When Your Hirelings Don’t Get the Memo

Some Ukrainian fact-checker website – these are a dime a dozen, sustained by the usual Western NGO/Atlantic Council money – has been spreading the take that Antifa is a “hierarchical” Russian organization that has been propeling the George Floyd riots.

Isn’t it embarrassing when your hirelings don’t get the memo that Antifa are actually the good guys.

But I don’t blame the Ukrainians themselves, everyone needs to make their grivnas, and besides, even American libs are having a hard time reconciling the contradictions between their support of #BlackLivesMatter and their conspiracy theories that it was all set up by PUTLER.

So what chance do cargo culters from half the world away have of making any sense of the dialectic.

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  2. Passer by says

    Eastern Europeans seeing the West as some kind of whiteopia are funny. Yup, Antifa is bad and nationalism is good. USA is still stuck in 1950s. Tell that to the paymaster :))

  3. truthman says

    Well, wasn’t the Soviet army the worlds most immense and powerful antifa military the world has ever seen? So why not Putler support for antifa today?

  4. Actually the latest meme is that the D-Day beach stroll was all about antifas of the whole world coming together to kick Hitler’s ass.

    When history has less resolution than anime porn.

  5. bruce county says

    At least it’s in color. Maybe we need to bring back 50’s TV where everything was black and white.

  6. I know what would help Ukrainians navigate this confusing political landscape.

    Maria Zakharova giving out пряники in Minneapolis.

  7. There was this popular comparison image on chans for a time, with proper Soviet communist circa 50s who approves of developing nuclear weapons, recognizes only two genders and likes gassing faggots versus modern passive homo “communist” who can`t even decide his xir/zer. So is relation of Soviet Army to antifa.

  8. I thought that Putler was behind the white supremacists that instigated the peaceful protests to about the racist murder of St. Floyd. Or am I mixing my narratives again.

  9. The better question is whether or not this goes away after the election.

    The next Congress, regardless of who is in the notional majority, will still be full of interventionists.

    Now imagine Biden appointing Mayor Pete as Secretary of State, roundly condemning Russia as bigoted.

  10. Jaakko Raipala says

    Well, wasn’t the Soviet army the worlds most immense and powerful antifa military the world has ever seen?

    No, it didn’t have enough transsexuals so it was a fascist army.

    So why not Putler support for antifa today?

    Russia (or someone in Russia) sponsors various “anti-fascist” groups in neighboring countries and they start their worldview from the Soviet victory. These movements do not get along with Western antifa at all and whenever I see these two groups interact the pro-Western and pro-Soviet anti-fascists always end up calling each other fascists.

    Our left is outraged that Russians still think they can have patriotic feelings over World War II even though they gave up communism and did not adopt this new rainbow leftist cult. In the West WWII has been completely rewritten into victory over European patriotism, monogamy, Christianity, nationhood, everything that supposedly contributed to the Holocaust.

  11. Peter Akuleyev says

    In Western Europe most conservatives have always believed Russia helps fund antifa organizations. In Europe both the far left and far right see Russia as an ally, and Russian intelligence services maintained their ties with leftists in Europe after the USSR fell apart. In Europe the left either actively despises Ukraine or At best just wishes it would go away. So of course Ukrainian nationalists see antifa as Russian supported enemies. In the US there is no real antifa, just some cosplayers, so the whole thing is a joke.

  12. Rabbitnexus says

    Ukraine a cargo cult? I’m dying. :-))

  13. nebulafox says

    Many of the soldiers on D-Day came from states still under segregationist law. Like most people living in the 1940s, almost all of them had views that would be classified as varying degrees of “racist” by most 21st Century left-liberals in the US, let alone Antifa.

    That, and the whole slugging BARs while being fired at by a hostile army thing. The Wehrmacht’s soldiers on the Western Front were mostly second-raters-and by the time of the Hurtgen Forest, it was mostly teenagers and middle-aged men-but they were still an organized, coherent force that you didn’t go up against with spray paint and signs.

    Why let small differences get in the way of reality?

  14. nebulafox says

    The Antifa crowd in my home city has been spraying hammer-and-sickle signs everywhere, but that’s just them being edgy: we’re talking about the same people who defaced the first black regiment for the Union Army with BLM signs. I don’t think there’s any real affectation for the Soviet Union, even assuming that they know what that was. These are post-Cold War people raised by their phones.

  15. Mr. Hack says

    The “cargo cultists” in my neck of the woods have got it all figured out, Anatoly. Kind of surprised that you haven’t?


  16. Mr. Hack says

    Here’s another one. Look familiar? You should be able to figure it out by now.


  17. Autists Anonymous Rehab Camp Fugitive says

    It’s like that joke about water and jews.
    If there’s alt-righters in your country, they’re financed by Joseph Putinovich
    If there’s antifa in your country, Putler put them there.

    Main lesson to draw from this is that if these “fact checkers” invented anything that didn’t go counter to the narrative, such as Putler making gas chambers for gay chechens and eating ukrainian patriot babies, nobody would bat an eye.
    More than that, it would be considered by the estabilishment as matter of fact, Biden would quote it at Trump during the debates, and Trump would have to prove that, he too, doesn’t want to eat babies.

    I assume most people reading this would already know that much, but errors like these are good ideological munition for normalfags that still believe in the wise authorities sitting in a magical observatory on a mountaintop.

  18. Autists Anonymous Rehab Camp Fugitive says

    Karlin was too nice there, cargo cult is too prestigious a title for a jewish khaganate.