Western Media Reports Russia’s Imminent Islamization, Finds One Lunatic Russian Priest Who Agrees

(Foreign-owned) Moscow Times: Russia Will Be One-Third Muslim in 15 Years, Chief Mufti Predicts

Russia’s Muslim-majority regions, including republics in the North Caucasus and the republic of Tatarstan, are known to have the highest birth rates in the country, reflecting similar trends worldwide. Various estimates place the current Muslim population in Russia at between 14 million and 20 million people, or between 10 to 14 percent of Russia’s total population of 146.8 million in 2018.

“According to experts, Russia’s [Muslim] population will increase to 30 percent in a decade and a half,” said Ravil Gainutdin, the chairman of the Council of Muftis, a religious group representing Russia’s Muslim community.

I hope my readers are well acquainted enough with my reporting on Russian demographics to identify this for the BS this is. But if not, here is a refresher:

In reality, the statement of the Council of Muftis has far more prosaic reasons. Namely, the more Muslims there are, the more funds they get. And perhaps they’ll even get another mosque in addition to the grand total of four that currently exist in “Moskvabad”.

At least they found one Russian celebrity priest who agreed with them:

Archpriest Dmitry Smirnov, an official in Russia’s Orthodox Church, agreed with Gainutdin’s forecast and predicted that “there won’t be any Russians left in 2050.”

“It’s too late,” he told the Govorit Moskva radio station when asked if the demographic trend could be reversed.

But I don’t imagine the Blue Checkmarks will be tripping over themselves to report on Smirnov’s other… ideas in such a context less tone.

Incidentally, this is a very interesting (if predictable) pattern that I noticed almost a decade ago.

While people who speak of Europe’s Islamization and “Eurabia” are treated as pariahs in the West – arguably, a rather more realistic prospect, at least as pertains Western Europe (e.g. as suggested by demographic projections from that well-known extremist outfit, the PEW Research Center) – they are instead quoted uncritically and even approvingly when when the topic comes to “Russabia”.

For instance, he is what respectable newspapers were printing in 2006 based on the “research” of “ex”-CIA “Russia analyst” Paul Goble:

But Russia’s Muslims are bucking that trend. The fertility rate for Tatars living in Moscow, for example, is six children per woman, Goble said, while the Chechen and Ingush communities are averaging 10 children per woman. And hundreds of thousands of Muslims from Tajikistan, Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan have been flocking to Russia in search of work. Since 1989, Russia’s Muslim population has increased by 40 percent to about 25 million. By 2015, Muslims will make up a majority of Russia’s conscript army, and by 2020 a fifth of the population. “If nothing changes, in 30 years people of Muslim descent will definitely outnumber ethnic Russians,” Goble said.

Didn’t exactly pan out, now did it?

But here’s the funny thing. Back when I about that in 2010, the most prominent references I found on the Internet to the (supposed) prodigal fecundity of Tatars and Chechens in Moscow were on comments on Stormfront Russia.

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  1. KatakanBR says

    births on dagestan: down 5.2% from 2017. Chechenya: down 2.8%. North caucasus as a whole: ~5% reduction on birth rates.

    But i guess these secular tatars will take over Russia with Tatarneft and their turkic power

  2. AnonFromTN says

    It is only natural that the Grand Mufti of RF overestimates the fraction of his co-religionists in the population: this massages his ego. It is equally natural that a nutcase from the Orthodox Church agrees with him: he isn’t a nutcase for nothing. It is equally natural that the sources specializing in Russia demonization repeat this BS. After all, they failed to convince even the people in their own countries that Putin is Hitler/Anti-Christ/anything else bad you can think of and is guilty of Assad using chemical weapons, Scripal poisoning, electoral defeat of the cackling hyena in 2016, etc. I am surprised they did not think of blaming Russia and Putin personally for dinosaur extinction, Socrates poisoning, Christ crucifixion, and the burning of Giordano Bruno. Now they are trying this fairy tale of Islamic Russia. Whatever. They are paid for lying, so let them earn their keep.

  3. Rational says


    Though the exact numbers reported may be a bit off, the sad fact remains that whites, esp. Russians, are going extinct—immigration and not having kids.

    They are not having kids because they are marrying late. Fertility peaks in the early 20’s, as per the graph on Wikipedia showing exponential decay of ovum reserve with age.

    They are smoking like crazy. There are > 1000 chemicals in cig. Smoke, toxins, that cause heart disease, blood clots, infertility. Smoking kills 400,000 whites in US alone, each year.

    “Russia has one of the largest smoking populations in the world with nearly one-third of its adult population smoking cigarettes.”


    Alcohol kills through liver disease, accidents, plane crashes (even pilots drink before taking off, in Russia, going by the crashes reported). It causes infertility too. Vodka is the national drink of the Russians.


    If Putin wants to save Russia, he should put billboards everywhere advising no smoking, and no drinking. Tax them both heavily. Encourage tea. Check pilots with ABT’s before flying. Strong DUI laws.

  4. So is this considered a good or a bad thing by the anti Russian media?

  5. AnonFromTN says

    Putin actually achieved more in reducing drinking in Russia than anyone before him. Alcohol consumption dropped in recent years considerably. Even before that drop, Russia was not at the top of the list (see somewhat outdated numbers here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_countries_by_alcohol_consumption_per_capita).

    Putin uses what really works: personal example. He does not drink much, and looks fairly good in his mid-sixties. Much better than significantly younger Ukrainian Porky, who apparently drinks much more (was repeatedly taped seriously drunk at various public functions, like Yeltsin).

  6. But here’s the funny thing. Back when I about that in 2010, the most prominent references I found on the Internet to the (supposed) prodigal fecundity of Tatars and Chechens in Moscow were on comments on Stormfront Russia.

    You forgot a word here. It’s “Back when I wrote about that in 2010, …”

    Also, Yes, unfortunately Russia Derangement Syndrome appears to be alive and well among some Westerners. What a shame.

  7. KatakanBR says

    So i guess that a 5% reduction on north caucasus birth rate means they are not whoring like the ethnic russians?

  8. put billboards everywhere advising no smoking, and no drinking. Tax them both heavily.

    It’s done.

  9. Better solution would be to start publicly flogging drunks.

  10. John Burns, Gettysburg Partisan says

    I’d have to read the actual content of the links to know if the priest is really a lunatic or not. He’s almost surely wrong about Russian demographics vis-a-vis Islam, but I’m amused to note I superficially admire his other stands on the surface.

    If we don’t stop committing abortions, the Lord will wipe us from face of earth


    I mean, if you’re a serious Christian who believes abortion is a serious sin, that is. God will wipe away sinners from the face of the Earth in the end times. That’s pretty standard interpretation of the Book of Revelation.

    It’s now out of the mainstream to talk this way in public, ever since Earl Warren types became our dictators, but no less a serious political figure than Abraham Lincoln declared that the Civil War was quite possibly a divine punishment visited upon the whole country for its sins. Slavery was no less a sin than abortion on demand, although Judaized America’s guilt is far graver than that of Russia.

    Just saying.

    Democracy Is Fraud! – We Need Monarchy!

    I agree. So does Hans-Hermann Hoppe.

    So, what I’ve learned today: I am crazy.

    Wait, I already knew that.

  11. Isn’t it now illegal to sell cigarettes to people born after 2015?

  12. Boswald Bollocksworth says

    You Russians can correct me if I have it wrong, but aren’t Tartars basically decent citizens in Russia? Not particularly invested in their Islam, and plausible Orthodox conversion candidates?

    I’ll allow that Chechens are generally dangerous scum, but Putin’s line about ‘Russian Muslims have no other home’ seems right. Islam in Russia is not like Islam in Sweden or France. Plus the Russian state has some control over the Mosques, and is busy fattening up the chechens, hopefully making them decadent and harmless.

  13. Tartars basically decent citizens in Russia?

    Yes, very decent (at least the Volga Tatars).

    Not particularly invested in their Islam, and plausible Orthodox conversion candidates?

    And why do they need Orthodoxity? Tatars (as well as Russian) agnostics.

    However, there are some groups of Tatars (Nagabaks and Kryaschens) that are historically Orthodox.

  14. What happened to that idea of allowing the white South African farmers to move to Russia. They have very high birth rates, very productive farmers and workers in general and could also act as a sort of domestic militia keeping illegal migration from Russia’s Southern border under control. They appear to be orderly and are not that far ethnically from the Russian majority. In other words their roots are Christian and European albeit with a detour to South Africa the last 300 years or so…

    Of course it could all go wrong in future but Russia has a lot better chance of these people fitting in then they do a muslim majority. Large muslim migration hasn’t worked in any other country so far without massive repression of muslims or other ethnic religious groups being wiped out as the usual end result…

  15. “Islam in Russia is not like Islam in Sweden or France.”

    Yet. We must always add that ending to any of these statements…Islam in Sweden and France wasn’t the way it is now either until they reached a sizable population density…Nor were they “that way’ in Lebanon either or the US for that matter…until they were…

  16. I’m going a little off topic but is it possible that TFR in Belarus (on the ground) is actually higher because a lot of younger people migrate to work in Russia, they are still counted in Belarus but their children (born in Russia) are not?
    Similar to situation with Poland and their diaspora, but to a lesser degree in Belarus. I understood that their (Polish) TFR is depressed to a degree because of that. Or maybe I’m wrong.
    That would seem to be too good to be true, considering that Belarus is basically 100% Slavic/white and their official TFR 2-3 years ago was around 1.7, comparable to Russian-highs from those years.

  17. The total number of farmers in question is something around 30,000. Some have said if you include some family members that it is around 100,000. Most would probably prefer to move to the US or Canada. I don’t know the immigration policies of Argentina, but there appears to be little interest in moving there from these farmers.

    I don’t think either Argentina nor Russia has a sizeable population of fellow Calvinists that would sponsor these farmers. I don’t know how many American/Canadian Calvinists know these people even exist.

    Farming is capital/debt intensive, and currently the farmers are unable to liquidate as the government plans to seize an unknown number of farms. So they lack capital to relocate, unless compensation is paid.

    The white minority might catch a break from the Chinese/Indian great game that is taking place in Africa.

  18. “Most would probably prefer to move to the US or Canada.”

    I get that; but, politically it would be impossible for the US or Canada to accept white only refugees from South Africa without accepting a huge number of black refugees as well. Right now there are more black South Africans applying for passports from other countries then there are white South Africans. So I just don’t see it happening for white South African farmers, not in a timely enough fashion to save their lives….

    “Farming is capital/debt intensive, and currently the farmers are unable to liquidate as the government plans to seize an unknown number of farms.”

    I get that too…but isn’t there a certain amount of specific knowledge involved in the sort of arid dry land farming that most South African farmers specialize in and as I understand it they are going to be located in a specific area with a similar climate in Russia…I think loans should be able to be arranged thru Western banks for them to purchase new farms and pay back the money over time…

    I heard Pres. Putin make the claim that Russia is at heart a European culture and country so now is the time to step up and prove it…

  19. AnonFromTN says

    Taking in white SA farmers, both Boers and Brits, would be good for Russia economically, politically, and culturally. What’s more, the loans necessary can be internal, via Russian banks, so that no Western tantrums can jeopardize them. If I were Russian president, I’d jump at this opportunity. I am not sure about Putin, though: some people lionize him, because he looks so good in comparison with pathetic nonentities passing for leaders in the West, but he is no more than an ordinary man.

  20. Right now there are more black South Africans applying for passports from other countries then there are white South Africans


    Not meaning to insult, but that strikes me as surprising. Perhaps SA collects emigration data, but I don’t know if they collect data on how many are getting a second passport. Presumably they collect data of renouncing citizenship. On emigration alone, some could be working temporarily in other countries.

    The easiest route to a second passport is the “investor visa”. I’ve never heard of a rush of wealthy blacks in SA seeking these visas. I have heard of white farmers from SA doing management in other African countries. I recall that the highest emigration rate is from recent college graduates, who are the most favored in the CAN/AUS “points system” because they have a degree and speak English.

    If some farmers overstayed travel visas in the US, it would take years to round them all up. We still have problems deporting Polish and Irish visa overstayers with extended family in the US. I don’t encourage this, as people need to fight for their homeland.

    I don’t know the climatic conditions of Southern Russia and the Caucasus. South Africa’s climate is varied, some desert, semidesert, Mediterranean and subtropical. Reminds one of California, New Mexico, Arizona or Texas. Australia is also similar, and preferred by Afrikaners for those reasons.

    My guess on the European part of Russia is that it is a colder steppe climate similar to the US “prairie states” west of the Great Lakes, but east of the Great Plains. Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota.

    In regards to Western banks, I can’t see them ever offering anything for loans to these farmers, especially if they relocate to sanctioned Russia. I expect some kind of “compromise” being extended by Ramaphosa where the US/EU pay the farmers compensation. The condition will be that the farmers will be forced to train their replacements.

  21. RadicalCenter says

    If the USA were still a civilized place with any loyalty to its core founding people, our cousins from SA would be here already.

  22. My source was a U-tube video by a former South African now living in Australia I believe (Loving Life I think it’s called). He regularly posts information for South Africans on various countries they can apply to get Visas from so they can emigrate…it had a clip from a news channel attached stating this so I am assuming it was authentic…

  23. Well doesn’t Russia have banks of their own…When I said Western I was being inclusive of Russia…

    The point is not how or who will give them the money to relocate but getting these people to safety before South Africa implodes into tribal warfare and drags these people down with it…

    It’s not true that overstaying travel visas will protect them as New Zealand just recently deported an entire white family back to South Africa because one of their sons had a reoccuring kidney condition. God only knows what happened to those poor people. They have no allies at this point as South Africa slowly falls back into 3rd world status or worse…

  24. I use Samuel Huntingdon’s classifications in the Clash of Civilizations.

    The interests of the Great Powers in keeping the mining industry functioning will prevent any descent into Somalia/Congo level anarchy in SA. China recently dispatched Mugabe, they could do the same to any ANC leader they thought was threatening their economic interests. Any popular action against whites is liable to extend to all minorities and foreigners.

    I don’t know how effective AUS/NZ interior enforcement policies are. I do know that deportations in the US are difficult due to a backlog, and a strangled ICE budget. The US has something called the “Visa Waiver Program” for the rich countries, Poland is banned because there are too many Poles that overstay and work illegally. The Irish PM routinely lobbies for an amnesty for the Irish illegals in the US, and almost got it if not for Sen. Cotton (R-AR) placing a hold on the bill in the Senate during the lame duck session.

    In short, US deportation policy is a joke. We have prominently refused white South Africans on asylum grounds, but anyone willing to illegally overstay has a low chance of deportation.

    The problem is that in the Western countries there is a lack of will. Were the ANC told in no uncertain terms that EWC would lead to sanctions, they would stop. Western pols and the public still believes in the Mandela Cult and the Evil Afrikaner. It’s something of a generational gap that remains due to the virtual absence of South Africa in Western news. Prior to the appearance of Afriforum on the Tucker show and Trump’s tweet, the last time the mainstream media mentioned SA was the arrival of Trevor Noah in ’14 and the World Cup in ’10.

  25. Net migration from Belarus to Russia is very low overall. If I remember, in some minority of years there had also been net migration from Russia to Belarus.

    Excluding Russia, there is generally small positive migration flow to Belarus.

    (Ignore people with Jewish descent were leaving for Israel and Germany in earlier years).


  26. Ok, thanks.
    I tought there are more migration from Belarus to Russia.

  27. “The interests of the Great Powers in keeping the mining industry functioning will prevent any descent into Somalia/Congo level anarchy in SA.”

    I don’t know if we can count on that sort of behavior any longer. That assumes a central government that cares about what the so-called “Great Powers” think…I just recently read that 25% of South African Whites were now descending into abject poverty and those squatter camps are spreading…

    Additionally, I also understand that South African Blacks are applying for second Visas now to the Caribbean and places like St. Kitts and Grenada…many are professional men over 40…which is probably your most productive tax-payers heading for the exit doors…