-down this webzine.

  25. bruce county says

    I believe there is a high likelihood that the Kamala Justice Department will shut-down this webzine.

    I friggin’ hope not.. What will I do for 3 hours a day? LOL… Seriously.

    Good luck my American cousins. We are watching from Canada.

  26. Hispanics are turning Republican; they will still vote Democrat this year, but by a far smaller margin than in previous years (the breakdown will likely end up being 60/40 or 55/45 in favor of the Dems, as opposed to the usual 70/30). This shift was observable in Florida in 2018, which became more Republican in the middle of a national blue wave (holding the governorship and unseating a three-term Democratic senator) and Texas (Cruz eked out a narrow victory due in part to higher-than-expected support from Hispanic men).

    A large number of Hispanics are assimilating into the white middle/working classes, identify with whites, and vote accordingly. They also find Trump’s platform more appealing than Republicans of yesteryear (or at least they aren’t repulsed by him, contra Conservatism, Inc.’s claim that his anti-immigration stance would turn them off permanently). This was somewhat predictable given Latin America’s history of populist “big man” leaders like Bolsonaro and blanqueamiento (aspirational whiteness, also known as Castizo Futurism). “Family values don’t stop at the Rio Grande”? Neither do racial caste systems.

    The Democrats also aren’t doing anything to specifically appeal to Hispanics. One of the foundations of Biden’s candidacy is nostalgia, appealing to blacks and Resistance whites who think the Trump presidency is some horrible, Russia-induced fever dream and want to bring back the halcyon Obama years. Hispanics don’t have any particular attachment to Obama and are not invested in the idea of a black president/VP; why should they care? They’re not black. The Democrats’ laser focus on blacks is also a huge turnoff to Hispanics due to the hostility between both groups.

    The best chance the Dems had of retaining Hispanic support was running Bernie Sanders, who was extremely appealing to Hispanics (evidenced by how he won California and other Hispanic-heavy states in the primary). That’s why I suggested Cortez Masto as VP; she would have stemmed the bleeding at least.

    We’re in the middle of a political realignment, in which the GOP is becoming the party of working- and lower middle-class whites and the Democrats are becoming the party of college-educated whites, seniors, and blacks. The biggest problem this presents for the GOP is that their core constituencies are low turnout; working-class whites and Hispanics don’t vote unless they’re motivated to do so (based on this, I’m gonna predict that 2022 will be really bad for the GOP). Probably explains why Trump has invested in GOTV infrastructure to a far greater degree than Republicans of the past.

    The 2020’s are going to radically rewrite political logic. By 2030, we’ll be in a situation where California and New Mexico are GOP-leaning swing states, Nevada is a red state, and Arizona and Georgia are Dem-leaning swing states. Florida and Texas will stay red states.

  27. The delay of the announcement is interesting. I wonder whether Harris was a second or third choice.

    From some angles, Susan Rice seemed to make more sense. Perhaps she backed out, or something was discovered which ruled her out.

    Harris should shore up the base — if she is not repellent enough to blacks to cancel out what remains of Biden’s Obama aura.

    On the whole, I think this will be welcome news in the Trump camp.

  28. “Likable enough” isn’t good enough.

    Anyone who predicts a Trump or Biden landslide is delusional. The U.S. is so politically polarized right now that both Trump and Biden have a permanent baseline of 40-45 percent support each. Whoever ends up winning will do so by a knife edge; they’ll be lucky to get 300 electoral votes and the popular vote spread will be three percent or less (which is why I’m not making any predictions; impossible to do this far out).

    This is probably why we’re seeing so many dirty tricks on both sides: the Democrats are trying to ram through mail-in voting, ban Trump supporters from social media, and stir up disinfo via “dissident righters” on the FBI payroll blackpilling/endorsing Biden, while the Republicans are boosting Kanye West and doing an end-run around the Democratic House via executive orders. Each side is pulling out all the stops because neither one is confident about winning.

  29. PredictIt has a contract for Kamala Harris being elected President in 2020 and it’s at 5 cents now.

  30. Hispanics are very, very fond of law and order, even if they do sometimes chafe against it.

    There are probably thousands of mathematically superior candidates for the Hispanic vote, but due to Events, the Dems were restricted to candidates whom the Wine Moms would perceive to be black females. This made Harris probably the most pro-Hispanic choice the Dems had available to them.

    That said, my analysis, based on solid conjecture untainted by evidence, is that Harris was chosen because something disqualified Susan Rice at the last moment.

  31. Hyperborean says

    To be honest I am kind of disappointed in how woke Americans didn’t choose President Butt Gay, it would have been very suitable for the times.

  32. Rice is implicated in Oabamagate as well as being a turn off for the zionists.

  33. brabantian says

    Israeli media has long been pleased with Kamala Harris’ Jewish husband, lawyer Douglas Emhoff, suggested to be the ‘Jared Kushner’ of a Kamala White House, which may be half hers even whilst Biden would still be there

    Clintons, Bidens and Trumps all have Jewish marriages in the family so this is in line

    Memes lining up especially re Kamala sending tens of thousands of blacks to jail, including for smoking pot whilst apparently being a toker herself



  34. Apparently they wanted Susan Rice, but… Benghazi. Charlie Daniels was right all along.

    The Dems do know their target audience. Liberal Karens don’t really like blacks, so a little black with some aspirational South Asian minority is the perfect racial mix. It doesn’t say much about the primary process when the ultimate result ends up with two unpopular candidates at 1/2. Kamala is the Steven Bradbury of American politics.

  35. The Alarmist says

    Her track record imprisoning young black men is going to be a huge problem with the base that is against any law & order message.

    You’d think, but CNN was already spinning her as a “progressive prosecutor” yesterday, so the rest of the MSM can’t be far behind.

    What will the average voter believe: History they have to look for, or her story as told to them by the MSM?

  36. Give me a break.

    You really think our leaders are selected on Merit? Pence was selected because he was a white evangelical to solidify Trumps voters base. Same as Kamala.

  37. AK: No personal attacks against other commenters.

    Cortez Masto is basically a white woman. So no.

  38. Kent Nationalist says

    If you’re going to ban personal attacks, you should ban Forney from posting on here under his real name. It is just too tempting.

  39. Justvisiting says

    The Democrats could run a trained chimp on the ticket against Trump and the trained chimp would be “popular” in opinion polls.

    The purpose of any political campaign is to try to convince voters that the opponent is a trained chimp. Sometimes it works, sometimes it does not.

  40. Has she made any statements about the BLM riots that support the riots? If so, paint her as jailing innocent people and weed users while also supporting looters.

  41. LOL.
    Trump should defeat dementia Joe and his brown empty pant suit of a running mate handily unless the Dems steal the election.

  42. AnonFromTN says

    Political partisanship distorts people’s perceptions.

    That’s true, but does not apply in my case. I have no political affiliation, did not belong to any party in the USSR or the USA, and I am proud of it.

    I believe I see things as they are. In my book, Trump is an ignorant fool and a fraudster. His other weakness is mental immaturity combined with oversized ego. Biden was corrupt to the core and creepy, now he is just senile. With this choice even Trump, warts and all, appears better. Not because he is any good, but because Biden is even worse. The choice of Kamala makes Biden worse still.

  43. AnonFromTN says

    In fact, I believe there is a high likelihood that the Kamala Justice Department will shut-down this webzine.

    That’s almost a certainty: globohomo narrative is so false that they need to shut down all alternative sources. However, I think that had Killary won, the result would be exactly the same: Hitler-style censorship of everything, including Internet.

    Also, there were quite a few murders that might have been ordered by Killary and her gang. Seth Rich is only one of them. I am almost sure that Kamala also has quite a few skeletons in her cupboard, but maybe not as damning as Killary.

  44. AnonFromTN says

    Joseph Goebbels described the strategy of mainstream MSM: “If you repeat a lie often enough, it becomes accepted as truth.”

  45. Thorfinnsson says

    Rule number one of selecting a running mate is not to fuck up. Given the rumors (described on the Crazy Days and Nights blog) that there are sex tapes of Kamala Harris participating in orgies, I’d say rule one was violated. Now, presumably Democratic operatives have thoroughly investigated these rumors and determined they are without substance, but why take a chance? It’s not like there’s anything powerfully compelling about Harris.

    Rule number two of selecting a running mate is to select someone who adds something to the ticket. What exactly does Harris add? She certainly doesn’t add black support, because Biden has had black support completely sewn up since the South Carolina primary and doesn’t need a black running mate at all. She doesn’t add female support, because women are not motivated to vote for other women despite what people think. She doesn’t add support in any contested states, because she’s from California. She doesn’t balance the ticket ideologically as she’s just another “centrist”.

    Rule number three of selecting a running mate is to select someone who can plausibly serve successfully as President of the United States. I suppose in this department we can be grateful that Stacy “Department of Motor Vehicles” Abrams was not selected, but Kamala doesn’t inspire massive confidence here either.

    Really, what was the point of this pick? It calls into question Joe Biden’s political instincts, which might just hint at why his past Presidential runs all foundered. That said as long as sex tapes don’t come out it probably doesn’t matter that much. And who knows, perhaps sex tapes wouldn’t be a problem. #PoundMeToo

    While Forney’s posts are very interesting, I would suggest the ideal running mate for Biden would be Ohio Senator Sherrod Brown. Brown’s identity as a straight white man immediately calms anyone fearing the insane woke left, and more importantly as a popular Ohio Senator with protectionist bona fides he attracts rustbelt voters. Brown is also more palatable to Bernie bros than Kamala, though I’m not sure how much that matters in this election cycle compared to 2016.

    Also, contrary to A123, I don’t think past law & order actions by Biden or Harris matter at all. The number of negroes and negrolaters who abstain from voting for the Democratic ticket because of this won’t even breech five figures.

  46. AnonFromTN says

    brown empty pant suit of a running mate

    Her pants aren’t empty: she successfully used what’s there for political advancement. It’s on record.

  47. Well White Americans who want to keep their heads should start planning for an exodus. Either form self sufficient rural communities or better yet, emigrate to Russia..

    We don’t want american cuckolds in Eastern Europe. You are degenerates, you will just spread your degeneration abroad. This is only happening to you because you allowed it to happen. Whch means that you are the problem. Just like an organism with weak immune system is the problem, for allowing a hostile bacteria or fungus to spread in it.

    Just look at what a sorry cuckold you are. Run away instead of fight. Can you imagine israeli settlers, for example, thinking like this?

  48. The idea that Dems are going Big Brother on January 21, 2021 is overblown. There is nothing holding them back from doing this already. What has Trump done to protect free speech in four years? His camp is doing everything they can to stoke those fears but on free speech Trump’s been worse than useless. He’s enraged and activated the Left in depth without any pushback or protection for his own supporters. He’s the guy bringing back the federal death penalty expressly to execute White “hate criminals.” He’s the guy who hasn’t pardoned James Fields, etc…

    We’re going to see an immediate chilling effect from the fear of this outcome when Biden wins but you’re already seeing disagreements in the coalition on the Left about how far to take the totalitarian SJW stuff.

    I think things will continue much as they are (which are quite bad enough for dissidents) no matter who’s in office.

    The wild card is the extent to which the ADL-SPLC-FBI-CIA-ATFE complex is successful in manufacturing more “Boogaloo Movement” glow-ops. Trump clearly has no control over any of the government components of that complex as it is, so this is more a matter of how smart and disciplined we can be than who wins the elections.

  49. America’s going to be the lifeboat for a lot of the world’s Whites and we should not abandon it. There’s a much better base of support here and North America’s resources, geo-strategic position, sheer size, arable land, fresh water and overall demographics are vastly superior to any alternatives.

    And a huge exodus of American Whites will not be welcomed with open arms anywhere in Europe or Russia, East or West. Russian nationalism is more anti-American and anti-European than it is pro-White. Guys who assume RN’s are sympathetic to American/Euro White Nationalists are largely mistaken.

    That said, the “Israeli settlers” take is weak – without massive diaspora and U.S. goyish support, Israel would have fallen decades ago. I’m not getting matador’d by the fake romance of “badass IDF and tough-as-nails Israelis.”

  50. Collapsing organizations and regimes are not rational .This is the cause of the collapse in the first place. Those holy half dead swamp elders with today,s 90 yo jubilee celebrating Soros in charge can not think clearly anymore. Weird moves are part of agony.

  51. Dekulakization required an army of young white men who hand grown up on farms or worked in factories, and had known privation, hunger, and violence.

    Where is that army today? It does not exist, and it cannot be created. The genocide you imagine won’t happen b/c there is nobody to do it.

  52. Amerimutt Golems says

    Kamala’s personality is a side issue. The real absurdity is the descent into third world identity politics.

    Biden needs certain color-coded voters who revived his primary candidacy in South Carolina. These are the same people who didn’t show up in large numbers last time for the Clintons.

  53. The last time I looked at the names being kicked around, I thought Val Demings was the strongest choice. Biden could have picked her even after he promised VP to a non-white woman.

    By all appearances she is an actual black American, not an edge case like Harris. She is also from a swing state, Florida, where she is popular, based on her election results. She was a cop in Orlando before she went into politics, so maybe that is why they did not take her.

    If so, that was a mistake, because she is a strong candidate, their strongest IMO. She is fairly pretty, has a black husband, and the law and order background is a strength, not a liability, which Biden’s staff would know unless they were blinded by ideology.

    Or there is another reason. Maybe she is not a team player. Idk, but from the outside she looks like the obvious choice.

  54. In fact, I believe there is a high likelihood that the Kamala Justice Department will shut-down this webzine.

    That’s almost a certainty: globohomo narrative is so false that they need to shut down all alternative sources. However, I think that had Killary won, the result would be exactly the same: Hitler-style censorship of everything, including Internet.

    Even if Trump wins Unz Review is doomed. It’s already been effectively shadowbanned. It will be quietly and surreptitiously killed off. There’s no need for an actual ban. That’s not how things work in the US. In the US the corporate sector does the censoring.

    If Trump wins then the efforts by Woke Capital to shut down or strangle dissenting websites will accelerate massively. If Trump wins the Cultural Revolution will really move into top gear.

    Ron seems to live in a dream world where somehow, magically, Unz Review is immune to this sort of treatment.

    And if UR is strangled we can, to a certain extent, thank the Hitler fanboys. Having actual Hitler supporters commenting regularly makes UR a very easy target.

  55. AnonFromTN says

    Having actual Hitler supporters commenting regularly makes UR a very easy target.

    Unfortunately, you might be right. Generally speaking, globohomo censors don’t need any plausible pretexts. Just read NYT or WaPo, or watch some CNN BS. They would tell you that “All lives matter” is hate speech.

  56. Headline:

    Biden Taps Kamala Harris…Years After Willie Brown.

  57. RadicalCenter says

    Extremely wishful thinking.

  58. Having actual Hitler supporters commenting regularly makes UR a very easy target.

    Unfortunately, you might be right. Generally speaking, globohomo censors don’t need any plausible pretexts. Just read NYT or WaPo, or watch some CNN BS. They would tell you that “All lives matter” is hate speech.

    True, but at least there’s a fair proportion of normies that are made uncomfortable by the idea of cancelling people for saying things like All Lives Matter. A fair proportion of normies would see that as a worrying attack on free speech. So you have a slight chance of defending yourself when the Woke try to paint you (or your website) as racist for making such statements.

    On the other hand you’re going to get zero support from normies if there’s an attempt to shut down your website and your comment section is full of comments from people who think Hitler was the greatest man who ever lived, and comments from drooling knuckle-dragging out-and-out racists who advocate mass deportations of legal immigrants, and comments from people who are openly calling for civil war.

    The sad truth is that if UR were to be shut down the response of the overwhelming majority of normies would be that shutting it down was justifiable. I can understand Ron’s passionate commitment to free speech but that has made the site a magnet for some seriously crazy seriously disturbing people who are going to end up destroying the site.

  59. Kent Nationalist says

    And if UR is strangled we can, to a certain extent, thank the Hitler fanboys. Having actual Hitler supporters commenting regularly makes UR a very easy target.

    Are you a literal clinical retard?

  60. bruce county says

    No one is talking about Kamala’s husband.
    His name is Doug Emoff but his friends call him Jack..

  61. Chrisnonymous says

    Indeed. The strategy with South African farmers is the same as YouTube and Twitter cancellations–one by one, letting everyone think “ah, well, maybe it’s over now.” Any “community” would be the same.

    Right now, probably a spate of giant solar flares is our best bet. The one thing whites have going for them is a generally much better level of knowledge about survival.

  62. Thorfinnsson says

    I agree that #PoundMeToo Harris will do nothing to drive black turnout. My contention is merely that she will not harm it.

    Harris left an innocent black man on death row by criminally withholding evidence. This is going to be brutal among black men.

    The vast majority of black men will never hear about this. And of the black men who do hear about this, many of them will either be ineligible to vote owing to felony records (or present incarceration in penitentiaries) or not be Democrats to begin with.

    Of the Democratic-leaning non-felonious black men who do end up hearing about this, most will conclude that Trump is none the less worse for blacks than Kamala.

    She slept with another woman’s husband for personal gain. This will be brutal among black women. #HeelsUpHarris

    Is this a joke? Most black women would be delighted to sleep with another woman’s husband for personal gain. It would be the first time they gained something from sexual intercourse other than a venereal disease and another deadbeat baby daddy who never has any money and only turns up when he needs her to hide him from the po-lice. Harris is if anything a role model for these ratchet hoes.

    It is hard to see how Kamala Harris drives black turnout given her unappealing personal story.

    Agreed, but this is irrelevant because Diamond Joe Biden has the black vote sewn up. Black support for Uncle Joe is as solid as the Rock of Gibraltar.

  63. Caspar von Everec says

    There are millions of blacks, hispanics and white shitlibs who can do it. It doesn’t take a lot of muscle to pull a trigger and they control the military and intelligence services

  64. Caspar von Everec says

    Can you imagine Israeli sttlers, for example thinking like this?

    Uh…Yes? Israel hasn’t fought a real war for 47 years and lets America do all the fighting for it. The intifada drove many Israelis to seek a bunk in the US. They’re rats, if Israel starts to sink, they’ll all run for the US, Canada or Ukraine.

    As for Americans…well its true that they’re cucked, but that’s primarily an Anglo thing really. There are many Americans of German and Slavic descent in the Midwest. They are honest, decent people and would make a valuable addition to any nation.

    They’re not blue eyed Jews like Anglos. The more Anglo an area of the US is, the more cucked it is. West coast, Northeastern US…are very English and very cucked.

    Appalachia is scots-irish and is more based. So is the midwest which is more Germanic and slavic

  65. Caspar von Everec says

    Germany, Greece and perhaps Poland also has right of return laws. Tens of millions of white Americans can exercise it. The US is the epicenter of Globalism and Jewish power. The faster it falls, the better the world will be.

    The Israel stronk stuff is such BS…In 2006 Israel invaded Lebanon and Hezbollah inflicted a few hundred casualties on them. This caused the brave Jews to run back to their hovels with thier tail between their legs.

    Hezbollah was and still is, a ragtag guerilla force with no air force or sophisticated equipment. Israel had 4.5 generation aircraft, recon satellites, over 1500 tanks and they still went running aftera few scratches.

    Muh tough Israeli…

  66. “The central problem with Kamala Harris isn’t that she’s a cop (it’s a problem, to be sure), it’s that she’s an astoundingly unlikable individual.”

    That’s some major gaslighting there.


    Polling data from The Economist/YouGov shows that registered Democratic voters have had a consistently favorable opinion of the California Senator. Even before yesterday’s announcement, she remained the top choice for the vice-presidential ticket among those who planned to vote for Joe Biden with 22% of his supporters believing she should be nominated. The research also found that the majority of Biden supporters, 51%, think Harris will be an asset to his campaign with only 12% believing she will hurt his chances of becoming president. The following infographic provides an overview of her steady popularity among registered Democratic voters with 68% holding a favorable opinion of her at the beginning of August.

    “Harris’ public image is of a sociopath who will do anything to get power…”

    That’s Trump.

    “including sleeping her way to the top (Steve Sailer is gonna have a field day with Willie Brown anecdotes).”

    Since when does that apparently matter anymore? Besides, for someone who promotes “game” (snicker snack) and the use of sex to get what one deserves, your point falls on deaf ears.

    “Hispanics are turning Republican”.

    Let us look at the context here.


    “Anyone who predicts a Trump or Biden landslide is delusional.”

    Including Vox Day, your fellow Alt Right leader. Better yet, why don’t you go on his blog and tell him?

  67. Daniel Chieh says

    TIL Matt Forney is an Alt-Right leader

  68. Thorfinnsson says

    Use the BLOCKQUOTE tag you fucking illiterate cretin

  69. “TIL Matt Forney is an Alt-Right leader”

    Actually, he IS an Alt Right leader.

  70. Thorfinnsson says


  71. Well, he was dragged out for her introduction but will be probably sent underground for the next 10 weeks. Maybe he’ll be hiding with sleepy Joe. His being a ‘Chosen one’ should alienate a few more black voters.

  72. White men control the army and the intelligence services, and those institutions remain effective only to the extent that remains true.

    The idea that low-T shitlibs, who have never lived on a farm or known hunger, are going to form an army and shoah the right is laughable.

    Almost as laughable as the idea of cat-herding blacks into an army to do the same. Or the idea that actual Hispanics, the kind that run taco trucks and worship the Mother Mary, would ever want to attack whites.

    You can’t form your expectations for modern people, especially brown people, based on how white people behaved ~100 years ago, when they were a much larger percentage of the global population, and they had young men to spare.

  73. another anon says

    Yeah, hard as steel and tough as nails American gun owners are going to win the civil war handily, any day now.


  74. What civil war? You are just using some weird example to illustrate exactly what I am saying, that there is NOBODY CAPABLE of performing a genocide anymore.